Is the Rejuv ES under eye serum trial a scam?

Is the Rejuv ES under eye serum trial a scam?

Is it possible to lose those fine lines and wrinkles without surgery or Botox? Well, there are ways to do just that, but is Rejuv ES one of them?

To find out just how effective this product is we will have to look at it in more detail.

Claimed benefits of Rejuv ES

Rejuv ES claims to be:

  • 630% more potent than other wrinkle creams
  • 398% increase in skin collagen production

As with the various other products we have reviewed in the past that have used percentages to amaze us with their claims, there does not seem to be any proof to back them up.

Ingredients found in Rejuv ES

Rejuv ES is made using Vitamins K, A, C and E, as well as containing Green Tea.

While there is no mention of the amounts, some anti-ageing benefits will surely be experienced although it is hard to believe that this product is 630% more potent than the hundreds of other products available to buy.

True cost of Rejuv ES

There are numerous mentions of ‘free bottles’ and the ability to ‘try risk free’, unfortunately nothing about this trial is free.

To start there is a shipping charge then 14 days after signing up you will be in for a shock when the true cost of Rejuv ES is revealed.

A single bottle of Rejuv ES will set you back £89, and as signing up for the trial allows them to send further monthly supplies you will soon find your bank balance quickly depleted.

Is Rejuv ES a scam?

Hiding the real price of your product in the terms and conditions will surely lead to complaints that Rejuv ES is a scam.

Unfortunately these T&Cs cover them, so there is very little you can do after signing up.

My suggestion would be to never sign up for any trial offer, certainly not without reading the T&Cs first.

How to cancel your trial?

While there is a ‘quick cancel’ option available online the following contact details may also be of use to you:

Phone: +31 20-808-4784
Email: support@rejuveslabs.com

Please leave a message below using the comment box if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Rejuv ES

If you wish to improve your skin health then a cream may not be the best product to use. Perhaps using something like Hydrolysed Collagen (available from Evolution Slimming) would be a better option.

This particular product will help to increase your collagen levels naturally, and as it only costs £29.99 for a months supply is considerably cheaper than Rejuv ES. Best of all there is no trial so you do not have to worry about any hidden charges.

Click here to read the full review!

29 comments on "Is the Rejuv ES under eye serum trial a scam?"
  1. I have just been charged 2 amounts of £178 totaling £356 for serums and are disgusted that I was led to believe I was only paying for Shipping charges or £4 can I get this money back am a pensioner !

    • Hello. I suggest you try speaking to Rejuv ES, or your bank as they may be able to help. 🙂

      • I have also been taken in by this, i applied for what I thought was a free sample and to pay only for post and packing and the took two payments of £178 each, i have returned all itmes and have still not received a refund, who do i need to contact now

        june hilliard

    • this is a total scam they have taken out 2 amounts of 178 which is totalling to 356 I’ve contacted the bank be aware stay away from this site joke

    • hi l been charge 2 amount s of 178 total of 356 pound which it should only be 4 for post l thgink it disgusted how l was led to beleave

    • l have been conned to l think it is disgusting that they say you only pay for the shipping but they have change me 2 178 total of 356 pound which l can not afford when they say just pay for shipping l left about 5 messages and no one got back l don’t no the address to send them back to no recite to say wot l paid it was only the bank sent me a letter

  2. They are appalling- have just taken 2 payments at once of £99.00 each without my realising I had ‘signed up’. I have contacted my bank but I don’t know if they will be able to help. can you please give me the whole telephone number- what is the + bit?

  3. Hello there, I have same problems here, they took my money out twice £99. Did anybody got their money back ? Do you know what should we do yo get out money back ? Help please ?

  4. I also have been taken in by these people, I sent for a free sample at least that’s what I thought, they immediately took £144.00 from my bank account. I phoned my bank to put a stop to it but it was too late, I then phoned Trading Standards & Action Fraud. Too late to get my money back. Thieving Rogues.

  5. I don’t see why I should moderate my comments, needless to say I have never received skin care products. I also would like my money back of £144.00

    • Sorry but all comments are moderated to ensure there is no spam. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      • l sent messages and phone calls were no one is picking up only that the bank got in touch with me because l only have a over draft of 50 pound you say you only pay for the shipping cost but you taken all that money out which l did not have in and you put me in the over draft that l have to pay as well so can you send me the address to send it back or is this a era on your side so my name is anne bambrick of 118 oak lane Whitefield m458jn email is anne19601@live.co.uk l sent you about 5 emails as well l have got nothing of you with your address on it was the bank that got InTouch and now the police and fraud from the bank is on to it as well if that the trial cream you are telling every one and say pay 4 pound shipping so l am going to see a salizeter about this if my money not back in the bank my friend is a police office and l will be getting in touch with him if not sorted out

        • Anne, this website has no association with this or any other trial offer.

          • so why have you taken all that money out of my bank which you put me in a over draft with the money you taken out this is your address support@reveslabs.com l am getting in touch with every one about how you are conning people out of there money which you say you only pay for the shipping

          • I have not taken any of your money. The above is a review, that in no way endorses this trial offer.

            The above should serve as a warning to others, just like you.

          • th at is your number 31-20-808-4784 and that the address the bank fraud give me the address were the money come out of my bank SUPPORT@REJJUVESLABS.COM

          • No it is not my number, nor is it my email address. Like I said this website has zero association with the above product or any other trial offer. It is purely a review.

  6. Quite scary reading the above messages. i am also waiting for my money back On March 19th I sent back 3 items, I have proof of posting. I sent a copy of this but still have not received any monies. There must be somewhere that we can complain and get the company in trouble. Would look forward to any suggestions

  7. I have been sending emails to this company since 12th March requesting my money back. I have also returned the goods, when they arrived as they took the 2 x £178 before I had even received the goods. They keep telling me the refund is processing but as yet not received anything. I am going to try going to my back asking for an indemnity claim to be made and see if this works. Also going to go to Trading Standards.


    • hi can l ask you have you got the address as l have been conned to and l want to send them back there nothing with the address on or no recite in the box

  9. My mother fell for this too costing her 356.00 i sent products back emailed this email support@rejuveslabs.com and provided everything asked and they said they were in process of refund that was start of april ive had no replies since orvmoney back… i have emailed saying if no reply on process in 24hrs im taking legal action as iv done everything they asked and have proof too… so fingers crossed…

  10. I too have been charged £288 even though I cancelled right away in minutes. They took immediate payment even though it should have gone out for 14 days. Are ignoring my emails. I have got my bank on the case. But the whole thing is very upsetting. A very misleading promotion. Theft really.

  11. i’m in the same boat 🙁

  12. I have just been conned into this too. It is a disgusting practice and am going to complain to Competition & Markets Authority.

    I suggest you do that too.

  13. I had seen these on MSN last night through Holly Willoughby story and ordered these 2 TRIAL items at £4.00, as soon as I received order confirmation, I was shocked to see how much they did charge…£163 for each. Immediately emailed back to cancel, and surprisingly received another email saying delivery out, so I called my bank fraud dept to take action, and emailed to company I am taking legal advice on this. My bank will take action on this when it shows on statement as unfortunately, payments has been marked to go out, so they cannot cancel my card as I have requested. These people have no MORALS or SCRUPLES to fraudulently mislead or manipulate/dupe normal people like myself. I feel so physically sick right now, shaking, sweating, massive headache etc. Been conned completely. I am also going to contact media about this also. I cannot afford this money at all.

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