Is the PuraVida Skincare Solution a SCAM?

Is the PuraVida Skincare Solution a SCAM?

PuraVida is a skincare solution that promises to help you “look younger” with “visible wrinkle reduction”.

This product is currently available for trial, but is that a good thing? Past reviews of trial offers have revealed them to be expensive auto-ship programs.

Lets review this product and discover the truth behind the claims. Please read on to find out what we discovered.

Claimed benefits of PuraVida

Using PuraVida is said to help promote the following benefits:

  • Boost dermal hydration
  • Increase collagen synthesis
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles

For those whose confidence has been hit by the visible signs of ageing, claims such as this are certainly enticing. And will almost certainly entice some to sign up for the offer without looking for proof.

My suggestion to you would be not to do this, but to instead look for this proof. At the very least you should spend a little time researching what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in PuraVida

While there is not a label in sight, there is plenty of information listed on the ingredients used and their benefits.

These ingredients include Argireline Complex, Persea Gratissima, Aloe Vera Gel, Ascorbic Acid, Cucumis Sativus and Hydrolized Soy Protein.

Of course it would be better if we knew the exact dosages, but we can certainly see some benefit to using this product.

Price of PuraVida

As PuraVida is available for trial we will need to look at its terms and conditions to check whether there are any hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Unfortunately, just like so many other trial offers before it. This trial offers leads onto an auto-ship program, which means that unless you cancel the trial you will be sent further monthly packages.

Initially there is a small postage charge to pay, but just 14 days later you will be charged again. This time for an amount totalling $89.98.

Is PuraVida a scam?

While there maybe some benefit to using this product, the high price and use of auto-shipping is a serious issue that should put many people off signing up.

If I were you then I would avoid signing up for any trial offers, this is because they are rarely as good an offer as they appear.

There is a suggested alternative for you below.

Contact information for PuraVida

To cancel the trial you should phone PuraVida using: 1-877-251-2215

Alternatively you can contact them about general enquiries using the following email address: support@puravidacares.com

Please leave a comment below if you wish to write your own review of this trial offer.

Alternative to PuraVida

Our suggested alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen. It also contains good ingredients, but it is not available for trial so no hidden charges or auto-shipping will be experienced.

This product comes highly recommended.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

9 comments on "Is the PuraVida Skincare Solution a SCAM?"
  1. If it’s free and you want to promote, why do I have to pay for shipping?
    It’s not free then is it?

  2. This was supposed to be a free trial, only pay for shipping. Well, I get my Mastercard Bill and they have billed me, not only for shipping, but the product as well. Sent me two products , the moisturizer and the serum. ref#816004153732 ($120.54) Canadian funds and ref#816003761757 ($118.14) Canadian funds. This was supposed to be a free trial. This is fraudulent. How do I get my money back, you thieves! Report you? Yes, I will do that. I have cancelled my credit card to prevent you from robbing me again. What a mess. Time to contact the media. We have a great documentary show here is Canada. It is called Marketplace and they investigate companies like yours THAT RIP PEOPLE OFF!

    • Judith, this website is not associated with this offer. The above is purely a review.

    • OMG, I am fighting the EXACT thing with these people. I only received the sample sizes & then got charged for a full order on 2 products that I did not want. Our mistake was we didn’t read the small print of their contract when we originally ordered our samples. I even went so far as to file a dispute with the PC MasterCard people however because I received the samples they couldn’t help me. And like you, I was charged the exact amounts for full size products that were never sent because I had cancelled my subscription. Also, my sample order wasn’t mailed on the day I ordered it, it was almost 2wks later & when it arrived, there was no phone # or website to contact these crooks to cancel my subscription. If it hadn’t been for the people at PC MasterCard, I never would have had a phone # or website to contact them. When I did call, I got hung up on & my original e-mail has never received a reply. Today I’m sending another to the support e-mail & hopefully something will come of it. Like you said “thieves”, I couldn’t agree more. And was this cream not a hype from one of the Dragon Den people?, that why I thought I would try the samples. We should get in touch with Arlene Dickenson to let her know what crooks she’s dealing with. I so hope we haven’t learned an expensive lesson, I would like to see my monies returned. And in the future, I will NEVER EVER EVER order something that says it’s free then asks for my credit card for the S&H fees. I should have known better. The website I just sent a refund request to is: support@puravidacares.com, send them a letter, it can’t hurt.

    • Same thing happened to my mother, she lives on $700 a month, thought she could “trust” Ellen.

  3. I found your product on Facebook, I ordered your product. I was charged $4.95 per 2 items I ordered. I have received your 2 products. I called the customer support number which was located on your product 877-251-2215; I spoke to a customer service representative. The gentleman I spoke to said that they do not support the PuraVida product to check Goggle for PuraVida’s contact information. I checked Google and searched PuraVida’s website and the only phone number listed was 877-251-2215 the same number I initially called. What is the phone number I can call to speak to a PuraVida customer representative? Please call me at 518-867-5306 my personal cell phone number. I would like to cancel further purchases of PuraVida’s skincare products, I do not want my credit card charged for further purchases!! Please cancel my subscription with PuraVida, I do not want to continue to use your product! Please call me, Tanya Koller at 518-867-5306. Your immediate attention to this matter would be much appreciated. If needed my address to locate me within your computer system- 918 Brandywine Ave Schenectady NY 12308. Thank you!!

  4. Yes, it’s definitely a scam. Same thing happened to me as the others, above. I called the company to cancel future orders but read online that others did the same thing and kept getting charged every month anyway. When I went to my bank to cancel my credit card and change to a new one with a new number, and explained why, the teller told me the same thing happened to their bank manager and she had to change credit card numbers herself. HUGE scam. I bought the product because I’m sure I read that Arlene Dickinson of Dragon’s Den had endorsed them, and I’d always trusted her. An expensive lesson learned.

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