Revoluxe SCAM Report

Revoluxe SCAM Report

Revoluxe claims to help “rejuvenate your skin” as it is “the gold standard in skin restoration”.

This all sounds very impressive, and as it uses real gold in its formula there will certainly be many that will be rushing to sign up for the trial.

Before you do though I suggest that you read the following review. We will look at the ingredients of Revoluxe, whether they can really offer the benefits that it claims, plus we will look at the true price of this trial.

What we know from past experience is that trial offers often have hidden charges that you need to be aware of. We will soon find out if this is the case with this offer.

Claims made by Revoluxe

Revoluxe claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Reduces severe wrinkling
  • Shrinks laugh lines
  • Prevents wrinkle formation
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reverses sun damage

To be fair these claims sound mighty impressive, yet it is always best that you look to see what the product is made from before you rush into any decision to sign up.

Without looking at the ingredients there is no way of knowing how effective the product truly is, or whether it contains anything that could potentially cause a reaction.

What is Revoluxe made from?

While the main selling point of Revoluxe is that it contains real gold, it also contains other ingredients that have been proven to help improve the health of your skin.

These ingredients include Vitamins A, C and E, as well as Pearl Powder and Chamomile Extract.

I can certainly see some benefit to using this cream. Whether we would recommend it or not is another matter though, we would first need to check how much it costs.

Price of Revoluxe

If you think that Revoluxe costs nothing to trial then you are mistaken as trial offers are rarely free even when they state they are.

Revoluxe does not claim to be free, but it is not upfront with its cost either.

To find out this information you would usually need to check the terms and conditions located at the very bottom of the sales page.

Doing so will would usually reveal the true price of Revoluxe, however this is not the case. Instead it simply mentions an initial shipping cost then the full payment to be expected 2 weeks later, with no mention of what these amounts are.

The only fee mentioned is that there is a £1.17 charge just for account management.

As with most trial offers signing up to the Revoluxe trial also means that you have signed up for an auto-ship program too, which means you will be shipped a fresh supply of the cream every month.

Is Revoluxe a scam?

Even though the ingredients of Revoluxe maybe of some benefit, the lack of pricing information is a big issue and I cannot see anyone knowingly signing up for an offer without knowing how much it would cost.

It is always worth reading the T&Cs of any trial offer, just so you know what you are signing up for.

If you are not happy with what you read then walk away from the offer and look for an alternative.

Contact details for Revoluxe

To contact Revoluxe you should use the following contact details:

Phone (UK): +44-2031-502351
Email: help@gold-serum.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up for this offer.

EvoCremeAlternative to Revoluxe

If you wish to try a skin care cream that really works and is unafraid to list its prices in full then I suggest you take a look at the Evolution Slimming website.

They have a product available called EvoCreme that has some good reviews.

It contains proven ingredients and has been shown to help promote smoother and firmer skin.

You can buy EvoCreme for £29.99 and as it is not available for trial there are no hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to buy EvoCreme from Evolution Slimming!

146 comments on "Revoluxe SCAM Report"
  1. dear sirs
    we have paced an order with you and received it thank you .,but noticed that you have taken 3 payments from my debit card in which i tried to get an answer from you with out success re cancelling the debit please please let me know or call me 001142369094 to explain regards G FALSONE

    • The above is a review. This website has no association with the trial.

    • 03/05/16 I was looking at “MY BT” i was asked if I would fill in a survey
      for BT , I replied yes ( trusting BT ). At the end of filling in the survey I was offered a free gift if I would pay the postage, I did and paid £2.01 plus £4.07
      on my card
      I opened my statement on 04/06/16 and saw an entry 23/05/16 for £101.36
      to mas.elegenta.com SHANGHAI.
      Also 24/05/16 entry £104.02 to Mas.dermarel.com SHENZHENSHI.
      I then rang CO-OP banking to ask what these payments were for and was told they were for cosmetics I had signed up for and I had to wait till Monday and contact the complaints team

      Reply from Revoluxe
      I am sorry to hear you have missed to familiarize yourself with our promotional terms and conditions.
      Your trial period expired on 20/05/2016 . You were charged the full rate of GBP 99.98 for your Revoluxe as you kept the product beyond the 2 weeks trial period.

      • I hope you got some if not all of your money back. I had exactly the same thing happen to me yesterday afternoon. I went on to TSB banking site and it asked me if I would like to complete a survey. I don’t usually bother but I thought well it’s only a few questions. When it got to the end it said I was eligible for a free gift, there was facial cream (but it didn’t say Revoluxe) a diet product and thirdly a gym type boosting drink, all three were in the vicinity of around £120 so I should have known there was a catch but thought it was safe enough if connected with TSB. So I clicked on the face cream free with postage of £2.15 and it went on and asked for my name and address and card details. Twice it declined Santander, so I used by Barclay visa card, the same thing declined it and I didn’t get the safeguard thing come up where it asks for letters from a password so I assumed it hadn’t worked. I then got a call from Santander suggesting two suspicious transactions, explained and they said they would block the company and I mentioned I tried using Barclaycard. So I get onto Barclaycard to find that there are five transactions £3.99, 2.15, 3.95, 4.10 and 3.95. There is no way they are going to get more out of me even if I have to cancel the credit card. I cancelled yesterday almost immediately after getting a confirmation email and today I received a reply saying it was too late and the parcel had already been sent – all the space of one hour on a Saturday afternoon!!!!

        • Good luck. I cancelled my card and confirmed with VISA that no more charges would go through and still got another charge two days later because “it was in the system”

          • Update.

            I returned my unopened and in the original packaging products to them only to receive an email that their returns department had advised that the products were not in their original condition and no refund would be issued. So they now have my money and the products to scam some other unsuspecting consumer.

            I will never ever buy another Israeli product again. These people are their own worst enemies but cry crocodile tears that BDS is antisemitic.

          • Why are my complaints not being shown?
            I’ve placed 3 complaints and they ar’nt listed.
            What is going on?

          • Hazel, you have submitted comments to our Retinolla review. 🙂

        • This is a total scam read the fine print ur paying 370.00 for the first order and if u don’t cancel they keep charging your account…without any emails or transactions letters or confirmation that they charger your account….
          Report to the fraud division of the RCMP….
          You can find this product on eBay for 50.00 stay deal away from this scam…..

