Is the Resilient Beauty skin care trial a scam?

Is the Resilient Beauty skin care trial a scam?

As we age many of us will look for a solution to our wrinkles with some of us even opting for Botox.

Unfortunately this solution is not cheap, but luckily for us there are more cost-effective solutions to the problem.

Resilient Beauty skin care for example are offering their anti-ageing skin care cream for trial, which is certainly a good deal, isn’t it?

Well, not necessarily as trial offers in the past have turned out to be auto-ship programs, but is this the case with this trial offer?

Lets look at this trial in more detail to see if it should be recommended or not.

Claims made by Resilient Beauty

The sales page for Resilient Beauty trial offer makes the following claims:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dramatically improve skin firmness
  • Hydrate and moisturise for radiant skin
  • Enhance your skins defences

These claims are pretty standard and are what you would expect to see. Whether they are accurate or not remains to be seen.

We would need to look at the ingredients of this product before commenting any further.

Ingredients found in Resilient Beauty

The main ingredient of this product is Argireline, which is the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-8.

It is used in various facial creams and has been shown to relax the muscles that cause the formation of wrinkles, therefore reducing their appearance.

Despite being proven to work it would still be nice to see how much of this ingredient is present in the formula.

Cost of Resilient Beauty

Like so many trial offers before it, Resilient Beauty will cost more than you think.

Although the initial cost is low at just $4.95 this only covers a 15 day trial period.

If you fail to cancel your trial within this time frame you will be charged the full purchase price of $94.59 with further monthly payments to be expected.

As with most auto-ship programs these payments will continue until your subscription to the scheme is cancelled.

Is the Resilient Beauty trial a scam?

While Resilient Beauty uses some good ingredients it is hard to recommend it due to its use of auto-shipping.

This will likely lead to complaints from those who trial the product, especially when you realise just how expensive the cream really is.

I would look for a more cost-effective alternative if I were you.

How to contact Resilient Beauty?

To contact Resilient Beauty you should use one of the following options:

Phone: 1-855-788-3438
Email: support@resilientbeauty.com

I would love to hear your opinion on this product if you have tried it. Please leave a comment below.

Alternative to Resilient Beauty

Our chosen alternative to the Resilient Beauty skin care cream is not even a cream. However taking it will naturally increase your collagen levels, therefore increasing the health of your skin and reducing those wrinkles.

This product is Hydrolysed Collagen and is sold online by Evolution Slimming for a cost of $47 for a months supply.

As it is unavailable for trial the price you see is the price you pay, with no repeat or hidden charges.

Click here to read the full review!

29 comments on "Is the Resilient Beauty skin care trial a scam?"

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  2. My friend seen this product on Facebook ordered the trial and this company withdrew over $100 out of her account twice. Then she sent the product back unopened and they only returned $67 and refuse to give back the rest of her money.

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    I’m very frustrated with this company!! My mom signed up for the free trial and didn’t know the terms. I looked into it and they are very good at HIDING them! She was charged twice for $94.59 and only received one of the products. Their invoices and confirmations do not have the terms or prices and their customer service sucks!

    All they want is your credit card so they can charge you $94.59.month for a mediocre product with generic packaging…which leads me to think that they probably have to change names often. You might as well go to Nordstrom and get what you really want! πŸ™‚

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    • I’m with you Lana!!! As I write this, bank is disputing charges..it’s not a miracle cream as they make u think and I had no idea of price
      Or I’d never paid only shipping charges to try.
      Just a way for them to get rich because if you
      Don’t read the fine print and not call b4 14 day trial ends, they debit your acct & claim
      They can’t refund. Really?!?!? I’m not satisfied with either eye or face creams.
      Was shocked yesterday when almost $200?was taken from my acct
      Going to email them since talking did no good.

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      • They did say future orders were cancelled but couldn’t refund money
        For the ones I paid only shipping for to try product. Yuck.

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        • This is a total ripoff. I sent for free sample only paying s&h. Cream not bad but nothing special Today I received another shipment I did not order. I called the company and was told there were no returns or refunds. I found out that the “. the cream costs $89.94. The packing list didn’t have any information about price. When I called customer service she e I told me I was also charged for “free” sample at 89.94 because I didn’t call within 14 days. Never again!!

