Is the Parisian Glow Cream offer a scam? – Trial offer review

Is the Parisian Glow Cream offer a scam? – Trial offer review

Parisian Glow Cream is a product that makes a number of claims. The following review will decide if using it will really help you “achieve visibly younger skin”.

We will look at the ingredients used, also whether there are any hidden charges before concluding whether we would recommend this offer to you.

Please read on to discover the truth behind the impressive sounding claims.

Claims made by Parisian Glow Cream

Using this product is said to help you experience the following benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check how accurate these claims are we will need to take a moment to check the ingredients that have been used.

Ingredients used by Parisian Glow Cream

Unfortunately there is very little ingredient information available on the Parisian Glow Cream website.

They mention the use of peptides, but there is no label, nor any other ingredient information.

This is incredibly disappointing and puts serious doubts in my mind regarding its claimed benefits.

For all we know this product could be completely useless, or even worse still could lead to potential issues.

Before you use any product you should always check that it wont cause a reaction.

Cost of Parisian Glow Cream

Parisian Glow Cream is available for trial, but if you were expecting a free trial then you are going to be disappointed.

Having read the T&Cs I can reveal an initial $4.99 shipping charge, which will allow you 14 days to trial the cream.

Once the trial period has concluded you will be charged again, this time $89.92. With further shipments and charges to be expected thanks to you be automatically placed onto an auto-ship program.

Is this offer a scam?

With almost zero proof to back up its claims and its high cost there is nothing to recommend about this offer.

As with most trial offers we have seen, this offer is best avoided. There are much better products available at a more affordable price, I would suggest you look at one of those instead.

Contact details for Parisian Glow Cream

The contact details for Parisian Glow Cream are as follows:

Phone: 888-436-4265
Email: care@tryparisianglow.com

Please leave a comment below if you wish to leave your own review.

Alternative to Parisian Glow Cream

XYZ Smart CollagenOur suggested alternative is available to buy online.

It is called XYZ Smart Collagen and it is made using ingredients shown to offer promising anti-ageing results.

Benefits of using this product include:

  • Less lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • More collagen produced

You cannot trial this product, so there is no auto-shipping involved, or any hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

50 comments on "Is the Parisian Glow Cream offer a scam? – Trial offer review"
  1. I suggest that you cancel my trial offer since no where on youroriginal site did it show there is a membership fee, my card was put on fraud alert and now cancelled

    • Lori, this website has no link to the above reviewed product. I suggest you use the contact details we have provided for you.

    • cancel my order asap. There is no mention of an additional auto-ship fee of $89 being charged to account. CANCEL MY FREE TRIAL ASAP?

      • You need to use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel.

        • Hi, Just wanted to thank you so much for your review and the contact info. Stupid me did not realize I was being sucked in for the $90 per month. I should have known it was a scam! Thanks for your info!

  2. I received the sample of parisian glow skin cream. Please don’t send anymore samples or other products. I will not pay for them. I ask not to receive this sample, but it arrived today (2-11-17). A mailing from this company will be returned ” return to sender”.

    • This website has no link to this or any other trial offer. There are contact details provided for you in the above review, I would suggest you use them first before you contact your bank.

      • I called Parisian today after seeing an $89 charge hit my account. I did not initially read that I would have to cancel before so many days. They will only refund me 30%. BAD!! BAD!! BAD!!

        • ***SCAM ALERT *** SCAM ALERT ****
          I sent an email to cancel the SAMPLE rec”d. On May 9, 2 17 as well as shipped it back to the return address on the Customer Service area of the website the same day via USPS wa tracking number.
          6/12/2017, today I called about the two (2) $89.92 and $89.95 ch$rges in addition to two (2) initial chgs. of $4.9 9 and $4.97 the samples . All totaled $189.83 charges to my credit card.
          When I called one of the many phone numbers, I was told tht I WAS SUPPOSED TO CALLED THEM FIRST!, as opposed to communicating via the CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL and the USPS /a copy of that email. Then the clerk, OLIVIA offered me a 35% REFUND. After more complaining and threats, that was raised to 50% REFUND. AND AS MY THREATS ESCALATED, THE REFUND WENT UP TO 75%. To be back as a credit on my cc. She repeatedly threatened me it would cost much more t hire a lawyer to settle this.
          I still intend to pursue any and all avenues to save others from this OBVIOUS SCAM.