        • I think they are professional at scam, but we are the stupid victims who ought to be careful. was a victim of these idiots, too.

      • R Gallet, the exact same thing just happened to me! You got off lucky…they charged me 369.00!!!! Visa contacted me, otherwise I would never have noticed…and asked about it.
        Visa stopped my card and sent me another one…I was threatened by them that if I did not ay the reduced cost of 109.00 they would report me for consumer fraud….People like this should be put in jail….the worst part of it…I had a severe allergic reaction…huge bumpy red, itchy rash over my entire face and neck …

      • I also got the offer of the trial. What does this mean I have payed for the products there were an offer of the Revolluxe and also Retinol moisturizing cream and eye cream for which I also paid. I really did not know that I had to pay for the products. I do not even know what the price is ? I dont think getting people to sign up and then remove the money through the credit card is really right. Please let me know what I need to do to ensure I do not incur expenses

      • I was caught in this scam, because a survey under my internet provider’s name popping out. I finished and it told me there was a gift I can choose. I just randomly picked one which is retinolla&revoluxe. It is said the kit will only cost me shipping for 5.99 cad. I put my credit card info there, however you are not able to find there hidden term and conditions. After I received order confirmation email, and re-login the website, I realized there was return button missing. I read t&c, the. I found there were so may TRAPES. I also realized it is possibly a scam. I emailed them do not send the kit, because I wanna cancel my order. After several minutes, they respond me they were not able to stop shipping because it has left which is a big LIE. ( web said order will be processed in work days, that day was Saturday). I suddenly called my banker to find some solutions, becaus I don’t want them charge me more and going back to bank waste their and my time. They tell me call the number on the back of my card which I did. The solution they provided is 1st: cancel and reissue a new card which is the primarily important, once you changed card number 3digits, they will not be able to take your money out. 2nd try to turn on your credit card alert on, if there are more than 50 or suspicious transactions, they will email you or text you, meanwhile you can call visa back ask to block this transaction. 3rd, if possible change a billing address for your credit card.
        I don’t really expect they will refund my 5.99 even if I return the kit, those are what I have done in 24 hrs. Looks efficient so far.

    • This is certainly a scam and I have made a report to the Fraud Police.Revoluxe seem to be completely unconcerned stating they go by the rules.They owe me money and wont even discuss it.My account has had seven separate debits with no explanation and just being totally sidelined by thanking me for e-mail and can they be of any further help.A very sophisticated company with fancy get out clauses enabling them to take whatever they think from your account with it appears no redress.About time the police sorted these scammers out.

    • This is most definitely a scam run across the world by unscrupulous Israeli scammers. I am from Canada and experienced exactly what is reported here. The product packaging also says it is Made in ISRAEL. I will NEVER buy an ISRAELI product again whether it is beauty care products or Jaffa oranges.

      VISA Fraud Resolution is of absolutely no help too. Apparently, VISA Fraud prevention is restricted to telling customers “Buyer Beware” and be careful next time you use their card.

      • If you look at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions it is a Czech company. Here is the information I copied.

        2015 Krizikova 213/44, Karlin, 186 00 Prague, The Czech Republic. Company registration #02136929. All rights reserved. Retinola™ is a registered trademarks (®) of Erterei Ltd.. Any unauthorized use is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Today’s charge will appear on your statement as hydraluxe.com

      • In my case, its appears as if they are a Latvian company, operated in Cyprus with products from Israel.
        They are most likely Russian/Eastern European crime organization that manipulate and use legal holes in our consumer protection laws.
        I sent a note to Cyprus police dept, to my local police, to federal anti fraud agency and open up a complaints against this scam organization.
        Time will tell and hope they will refund according to their T&Cs and our consuer protection laws. their T&Cs “As part of our Our Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, you can return the product up to 30 days after delivery of your order for a full refund of the initial purchase price”

    • I ordered your product at the trial offer and recieved the items,but u have since taken a further 2 payments off my account,scam or what,yes i think so,I cant seem to get in touch with you through your website or e mail,anybody thinking of buying this product think again,please reply

    • As another person scammed. I intend to talk to Trading Standards and Rip off Britain” a consumer programme. Please do the same. The programme should take our cases on because there are so many of us involved.

      • I ordered the “sample”, as advertised, thinking that the product would come in small bottles for me to try, but no, they came in the whole large set of products. I didn’t even know that I’d ordered two sets of different products, until I saw the charges on my Visa — a total that amounted to almost $400 Canadian. Unfortunately I didn’t read the small print I guess, so didn’t return the products within two weeks of receiving same. In the first place I saw NO results after using the stuff for awhile but forgot to tell them to cancel my subscription so received a second shipment shortly afterwards which I returned immediately. Now I’m told I will be charged another $400 but will be refunded after they received the returned products. I advise that anyone believing the ads should pay close attention to the rules and not to forget that if you don’t like it you have to return the products within 2 weeks. I don’t remember the charges being on the original ad because I doubt very much that I would order such products — more so now that I know they don’t work any better than something I can buy at any drugstore for 10% of their price.


    • Yes truly a scam….I fell into the bank survey trap trusting that it was from my bank, I went with iit and was offered “A FREE GIFT”. I hadn’t ever received the item before I noticed a charge of $400.00 on my visa. I called visa they told me some one from visa fraud squad would contact me… didn’t happen. Called visa again and then was advised to get an answer from Revoluxe and in the mean time I had to cancel my card. By that time the product had arrived. Revoluxe informed me that I was mistaken that they do not offer free products, and I had not canceled before the time period of trial…this conversation did not go well at all. Nor did the one with visa fraud when they finally got back to me. They stood up for the Revoluxe company and said I should pay better attention to fine print…These are truly BAD PEOPLE,

    • This is under international investigation. Cancel your credit card, open file at federal police fraud department (they have the case already), VISA will give total refund as this is considered misrepresentation and clients are not responsible. Keep the products 🙂 FYI they took over $800 from my VISA account in 6 week… I haddn’t noticed because I was travelling when this happened.

  2. Another sales scam … Sign up for free sample at your peril. I have been ripped off 180 quid and now fraud investigation reveals thousands of others have similar stories . This is a well organised scam and I want my money back !!!