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          • Somebody help me with this please if how can I stop them from deducting? I never order or continue filling there form in this beauty product it just pop up in my fb wall & when I start to fill the form I read that they will charge that much so I didn’t not continue & I exit in there site but I was so shocked because when I check my bank account they deducted me & I never knew about it & never received a notice or even there product.please help me what to do with this to stop them & they need to return my money back.pleas anybody.i appreciated anybody’s help.please contact me in my email add:sweet_glee@yahoo.com.thank you so much😭

  4. 1. I was not in formed about the 14 days you call and ask for a credit. That is 14 days from the time of order, and you receive the samples 6 days later.
    2. I was not informed of the price of both Anti Aging Formula and Advanced C Eye cream Serum. Turns out one is $84.59 and the other is $94.59 which was charged to my Visa right away. The Representative gave me a total credit of $89.58 from the $179.18 cost of both creams.
    3. The creams DO NOT WORK. Yes, this product is a SCAM.

    Carol Pride, Stuart Fl.

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  5. Ialso was scamed by this comlpany or if it even is a company or such scam artist riping ppl off! Iordered the cream on fb it sais 4.ee trial nothing bout charging 94.00 2weeks later! Thy did came off my account iwas overdrawn from the scam im working with my bank now to recover my 94.00 so please everyone if it seems togood to be true it is

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  6. On Amazon in Dec. 2015 I ordered my wife some perfume, they Came back with would like to try face cream and eye cream sample FREE with you order,I said yes she likes things like that but when I received my bill $95.59 &$84.59 were on the bill, I called to say I did not agree to pay for these products and they said oh no we have it right here that you did ! The first shipment was here for Christmas and the 2nd set were on their way they send them so you are out of LUCK to cancel. The 3rd was canceled and no more BEFORE WARNED IF THE ASK IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY FREE FREE GIFTS JUST SAY NO ! NO! It’s a great big stinking SCAM

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    • I should have known better. I also ordered the Risk-Free Trial, which states that you only have to pay shipping costs, and does not let you know about the auto-reorder and true cost of your “trial”products until they have your credit card number. When I called to request removal from their auto-reorder, I had only received one of the two products I ordered (I still have only received one of them), and was convinced to wait to see if they worked. The customer service rep also said I had had knowledge of the costs I would incur, no matter what I said to him about their website and the manner in which it sells their products. Of course the product I received, the eye serum, did nothing. I called today to request removal from their reorder, and when I told the customer service rep I had only received one of the products, he told me, no, I had received both! I have been charged more for shipping than I was told I would be charged, and more than was on the receipt issued when I paid for the shipping. I also was charged $95.59 (not the $94 they said they would charge) and $84.59, for what I am not sure. I guess one was for the tiny amount of eye serum, and one was for the phantom anti-aging product I have yet to see. Shame on me for not knowing better…I will be contacting my credit card company to do my best to not pay the charges.

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  7. I ordered the trial product . when I did Not receive it I called and told the rep . I did not want the product to cancel ,they said no no we will re
    ship at no charge. then,they said try,we will give you more time.when I received the product 2weeks later ,I received and reshipped the same day 2/27/16 my 30 days were up on 3/1/16. They told me I went pass my 30 day trial therefor they would NOT refund me . I was charged a total of 106.00.dallars.this is not a scam it is a ” DAMN SCAM ” read more on the Better BusinessB site

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  8. I need the # to call..I to have bogus charges from this site n never ever ordered anything..please help…

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  9. SCAM!!!!! I am on the phone with customer service and they won’t reverse the charge. COMPLETE SCAM. when you get your “trail” there is no paperwork saying you have 14 days to cancel and there is not shipping slip. Beyond upset – filing a complaint with the BBB.

