Regenes Lift Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?

Regenes Lift Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?

Using Regenes Lift is said to help you “get a clear and glowing skin lift”, which is just one of the many claims made.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, to see firstly if its claims are accurate. But then also to look at the price of the trial too.

From previous experience trial offers have often turned out to be scams, with many leading onto expensive auto-ship programs.

I would suggest you read on before signing up for this offer.

Claims made by Regenes Lift

Regenes Lift offers an “advanced anti-ageing lift”, but what other claims have been made:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Diminish darkening of skin
  • Stimulate renewal of skin cells
  • Add firmness and density
  • Revitalise your skin

To check how accurate these claims truly are we would definitely need to look more closely at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Regenes Lift

Unlike many other products we have reviewed Regenes Lift actually has their label available to view.

It contains many different ingredients that have been shown to offer various skin benefits.

The website itself makes a big deal about its formula containing Resveratrol, which has been shown to offer anti-ageing benefits.

This is because Resveratrol is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects against oxidative damage. It can also help reduce inflammation too.

Price of Regenes Lift

The big issue with Regenes Lift is the price, which is likely to shock you.

First there is a £4.75 shipping and handling charge to pay when you first sign up, which is ok. But then just 12 days later you will be charged again, this time £95.60.

As Regenes Lift operates an auto-ship program, should you fail to cancel the trial in time you will be sent further monthly packages. Each package will cost £95.60, plus a £6.79 shipping charge.

These deliveries and charges will continue until your subscription to this program has been cancelled.

Is Regenes Lift a scam?

While there are certainly ingredients used that are likely to be of benefit, there is no escaping the fact that Regenes Lift is incredibly expensive.

Not only that but 12 days is simply not enough time to see any benefit. Chances are it will take a few days to arrive too, which will cut into the trial period dramatically.

There is a reason we do not endorse trial offers and that is because the payment terms are not always clear. I can almost guarantee that there will be people who sign up for this offer without reading the terms and conditions, which is where the payment terms are stated.

These people will inevitably be charged for the trial and will likely feel scammed.

Unfortunately by this point there is very little that can be done apart from contact Regenes Lift to see if a refund can be provided.

Contact details for Regenes Lift

To get in touch with Regenes Lift I would suggest the following contact information:

Phone: +44 0800 1455872
Email: support@tryregeneslift.com

If you have signed up to this offer and wish to leave your own review then I suggest you fill out the comment form below.

Alternative to Regenes Lift

XYZ Smart CollagenIf you are worrying about your own visible signs of ageing and want a solution that wont cost the earth then I have a suggestion for you.

It is XYZ Smart Collagen and it is available to buy online.

This particular product comes highly recommended and contains some pretty good ingredients.

The benefits you can expect include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Increase in collagen production

As it is not available to trial the price you see onsite is the price you will pay. There is no auto-shipping or hidden charges involved with your order.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

39 comments on "Regenes Lift Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?"
  1. Hello I wish to cancel my orders and any future orders had I have skin cancer and my oncology has warned me not to use the product has it could harm my skin . Please cancel my order and hope that one day I can try again

    Kind regardes

    Wendy savage

    • Wendy, this website has no link to this or any other trial offer. If you wish to cancel I would recommend that you use the contact information provided in the above review.

  2. Cancel my order as I am not happy with the products and the hidden charges.

  3. I sent for a trial of this and was charged £10.37 I have now received another 2 which I did not order I am not keeping them and they will be returned
    Cancel this contract which I did not agree TOO
    As soon as possible
    Barclay Ltd. Credit are looking into this for me!!!

    • There is very little I can do. This website has no link to this or any other trial offer. The above is a review warning of these hidden charges.

      I would recommend that you contact them using the details provided above, and then contact your bank and explain the circumstances.

    • Hi E Boyd.

      I have had exactly the same problem and have received an email today from a debt recovery agency trying to get the same payments from me. This problem was back in 27/12/16 when I had my credit card reclaim the payment. Did you manage to get your money back? The swines!


      • I had the same experience as you, I ordered the sample, which is all I asked for, I received the sample and took it away with me when I went on a 10 day holiday. When I returned home my neighbour had taken in a further two lots of the stuff. I immediately went on to my banking site only to find they had taken unauthorised payments ranging from £60 pounds upwards. I reported this to my bank and they refunded me (this was in November 2016. Yesterday I received a letter from a Debt Collection Agency, wanting payment of £465.86. All I had was two jars of face cream. I was horrified, rang them, and they were asking me for personal details, which I wasn’t willing to share with them. I telephoned the fraud department of my bank and they told me to write and tell them I owe nothing. It is very upsetting because I have not been in debt at all. What has happened in your case.