    • Totally agree; received goods but grossly overpriced to the offer they said; plus all the extra Sterling exchange charges (for overseas money transactions). I cancelled my order and received acknowledgement but still got the products and then charged. and have now been charged for second month. Apparently, according to my bank, the T&C of this company means that you automatically sign up for these monthly charges. Bank are now trying to recoup and have cancelled any future payments. On the surface, product sees real enough but a totally scam.

    • I also have been scammed to the total of £220. I contacted the company by phoning, after 15-20 I I eventually made contact. I was informed I would receive a partial refund on the 26 April. Still waiting. I don’t expect to receive any refund.

    • scammed and i feel a complete fool.200 quid taken from my account,Ive taken all my money out of the bank and cancelled my card

  3. THESE OFFERS ARE SCAMS. I ordered a free trial, being asked only for £3.99 for each of 2 products, then found that over £200 had been taken from my bank account. I read the Ts & Cs and there was no mention of any further money required. I have an email each from Retinol and Revoluxe stating that only £3.99 for each item would be taken from my bank card. THIS IS THEFT.

  4. Total scam I fell for it as well but forgot I had ordered it, and when I got the email telling me it had been shipped I checked the T&C and was horrified to find that if I kept the ‘free trial’ I would be charged £100….and monthly thereafter for ‘refills’ Did their cancellation exercise with no acknowledgement from them but have now cancelled any payments to them from my card company….check your statements as they do not use the retinolla and revoluxe names to make their debits. These folk are thieves and liars and I feel such an idiot for falling for their scam. No fool like an old fool I guess!! And I haven’t even received the flaming (probably garbage) yet!! Check nos 9 and 10 on the T&Cs….

    • Hi can you confirm what names they use to make the direct debit?
      I have called the card company and has cancelled the transaction however could you please confirm me the name of their company as do not wish to be charged by them.

      • If you look at an older message above you will see the person wrote this
        “I opened my statement on 04/06/16 and saw an entry 23/05/16 for £101.36
        to mas.elegenta.com SHANGHAI.
        Also 24/05/16 entry £104.02 to Mas.dermarel.com SHENZHENSHI.”



        Pcpdllc – 800-893-905800-893-9105



        24 k beautecom

        pay pal*laptopoutle

        pay pal*GFM holding


        I will be very grateful for the services of the Charge-back Analyst for Creation Master card fraud office, This lady immediatly cancelled my card and issued a new one. She then arranged for every charge to be made a charge back credit

        • And for Canada


          email addresses are :

          Ontario Canadian victims should also write to Revolux’s forwarding agent to complain that the company is acting as agent for a scam.

          Precision Total Fulfillment
          41 Parr Blvd
          Bolton, Ontario
          L7E 4E3, Canada

          • I phoned Precision. The lady was very nice but her answer to my request to stop distributing for these crooks was that it is business & if they don’t supply some other company would.

          • Hi Jennifer,
            May i know if you got money back from this, I am victim of same product, May i know the steps u had taken??

          • I called them (PTF, Bolton,ON) yesterday, Feb 1st 2017, and sent them a note as well. I thought they are not aware of this but since multiple victims have already reported this scam organization and this fulfillment company do nothing, I started to think they are aware of it, and even may be a part of this scam. I called local police, Canadian fraud agency, Ontario consumer services and open up a case. Hope they will put this criminals to jail and shut down or ban access to their websites. UK Guardian news reported this since 2012. Thousands of victims. May be its time to ask politicians/law makers to involve. They are scumbags and there no place in civilized world for SCAMS and FRAUDS.

      • Changes every time

  5. I have bought the product as seen in an add I am very concerned ref your comments.
    I am a pensioner and cannot afford these prices how do I return or get refund. Very concerned
    Janet Hunt

    • Please send back and change ur card asap they just took 200 pound out my mother in law account over weekend CANCEL THIS PRODUCT AND CHANGE BANK DETAILS ASAP!!!

    • Janet Hunt, do you live in Canada?
      Scroll down to my comments.

      • Hello,

        I’m in Canada and going through this. TD Bank/VISA is not helpul at all. Did you get RBC to compensate you after accepting the $170.00?


      • This is the best advice. I was fortunate that a relative warned me of this scam,. I called my Bank and credit card company and had the card cancelled immediately and a new one will be issued. I was totally impressed by these institutions, as they advise that that scam company had tried on several occasions to put through substantial charges, but the credit card company declined them.
        My faith in my financial institution is super. They will, as well, report the scammer to the fraud squad!

  6. I agree these offers are a SCAM stay clear I ordered a trial for £3.99p and the bloody scammers have taken £209 .00p out of my Bank account even though I had cancelled the offer,
    My Bank is in the progress of looking into the practice of this company to see if they can be done for fraud. STAY CLEAR OF THESE ROBBERS

  7. I like the people above me got well and truely scammed after watching this amazing advert on Facebook – for this miracle busting wrinkle remover *****cks!!!
    I went thru to Claim my free NO RISK trial and as i went thru the 3 pages only having to enter payment details and shipping address etc it flagged up 2 other products and again no T&C’s and lots of re assuring codswallop about how numbers of these trial were limited so claim yours now before too late etc so in total spent just under £30.
    When my acknowledgement email was sent I thought I would just have a proper read thru on the wonders of these creams and noticed to my anger and horror that if these products were not sent back before 14 days I would have a very large debit on my card, so I emailed and said I was under the assumption I had just paid that money to keep my products NOT BORROW THEM!!!! i said i wanted to get a refund on the 2 most expensive products and trial the miracle eye bag cream, I got a reply that skirted around the issue and told me ,” we are sure you will be happy with these products etc and no refund can be given, so if you send back with in 14days, no money will be taken” well after to ing and fro ing with the same robotic reply, I threatened them with Trading Standards as their T&C’s were not shown AT ALL and they were clearly ripping people off, I then got an extremely rude reply and when I sent my products back after trying them as I was told to enjoy them for there was NO CHANCE OF A REFUND, at a cost of £8.50 I then received another email saying their laboratory had tested the products and said they were used and there fore could not get a refund! I am fuming and hope the B*****ds get slammed by Trading Standards. Also the so called miracle cream had no more effect on my bags than putting Nivea on, so very much doubt the same product was ever sent. BE WARNED!!!!

  8. This is a scam and I need to refund it all!! How do I unsubscribe to this? I didn’t realise I was going to be paying all that extra money per the months, someone help!!!

