How to Support Healthy Skin Bacteria

How to Support Healthy Skin Bacteria

Normally, when you hear the word “bacteria” it is not a good thing, but there is bacteria on your face that is critical for the health of your skin. This bacteria works to protect you from disease and inflammation.

In fact, recent research shows that there are staphylococcal types of bacteria on top of the skin that prevent post-injury inflammation. You want to support this bacteria so that it is balanced and able to provide adequate protection. Here are some ideas:

#1: Stop Regularly Deep Cleaning Your Home

Of course, you want to keep a clean and organized home, but trying to eliminate all dirt and germs can actually work against you.

Having bacterial diversity in your home actually a good thing and keeping some of those beneficial microbes can prevent the accumulation of the more dangerous ones. This allows the good bacteria on your skin to thrive and it helps to prevent the dangerous from bacteria from affecting your skin.

Consider using a cleaner that has probiotics so that is spares the healthy bacteria while eliminating those that can cause health issues.

#2: Look Into Probiotic Lotions

There are lotions that you can use on your skin that contain probiotics like Enterococcus faecalis SL-5. Research on this probiotic shows that using it in skin lotion helps to reduce the accumulation of bacteria that can cause acne.

While this type of lotion may not have a lot of benefit for those who already have healthy skin, those with skin problems associated with bacterial imbalances, such as acne, may see an improvement in their skin.

It may also help with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis because these are associated with inflammation, and in some cases, they may also have a bacterial component.

#3: Avoid Antibacterial Lotions and Soaps

Antibacterial lotions and soaps have their place, but when it comes to regular washing and lotion use, it is best to use regular lotions and soaps.

Regular products get the job done without interrupting the healthy bacteria on your skin.

Go through your hygiene and skincare products and ditch anything that is antibacterial. This includes the hand soap that sits on your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Replace these products with those that are tailored to your skin so that you can improve your skin by giving it what it needs and by encouraging healthy bacteria.

#4: Take Time to Play in the Dirt

You do not want to just roll around in dirt, but spending time outdoors where you have some contact with the soil is a good thing. Play sports in grassy areas, play with your dog and do some gardening. All of these activities will expose you to the soil where a number of healthy bacteria live.

If you do these activities just once or twice a week, you will reap the benefits, so add these to your weekly schedule so that you get your dirt time in.

#5: Reduce Antibiotic Usage

When you use antibiotics, they kill all of the bacteria, including the healthy bacteria that your skin needs.

Do not use antibiotics unless you have a bacterial infection. For example, a lot of people use antibiotics for viral illnesses like the flu, but the antibiotics provide no benefits in this instance. When you reduce your usage of antibiotics, you will improve the health of your skin.

Since a number of factors can alter the level of healthy bacteria on the skin, you want to make a conscious effort to ensure that it is in balance. Using a good skincare routine and the information above will give you what you need to keep your skin healthy.

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  1. You said “There are lotions that you can use on your skin that contain probiotics like Enterococcus faecalis SL-5”; can you point us to one or more of these lotions?

    Thank You!


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