      • I, too got screwed out of $89 dollars I have sat on hold for the last 2hours and nothing! Woke up this morning to my bank being jacked that 89 bucks! I do not want the shit! I sent an email to cancel the damn order! I want my damn money back! That cream is crap anyway it doesn’t even work! And they also need to put the membership guidelines in BOLD so EVERYONE DOESN’T get SCAMMED out of money they didn’t know they were going to be jacked!! 😊

  3. Please cancel order #FEDCEDA3D4

    Thank you

    • Susan, you should use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel your order.

      • The phone number to call is no good!!!

        • If that is the case then your best option is to contact your bank and explain to them what has happened. They deal with issues like this daily.

          • I also received today a bill on my bank acct for $89.92 for an Auto ship I never was advised existed etc, could NOT reach Supposed company either by supposed Phone nor Email. Messaged my bank and immediately had card cancelled and reported ad and product as a SCAM.

  4. I also received a bill on my account for two things, Parisian Glow skin cream for 89.95, and Parisian Glow eye serum for 84.95. When I signed up for the “FREE” trial they charged me 4.99 and 4.97 for shipping. Now no where did I see a written statement that the “FREE” trial would cost me the 84.95 and 89.95 if I don’t send them back in 14 days. I called the phone number 1-888-436-4265 and did talk to a person today who said they didn’t hide the wording and was telling me to type back slash, blah, blah, blah. I told her to cancel my order and needless to say was not a nice person about it. I will probably have to eat the stupid thing I believed in and will never trust the word “FREE” again. Because “FREE” does not necessarily mean “FREE”. And I have told my card company not to accept any more charges from them.

    • This is the exact scenario that happened to me. They took $540.00 in total for a free trial. We’re you or anyone able to get money back ?

  5. I ordered this online as a trial and no where did it say I would be billed for another amount in 14 days. I looked for any information about this and could find nothing. Also when the cream arrived it had no paperwork with it so already not looking good. I didn’t have the product for fourteen days (I suppose they start the days either when you order or when they ship). I was out of town for some of these days so haven’t even had time to try this product out before I see a charge on my credit card for some name I have not even heard of. I called and was told that my 14 days expired yesterday and there was nothing they could do about it. What a scam – I should have known that a free trial is something to stay away from. The few days I have tried this I have seen no change, but if the product is worth anything, they should give you at least 30 days to try it out so I expect they know it is worthless.

  6. I had a real bad accident a few years back. All I have is a little check to live own. Plz don’t take89.99 out of my accont.

    • There is nothing I can do Marilyn, this website has no association with this offer. The above is a review only. I suggest that you contact them using the details provided.

  7. I have tried calling this contact number you mentioned with absolutely no luck at all. The last attempt I made lasted close to an hour. It was disconnected by an incoming call. I would seriously suggest that no funds come out of my account in regards to future purchases etc. I have all calls documented. So I am in writing saying to you now to cancel my trial purchase and if there is anything more I need to do you best contact me with further instructions.
    You have my email address.

    • Jennifer, this website has no link to this offer. If you are unable to contact them I would suggest that you speak to your bank and explain the situation.

  8. It appeared on my card the amount of 93.93 from one company names KINGS, plus the 4,99 and 4,97 ship.
    Did not have any trial days. Just received all amount in one time in my card. I canceled my card at the same day I purchased because I read about how this company works on a facebook page and thank the comments I could act in time.

    I tried to call today to talk about the free trail I received. I can send a money only for the ship not for 93.93 that I really don’t know. This is not the way to treat the consumer.