  9. I ordered this product with the understanding I would only pay shipping and handling to try it did not know I was going to be charged the full amount later on my credit card and when I went in to make sure they did not send it again I was unable to click on the do not replenish my order

  10. I agree with all the above reviews it is a SCAM I belive this is operated out side of the U.K. you can`t get in touch with this website both e-mail addresses
    Are fake and the phone number is answer by muppets, the product`s you can get from Boot`s or Superdrug for a fraction of the price, the offer state`s mony back guarantee within 30 day`s that a lie because you can`t get in touch to send this crap back, like many more people I have lost a lot of money £209.00 best thing to do is to get your Bank to CANCEL your card so the SCAMMING bar—r`s don`t get any more I don`t how Trading Stander`s have let this Company to keep trading,a message to all future customers STAY CLEAR read the T`s & C`s IT`S A BLOODY SCAM


  12. This company operates outside the UK beware it`s a SCAM

  13. HELP

    my 14 year old daughter has just ordered two kits costing £3.95 and the other £2.99.

    After reading all theses comments I really need to cancel this order. How do I do it?


    • I am very sorry to say once you click and agree with your order they take your mony the only thing you might be able to do is cancel your bank card, because it`s near impossible to get in contact with this company watch out they will take £200 PLUS from your bank account with in day`,you will get your order alright but best of luck trying to send it back

    • Change your bank details quickly as they will end up taking hundreds out of your bank account now they have your details – whoever owns this company is making a mint by fraudulently taking people’s money

  14. I have just come off the telephone to my bank for the second time in a month as I had ordered this ‘wonder cream’- what a fool I feel now!!! I have had to get a new bank card to stop the company I received the cream from trying to take stupid amounts of money from my account! Luckily for me my bank has intercepted these transactions so no money has actually been taken! I have never bought a ‘free’ trial item before and just paid for the packaging! Think the rule had to be if it sounds to good to be true-then it is! Do not buy this product!!!!

  15. I sent for this product as a “thank you”after completing a bogus Tesco Questionire that appeared on my iPad as a pop up.
    Then after receiving the “Free Prize”decided to research REVOLUXE and was horrified to find that I had been tricked into a monthly contract ,which if allowed to continue would cost in the regionion of £1000 per annum.
    I complained to REVOLUXE with hegative results , so in the end will have the hassle of parcelling up and returning the products.
    Unfortunately many people wil not realise what they have got into until they are automatically charged £99 on their credit card account.

    • A very dodgy company having to resort to these very dubious methods , to rack up sales and trick people gulag purchases.

  16. Trading Standards not interested, ombudsman not interested, credit card investigators not interested , fraud squad can’t be bothered ……. waste of time and effort trying to get any money back. The only way these scammers will be stopped is in their own country but because they are devious and move about they are difficult to pin down. Web scammers operate all over the world and the bastards behind these scams are all bloody millionaires!!
    The internet is to blame for allowing these thieving mongrels any air space …. of course they will say it’s impossible to check every company who pay for advertising space …. so google and all the other fat rob dogs just get fatter. They should all go to hell !!!!

  17. I had a pop up when using amazon for a fee gift for being a good customer
    free products just £3.99 package & postage
    received products £3.99 taken from account.
    next thing had a call on a Sunday morning from HSBC BANK Fraud department
    they were applying to take £97.95 from my account.
    it has taken two days on telephone so far trying to stop them taken further payments from my account.
    Fraud department know exactly what is going on so why is it being allowed????????????

  18. OMG.
    I have also been scammed.
    I am cancelling my bank card now.
    I wish I had seen this website before claiming my so called Free trial.
    I knew I shouldn’t be so vane.
    The cream doesnt work anyhow.

  19. Another mug here just been ripped off for 180 pound got my free trial, postage only charge delighted.3 months later identical order arrived discovered this money had been taken from my account.Returned immediately the next day.Then low and behold after enquiring about the return if they had recieved it back they said it had been tampered with what a load of crap. Offered me 60 pound refund which i turned down as a insult.So even returning this intact within a week of recieving this they will still rip you off stay away from these dirty lying rip off bastards wish i could get my hands on them

  20. Hi, just to let future customers know this SCAM as been going on for a very long time,it is operated out side of the U.K. By some very cunning barstard`s,they operate from back street propertiers they buy the product wholesale and advertise the product anywhere they can, so please be careful READ THE T`s & C`s very carefully better still walk away IT`s. A SCAM.

  21. Yes I was conned too popped up on Amozon site said I won a free gift,two sets of postage as two free gifts suddenly appeared ,thought at the time I wasn’t offered two free gifts ,but instantly my mobile went ,Barclays Fraud Sqaud text ,I knew then what a fool I had been ,they stopped my card and any further payments trying to be taken .Today emails to say the products are on the way ,well what I do with them I haven’t decided ,but they won’t be going on my skin

  22. The way I was caught is via a pop-up ‘feed-back questionnaire’ when on the John Lewis website. This offered a free ‘reward’ for answering what appeared to be a John Lewis questionnaire.

    Two things you should do:

    1. Cancel the card you used at once and ask for a new one.

    2. Never again go for a ‘free’ offer where you have to give your card details ‘to cover postage’.
    Once they have your card details there is nothing to stop them charging your account. I was charged from Shanghai and Prague for two different products – Revoluxe and Retinolla.

  23. I feel so idiotic that I didn’t read the fine print. Now I owe this horrible company $380.46 for three small jars of cream. What a disgrace that they sucker clients into paying for their products like this. Hopefully something can be done.

  24. I fell for the “free sample” bit too, popped up on Amazon.
    I am working with my card issuer in an attempt to stop further transactions.

