PeraGlow Skintensive xGel Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

PeraGlow Skintensive xGel Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

Those looking to fight the visible signs of ageing maybe tempted by the claimed benefits on offer from PeraGlow.

This anti-ageing cream is currently available for trial, so the following review will look more closely at the offer to see if there are any hidden charges involved.

If you are considering signing up for this offer I would recommend that you continue reading.

Claimed benefits of PeraGlow

PeraGlow is claimed to provide you with the following user benefits:

  • Boost hydration and nourishment
  • Replace lipids lost from ageing
  • Restore skin elasticity and firmness

To verify these claims we will need to look at this offer in more detail. In particular the ingredients that have been used.

Ingredients found in PeraGlow

At the very bottom of their website is a link to view their ingredients in full. You can see it yourself below:

PeraGlow Ingredients

As you can see many of these ingredients have been used in other leading anti-ageing products, so I can certainly see this product offering some benefit to you.

Price of PeraGlow

You may think that PeraGlow only costs $4.95, but you would be mistaken.

Once you have paid this initial shipping charge you will be allowed 18 days to try the product.

After this trial period has elapsed you will be charged again, with this second charge being $94.95.

PeraGlow operates an auto-ship program, so failure to cancel the trial will mean that you are going to receive further monthly packages that will be charged at full price.

Would we recommend PeraGlow?

Having looked more closely at the ingredients used there maybe some benefit to using this product.

We cannot recommend this offer though due to the high cost involved.

There are much cheaper options available that are likely to be just as effective, or potentially even more so.

Contact details for PeraGlow

The following contact details should be used to cancel the PeraGlow trial offer:

Phone: 1-866-201-1963
Email: contact@peraglow.com

I would also recommend speaking to your bank as they deal with offers like this everyday. They should be able to help.

Please leave a comment below with your own review if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to PeraGlow

XYZ Smart CollagenOur recommended alternative anti-ageing product would be XYZ Smart Collagen, a product shown to boost collagen production, while also helping to slow down the rate that it is broken down.

Benefits you can experience through its use include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin
  • You will appear younger

XYZ Smart Collagen can be bought without having to sign up for a trial offer. That means you wont encounter any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

68 comments on "PeraGlow Skintensive xGel Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?"
  1. This is a complete scam! It is not at all clear on their website nor in the pamphlet that comes that you will be charged for the full amount. Also the 14 days is not enough time to tell if it even slightly helps – I have been using it for 14 days and I don’t even have many fine lines, and there is zero difference. DEFINATELY DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    • I agree, plus I was in the hospital and could not use it or cancel the order. they r scam. It burns my skin!

      • This is a scam! Buyer beware. It is not a trial, it’s a subscription service and if you keep the “trial” you will be charged the full price!

    • definitely a scam
      I was able to cancel the order for the cream and the primebloom which I also did not order, originally they wanted to still charge me half price for the items , then they went down to 75% off as I said the crème is sensitising my skin. they said I didn’t have to send the crème back even if I can’t use it. there is nothing in the ad saying you have to pay 100 dollars a month for this!!! should be banned by the better business bureau!, now I have to contact the credit card company and get them to deny payment.
      why do we all get sucked into this stuff it is horrible!!

      • This is a total SCAM! Do not get sucked in.
        The product causes severe skin irritation, burning, and redness.
        DO NOT USE IT!!!
        In addition, they make it one of their “Terms and conditions” that you must return the unused product to cancel it. Return to where???
        The return address does not exist, and is part of the FRAUD.
        If it sounds to good to be true, it is probably because it is not true.
        Everything about this product and company is a fraud.