    I am giving this information for other consumers to see before to make a mistake buying this “free FAKE trail”

  9. Hello “Big Suckers Club” of which I’m a member. I too did not see boxes to check upon ordering the trial sample “free”. Chase Fraud Operation contacted me coaching me to contact KMB, ask to have the two $90 charges “reversed” with no further charges. KMB offered me 40%discount but I’m still working with Chase Dispute Team and Fraud Operation. Hope to close these miserable people down.

    • I’ve been working with Chase fraud and they can do zero. I’m super disappointed in chase and will be changing banks.

  10. I ordered the Parisian Glow on the 14 day trial – I learned the hard way from previous 14 day trials that you have to call about 5 days after you receive it our you will be charged the full price which is usually around $80. If you like the product and want to keep it call them and tell them you like it but it is too expensive.
    They will give you a 50% discount on the price to keep you as a client. This applies to any of the auto order products out there.

    Concerning the phone number listed on the jar of cream I received and the email confirming my initial trial order for contacting them – – – -well when you call that number they will have no record of you or the company. On my second call to 888-426-4265 the person stated they had nothing to do with Parisian Glow but gave me a number that worked, I reached a person who reduced my monthly price to $40.

    THE NUMBER IS: 1-855-208-3259. Parisian Glow

  11. After reading the above comments I immediately called the 888 436-4265 number to cancel any further orders. My trial period was soon expiring and I did not want to continue. When I called the number I was put on hold. I was concerned that I would be on hold forever so I left my number for a call-back. About 5 minutes later someone returned my call. I told them I did not want to receive or be charged for any more product. The person asked if I wanted to extend the trial period and I said no thanks. My account was accessed and further shipments were cancelled. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that free trial offers expire and if you don’t cancel before the end they will send and charge you for more product. They don’t tell you that when you order, then don’t send an e-mail saying that your trial offer is about to expire OR that you are going to receive and be charged for further shipments. If you didn’t cancel and receive further product it is very difficult to have the charges reversed. BUYER BEWARE OF FREE TRIALS especially when it comes to beauty products.

  12. RIP OFF! On-line, sent for ‘trial’ of cream and serum for shipping costs only from Parisian Glow.. Bank statement indicated not only shipping costs of items, but also “Parisian Glow eMag” subscription for $19.93. Called 888-582-5130 stating I did not want magazine. Customer Service would not refund, but did credited me $14.94 and cancel magazine. Ended up paying $4.99 for something I didn’t want, order, or receive. Two weeks later, going through bank statement found withdrawals of $84.95 (0.5 oz Serum) and $89.92 (1 oz Cream). Contacted Customer Service at 888-704-7599 noted on bank statement. Stated that I not only couldn’t afford $175/month on Soc Sec, but received no product and do not want! Was informed that this is the costs for ‘trials’ I received as it was a subscription that I hadn’t cancelled within the 14-day trial period!! She also stated that “most people don’t read the fine print” to understand the company’s process. Kimberly/Customer Service forwarded two separate e-mails to me nothing my order for Serum and Cream are now cancelled. “FREE” trails, sure aren’t free. Live and learn….. 🙁

  13. This is a SCAM company. There was no mention of 14 day trial. I purchased thinking it is a sample cream for $4.95 because that is what the website said. I got billed $190

  14. Do you think I would pay $190 for a small BS cream? well i did!

  15. This is a SCAM. I ️too got billed for two “trial products” and got a huge run around when I called to question the charges. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! Don’t order

  16. I got pulled in too and just got the 89.92 charge they will not refund even if i return it. It was supposedly endorsed by Joanna Gaines or her product..now no mention of her. I hate being taken!! Any recourse? Has anyone been refunded?