  25. Regarding the RETINOLLA SCAM !! I entered a survey / competition and was awarded a free choice of FREE products and I chose RETINOLLA Face Cream for my wife only to find that I had been scammed by the Israeli Company !! THERE IS NO DOUBT IN LAW about this matter as I have studied law at LLB level at the University in Nottingham !! the LEGAL point and fact is this :- The Company failed to bring to my attention and also to others by hiding the purported cost/s in other words REASONABLE ATTENTION WAS NOT GIVEN REASONAL NOTICE WAS NOT GIVEN OR SHOWN !! I quote a legal precedence as FELTHOUSE AND BINGLEY ( 1862 ) Court of Common Plea :- There is NO Contract .You cannot have silence as acceptance !! In my case I won a competition/survey and reasonable notice was NOT given either by the retinolla Company or the ” Freebi ” Company who offered the free product in good faith !! the Survey Company have also been duped and conned as they knew NOTHING of the purported charges being levied by ” RETINOLLA !! I will report this matter to the Nottingham Fraud Squadd and ALSO ACTION FRAUD IN THE UK of which is a fraud step before Interpol or Scotland Yard London gets involved !! I hope this information of of good use to others that are being conned. Regards, Michael Stewart Nottingham . e-mail stewartm002@aol.com skype:- stewartgroupinternational

    • Hi, did you manage to get your money back at all? My poor mother has been conned out of 525 pounds after being told she was getting free samples for the cost of postage. We managed to return one set (not asked for, charged hundreds for weeks later) within the 30 days but unsure if they will actually refund those! Rang the company direct and was told the first set (charged 200 plus for) was only free for 14 days, you had to have sent it back if you were ‘unhappy with it’ or get charged in full for keeping them. Massive scam. Bank unsure if theyll be able to do anything but shes a foster carer of 3 children under 6 and has 4 of her own to care for, now down 500 plus quid for the sake of a not-very-good eye and face cream, I could CRY. xx

    • I too have just found £200.00 gone from my bank account after completing a survey of this on Amazon. I cannot believe I have been scammed. If you find out any information which may help to get my money back, please would you be so kind as to email me if possible. I have had a terribly traumatic year and am in debt. This is the last thing I needed in my life!!

  26. I too was taken by this company. Signed up for Samples only, but a month later I was billed $390.00 on my Mastercard. In inquiring, I was told it was not samples that were shipped, but, their full product size and it was for trial. As it had not been returned within the 30 day period, I was billed for the full amount, plus I couldn’t return them now as the 30 day period had expired. I had signed up for Samples only, it was the company’s decision to ship full product size – but, I was forced to pay. Plus, a second shipment had been charged to my account for $129. with the explanation that the second shipment was at a reduced cost. No wonder when I paid 3 times as much on the first shipment of SAMPLE!!!.

  27. I have been conned out of £200!!! I’m a single mother of 4 children I could cry my bank have tried to get it back but they’ve lied through it all saying it clearly states in terms and conditions and sent leaflet to remind me…please don’t buy!!! Think everyone should tell watchdog…what they are doing to people is disgusting!!

  28. These people took almost $ 150 from my cc.. I called my bank and I been advised to talk to them to asked for a refund, but reading comments here made me realized that it’s impossible to get my money back. What I can do now, is to spread the word as many as I can to please, people don’t ever ever order these products! Aside from no effects they will take your money monthly. It’s like, spending your money for nothing but trash!

  29. Out of order these companies should not be aloud to do this they are robbing people lucky my bank picked up on it trying to get money out of my bank change your bank details fast.

  30. I have just now looked at all these reviews and have done the same. Pop up on John Lewis website. Free samples if you fill in questionnaire. I have done this. Received eye and face creams. Bank statement has two separate amounts taken for postage which is what I thought I had signed up for. Now need to contact bank to try to stop other payment being taken. What a fool. I never thought Id be caught out. Need to get home to sort. Thought this was to do with John Lewis as I had purchased a vacuum cleaner from them on line.

  31. I too was taken in with this scam. It was only when “extra” payments appeared on my credit card statement that alarm bells began to ring. On checking the website and reading these comments, panic began to set in. Luckily I paid by Mastercard and was reassured by them that I was fully protected and no further payments to these scammers would be made. I have since returned these items to Milton Keynes and asked for my initial payments to be returned. I’m not overly confident that this will happen as although I have a proof of postage the company are asking for a barcode that I don’t have. Probably their way of wriggling out of it!

  32. I agree with all of you! Just samples were ordered. There was no mention of a refund!!! Just $5.99 to try it! That’s a scam. Can’s find any address to return it! My credit card is charged some $400!!!!

  33. i ordered the “free” samples via an ad on facebook, then noticed a debit of £89.95 pending on my account. my bank has said they will cancel any future payments from this company and refund my money once the payment was no longer pending…well the payment of £89.95 was taken from my account yesterday and as its the weekend guess i’ll have to wait until monday at the earliest to see if i do in fact get my money back. I have cancelled my subscription and will keep an eye on my bank account incase they try and take further payments…total scam!!!

  34. Agree this is a scam I answered a survey for Amazon and when I submitted survey The free trial offer came up with only postage and handling charge at £3.95 & £3:99 for each no other cost was evident as I looked. I have contacted them by replying to the delivery e-mail and have to return or pay £99.95 . Trouble is return address given is only a post box number in Milton Keynes and parcel delivery needs more info to send back I have reported them to Barclaycard

  35. I ordered two creams using 2 different card’s as could only use one per transaction. It said Adele had bought out a new range and you could trial for free. Only pay shipping fee which amounted to just over £7. No mention of any contract’s or any more money being taken, it was a free trial. Just looked at bank statement and £102.78 taken out of one acc and £99.98 out of the other plus£2.78 for sterling. I am fuming, there was no mention of any contract,i didn’t sign a contract. I wouldn’t have agreed to paying that much for a little tub of cream even if ut was Gold!!!. Rang HSBC to ask what the transactions were for and they told me that i had signed up for further purchases without knowing. They told me it was a scam. Hsbc are usually very on the ball when it comes to detecting fraud, wish they had been this time. Stopped both card’s now so they can take no more. Watchdog should be informed!!

  36. I’m the latest to be scammed I believed Argos had asked me to do a survey and as a thank you I would receive creams for just £3.99 like a fool I believed them until I got an email after I had paid saying it is a trial and wouldvbe charged a total of £93 !!!! Then same again every month for creams !!!
    I have just reported them to watchdog online
    I am asking each and everyone of you to plz report them to watchdog it only takes 5 minutes to do this then watchdog will contact you and discuss exactly how u have been scammed
    If we all stand together then these underhand firms can be brought to justice … If we don’t report they can’t be caught ….