      • I too ordered the trial offer from Peraglow. So first they sent me two products in one package charging postage time 2. That was already a RED FLAG as I wasn’t told I would receive two products and since when do we pay postage for two items in one package?!
        So I called the company to cancel future products and thought this would be the end of it also letting them know that this was a scam. I was told that I could send the remaining products back having to pay for the postage, REALLY??? So then I was given the choice to keep the products and would be charged a discounted price (75%off) WHAT A DEAL RIGHT?? WRONG!!! My cost for each item would still be over $22.00 so almost ($50.00
        probably more with tax?) So in other words they had me and my money either way!! I did not see any explation on the sight when I first ordered the product only if I wasn’t satisfied I could return it. Well the person on the phone wouldn’t listen when I told him this was a disgraceful scam and I would report them to the Better Buisness Bureau of BC as well as to Market Place. They will not see a nickel from me for the product and will not return it either but I did cancel my credit card. I learned my lesson to never go for samples from the internet! Hope this will help others to d e same and not even go for any the trial offer.
        Thank you for allowing me to let off some steam as I now feel better but still taken!


      • Definitely a scam. Received two items instead of one which came in one envelope but was charged postage for two!! A RED FLAG FOR SURE. I called to cancel any future items and was told that I would need to send back any unused portion of items received and of course I would have to pay for the postage REALLY? To keep the product I would be charged $22.00+ for each item coming to $50.00+ with tax etc. REALLY!!!???? Do they think we have stupid written across our foreheads??? I do feel stupid for even ordering this trial but in all fairness there was not a clear description of what and how they would scam you out of your money. And to say that they were with a reputable person from the Shark Tank is just shamefull as this was not at all true. It is criminal to use someone’s name of recommendation when this was a lie. How dare they and why are they getting away with this? No wonder we don’t trust anyone anymore. Anyway I did not return the product and neither will I be paying for it as I immediately cancelled my credit card. I also reported them to the Better Buisness Bureau and Market Place. I have learned a very valuable lesson and will never fall for another free sample on the internet. Hopefully people will be warned and be made aware by information on Market Place or other source of warning. Thank you for letting me vent my anger over this as I feel better now except I still feel rotten for going for this in the first place!!

    • Just had the same experience. I ordered this ‘trial’ while on a 2 week vacation – so didn’t get it until the period was up really. Had no idea I was going to be billed at 2 weeks let alone for $250 CDN! When I phoned back 2 days past my trial period to let them know I was unhappy about the trial period and visa bill it sounded like they were going to give my money back. I explicitly asked if I needed to send the product back to get my money back and she said to keep the product, she’d close the account and no future billing would occur. Which sounded great to me.
      So here it is, 7 weeks later and still no refund to my visa. So I call back tonight. I talk to a supervisor who tells me he can’t do anything for me, now that my account is closed. I’m dumbfounded as he also admits they have a supposed 30 day guarantee. Well… like I said to him I clearly called within the 30 days and expressed dissatisfaction about the size of product and what I was billed (I asked him to play the recording of my previous conversation which totally supports my claim). Even with that evidence and a clearly dissatisfied customer he was unable to budge about getting my money back, and worse, there is no apparent way to escalate the issue to someone who can resolve the obvious policy breach that this supervisor was unwilling to discuss. Once they have your credit card there is no recourse. The worst customer experience I have ever had – and I’m no spring chicken.

    • Total rip off!!!! Ladies, do not purchase this product, doesn’t do a damn thing for your skin. The video is a joke! You will pay the $6.90, but that’s only for the shipping, the entire little weeny jar will be billed to you for 47.00, what a joke! I called and cancelled any future orders. By the way Ladies, make sure you record all conversations with these people, I did, just to be sure there is no misunderstanding.


