Is the Simply Flawless Anti-Ageing Cream a scam? Review Inside

Is the Simply Flawless Anti-Ageing Cream a scam? Review Inside

Simply Flawless is an anti-ageing cream that is currently available for trial. Our review will look to see if you should sign up for this offer or not.

We will look to see if its claims are likely, plus will reveal if there are any hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

Please continue reading to uncover the truth.

Claimed benefits of Simply Flawless

According to their website, using Simply Flawless will help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. Other benefits on offer include:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check that these claims are likely you should look more closely at the ingredients that have been used. You should never sign up for an offer without first completing this step.

Ingredients found in Simply Flawless

There is almost no ingredient information available on the website. Certainly no label, which would have been our preference.

What we can gather from the website is that “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide-rich” formula has been used. While this sounds impressive, without knowing what ingredients have been used these statements mean very little.

Price of the Simply Flawless trial offer

Simply Flawless is available for trial, but this is certainly not a free trial.

To check how much the trial really is you should read through the terms and conditions page (found in the footer of their website), luckily for you we have already completed this step.

The T&Cs state that you have to pay a $4.95 shipping fee when you first sign up to this offer.

This initial fee will give you 14 days to trial the product, once this has elapsed you will be charged again. With this second fee being $94.95.

At the conclusion of the trial you will also be added to an auto-ship program, so further payments and deliveries will be sent monthly.

Is the Simply Flawless trial a scam?

There are two major reasons why I cannot recommend this offer.

For a start, while the claims are impressive, without any ingredient information they cannot be proven.

And finally, the cost of this product is too high. With the use of auto-shipping likely to lead to customer complaints from those unaware of them.

My suggestion to you would be to avoid this offer entirely.

Contact details for Simply Flawless

The contact details for Simply Flawless are as follows:

Phone: 1-888-514-5879
Email: support@flawlessskincarecream.com

Returns Address (Phone for an RMA first):

Simply Flawless Anti-Aging Returns Department
250 Doc Darbyshire Road, Suite 1 PMB# 305 Moultrie, GA 31788

Please leave your own review below using the comment form provided if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Simply Flawless

XYZ Smart CollagenXYZ Smart Collagen is our recommended alternative.

It is an anti-ageing product that help to both slow down the rate that collagen is broken down, plus helps to boost collagen production.

As collagen is key to fighting the visible signs of ageing the following benefits will be experienced:

  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • Fewer stretch marks
  • Improvements to skin texture
  • Firmer skin

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial, so you wont have to worry about auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

44 comments on "Is the Simply Flawless Anti-Ageing Cream a scam? Review Inside"
  1. Well for starters , they do not tell you it is auto
    Renewal after 30 days and that if you do not cancel in 14 days your credit card is billed damn near 90 bucks a month till you call and cancel.
    Read the terms of agreement before you order,
    Thank god I read more after I ordered this product. I feel it’s a bit false advertisement .

  2. I recently made a purchase and was disputing the charges. I did not want all the extra add-on items yet there was no way to change this before I was charged. I called customer service and tried to get the company name. Interestingly enough I could not do so through two of your customer representatives. The first rep hung up on me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they were “currently unavailable” both times I asked on two separate calls. I received a call right after from someone I thought was a supervisor but it was another representative.

    Needless to say if it’s this difficult to talk to a supervisor and simply get the name of the company it gives the impression that the company is shady.

    • These people should be put away..this is a big scam!! I ended my trial on the 14th day & sent the products back..I never opened them..they took 188.43 from me as soon as my money was available..I’ve talked to offices in Tucson, Moultrie and get the same old line of crap..they say after 2 months they haven’t received product..so BEWARE this scam scum are parasites..I’m going to report to every agency I can think of.MAD IN OK!!

      • I just found two charges of $94.95 and didn’t recognize the name of shinningselfVNTV. I disputed these charges with my credit card company and found out that Judge Judy didn’t endorse this product like advertised when I sent off for a free trial copy and it must be a fraud. I later noticed I paid $4.95 to this company for the postage and handling for my free trial cream. Didn’t notice that it was in this name until I looked on my credit card from before.

  3. This product is definitely a SCAM. The sd came up on my face book page and I accepted the shipping fee unaware they were going to bill me $94.95!! I’m going to continue to call, write, review and whatever else I must fo until my money is refunded. DON’T DO IT!! The product is worthless.

    • I called the company and told them did not order,they refunded me my money after discussing.Refunded me the whole amount,because I told them they cannot charge me of any amount if I didn’t order it.RECOMMEND TO YOU IS TO TALK TO YOUR BANKER AND THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK..