  37. Revoluxe and Retinolla are scams. They are the SAME COMPANY. I ordered the so-called samples for my sister..at around $6.00 each.There were no terms and conditions on the particular site. Then I got billed $390.41 CA.
    I called the number in Israel. Threatened to have the police look into the company’s operation in Canada I got an email that was nasty then one saying they would refund $170.00. They did.
    I called my credit card company and complained. They have been aware of these two companies. I asked why they would allow this to go on as they have received many complaints.
    I have a very good record with RBC they refunded the difference bettween the $170.00 and the $390.41
    I have copied and pasted the email from them. Pay attention to number 2

    Revoluxe <support@viviserum.com

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    We strive our best to alert customers of the need to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions, which they are deemed to have done anyway, as you have to have agreed to them, before being able to proceed to our payment gateway, where you entered your credit card details and address information.

    We are not obliged but we are still happy to offer the best possible solution in your case. We are willing to let you keep the product and to offer a partial refund, as a goodwill gesture of CAD 85.00 per product (CAD 170.00 in total). This compliment from our company is clearly dependent on you accepting all of our terms, without any reservations, namely:

    However, since we are extending a goodwill gesture, our offer constitutes a major exception and is CONDITIONAL.

    By accepting our offer, you agree:

    1.) to not seek further compensation from us;

    2.) to not dispute any of the charges with your bank;

    If you, on the other hand, decide to go ahead with the dispute, we would be powerless to revoke/refund any charges! You would have inadvertently lost the chance to be refunded partially, since your account will be 'frozen', technically speaking, and the matter will be in the hands of our Risk Department. Since we end up winning 99.9% of all disputes, you will also have no means of recouping the original amount.

    Kindly let us know how you wish to proceed, finally.

    Kind regards,


    • They wouldn’t have a leg to stand on they illegally use other sites like Argos( in my case ) to con people they got no rights to lay the law down to u ,god only knows how they get away with it lol , I’ve just sent the creams back , I havnt even tried using them ,must be s**t if they have to scam people into using them lol!
      My friend is an agent in promoting elemis products the will give u samples totally free (no hidden charges) also no matter how good a cream is u need to use every day twice a day for least a month to see the benefits x

    • Please refund the money you have taken from my account,I am a hard working person and to lose that amount by thieves like you is the lowest of the low.Have tried phoning and cant send an e mail,so cough up the money you stole from me

    • Hi Rayman,
      Little enlighted that you got partial refund, could you please let us know which number you called?? we will also try calling.

  38. I’m another victim! Responded to what I thought was a free reward for doing a survey and thought it would be nice for my wife. As many others, charged for shipping – although it said the charge was £3.95 and I was charged £4.04 – with no indication of any further costs. I was later charged “208. Complaining gets nowhere.
    Retinolla/Revuluxe appear to be either Latvian: Piela 3 – 3, Cēsis, Cēsu novads LV-4101; or Cypriot:12 Mykinan Street, Office 23, Nicosia; with an israeli customer services – although, interestngly, the product says made in Israel. Yet they charge in Chinese CNY.
    The cistomer services refuse to diclose any company details either about Retinolla etc or, indeed, the custoer services company itself.
    Such secrecy is a true mark of a scam company. I have asked HSBC to delist them.

  39. Yes and I’m another victim . Have had £101 .45 taken on 29th July and then £103 44 on !st August. This was meant to be a gift for doing this survey have tried to E mail them but no luck. Not happy.

  40. I’m also a victim, I’ve contacted the fraud dept at my bank, they will stop any future payments to them, I’ve been told by the scamers to return the products to Milton Keynes, I bet I don’t get a refund and they will have had my money and the goods to sell on to some one else.

  41. Ordered what I was led to believe (and quite deliberately I feel) two skincare products from this company.
    Then then noticed two large sums of money had been taken form my bank account by two other companies with similar sounding names. I contacted my bank who have put a stop to any further payments.
    They are using legal loopholes to rob people as far as I am concerned. Very underhand and devious tactics. Do not buy from them. Absolutely furious and what is more, the product is nothing to get excited about.
    As I have no idea what I may have unwittingly signed up to or for, I don’t know how to cancel any arrangement?

  42. I too have lost over 200 pounds to this Company. I have written to them and threatened to contact ” Rip off Britain” TV programme. I am also seeing Trading Standards in the next few days. My bank are also working on this. I have now changed my credit card and password so they will get no more money from me! If a large group of us contacted Rip off Britain I am sure they would take it on. I already know of two others who were scammed. One cleverly found the name of the head of the Company and eventually got a full refund. Her daughter got a partial refund.

  43. Please be aware,this company will starve you of any money you have in your account,all in I have had about 400 taken from my bank and theres no chance of getting it back, according to my bank because I signed up to the terms and conditions.I have cancelled my card and taken all monies from my account and had to block them from taking any more money. And as for their cream,I ended up with a bloodshot eye and blotchy skin, a hefty price to pay because I wanted nice skin

  44. The same thing happened to me. Ripped off of $400 Everybody go to Facebook and share the fact that you were ripped off let’s do what we can to shut these asshole s down.

  45. I was also taken in by this scam in mid July when they took money out of my account. I phoned the bank who said they would put a block on this website not to take future payments out. Well, lo and behold £84 is pending to come out. I’m fuming! I phoned the bank up who said that they have to wait for the money to come out and then they would refund the money to my account and then take it up with the website. I actually have an email proof from the website stating they wouldn’t take any future payments from me but the website lied! Anyways, I told the bank that I would send them the proof email if they needed me to. If this doesn’t help then I’m going to close my account and re-open a new one.

  46. I too have been conned I got charges 108 £ yesterday and when i phoned they said they would give me a goodwill gesture of a 30 pds refund , apparently you have to return in 14 days or returned UNOPENED within 30 days, I was not aware of this . i will be emailing them and I WILL CONTACT TRADING STANDARDS in the UK especially after reading these reports IF THEY REFUSE ME A FULL REFUND.



  47. I went into this website as it was promoted as free samples from Shoppers Drug Mart. I’m usually so careful but when I clicked on submit, I saw that the price went from FREE to $45+.
    I clicked on CANCEL my order and it asked for my comments. I got an E-mail back saying that the product was already shipped although less than 2 minutes had passed. They claim I can send product back if not satisfied but I see others have been charged after cancelling anyway. I will cancel my card if they try to continue charging me.

    • Something happened to me through Free samples from Shoppers drug mart . I immediately cancelled my MasterCard. They won’t get a penny more from me.

  48. I have had over £400 taken out of my account by these scumbags.

    I have phoned my bank to stop any further charges going out. Waiting for fraud dept to phone me back. I’m not holding my breath to get any money back.