  2. Agree with Brooke whole-hearteldy in her comment preceding mine! This is an absolute SCAM. You may as well apply mayonnaise to your face, it will give you the same results. In addition to scamming consumers with a useless product, the company does not stand by their return policies. Despite calling within the free sample trial time period to cancel any further orders, my card was charged for the product. I have to return the product, again paying shipping, and trust that, although I’ve been severely duped already, they will actually refund my money. When I called customer service the woman I spoke with was extremely unhelpful and abrasive, telling me that altho I had called within the timeframe, i should have called in the morning, not the afternoon and therefore, she could not refund my money. And what they do not tell you when you order the “free trial sample” of this product, is that you are also signing up for a subscription of the product. So if you don’t call to cancel within a specified time frame, they’ll send you more product routinely charging your card nearly $100 each time!
    This is just a scheme preying on woman concerned about aging. It is a disreputable company pushing a disreputable product and with the slimiest business strategies possible.
    Do not waste your time or you money with this company or product.

    • It certainly is nothing but a SCAM!. When I received the free trial I read the material and found out that they will charge you 94.95. I immediately phoned them and told them I wanted to return the product. Got all kinds of info and I just kept repeating on the phone “What in NO don’t you understand, now give me return #. I returned it immediately on 8/20 …was supposed to be delivered 2 days later and still hasn’t been delivered (8/27). I also cancelled my credit card so they cannot charge me. IDIOTS

    • Hello,

      I feel for this scam now I am trying to figure out how to cancel it. I’m only 7 days in so they haven’t charged me any money yet except the $4.95 for shipping. I tried to use the email above and it bounced back. I’ll try the phone number but hopefully its not “out of service”. If all else fails, I will cancel my credit card.

      Did you manage to finally get your subscription cancelled?


  3. Its a complete scam.
    If you’ve ordered this product contact your bank and ask them to cancel your card and send you a new one. That’s the only way you can guarantee they don’t take monthly payments of $100!!

    • I just cancelled it…DON’T GET SUCKERED IN AN REQUEST THE TRIAL!!!!!!

      • I made the mistake of the trial. from Canada, so I got charged $288.53. By the time I got it I used it for ten 10 days but it was apparently too late. THIS DOES NOT WORK. I hope everyone goes viral with this and shuts them down. I have 2009 on facebook plus 3296 on twitter so I hope it helps.

  4. It most definitely is a scam!! This company is completely duping unsuspecting women. I ordered a free trial sample from a website but they didn’t disclose that there would be any further charges. Included with the serum was a letter which said you have 14 days to try the serum and if not satisfied, can return it. But they don’t tell you that they’ll charge your credit card $125 if it’s not cancelled on time. I had forgotten to cancel within 14-day period and it was too late! They also sent me a second serum along with the Peraglow costing the same amount which I KNOW I didn’t order for a total of $250 Canadian for both. I called the company which took forever to get through to customer service and complained, and they did give me me a credit of 50% on my credit card but not a full refund. I cancelled any further shipments and notified my bank of the situation in case they try to charge me again.

    • I cancelled 9/15.. yes they kept reducing the cost of products and now they want me to send back the product at my cost..i decided i will not send back the leftover product until my card has been refunded..

  5. I ordered one sample of Periglow, but also received a second sample (PrimeBloom) which I absolutely did not order, but got charged for the second shipping nonetheless. I called to tell them this, and was told there is no refund on shipping. But I didn’t order it!!!

    I am now faced with paying a return shipping fee for something I did not order. And quickly too, otherwise I run the risk of being charged for the next shipment, as per the comments above.


  6. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I was under the impression that I ordered a trial size of PeraGlow. Needless to say, their marketing is rather deceiving. I not only received a trial size of PeraGlow, but I also received a trial size of a product I did not order, PrimeBloom. I have since been charged for both trial sizes $4.95 each plus $119.68 and $127.09, respectively. I am requesting a refund of $119.68 and $127.09, respectively, and any other charges stopped immediately as I have not given permission to charge my credit card other than for the ONE initial trial size product – $4.95. I have already contacted my credit card provider and advised them of this company.

