Sevan Skin Serum Reviews – Should you sign up for the trial?

Sevan Skin Serum Reviews – Should you sign up for the trial?

Sevan Skin Serum is a skin fortifying and anti-wrinkle cream that is supposedly the “Hollywood secret” that helps “make lines and wrinkles vanish”.

How does this skin care offer work though? We have looked at numerous trial offers in the past, with most turning out to be not worth the effort.

Is Sevan Skin Serum different from the rest? The following review will answer that question for you.

Claimed benefits of Sevan Skin Serum

The following claims have been made on the Sevan Skin Serum website:

  • Decrease of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increase of collagen production
  • Decrease in appearance of dark circles

As we always say, it is best that you ignore claims such as these, as however impressive they sound you should look for actual proof of the claims.

One of the easiest ways to check how effective the product is, is by looking at what ingredients it contains.

Ingredients used in Sevan Skin Serum

The first thing you will notice with this offer is that there is no label, so there is no way of knowing exactly what it contains.

There is a brief mention of it containing “proprietary Biofil Dermal Lifting Hydrospheres” along with a “patented QuSome time release delivery system”, but this does not explain a lot.

I would be wary about putting something onto my face that could potentially cause a reaction, which is why you should always look for as much information on its ingredients before applying.

True cost of the Sevan Skin Serum trial offer

The biggest issue we found with this trial offer though was its price, which is not immediately clear.

It’s only after reading the terms and conditions of the offer that you will discover the true cost of this trial.

While the initial cost is low, once the 14 day trial term has ended you will be charged $89.75.

This wont be the end of the charges either, as because Sevan Skin Serum operates an auto-ship program, should you fail to cancel the trial during the allotted time you will be sent further packages that will of course need to be paid for too.

Is Sevan Skin Serum a scam?

There are serious doubts surrounding the effectiveness of this product, plus the cost is significant.

Our suggestion would be to look for an alternative. Trial offers are rarely worth the effort and could end up costing you more than you originally thought.

Contact details for Sevan Skin Serum

To cancel your trial you will need to contact Sevan Skin Serum yourself. The following contact details were found on their website:

Phone: 1-888-302-5373
Email: support@trysevan.com

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review then please do so by completing the comment form below.

Alternative skin care solution for anti-ageing

Our suggested alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen, which is sold online.

This anti-ageing cream is made using proven ingredients that offer numerous anti-ageing benefits.

As this product is not available for trial you can relax knowing that the price you see onsite is the price you will pay.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

23 comments on "Sevan Skin Serum Reviews – Should you sign up for the trial?"
  1. I ordered the trail. And I was charged for both, cream I did no re order and was sent
    More crream and I refused the package and notified my credit card company that I
    Didn’t order any . Is this a Scam?..cafherine Halinski

    • I ordered the trial skin serum for the free trial of $4.95. Then this morning, there was a charge of $89.75. Besides disputing the order with my credit card company, I also called them at 1 888-302-5373.

      They tried to tell me how great the skin cream was and I told him, lets get to the reason of my phone call. I told them they charged me $]89.75 and I did not authorize this charge.

      He goes on to tell me that once I ordered the 14 days trial, it was listed on the website, that if I didn’t want the product, I had to call within 14 days. I told him there was no such thing on the website and that if there was, I would never have ordered the product as I am in limited income and $90.00 is 2 weeks of food for me.

      They wanted to give me 50% back and I told them NO. I want a full refund, as I have already disputed the charge with my insurance company. After going back and forth, I finally got a full refund, at least, that is what he stated, and I have a confirmation number.

      I contacted my credit card again, giving them that number, so it is a waiting game to see if the charge is removed.

      I offered to send them the product back, but they didn’t want it. What a scam, and how terrible that they are doing this to people.

    • After completing a survey a bottle of this stuff was sent to me for a shipping charge of $4.99. Subsequently I was sent 4 bottles @ a cost of $89.75 each. Very hard to contact them. I do not know what credit card it was charged to. They said the card numbers are 8977. I have no card ending in those numbers After talking with Alexis and Robert each agreed they would cancel my
      membership and waive the $1.99 cancellation fee. Totally unacceptable. Finally Robert said he could credit me for the bottle that arrived today. I am still out $269.75. I am 80years old living on SS. This is a terrible abuse of people. It has been a complete scam as far as I am concerned.