  17. like many people above I ordered a free trial and saw no mention of having to cancel within a 14 day period or I would be charged 89plus dollars for a cream and eye cream. when i threatened to have the charges reversed and call better business bureau she magically was able to give me $60.00 back on my unauthorized approximately $179 charge. This is such a scam. I read it very very carefully and was very leary when I paid the 9.97 shipping for my free trial. I am certain that none of this 14 day stuff was mentioned on the facebook ad I read. Nonetheless after noticing my unauthorized charges I called within the 14 day period however apparently they say it if from the date ordered not the date received. I have had this cream for 12 days only and they STILL wont refund my money. Such a shame. Anyone have any luck getting a full refund?

  18. Filling out my basic info on their website, I copied the link and opened another page to browse for their Terms and Conditions. I had just found it when my phone rang and it was their customer service, promising heaven and earth for my credit card number!!! (*;*) I said that I have not decided if I was ordering and in any case; I would do so through the website, AFTER reading the T&Cs and hung up. That’s when I started to investigate and found this page!
    I am so so sorry that you guys were robbed 🙁 and at the same time; immensely thankful to all of you because thanks to YOU; I did not fall for such scam!
    I know it’s “easier said than done” but for your own sanity, convince yourselves that “it’s only money”, learn the lesson and forget the incident! Love, Ilma

  19. 1-888-436-4265 does work, I just got off of the phone with them, and as far as common sense goes, if you order a trial and product is free you are clearly going to be charged at the end of the trial period to continue. Before you give your information to anyone you should do research. It is not a scam, nor do they rob you, they are continuing the order which you agreed to, whether or not you chose to read what you got yourself into is your own issue. You can call before the 2 weeks and extend the 14 day trial to a 30 day and see how well you like it and if you decide that you don’t then you don’t pay a thing more, if you do like it then they have discounts, etc that they offer for future months to you subscription.

  20. This may not be a scam but is very misleading. I called on the 14th day to cancel because the product makes me breakout. They said sure no problem, then I was charged anyways the $89.92. There was no mention of this while I was on the phone. I am usually one to do my research and must have missed where it said the costs, I still don’t see it and I cannot find link where I originally ordered from. The only reason I ordered this is because I thought it was backed by Joanna Gains, WHICH IT IS NOT. Total fraud there. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

      I was first told that “as a courtesy, they would REFUND me 35% . As my threats of attorney, mail and credit card fraud escalates, the COURTESY REFUND Increased to 50% and then to 75%.
      I plan to pursue this matter further.
      SCAMS SHOULD NOT BE tolerated under the laws of our great country!

  21. I just got off the phone (888-436-4265) and was able to cancel since I was before the end of the trial period but they want me to send the product back at my expense, which I’ll do.

    What a hassle this turned out to be. Why do I fall for such nonsense? I never once saw anything about additional charges.

    Never again.

    Good luck everyone.

  22. When I got the product, I read over all the fine print & NO WHERE does it say that you will be charged $89.00. NO WHERE… I DO NOT GET SUCKED IN BY THOSE PRODUCTS WHERE THEY CHARGE YOU EVERY MONTH CHARGE OF $89.00. I AM CALLING MY BANK & PUTTING A HOLD ON THEM TAKING MY MONEY.

  23. Contact your state’s Attorney General’s Office and file acomplaint. Also, the Better Business Bureau should be contacted by all. I lost money as well.If the AG and BBB receive enough complaints, others may be saved from this scam.The price should not be hidden in the terms and conditions.

  24. I too was scammed by this company. I tried to call them and their number had been disconnected! I called my bank and they put the money back in my account!

  25. Me to. I was scammed to I canceled my order to . After they changed me twice before I even got my trial ! And didn’t get any more product !

  26. I was also scammed by getting this crap auto-shipped and charged. This is most definitely fraud – and NO WHERE did it say I was going to be charged past the “free trial”.

  27. Definitely a scam! Cannot get a hold if this company tried numerous times the phone just rings and rings and rings and no one answers I never received an email saying the shipment was coming the packing slip when it did arrive had no address no phone number nothing about being charged $89 the following month

  28. I have returned 4 packages…send emails and wrote “CANCEL ORDER” right on the package and I am still receiving packages monthly. How can I cancel this permanently? Go through my bank?

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