RenuGlow Advanced Serum Review – Is the trial offer a scam?

RenuGlow Advanced Serum Review – Is the trial offer a scam?

RenuGlow Advanced Serum is an anti-ageing skin care product that makes a number of impressive claims, can it back any of them up?

The following review will look at this product in more detail, at its ingredients and its true cost. We will then conclude whether we believe the offer to be good or not.

Please read on to discover our findings before rushing to sign up for this trial offer.

Benefits claimed by RenuGlow Advanced Serum

The main claim made by RenuGlow Advanced Serum is that using it can help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. It also makes the following claims too:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

Of course, claims like these are impressive and will no doubt entice some to sign up to the trial without looking for proof.

I would certainly not recommend that you do this. At the very least you should look to see what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients used by RenuGlow Advanced Serum

There is very little ingredient information available to back up the claims made.

Their website mentions a “breakthrough formula” that contains a “peptide-rich” formula that delivers “whole collagen molecules”, but little else.

At the very least we would like to see a list of ingredients, just to ensure we wont suffer any possible reactions.

Cost of RenuGlow Advanced Serum

To check the price of any trial offer you need to look for a terms and conditions page, the link for this is usually located at the very bottom of the website.

You need to read these to ensure you know exactly what the trial costs. They are rarely free, even when they state as such.

These terms and conditions reveal that signing up to this trial only gives you 14 days before you are charged the full purchase price of $89.55, with failure to cancel meaning you are liable to further deliveries.

This is because RenuGlow Advanced Serum operates an auto-ship program, like so many other trial offers before it.

Is the RenuGlow Advanced Serum trial a scam?

There is a lack of information to back up the claims made, but the biggest issue is the price.

Simply put, RenuGlow Advanced Serum is too expensive, with the auto-shipping surely going to lead to complaints.

It is probably best that you ignore this offer and to choose an alternative that is more upfront about its costs.

Contact details for RenuGlow Advanced Serum

To cancel the trial you should use the following contact information:

Phone: 866-955-5895
Email: customerservice@renuglowadvanced.com

Please leave a review below if you have trialled this product.

Alternative anti-ageing skin care offer

XYZ Smart CollagenTo reduce your own visible signs of ageing I would recommend looking at XYZ Smart Collagen, which is available to buy online.

It is made using proven ingredients, with benefits of using this product include:

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • An increase in skin moisture
  • More collagen produced

As it is not available for trial there is no auto-shipping or any hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

8 comments on "RenuGlow Advanced Serum Review – Is the trial offer a scam?"
  1. Thank you for the very useful information. I thought of almost buying that. Thank you for waking me up. We need more people like you. Thanks again.

  2. Holy cow, what a scam! I fell for it and now have two bottles of $90 creams! What a crock, do not buy due to price scam!

  3. Wow what ashock to see my credit card with a $90.00 charge from Lexisbeauty name. who is that? Into investigation,after I received another Renewglow and several calls,I find out that FREE trial neededto be canceled in 14days. Who knew? No more ordering for fun for me–not much fun. Guess never to old to learn…..

  4. This is such a scam. I paid for the postage for the free trial then have been billed full price of $89.55 and $87.18 because they said I did not return it in 14 days and I had agreed to the terms and conditions. I would not have even bothered with this crap if I knew it was going to put me on auto pay and cost this much. STAY AWAY FROM THIS !!!! I called an tried to get my money refunded, rude rude rude lady who basically said tough – offered to compensate me a whopping $27.00 out of almost $180.00 dollars charged to my card. Be VERY CAREFUL when buying trail offers, apparently the fine print is just that, very fine and small.

  5. This is such a scam!!! You get a trial, and then a surprise $90 charge on your card for another bottle I never even received!! Seriously not worth it – firstly, it doesn’t work as advertised and the customer service is SO unbelievably rude. I may be a sensitive baby, but two different reps made me cry. I can’t even put in to words how upset I am.

  6. This scam company charged my mom $4.95 for the trial and $89 after that which she fell for and then they charged $300 more!! Watch out for these scam artists!!

  7. Totally a scammer…….I just found out today and was unaware of subscription fees of 89.55 and 87.18 for instant lift serum and advanced eye cream. Be careful their web page, they have wisely designed to mislead consumers. they have took almost 540.00 from my credit card, and these creams are useless. Please someone knows how to report this scammer and should stop the business right now.

  8. Total scam if you have to resort to tactics like this to sell you’re product you must not have very much confidence in your product, would never recommend this to anyone

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