    • thank you, thank you. I was so very upset when I realized I had been duped. The day after I agreed to try their sample I was watching the TV show City Line and Tracy Moore the host advised all listeners that there was a scam and to watch for it . One day too late. I did however take your advise and immediately got on the phone and cancelled my credit card. If they by any chance have already charged my credit card I will advise my credit card company and phone my bank. Any way you look at it, I am not giving them a nickel, let alone hundreds of dollars as it appears so many have. This outfit should be put out of business. Also surprised to learn they are a U.S. Company.

  7. I ordered a sample to try it out. A month later I see charges on my Visa of close to $300 which I never authorized. I called Visa and was told to call their customer service which i did (1-866-201-1963) …of course I was given the run around – lots of confusing info including that I ‘signed up’ …no I didn’t!! Agent was talking way to fast so I made her slow down and then proceeded to ask her 1 question at at time (I tape recorded the conversation which should help when I contact Visa next). What I was told is that the product is on its way and when it arrives that I’m to call them again. Not sure why but next step is to return the product. Once they receive it apparently I am to get a full refund. We’ll see. I’m glad I hung in there cause at first the agent told me I would only be getting 50% back (perhaps this is the case if I refuse the package; I don’t know). Anyway – what a hassle. This is nothing but a scam – a crooked business run by dishonest crooked people. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

  8. Definitely a scam. When you call to cancel the product they do everything they can to have you keep the product by first offering you a 50% discount if you keep the product, and when you still say no, they come back with another offer of a 75% discount on the $90 plus dollar item and based on what I was told over the phone (here in Canada where I would expect to be charged Canadian Dollars) the charges are in US dollars. No more late night shopping for me.

  9. I received a sample I ordered. It is untouched. I don’t want anymore. Sent out. To me. Do not charge me as my card is cancelled where do I send this back

    • Joanne, this page is a review of a product we do not recommend. I would suggest that if you have any issues that you contact them using the details provided in the above review. 🙂

  10. I bought it with the knowledge that I had 14 days to try before buying….I recieved my trial 10days after I ordered and they charged me for a full bottle 4 days later….so I only tried it for 4days, but paid for it in full….definately a scam….I’m a single mom and now they’ve added $200 to my credit card for sumthing I called to cancel before the 14days….not impressed, definately gonna spread the word

  11. cancel my trial order

  12. Dido to all above, a complete scam. Tried to cancel before it was even shipped, of course the email address came back not legit. Received a phone call from shipping to confirm address, said I would be cancelling so no need to confirm. Called the number given to me from shipping only to be told it had already been shipped? Said I wanted to cancel was told I had to wait the 18 days to try the product. Said I’d return it unopened, was told it would be “in my best interest” to call after. They would not even give me the return address! Please don’t fall for it, now I have to go through my bank to make sure these con artists don’t access to my banking information.

  13. I called to return unopened cream and told to send it to PO box1300. Toronto M3J 0L4 and include order and Rma # which they gave me. Is this legitimate? I don’t want to spend $12.00 if it isn’t. Has anyone else tried this?

    • I too was scammed. I packaged it all up to return then had a good look at the address. It looked peculiar, as if it was only half of an address. So I went searching for this on the internet. The postal code M3K 0L4 does not exist. Don’t bother sending it! And the phone number does not exist. So I don’t know how they are making and receiving calls !

      I plan to call them up again tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind. I am also going to contact my bank and the police.

      • It is a scam…i tried fedex-ing and it couldn’t be delivered. I called Peraglow and they wouldn’t give me a physical street address. They said that Canada Post delivers to it daily. I’m not sure I believe them. To be safe I have cancelled my credit card and requested a new one so that they can’t charge me. Once the package comes back to me from fedex I will try Canada post.

  14. I ordered 2 different items from this company.. they apparently give 4 days for delivery..and then your 14 day trial starts… this free trial is not free … on the 18 th they charged my CC for $128.00 for one cream and $109.00 for other one… so the 14 day free trial is false advertising… they claim to have been on dragons den thats a LIE.. a buch of scammers the cream is garbage claiming it works immediately… contact your CC Company mine was well aware of this scam

  15. Totally stealing from my bank acct. I paid two dollars for shipping on a free trial. All of a sudden i have 127+dollars taken out of my acct as recurring. I gave no okay to this. How can i get my money back?

