Re Revive Trial Review – Is it really better than Botox?

Re Revive Trial Review – Is it really better than Botox?

The Re Revive revitalising moisturiser is claimed to be “better than Botox”, which is quite an astounding claim.

If you are worrying about the noticeable signs of ageing then the ability to reduce their appearance without an injection will no doubt be tempting, however whether this cream is as effective as it is claimed to be remains to be seen.

In the following review we will look at the ingredients of this product to see how accurate its claims really are.

We will also look at the price of this offer. We can see that it is a trial offer, which in the past has been a front for various auto-ship programs that have left countless people considerably out of pocket and angry at how they have been scammed.

Please read on to discover the truth behind the claims made by Re Revive.

Claimed benefits of Re Revive

Re Revive is claimed to offer the following benefits:

  • Injection-free solution for younger looking skin
  • Reduce wrinkle depth by up to 29% in 30 days
  • Boost collagen production by up to 81%
  • Make skin look and feel firmer
  • Revive skin’s ability to repair UV damage

As with the “better than Botox” claim, these above claims will no doubt be tempting to many of you reading this review.

What you must realise is that these claims are immediately followed by a large “claim your trial today” button, which shows that these benefits are designed to entice you into signing up for the offer as quickly as possible, and probably without even looking for proof of the claims.

I would suggest that you do not rush into any decision, but to first look for proof of these claims.

For example what ingredients does this product contain, and will they offer the benefits that are claimed?

Ingredients found in Re Revive

The first thing you will notice when looking for the Re Revive ingredients is that there is no label present.

There is also very little information available, although there is a brief bit of information available on some of its ingredients.

These include: Argirelene, Almond Oils, Antioxidants and Peptides

While some benefits may be experienced, I highly doubt this formula is more effective than Botox.

What does Re Revive really cost?

As Re Revive is available for trial you may think that you wont have to pay anything to try it.

Well, this is not the case.

While the small postage charge is acceptable, what you are likely not expecting is the $93.95 charge that you will receive just 14 days after you first sign up.

You will also find that you will be sent further packages each month too, as Re Revive operates an auto-ship program like so many other trial offers before it.

All of these facts are available in the T&Cs, but does anyone ever read them before signing up to these offers?

Is Re Revive a scam?

As Re Revive has its payment terms available we cannot call it a scam, despite those who are subsequently charged likely to call it that.

What Re Revive is though, is overpriced with dubious claims.

I would suggest avoiding trial offers if I were you. The old saying is often correct, if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

My suggestion if you are concerned about the visible signs of ageing and wish to take steps to reduce them would be to look at our suggested alternative shown below.

Contact details for Re Revive

To contact Re Revive you should use one of the following methods:

Phone: 1 (844) 351-7486
Email: support@getrerevive.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative to Re Revive

Our suggested alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen. An anti-ageing cream available to buy online.

This product is made from proven ingredients, with those who have used this product have been impressed with the results they have experienced, with most noting how the visible signs of ageing had reduced.

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial, so there is no need to worry about any hidden or repeat charges, as there are none.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

9 comments on "Re Revive Trial Review – Is it really better than Botox?"
  1. Cancel please, do not charge my card, I am stopping payment, do not ship anything to my address, I had a free trial sent less than a month ago have only used it about 5 or so times, do not know if I want to order do not send anything and reverse the charge or I will call card company phone is 734-915-7568

  2. This product is worthless and overpriced. Dont be fooled by there hidden charges.
    This is definitely a scam people!!!

  3. Cancel please. Do not charge my card again. I have never received the products you have billed me for ! I want charges reversed asap ! I am calling card company to block the charges. Please email me asap !~!!!

  4. This is a scam. Do not order this crap! They will charge your credit card 89 dollars within 14 days of ordering it. The product also sucks

  5. This is 100% scam. Email your attorney general.

  6. RIPOFF ALERT! These people are so scummy they give pondscum a bad name. Their “free” sample is anything but that. There is nothing in the packaging that tells you that if you dont cancel in 14 days they will bleed you dry on a monthly basis, much less information or a contact for cancelling. Never received the 2nd shipment, and only discovered the $317 they had charged my debit card by accident. They hide behind their “terms” located in small gray print, which leads to approximately 8-9 pages of fine print that gives them permission to screw you over after you actually believe their free trial offer. DO NOT FALL for this! I ordered it from a site offering as a thank you for doing a consumer survey. NOTHING was said about it being a 14 day trial. don’t you get caught by these slimeballs like I did.

  7. I want to cancel this and I cant seem to get through to anyone and I only have had this maybe one week see no results but they have already tried to charge me 95.00 I want this cancelled right now n I better not be charged n I wil send the atuf back I dont l ::) e it gace me a rash

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