        • Thank you for your message Rita. Did the bank suggest writing to the debt collection agency or Regenes Lift directly. I have reported scam to citizens advice and Trading Standards they may get back intouch about this. I will keep you updated. Thanks Darren

          • Hi Rita

            Have sent an email that I won’t pay them. They did not follow their own procedures. I similarly sent an email stating the same to a debt collection agency stating the same. Not heard back. What has happened for you? Thanks Darren

  4. This is a con, discusting! This says a reduced price trial and that is exactly what it should be. It should not be an opt out offer which you may or may not spot but an opt in if you want to continue after trying the product. Why would someone want to be sent a second product days after the first when they have not had chance to try it. It was also an extortionate price which most people cannot afford. My bank is looking into this and if it is not resolved satisfactorily I am going to watch dog and rip of Britain.

  5. This stuff is crap and a complete scam don’t ever touch it

  6. I agree with all the above messages. What a total scam. Just received credit card statement payment for 114.10 not paying this, as items not requested. Contacted, by email, company to cancel, waiting for conformation. Credit card company already contacted and are looking into this.

  7. I wrote an email on this webpage last night, to tell everyone what a scam this is. Paid approx £4.95 I think, for what was a gift offer after completing a survey for a well known company. Now having received my latest credit card statement I have been charged £114.10, no such mention of a 12 day cancellation, if you are not satisfied. Contacted credit card company and reported this, they are looking into it for me.Will not pay for something which was out of my control.I did also mention I DID NOT want to receive any more products from you and cancel any orders you may want to send, as they will only be returned back to you. I have written again as it seems my message is no longer on this page, I wonder why?

    • Patricia, all comments are moderated to limit spam. Your message was added as soon as it was read.

      We have nothing to hide as we do not endorse trial offers, as stated in the above review. 🙂

    • Hi Patricia
      I have had exactly the same problem with being scammed as you. As per my comments above, have you resolved this matter? Would be grateful to hear and will keep you updated if you so wish. Thanks Darren

  8. Customer Number: 869957

    I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS & DO NOT WANT ANY MONEY TAKEN FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT.i will inform the police as this is fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. please can any one help the number the fraud squad gave me is always engaged is there a contact address or another number , I will put this all over the media network to make sure no one else gets this product as i have been changed but not even got the product .

  10. This is the biggest scam going I did not receive anything from them only a letter from a debt collection agency what a total shock.All I did was look at the free trial but then cancelled it so I wasn’t expecting any cream and forgot all about it till I get an email from a debt collection agency wanting the full amount. Be aware don’t even look at the ad .I have just had to pay £139.97 for nothing so annoyed DON’T TOUCH THIS IT IS A SCAM

  11. How can I get my money back after all they Didn’t Send me Anything

  12. Hi. I have just seen an that an amount has just been taken from my bank account totalling £81.21 which I did not authorise. I have emailed the people who sent me an invoice for my ‘trial’ jar of moisturiser as I do not want this cream as I have seen no visible results at all and there is no way I would pay £81 for a jar of moisturiser anyway. They replied that I will receive a duplicate order every 30 days, want it nor not, totalling £81.21. The email came from Support Team
    +61 8 7100 1947.
    This is obviously a scam to get you to put your bank details, etc. on the internet. What the hell can we do about it??

    • Hi Jean and everyone scammed.
      I have made a number of official complaints in writing to the company and debt collection agency for my similar problems (see above). The companies contractual agreement states purchasers should be notified of their rights. I was not and it was not even clear the purchase had been made. Also notify Trading Standards. In my case had to do this via my local citizens advice bureau. Stick to your guns everyone, make formal complaints to ensure it gets investigated and stopped. This is my strategy. How are you all getting on with this? Darren

  13. Customer number 870929
    Do not touch this. I am being chased by a debt company for a product I never received or signed up for. £139.97 ! Apparently the debt company can do nothing about it so I shall be reporting to the relevant authorities, disgusted

  14. I have received an email from a debt company to pay £139.97 for some items which were dispatched to our address, I have never ordered these products worth this amount. the order no. 870146 last November. I have never received any letter or invoice or message to pay and suddenly received this email from no where. going to report it to police , please get back to me asap.

  15. Hi All, Yes i am being chased by a Debt Collecting Agency in LEEDS asking for payment for this nasty company and there nasty product.
    Make as much noise as you can, and warn other poeple about regenes-lift…….

    • Yes and very importantly get Trading Standards on the case. The more who do this the better for all. Give as much info as possible and we will win this scam

  16. I was duped by this company after agreeing to a FREE sample.Chased by IMFS in Leeds for the alleged debt.eventualy managed to contact “POLICE ACTION FRAUD” on their website ,they were very interested in the story and gave me a crime No. which i forwarded to IMFS who immediately dropped the case result!

  17. Hello,

    to every one, I am being chased by this company in leeds now, thank you for helping me
    UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON,feel happier now that I seen other comments.

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