    • make sure you call the customer service and you tell them you will send the product back for a FULL refund as they can do so.. DO NOT let them convince you for 50% of your money back because they CAN give u full refund as long as u send the products back.. they are scammers so do not let them pursue you like 50% of ur money is all they can do, they are a bunch of bullshitters

  16. I am devestated I am waiting on my PeraGlow it sickening I am on permanent disability so was treating myself. Know I feel like an idiot!!! Thanks 2 all of u all 4 saving the rest of us call me 13067158846 I will call u back I will pay

  17. Complete scam, always read reviews first especially on a site that is not popular or familiar.. they do not warn you about the 14 day trial and I was left paying 250 CANADIAN dollars for 2 TRIAL sizes..completely not worth it and the “third party” customer service representatives don’t help at all, they don’t answer your questions specifically and create a way of lying so that they can keep ur money. Its overall complete BS. This website should not even be running especially after all the bad and negative experiences people have had with this company, clearly everyone is having the same issues and this company should be taken down immediately after scamming a bunch of people and nobody else is dragged into this shit!

  18. I ordered this through Facebook and it was connected to an ad that featured Madonna. It said that her daughter wanted to start her own cosmetics company and Mom decided she would help her out as she had lots of contacts in the business. She hired all the best chemist’s etc etc to develop this product. So dumb me thought that if Madonna was promoting this product for her daughter it must be good, hence I signed up for the FREE trail and nowhere did it say I’d be billed for the next shipment or that I would have to cancel if I was unhappy with the product. So I guess I’ve been duped too as I’m reading all these comments! Boy do I feel stupid. I’m cancelling my credit card right away!!!

  19. I also fell trap to this – paid for the free trial of Peraglow and also ended up getting and paying shipping for a PrimeBloom, which I know I didn’t order. I found out this morning about the recurring subscription, so quickly picked up the phone to cancel my subscription. I was 1 day off my 14-day trial ending. They sent me an individual email for each of the brands saying they were both cancelled and I would no longer be charged or receive further shipments. I think got a second email for each saying I need to return the product to PO Box 1300. I’m skeptical of this address. Do I need to actually spend the shipping money on returning my free trial samples or do I just call and warn my bank in case another charge appears? I figure if I have the cancellation email, then that is enough proof that the charge shouldn’t be be going through again. Also noticed the company name that was on my credit card is different than PeraGlow and PrimeBloom, so how do I prove it’s them if another charge reappears?

    • Just spoke with customer service today and cancelled any future orders within the 14 day cancellation period. They treat you like some illiterate person when in fact, they are the people who don’t understand
      On checking out the internet, I found they are using the same comments and pictures that are advertised by Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and Dr. Oz. Only changing to show Some of the women who were hosts of Breakfast Television.
      Will not supply an email address, I am supposed to see credit by September 4th.
      Free sample is NOT free..

    • All, this is a big scam. I suggest that you cancel the credit card that you used for the “free trial.” I called the company within the 14 days to cancel because it was suspicious, they then told me I was enrolled in a monthly subscription and were trying to give me a discount on the product they shipped…first 50% off then 75% off. I threatened them with going to the BBB and told them it was a scam. They sent an email confirming that my subscription has been canceled. I don’t believe them so made my credit card company aware of it and canceled my card to avoid being billed for more product that I don’t want!

  20. This is a complete scam.
    I was told it was $2 for the trial and then I received an email confirmation for $51 which included an entire skin kit that I specifically said I did not want to purchase. The lady on the phone was Lisa- employee # 41377 (if that is even a legitimate #). When I called to refund the purchase I was given 5 different discount options after indicating I wanted the total amount refunded. Very sleazy.