      • I ordered a sample of the Anti-Aging Cream. They charged me 94.00 dollars from my card
        I also ordered the sample Anti-Aging Facial Serum and was charged 93.00 dollars.
        I am returning this and want my money back in my account because this is false Adverting
        And I can’t believe Shark Tank would approve of this.

  4. Ordered this for the 4.95 trial. Both charge cards were initially declined and my cards were locked. Called both card companies and one was nice enough to tell me the real deal about auto ship and the $90 cost of the product. I was told there was a 25.00 cancellation fee which was waived when I told him I couldn’t afford it. When I read the ingredients, I could not use, allergic to polypropylene glycol. No I didn’t read the agreement terms initially, don’t think many do, very long. Have received several texts asking if I want to complete my order. Lesson learned.

  5. THIS DEFINITELY IS A SCAM!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT!!! Somehow, I was signed up for a trial (I did not do this). Then the product has been shipped to me a few times. I read this review and some others and called the company immediately. The customer service rep was horrible and a jerk. He didn’t listen to anything I had to say. He just kept pushing for sales and me to purchase a year’s supply of this product! I told him that I am not interested and to please stop sending me this product. He said he canceled further shipments, but I owe money!!! I told him that I will not pay for this product. He continued to ignore me and try to sell. Then as I was trying to ask for a supervisor, he cut me off and said “have a nice day” and hung up on me. I am so angry!! What a jerk and a SCAM company!!!!


  7. I just completed my free trail. Cancel my order
    2406088053. I will not accept this order and will have my bank block any charges from ur company
    Order no 55B481B72C. Please respond

    • To cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review. We do not endorse this offer, and are not linked to it either.

      • Did not receive my trial shipment. Ypu charged me for sipping at 4.95
        Then 75.00 yesterday. I haven’t gotten anuthing from ypur company. I want all charges reimbursed to my account immediately. I did not authorize this purchase. I will give you 24 hrs to correct this issue. 5138238979.

      • After reading all of this… I’m so glad that I used a $25 visa gift card, as they will not be able to charge me anymore.

  8. This is a scam! I am returning this product and want my money credited back to my account.

    • Dorothy, this page is a review. We do not endorse trial offers. To cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review, or failing that you should contact your bank.

  9. I’ve never been more blown away,by the way they set everyone up,stealing major money from so many,me included;
    I purchased 15.00 o there trial offer,,,which I recieved,along with 2 separate charges,of 98.?? And another 94.??,,,and didn’t get any product for those charges. I didn’t read fiNE print,but from previous company,trial purchases,known to be careful. So upon ordering,I wrote for trial size purchase only,no subscriptions,,,,,please. When I made the call,so rude,so rude,they are,and was told ,I had to call them,to cancell,,,,cancell something I didn’t order,or recieve,,,I ended up getting half off ,half of the 200.00 you stole from me,,,bullshit,and it takes 7 tov14vdays

    • To recieve back,that took you no time to pull out,I hope a lawyer whom wants to become rich like they are,,,will do something to stop these companies,from stealing,,,from b us consumers, ,,,

  10. Going to send them to better business Bureau

  11. I DID THE free trial and they sent another order and charged my bank account 94.00 for one and 74.00 for the other.The second one they sent I called them,cancelled all shipments.I sent the order back on the 18th of April.They got it on the 21st of April and I have yet to get my refund.They told me that I would get a full refund when they received the package back.

    • I called 3 times today to get my refund of 170.00 and three times they tell me they have no information of any kind for me so there is nothing they can do for me,but they say they are not screwing me!!!

  12. Exact same thing has happened to me. I was charged $188 & change for 2 products that I thought were free if I paid S & H. I have sent the products back by UPS certified mail. Irvin told me he would refund my money once they received the product. Not holding my breath

  13. Total Scam! I was charged $170 for product that I was given no time at all to try, not to mention there is no way you would see a difference in 2 days! Lesson learned…don’t order things that say “all you have to pay for is shipping!”

  14. I suggest you NOT let these companies (there are 3 cohort companies) have access to your credit or debit card number. They make their orders in tandum but not their cancellation process. You think cancelling Simply Flawless cancells everything because that’s all that was ordered. But not so. Each of the three products charge your account $90+++. First, file a dispute resignation with your credit/debit card holder and tell them you never ordered the add-on gifts they sent. Your dispute process usually results in 100% refund, in stead of the 35% they offered me. Telling them I’d already filed a dispute with the feds for unauthorized charges deducted from my SSI debit card it was meer moments til they authorized a 100% refund. Be vigilent. Be bold. They will give refunds in full eventually.
    PS always return shipments with tracking numbers. USPS is really good because it’s a federal affiliate & if someone commits fraud thru them they face federal prosecution!