    Can’t beileve I was conned into it. I’m normally quite careful.

    Retinolla emailed me back with same rubbish as they have with everyone else.

    I have also informed Amazon they are using their name to scam money out of people.

  49. Beware of these companies, I believe they are all linked, bloody scambags:

    – Cremeretinol.com 02031501719 (on Retinolla Moisturizing Cream and Eye Cream) : £97.95
    – Lumoluxe.com 02031502192 (on Revoluxe 24K Gold Serum, Age Defying Skincare) : £39.95
    – Serumdeluxe.com 02031501568 (I am not aware, did not order or receive any product) : £7.59

    A total of £145.49 has been taken out from my credit card!

  50. Another unhappy customer. I had no idea the trial product was time limited. Didn’t notice anything until $360 came out of my Visa. I have learned my lesson about reading the fine print, but am very unhappy.

  51. I was scammed the same way and in my case it was through the Costco survey. I called my credit card to dispute transaction and was said they were getting dispute request calls about this same company EVERY DAY. I wonder why Master Card or RBC (I’m from Canada) are not reporting them to the authorities as this is clearly illegal what they are doing. Canadian guys, I’m going to go as far as possible as this fraud should not be left like this. I wonder what is the best way to report them and where to. Please, let me know what you think.

    • As a victim I just called my PC Mastercard I used, and guess what they know everything about this issue. you need to call your MasterCard company immediately.

      • That’s what I did, and yes, they know about this fraud, but they don’t report it to authorities, I wonder why. I was said my dispute chances for success are 50/50. Were you refunded?

    • I have reported my case to Consumer Protection in Ontario. Since the case is only investigated if the total scam value is more than $500 for a person/ a group. Please, together we file the complaint that office to penalize the business.

      Also please join me to file the case the RCMP to protect any potential fraud victims.


      • I want to join you, but I’m in Manitoba, I wonder if Consumer Protection acts on federal level. How do you file to RCMP? I will do that too.

      • Yours and mine would be more than 500( $189.98 & $179.95 from each of us). How to file the case to RCMP to uncover their scam?

        • Hi Inna,sk
          I am also recent victim of this, i also would like to complain.. please let me know how we can meet up??

    • I was scammed through SHOPPERS DRUG MART.

      I have waited for a refund more than one week after they stated they would refund me. Nothing is shown up in my statement.

      Do wait, just do an action of filing a complaint to the consumer protection in Ontario. When total reported scam value is over $500, the department will investigate our cases.

      Please join me for an action.

    • I was scammed the same way, also through the Costco survey. There were no Terms and Conditions about having to pay the full price if we did not return the products within 14 days, nor was there anything about monthly auto-renewals where they keep shipping product each month and ding my Visa card. When I received a second shipment and noticed two charges in October and two in November I phoned the local Toronto number. I was connected with a call centre in Israel that was obviously prepared with a script in hand. This is definitely a scam and I am disappointed with Costco for being involved. Inna, I plan on calling my bank regarding the charges and blocking further ones. I also plan to contact Costco to see why they support these scammers. I’ll keep you posted.

    • I will spread this scam as much as I can to help innocent people get trapped like me. My mistake was to keep quiet, not informing my financial adviser of what happened. CLOSE THE BANK COUNT YOU USED AND INFORM THE BANK OF WHAT HAPPENED. LET US STOP THESE DEMONIC PEOPLE FROM HARMING MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE.

  52. Hi, I too took a hit with two payments ($189.98 & $179.95) being charged to my bank. I called the phone number and after waiting for well over an hour I talked with a rep. Turns out I was charged before my ‘trial’ period was up. Agreed to send remaining products back (first he wanted it unopened and unused – duh – told him I order the samples to try – and quoted the email I had received which read. .”Enjoy your trail and the …..” he said OK, I will get a full refund. Said these were not samples. Gotta push a bit I think.

    Products didn’t do anything for me and even dried out my skin and burned the skin around my eyes. Now I wait and see if I get the refund.

    • I have waited for a refund more than one week after they stated they would refund me. Nothing is shown up in my statement.

      Do wait, just do an action of filing a complaint to the consumer protection in Ontario. When total reported scam value is over $500, the department will investigate our cases.

      Please join me for an action.

      • Hi Phu, I am also a victim of this fraud. I sent them their products before the 30 days return/refund windows closed. Canadian laws and their T&Cs protect us for this kin of scam. Here is their T&Cs for refund “7. Return and Refund Policies:
        As part of our Our Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, you can return the product up to 30 days after delivery of your order for a full refund of the initial purchase price..”
        I also open up a case with consumer protection in Ontario and Federal fraud agency. Hope this scumbags will honor their contract and refund $369 and law enforcement s and consumer protection agencies will intervene to stop this criminal organization.

  53. Same thing just happened to me. I thought it was fine since it was a pop up on my SunLife Insurance website. Said if I complete the survey, I pick a prize. I selected the two creams (Retinolla/Revuluxe). Had to provide my VISA for s&h only. 1 month later I saw $179.95 and $189.98 added to my VISA. I called VISA and they said it is a scam. I called the company and the lady was a bitch. Very cold and said I should have read the terms. She said it was over so many days so it’s too late to return. I didn’t even open the products yet! She didn’t care. I told her not to send anything else and then after I called VISA and found out they added $9.41 for cancellation! I cancelled my VISA so nothing else could be added. Horrible company!

  54. I report the scam company to RCMP. We might not get money, we still can put the company in court.

    • Same thing happened to me. I am still fighting with the company. I started report to government scam/fraud reporting service. If they don’t refund my money, I am going to complete the report. Somehow they hacked or intruded sneakily into our online and shoot the pop-up ad without a clear and full explanation regarding price and trial period, i am sure they are doing that purposely to deceive us.

