SkinCentric Anti-Ageing Serum Review – Is this trial a scam?

SkinCentric Anti-Ageing Serum Review – Is this trial a scam?

The SkinCentric anti-ageing serum is a product available for trial that aims to reduce wrinkles and even prevent them.

For anyone worried about the signs of ageing this product will probably be tempting, but whether it is as effective as it is claimed to be remains to be seen.

In the following review we will look at the claims, and whether the ingredients used will offer these claimed benefits.

We will also look more closely at the price of this offer, as although it is available for trial this does necessarily mean that this offer is not without risk.

In the past trial offers are well known for having hidden charges that have left those who have signed up for the offer considerably out of pocket.

Claims made by SkinCentric

Using SkinCentric is claimed to help:

  • Smooth furrow lines
  • Reduce crows feet
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Lift sagging cheeks
  • Tighten enlarged pores
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Soften frown lines

Anyone looking at these claims would think that this anti-ageing serum was some kind of miracle product, but it is easy to write claims such as this.

What is more difficult however is proving them, which is why you should always check what ingredients have used.

Ingredients used by SkinCentric

Unlike some products that we have looked at previously, SkinCentric has listed every ingredient present in the serum. These include:

Soluble collagen, Water, Alpha Arbutin, Euxyl PE 9010, Solugum Tara, Disodium Acid Powder, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate Granular, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine Mono Phosphate, Argireline and Lycopene

While there is no dosages listed, many of these ingredients have been found in other popular anti-ageing products.

Therefore I can certainly see some benefits being offered. Whether it is as effective as claimed is another matter entirely though.

How much does SkinCentric cost?

You may think that a trial offer wont cost much, but unfortunately you would be wrong in this assumption.

The initial cost is just $4.95, but this quickly jumps to $89.95 at the end of the 14 day trial period.

What you will soon discover is that SkinCentric operates an auto-ship program too, so every month thereafter you will be sent another delivery. With each subsequent delivery costing $89.95 + $9.95 shipping.

Is SkinCentric a scam?

There is certainly some benefit to using this product, but the fact remains that it is incredibly expensive.

Unless you have taken the time to read through the terms and conditions you are likely to think that SkinCentric is a scam. As these hidden charges are likely going to be a shock.

As things stand I would suggest that you look for an alternative that is more upfront about its costs.

Contact details for SkinCentric

To cancel your trial before being charged you will need to contact SkinCentric using the following phone number: 866-215-1062

There is an email address you may want to try too: support@loveskincentric.com

If you have signed up for this offer then you may want to leave your own review below. Please use the comment form provided.

Alternative to SkinCentric

If you want a solution to your own visible signs of ageing but do not wish to risk signing up for a trial offer then I would suggest you take a look at XYZ Smart Collagen.

This cream is made using ingredients proven to reduce the signs of ageing. It is much more affordable than the above reviewed offer.

As this product is not available for trial you wont have to worry about any hidden or repeat charges either.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

15 comments on "SkinCentric Anti-Ageing Serum Review – Is this trial a scam?"
  1. Yes! Skin Centric is a scam. They didn’t allow me 30 day trial, not even a 15 day trial period before charging me $170. They also included eye serum I did NOT order. The phone number on their website doesn’t work. They havee failed to respond to my emails. Their website says returns must go to Canada but you cannot track or prove you returned their products according to the USPS. Ladies beware. Do not go for skin Centric trial offer. Or you’ll lose money and valuable time trying to get your money back!!!!!!! I hate being ripped and I’ve notified the Better Business Bureau as well. Because of them I will NEVER go for any trial offers again. Never again! Thanks skin Centric for nothing!

  2. 866-215-1062 Tried calling that number 15 times!!! Rings twice, them fast busy signal!!

  3. I received a email from Walgreens about a survey ,they give a list of gifts to choose, then I choose this serum ,they say as I have to pay just a shipping for 4 $ and then after ter days i notice a charge in my credit card 2 times for 89 $ from skin center, this place is a scam ,I will never pay that money for a serum ,a called the credit card I hope they return my money..is so disgusting what they do to take the money from people I am short of money and now this !! is so no fear!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have been on hold a very long time. Trying to cancel any future mailing of your product. The Eye SerumSub and The Face Serum Sub. Both of which are Anti-Aging Products. There is an investigation going into this Scam. If anyone got scamed call your card and cancel it. Most Credit Card companys will do an investigation so they can get their money back also!

  5. All of the above comments are true, I also received a walgreens survey that said pay shipping only to try free product. No other products were to be shipped or offered, they charged my card $89.00 and shipping and did this at 3:57 am so that people would not see any e-mail information until later that day, All the phone #’s listed do not work just as said in the other comments. There 24/7 hotline goes busy as soon as you call it. Lucky I called my credit card and they saw it as a scam and fraud. But the time I spent dealing with this company and e-mails and numerous calls to all the phone #’s provided was a big waist of my time and energy. I did learn one thing, no more surveys and no more card #’s given to anyone on line. Its sad for the good company’s out there that are legit. I hope no one else ever has to deal with this Bull—- company and the pain they put people through. So DONT DO ANY SURVEYS ON LINE OR YOU WILL GET BURNED.

    • it happen to me too ,I completely that survey from walgreens too but my credit card give me the money back ,but iam worried about that they can report me to de credit after all any way … I don’t know if I should return the product or just don’t do anything… want you did after? thanks lau

  6. This place is a complete scam, DO NOT ORDER ANY PRODUCTS OR TAKE ANY FREE SURVEYS, THEY ARE NOT FREE. They order stuff as often as they can and hope you don’t notice any of the charges to your card. Do not give any credit card #’s for anything or anyone unless you know they are legit. THIS ONE IS NOT.

  7. By the way for people out there that don’t understand fraud, If you give them a card # for any reason, they can lie and say its just shipping charges and no other products will be sent to you. It does not matter, because you gave them a card # its not considered fraud. Yes I think it is because you did not give them permission to charge your card, but that is not the case. So don’t get burned and give your card # to anyone that you don’t know is a complete legit company that stands behind there word or product. OR YOU WILL GET BURNED. take it from someone that got burned.

  8. it was free surveys,but finally very expensive,$89 plus shipping.It was scam and cream not good.
    Do not trust them.


  10. Do not send me this product! I repeat do not send me this product!

  11. Don’t buy this. They tell you it’s a shipping only special deal then charge full price.

  12. WARNING! Do Not get tangled up in this Web! This company is fraudulent and everyone who has been ripped off needs to take legal action. We need to shut this company down! They are ripping people off by the 100s!! They must be stopped!

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