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  10. Most definitely a scam!!! Free trial only pay shipping. Nothing was said about 87 and 89 dollar’s being taken out of my account. Now they won’t even answer the phone

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  11. What a scam there is no free trial I was charged over nearly $100 was told by customer service that there is not a free trial that if I didn’t call and cancel that I was charged the full price. and shipped other products at full price every month She would give me her employee discount and return 50% to my account and that it would take up to 2 weeks I am floored I most def should have looked at the reviews before ordering lesson well learned I just hope they will cancel everything as asked

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  12. I fell for this too. Thought I was getting a free sample and they took $89.95 out of my account. Spent over an hour on the phone w/them and my bank and the promised a refund of approximately $67.00 which I never got and they continue to debit $89.95. over and over and my stupid bank lets them.

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  13. Heck, I have never even heard of this product before, and ordered a freaking purse from Amazon as a free gift where I only had to pay shipping. I wake up today and 99.00 gone from my account from this company. They are piggy backing off of other websites. My bank is disputing charges and I had to change my card #.

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  14. This company is a scam!! I never received any product whatsoever; not a sample as I paid for and then they charged $90 for the same “sample” that was never delivered. Worst customer service ever…She said, “I’m not going to call you a liar, BUT, your mailroom received even though there was no suite number on the package.” Um, yeah! Just don’t do it. I am an esthetician and seriously wanted to try a new face cream, but never again will I order anything on one of these Facebook pop up ads. Please do not waste your money. Real products can be purchased from your Esthetician, spa, or retail store location.

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  15. P.S. If your purchase skincare at either Nordstrom or Macy’s and you are unhappy with your products in any way for any reason, they will refund the entire purchase amount, even if you used most of the jar. Legitimate companies with quality products expect to have some returns. And no, they cannot resell it or use as samples or testers. It is harder on your local Esthetician to refund money, as she just eats it, but trying the product during a facial or taking home a sample first can eliminate that problem.

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  16. I have read others awful experiences with this company and am SHOCKED that this scam had been permitted to continue for YEARS 😑 I had to cancel my credit card to keep from being charged $89.97 again for the “trial” 0.5 fl oz. Why hasn’t the BBB stop this?? Also by reading some of the comments I noticed the phone # has changed to 1-800-854-0790. My son works for the government. I’m going to see what input he might have!!

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    • P.S. Sorry wrong phone # it’s 1-925-856-9742 I am going to follow legal channels to stop this bullshit!—–Daiva Miller

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  17. Total scam!!! I didn’t receive my trial until it was too late to cancel so I got stuck with paying the full amount — the skin cream is no better than ones you can buy at the drug store for 1/5 the price !! I tried to get my money back but they are experts in fighting the charges – like they do it every day – be careful, this company is a scam!

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  18. I was pulled into this big web of lies. I agreed to a sample trial for S&H of $4.95. I did not agree to auto ship nor did I know I had to cancel in 14 Days to stop them from taking my money. Well they did! $89 worth of money out of my bank without my permission. Called customer service. They are not willing to work with you. But I got a rep from my bank to call along with me and that is when the problem was resolved. They only returned $69 because $20 is the cost of their trouble! Their mistakes and I had to fork up the money for them. I’m so upset with them and will report them to BBB. The cream? It’s in a big jar. You open it and there’s less than an ounce of product in it. They made me so mad that I didn’t want to put their crap on my face! I’m done with this company and everyone I know will find out about them!

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  19. This is a total scam along with nothing but lies. They took $90 out of my account without my permission and I never even received the trial sample. I spoke to a girl named Asia and she said I had been informed about the auto pay withdrawal from my bank. LIES, LIES!!!
    I called my banking institution and reported everything to them including the confirmation number that β€œAsia” gave to me. The banker told me that they were going to take this β€œcompany” to court. If this has happened to anyone else they need to contact their bank and let them know so the banking institutions can stop their fraudulent practices!! Please do so, there is power in numbers!

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    I’m very frustrated with this company!! signed up for the free trial recieved them and two full products I never asked for then realized I got charged for them and now see that there is another charge on my visa $123.74/125.94/116.13 and so far received two product I never asked for. Their were no invoices and confirmations do not have the terms or prices and their customer service sucks!

    All they want is your credit card so they can charge you. This is disgusting and you will be talking to my lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. I should have known better…I called there this morning and the person hung up on me..No more free trials for me..Paypal is the only way to go

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  22. isn’t this cute now they tell me I sent 1 before scam from the word go

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