  55. Why is my comment awaiting moderation?
    What’s wrong with my comment?

  56. This is my biggest scam I ever got caught up in. I ordered a cream that was supposed to cost me $5.95 in the end they charged me on 6 different transactions costing me $275. I contacted the company as I wanted to return their product scam but apparently my ‘trial period’ was over. I’m sharing my costly experience with you to prevent others from getting burned like I did. I had found this product ad on Facebook, beware screens flash in front of you, you try to go back and are unable to. This company needs to be out of business. Whatever happened to consumer protection? VERY dissatisfied. It would have been nice to have that money to buy Christmas gifts, but that won’t be happening. Isn’t there anything that can be done!?😬

  57. I have also been cheated and am very angy as I have been cheated. Agree this person needs to be out of business for cheating, I suggest individuals should reach out to their credit card company to block the payment

  58. This is a total scam stay away….!!!!
    Report to RCMP or BBB

  59. Same thing happened to me for me it was an offer for overstock in the Hudson’s Bay Co. only the shipping fees to pay…no term and conditions visible, and when i received the package no mentions of 14 days trial….i was charge ont 4th november for 370.00$ and on the 4th of december for 260.00$ i didn’t verify my credit card statement in november so i realised it only yesterday….lucky i live in Quebec and the cosummer protection law have an article name retro-facturation that force the bank to reimburse you for scam like that…but with bill C-29 coming we will loose this advantage or protection….so i return the latest shipment today just after receiving it, with a request for a signature for their part upon reception and i have also their e-mail messages as proof of their intentions for what it is worthing…dealing with crooks…so i lay a complain with the police, wrote to my federal deputy because they used Canada Post to conduct their scam call the anti-fraud unit in Ottawa and since their computer server seem to be in California i will contact the FBI…i make also a complain to the bank security so may be with enough complain they will stat to accept their sale may be…and i am still piss off….

    • I’ve just gone through the exact same experience. They did agree to accept the last shipment back for refund if I return it (it just arrived). I’m in BC,
      My MC company was useless, only offered me the “tsk tsk dear you should read the fine print” line, would take no action on my behalf, would not stop any future payments – I threatened to stop my card, they said fine – only thing is, if I do manage to get a refund from the unscrupulous company I need to keep the card open.
      Can anyone put me in touch with a group report to the RCMP? any federal fraud investigation?

  60. total scam, this is a rip off to sign you up for a membership renewal at $300-400.00 per month

    the low initial price is to lure you into a membership that cost $400.00 for the fist month. this was charged to my debit visa only 2 weeks after receiving the products. In order to get a refund of the $400.00, I now had to return the products as they were only a trial period that I paid my $15.00 for in the first debt charge. and you must prove that the product were returned by providing a tracking number.

    good luck with the customer service line, you wait forever to speak to someone after going immediately to musical wait. there will not be a manager or supervisor available as everyone calling is pissed off and wants a refund.
    my lesson learned, no more late nights, half asleep on Facebook too costly
    I am still on hold waiting for a live person. today’s wait is at 17 minutes with no notice of wait time cuz they do not care. they have your money, and now you are fighting to get it back!!

  61. All of the above is true: I replied to the COSTCO and SEARS pop up.
    Bingo they took $179.85 and $189.98 in two transactions.

    Upon receiving my November VISA statement is when I found out but of course, well orchestrated and planned, it was too late. Identical modus operandi

    Hope they enjoy the Holidays with our stolen money and one day rut in hell or 10×10 cell.

    And the credit card issuer says the fraudster client is their customer too. One big scam all around. And WE ARE the poor victims: our own stupidity of course and no protection from anyone. Wow. And would you believe: I am a professional fraud investigator; goodness gracious Lord.

    • We are at the same boat. sorry to hear your were a victim as well. This is a SCAM and a FRAUD. It’s too late but their T&Cs and Cancadian consumer laws protect us for this kind of scumbags.
      “7. Return and Refund Policies:
      As part of our Our Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, you can return the product up to 30 days after delivery of your order for a full refund of the initial purchase price…”
      I sent them back before 30 days window. I already open case with Canadian Anti Fraud agency, Gov of Ontario consumers services and called local police. I will contact RCMP as fraud/scam is a federal offense and this scumbags have no ritght to run business in Canada.
      Please spread the word and inform your friends and fellow consumers.

  62. Revoluxe are SCAMMERS. I would never buy.

    Said the product was not sent. I immediately asked them to cancel it, but they sent it anyhow.
    The whole thing is a SCAM. To make people not have time to send it back and charge them more. I would never use this product.

  63. I recently received what I perceived to be a FREE TRIALOFFER of both Revoluxe My Gold Serum Kit and a Retinolla Kit (also a trial offer).
    Whie searching for reviews on these two products I was alarmed to see that although these are advertised as Triall I may have now been signed up to receive monthly shipments from this company. This was definitely NOT my intention when I signed up to receive the trial product. I have sent emails to the company via their Easy Cancel Auto Ship requesting that you no longer send me any more of your products.
    My Purchase ID #s are Order ID: PLV-W6L5L and Order ID: PLV-W6L5L.
    Thank you.
    Karen Currie

  64. Hello everyone,
    Is there any one got money back?? One week back i have been charged 189.99 cad though my cibc bank account. I immediately cancelled through their website tomorow morning i am going to call them, Is there any body got refund from their bank?? Seems like it is impossible to get from the revlox??

  65. SCAM!!! FRAUD!!!
    Stay away and report this scumbags to legal authorities. Spread the word to inform your fellow consumers, honest citizens and everyone.
    If you are a victim and still have their products, send them back to the fulfilment center in Bolton, ON. Our consumer laws and their T&Cs protect us for a full refund if you send them back in 30 days after you received them. Make sure to contact this scumbags and ask for refund, cancellation for autofil program and tell them you are not satisfied with their products.

  66. Credit Card companies have ZERO LIABILITY policy for few years. I will contact them if this scammers do not refund after we returned their products for full refund according to T&Cs.

  67. swamp the bastards with disgusting e-mails. it’s good therapy.

  68. this is a big scam,,,, fool me once you wont do it again i have cancelled my credit card . you took money that was not part of my order shame on you fuck you and i have informed al of my friend not to do any business with this so called company. have a nice fucking day

  69. I’m a recent victim. Got scammed. Now dealing with Mbna Mastercard dispute centre,
    very frustrated in being cheated.

  70. these guys are crooks but we, buyers, are stupid, too! S
    Solution……cancel your credit card.


  72. This is BS…… I never received quote a “free trail” as I looked at my CC they charged me $3.95 (I guess shipping) back in Sept 2016 THEN $97.41 May 20, 2017 I have been calling 888-786-1746 for the last 2 weeks 2x a day during business hours and NO ONE EVER answers.

    I have SINCE CALLED MY CC. I am also turning them into BBB……..

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