  2. YES THIS IS A RIPOFF! Have been on website and phone all morning and it is now 2 in afternoon. No one has my account and no where does it list a return address. Phone # is false also. Do not get involved.

    • Thanks for phone #1-888-302-5373 above. I finally got hold of someone who helped me stop the continuous shipments and cancelled the membership that was in the fine print under terms. I learned a lesson.

      • Thank you for the phone #. Was able to cancel mine too. Full refund, but a 14.99 restock fee. They were willing to only charge me $40 or give me a 50% off lifetime membership fee……

      • Thank you for the phone #. Was able to cancel mine too. Full refund, but a 14.99 restock fee. They were willing to only charge me $40 or give me a 50% off lifetime membership fee……just talked to credit card company and they did not charge me the S&H fee they said they would charge. Credit informed me they charged me $89.75 then also. I told them tha others were only given a 50% refund. So a dispute on that one has been started……now have to go back to post office and return this……..

    • DO NOT ORER- RIP Offf and Scam

  3. Hi I had a free trial? (so say) of eye serum and face serum, I thought it was a load of rubbish so gave it away, then found two £89.95s taken from my bank account I did nor authorise this, so rang them for a refund,( no chance ) after a lot of angry comments on my side they would only refund me 50% off of what was taken out of the bank, the person I spoke to was like an automated machine, she would not listen, she would not let me speak to a manager, saying there wasn’t one here today. DON’T TRUST THEM, MY HUSBAND WAS NOT HAPPY.

    • They did me the same way. Called and cancelled my two days before trial was up they kept tell me to use the product and i would be. I had only had the product maybe 5 days into the trial offer. 3 phones calls they were rude, one operator even hung on me. I called back and tried to speak with a manager and report her. They said that couldn’t be done. But someone would call me back. Its been 3 weeks no phone call back, no refund, just a bunch of rude ppl. Scam. Wish i had not took the bait. Cost me 90 dollars. Left me without gas money for work that week.

  4. I want ti cancel these orders or this account. The products does not work for me.
    do i write to these people. or do they have a web site. I will be sending this shipment back.
    In fact these products does not do anything for my skin.

  5. I ordered this off my phone , site I was on said nothing about a trial or being charged $89.75 one day and $84.75 the next day. When I saw this had been taken out of my checking I was livid. I called after having a heated discussion with first one he hung up on me second girl after we talked hung up on me. I called a third time and a young man proceded to say the same things. I continued to demand my money back.finally he said he could give me 50% off each and my future orders cancelled not even realizing I’d was signed up for anything. The young man did acknowledge the other two people didn’t offer me the half off when they knew they could. I read where Dr.Phil’s wife used this so I thought why not. Read the fine print!! Don’t take their crap, fight for your rights. Jan K.


    • This website simply reviews products, and we do not endorse any trial offers. I suggest you re-read the above review and contact using the details provided.

  7. Biggest ripoff ever. I only wish I would have read this first. If you’re reading this thinking about buying, DON’T!!!!!!!!!

  8. SCAM!!! RIPOFF!! DO NOT BUY!!!! I order two for $4.95 for the 14 days trail and we canceled, and we were still charged for the full price of $175 dollars and then they said it would be a 4.95 cancel fee !! When I asked to speak to a manger they stated there was NONE and that it was our fault for buying there items! We will be contacting our attorney …THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD

  9. I had the same thoughts and experience as Janet knight…complete scam and feel taken advantage of. I sent an email to robin McGraw thru dr Phil website but I doubt I get any response! Victimized!! All of us!!!

  10. I just received my order Friday. No paperwork or return address on box. I got spooked. Have tried calling the number. Constantly on hold. Finally found an email thru this website. Emailed them 20 mins ago. Haven’t heard anything. Will notify bank that there are to be no other charges. SCAM

    • Call and cancel right away. I was charged for their items after I cancelled and still had a hard time getting a refund. Call your bank or credit card company for help. It to me 3 people,two of them hanging up on me to finally agree to a full refund


  12. Total Rip Off. The Govt should get involved and punish such fraud!

  13. I have the same experience of all the above. This is such a ripoff, the product is no good, I have just sent them an email letting them know that I will go to my bank and ask them not to approve any more charges

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