Skinade Review

Skinade Review

If you want smooth and silky skin then you might have heard about some of the collagen based treatments that have become popular recently thanks to the various celebrities who have tried them.

How can collagen help improve your skin health though? Well, collagen is a protein produced naturally by your body which is the building block for your skin.

Unfortunately as you age your collagen levels will drop, which is why it is important to try and replace this lost collagen before it is too late.

One way to increase the amount of collagen within your body is by using a product such as Skinade. A natural collagen drink that is said to revitalise your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave it with a healthy glow.

Claimed benefits of Skinade

Skinade offers the following benefits:

  • Softer and more hydrated skin
  • Firmer skin
  • Glowing and more radiant looking skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How does Skinade work?

Skinade is a natural collagen drink designed to help boost your natural collagen production.

Formulated from high grade collagen derived from fresh fish and essential micro-nutrients once consumed it will help to repair damaged skin and help to reverse the signs of ageing.

Skinade collagen drinkMost anti-ageing skincare creams and lotions work on the outside, yet Skinade is different as it works from the inside out to help restore lost collagen.

Ingredients found in Skinade

The following ingredients can be found in Skinade:

Marine collagen

This is the most important ingredient found in Skinade and is what makes this product so effective at replacing lost collagen.

The collagen itself comes from fresh water fish to ensure no contamination.

Vitamin C

This has been shown to boost your immune system and helps give your skin that little extra protection.


This particular ingredient helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it helps to improve the elasticity of your skin.

Vitamin B

This ensures your skin gives off that glow that we all would love.

Omega 3 & 6

Using this ingredient in the Skinade formula will ensure your skin does not become too dry or oily.

Has Skinade been clinically proven?

In clinical tests Skinade has been shown to both reduce wrinkles and produce clearer skin.

30 women were tested with half of them receiving a placebo with the others asked to consume the official product.

Those who consumed Skinade noted an improvement in the appearance of their skin, a reduction in wrinkles and an improved glow.

Millie Mackintosh uses Skinade

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is said to be a big fan of Skinade and has tweeted about its use:

β€œThis little sachet of @skinade travel has been my LA beauty secret. My top tip for flawless skin.”

Millie Mackintosh uses Skinade

Will Skinade cause any side effects?

While safe to drink you should be aware that for some a slight laxative effect maybe experienced, although it should be noted that this will pass after a few days of use.

There are also those who will experience a mild red flush will occur due to a β€˜Niacin Flush’, but again this will pass.

Is Skinade recommended?

Skinade is recommended as it offers a novel approach to skincare with many positive results.

The studies are promising and the celebrity endorsements will surely see this product become a household name.

The main issue with Skinade is the price, however if you want clear skin then it may be worth paying that little bit extra.

Where to buy Skinade?

If you want to buy Skinade then I suggest you buy it either from one of its official stockists or online from its official website.

You should do this to ensure you are purchasing the official product and not a cheap knock-off.

At the present time there is a special offer where you can get a 5 day supply for FREE, but be quick as this offer may end at any time.

Click here to buy Skinade!

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  1. Am happy that I tried this. Skin is noticeably smoother and more energised. πŸ™‚

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