  15. This is a total scam, they do not tell you that you have to let them know before 14 days after you receive the product you will be charged $94.75 for the free trial! Then continue on a monthly basis.

    I’ve just spoken to them and they are most unhelpful
    , KEEP AWAY FROM THEM, unless you have a spare $94.75 every month!

  16. Do not order this product! You will be charged over $188. if you keep it, ordered from facebook ad.they don’t tell you everything. Returning ! Its a rip off

  17. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I just wish I had seen all of these reviews first before falling prey to both Simply Flawless Anti-Aging Cream and Advanced Beauty Eye Serum and the ‘you only pay small shipping cost’ SCAM!!!! I too will be returning the products, not holding my breath for these thieves to return any of my hard earned, trusting money, as I do not want this horribly marketed sham of a scam merchandise in my home. They should be ashamed of themselves and their predatory marketing … but I know they are probably, literally, laughing all the way to the bank accounts of innocent people.

    I ordered the TRIAL cream for the shipping charge only. After I paid the shipping my receipt was $15 some Dollars. I called and cancelled the trial. They had added every single item: Vitamin C serum, anti aging serum, Buyer’s Protection, Stem Cell Serum. The total came to $15. I called and cancelled my trial cream, cancelled everything. The guy on the phone said he could not find the Buyer’s protection for $1.99 so I am being penalized $1.99 for an order I cancelled

  19. This is definitely a scam. They get you with a cheap trial. If you do not advise them in 14 days you want a refund and to cancel the subscription, you get charges on your credit card for $94.95 and $93.89. They have all this hidden in the fine print. When you call and you have disputed the charges, they tell you that cannot do anything to help you. “if only you had called us first”….. This is a complete scam and you cannot even negotiate with them and they will not let you talk to anyone higher than a “line manager”, will not give you the phone number to their owner or executive personnel. They are hiding and the worst part of it all is they are getting away with it.

  20. TOTAL SCAM!!!! SO PISSED!!!!

  21. You are a sure scam. Ordered the free sample and I just received in the mail an order I did not place. Charged my credit card for it also. I will be sending it back and want a full refund. Why are you doing this!!! Your phone numbers are also not good either. People in your kind of business do not good phone numbers either>

  22. Dear Simply flawless anti aging complex. I just read your reviews on my site. I am very interested in trying it. My only problem is, I very much to get the trial sample but I do not have any credit cards, you see a close family member wiped us out, so we closed all other cards. Do you by any small miracle take amscott money orders? that is the only way I would be able to get this product. Please get back to me as soon as you read my message so I can get started with trying to look somewhat young again, I am a 66 year young woman who doesn’t like what I see in the mirror. Please can this be done, I really need your help. Thank you and Bless your hearts!


  24. This so-called ‘cream’ is watery thin, and I didn’t see any results at all. And to top it all off, I just discovered that if I didn’t email them, I could expect a $90 charge on my card. I’ve emailed them, and intend to discuss any future charges with my bank so they will be denied. For heavens sake, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!


  26. Ordered the $4.98 free trail, they sent 2 boxes of simply flawless cream and1 anti aging serum. They debited my card ( $1.99 – 4.89 – 4.95 – 4.95). After calling to cancel 19 days later, they had debited $90 plus $74. Told them I was suing them and hung up. Going straight to BBB! Rip off big time!!!

  27. STILL at it!! not only stealing $35 and change but also auto enrolling you into their thundercleanse.com product at an additional $98. FRAUD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I ordered the trial cream $4.95 & $4.39 and they added two $1.99 charges on the bill. I placed that order around Feb 6. On Feb 22 they added charge on my card for $94.95 &
    $93.89 I never placed that order or received any products the total was $188.84 charged to my credit card. I called and they said they would put it back on my account and send me
    a confirmation email. I Have not received it yet. I have talked to a lawyer and he is going to work on suing them for illegal misusing customers credit card and false advertising. I am giving them 24hrs to put the money back which will be 3-5 at 10 am. My lawyer will take
    over from there. It’s the biggest scam I ever experienced.

  29. Please cancel all orders. I did not authorize or ordered the trial cream $9.56 or the $93.89.
    I never placed that order charged to my credit card. I need you to refund my money. Additionally, the representative Hanna stated an email confirmation number for the two products will be sent by email – I have not received the email yet. I will consult with a lawyer if necessary. Someone is misusing my customer’s credit card. Please return refund my money within 24hrs. This is the biggest scam I ever experienced.

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