  21. Looked at reviews and thought it was a great chance to try it having to just pay for the shipping and decide if I like it. But nope, you get stuck either with the shipping to mail it back or at least pay $30 to keep it. There is no risk free trial- you buy it either way. I don’t usually try things I see online but I did after it got some media attention. I won’t do that again. They are making money off everyone who is stupid enough to try it. Don’t know the long term benefits but just how this was all rigged I wouldnt buy it or recommend it

  22. I am so very disappointed with this BS I am going thru a very terrible place right now looking forward 2 a pick me up is extremely hurtful. Using your success 2 scam I’am on permanent disability I was wanting to smile again

  23. This is a real scam. They charged me $127/- insane. Everyone should aware of these kind of online scams. Ladies PLEASE BECAREFUL. They promote celebrities. Liars.

  24. I order the trial package of daily moisturizer @ lifting cream, someone called me a few minutes LATER and offered a ONE TIME BUY OF PERIIBLOOM FACE CREAM.



  25. Unfortunately the email address provided above is not legitimate and has bounced back. I have received confirmation of cancellation however got nowhere requesting refunds.

  26. I ordered my trial sample (the only cost was 4.95 for shipping). I expected a small sample size but instead received a jar along with a letter telling me I’d be receiving a jar a month unless I called to cancel. I did that right away and spent 20.00 to have the jar shipped back! This is a scam! Not only is there no address on the letterhead, their email address is a ‘no reply’ one. Incidentally, I only ordered the sample because I was led to believe the product was one that Marilyn Denis was selling. The use of her name made me think the company was legitimate.

    • Do NOT order these products!!! It’s a complete SCAM! They charge you over $100 CAD for each free trial they send you within 14 days of when you get the product and they’ll keep charging you without sending you more items.I spoke with MONTE in the Tampa Bay Customer Service center and he refused to give me his bosses contact information. This company should be ashamed of themselves!


    DO NOT proceed with the trial offer(s). First off, the charges are US and not Canadian.

    They make it very difficult to cancel the order. Once you sign up for the trial, you will automatically receive monthly shipments and your credit card is automatically charged.

    I was required to have my Visa card changed as this was the only way I was able to stop shipment.

  28. Scam scam scam.all the above comments are 100 percent true…don’t ever order from this company…MAY THEY FALL HARD..May they close down quickley

  29. Definitely a scam.
    Not only was Visa aware they reversed all charges without quesioning me, that surprised me. Marketplace had a show investigating this and one of the marketers who would not consent to an interview (episode 45 I think). ALSO the RCMP have listed this as a scam. I am humiliated I got sucked in by $4.95.


  31. OMG worst customer service and attitude ever – run do not walk away from trying this product.


  32. both peraglow and nextskin are scams. Do not get caught

  33. Definitely a scam all the way through.


    The offer was on LinkedIn as a free trial but they charged full amount anyway after 21 days and continued charging the credit card even after the first month.

    I tried the product and started getting breakout. I called back and requested a refund. They asked me to ship it back which I had to pay from my own pocket. 40 days later I called up and they said they had to check the tracking number – but their website kept crashing and they couldn’t check. I had to call back 4 times – over a period of 1 week before they could “check” whether the package had been received (which according to my own tracking number had been received 37 days before I made my follow up call).

    After all that they issued a refund and deducted “shipping charge” for each item separately even though they shipped both items in the same package!!???

  34. THIS IS A SCAM!!! No where on the website does it say the cost. I applied for the 14 day trial and to my amazement they kept sending the product to me, with nothing to say they were billing me $90 US and nothing to say they would be billing me after the trial period was over. After the second month I phoned them to cancel and was shocked at the cost they were charging.
    The product itself was nothing special, I have used far better creams at much less cost.

