Is Oxygenius recommended?

Is Oxygenius recommended?

Oxygenius is a serum designed to “reduce eye wrinkles by 80% in one month”, which is quite a claim, but can it back it up with hard facts?

In this review we will look at Oxygenius in more detail to see if there is anything we need to be aware of before signing up for its “risk-free trial”.

Claimed benefits of Oxygenius

Oxygenius claims to help:

  • Fill in fine lines
  • Diminish crows feet
  • Minimise dark circles
  • Even skin tone
  • Make skin silky smooth

For those who struggle with crows feet and fine lines around your eyes these claimed benefits will certainly make you think about trialling this product.

However, before you rush in perhaps it would be a good idea to take a minute to see if the claims can be backed up. Therefore it would make sense to check out what ingredients this serum is made from.

Ingredients found in Oxygenius

Unfortunately the first issue you will discover with this product is a distinct lack of ingredient information. In fact there is zero information available.

Without this information it is impossible to tell whether this product works as it is claimed to, or whether it will be a waste of your time.

How much does Oxygenius cost?

The second issue, and probably most serious is the high cost of Oxygenius.

While it is offered “risk-free” this does not mean that it costs nothing.

Just 18 days after signing up to the trial you will likely be in for a shock unless you have take the time to read their terms and conditions, as you will be charged $79.99 for the bottle you have already received.

This wont be the end of the charges either as Oxygenius is an auto-ship program so you will soon find that other deliveries will be sent out to you, also with the charge attached.

As with most schemes like this, these charges will continue until you manage to cancel your subscription.

Would we recommend Oxygenius?

Despite the hype and claims there is nothing I can recommend about Oxygenius. Its lack of ingredient information makes me doubt its claims, while its high cost and use of auto-shipping is another serious issue that will likely lead to complaints.

My suggestion for anyone reading this would be to look for an alternative.

Is there a way to cancel the trial?

If you wish to cancel your Oxygenius my suggestion would be to use one of the following contact methods:

Phone: 1-866-710-5109
Email: support@findbeautyandtruth.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

Alternative to Oxygenius

If you wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines then taking a Hydrolysed Collagen supplement, like the one offered by Evolution Slimming will certainly help.

While it is not a cream, when consumed it can naturally increase your collagen levels, resulting in healthier skin from within.

This supplement is available for just $47 for a months supply, with no auto-shipping.

Click here to read the full review!

4 comments on "Is Oxygenius recommended?"
  1. I thought I had mad a one off purchase and was not made aware and certainly had no intention of signing up to a monthly purchase of a cream and serum. I have been very ill since the 26th October since this date and have not been at home having also broken my ankle and suffered complications which meant I had to stay at /visit three hospitals. As I live on my own I had to stay with friends having only returned home today, and have only just accessed my credit card account which I wished to pay in full. My credit card representative brought these purchases to my attention.I was shocked and had no idea that another 3 payments INSTEAD OF JUST ONE, TOTALING £300, had been taken from my credit card account WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE/PERMISSION. In my absence and as a result of my injury I was not able to access my emails or online banking. I have received two lots of products in one package with no invoice , only 2 dispatch notes with no prices displayed. Neither have I received any confirmation invoice email showing price break downs.
    I will be returning the products as they contain non organic ingredients and other non natural ingredients, parabens etc which I am unable to use on my skin.
    Consequently, I wish to cancel this order (and any others) as from today Sunday 20th Dec. I do NOT wish to sign up to any monthly payments and have instructed my credit card company not to allow any more payments to be taken from my account. I look forward to confirmation of the above by email or letter. Margaret Simpson

  2. Re my previous email requesting cancellation of beauty any truth cream and serum – I would also like a full refund as I am allergic to many of the ingredients in the serum and i NOT wish to sign up to any monthly payments for creams that I cannot use. I trust you will honor my request issuing me a full refund. I shall return the creams as soon as you supply me with an address or customer services after I contact them on Monday.
    I look forward to hearing confirmation of the above from you very soon

    Thank you
    Margaret Simpson

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