  35. I too got scammed by this company which I thought sounded ligitimate seeing they mentioned one of the Dragon’s Den members, Costco, as well other reputable companies. So when I ordered my trial cream I was surprised to receive two items instead of the one listed on their trial site. I was charged with the postal cost at $4.00 + not only for the one product but for for each item in the one package!!!. This was a RED FLAG FOR ME!!! I called to cancel the product within the two week’s indicated and was told to send the left over product back to the company with me paying the return postage as well, he said I had another option and that was to keep the product and pay 75% of the original price for each of the two items. This would amount to $22.00 + per item which would come to almost $50.00 with tax ect. GOOD DEAL RIGHT??? WRONG THIS IS A TOTAL RIP OFF AND SCAM. No other choices for me as either decision would cost me so I said to the telephone agent “this is a complete scam” He said “no Mam this is all in the agreement” REALLY??? I didn’t see any such an agreement only to cancel in two weeks if I wasn’t satisfied or didn’t want more. So I said “I’ll keep the product” Right after this discussion I called my bank and cancelled my Master Card. I was so mad also mad at myself for getting caught off guard in this scam. At least I did learn something in all this, never trust anything offered for free on line as it obviously is not free and if it sounds too good to true then it probably is. Thank you for hearing me out as I now feel slightly better having vented my frustration and anger at this company defrauding many people seemingly getting away with it

  36. This is absolutely a scam. “Free trial” is $99 US if you don’t return it. Then $104 US for next automatic shipment. Do not buy.

  37. Definitely a scam and a very expensive one. The “lifting cream” left me with new wrinkles on my face. and “the new order” which I never ordered had a blown-out-of-proportion cost. BEWARE!

  38. I agree that Peraglow does not work, in fact, I had adverse reactions to the skin Tensive x Cel product. As I was away traveling, I did not follow up immediately with my all to cancel.

    When I returned home to find a second package, I called to ask some questions about how I could return both packages. I was also surprised that on no single occasion did I receive a paper Invoice or email disclosing the full cost of the product.

    Like many of the comments I have read, the website bounced me out of reading the Terms and Conditions and no price of the product was disclosed to me.

    When I finally got in touch with who I thought was the Peraglow Office, I was told by a Floor Employee that they were a Third Party Customer Service Call Centre. It was extremely difficult to get any idea of how I could receive a refund as this Customer Service employee repeatedly cut me off when I asked any questions, and repeated without listening to my concerns, that he could only deal with the most current order. He became quite belligerent during the conversation telling me that it was up to me to check my Banking details to find the relevant billings associated to two different accounts of which I had no Billing Documentation: Getting no clear answers, I asked to speak to a Floor Supervisor.

    Both the first employee and Floor Supervisor told me they would only give me a partial refund. I felt this was an unorthodox way to deal with what I considered a Health and Safety Concern after their cream products had caused adverse reactions . In fact, the Customer Service Supervisor said he “had gone above and beyond service with me with a partial refund

    As nobody was listening, I asked how to get a full refund of the products. I was given a Refund of Merchandise Authorization for two separate billing accounts they had set up, unbeknownst to me. There was no prepaid shipping labels. In my RMA envelope, I requested a refund for mailing costs.

    The Company runs out of the UK, however all telephone numbers and email addresses lead right back to the “Third Party Customer Service Call Centre” in Tampa Bay, Florida.

    I wonder who to contact next and avoid all the “smoke and mirrors” this company has woven to avoid dealing with Customer Service concerns.

    • Periglow is a major scam. They intend to charge you monthly.
      If you try to cancel they say you need to get the product first and ask for an RA# to cancel the other months,

      Peribloom is somehow attached to Periglow and appears as another product you have never
      heard if, also with the intention of charge you monthly.


  39. reported to better business complete scam just happened aug 3 2019 DO NOT TRUST

  40. I’m very disappointed I purchased a free trial. When I checked my credit card they charged me for multiple samples and when I tried to call and cancel right away they were so rude. The worst customer experience I have ever had. Don’t sign up.

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