Nuevoderm Ageless Moisturiser Review – Is it a scam?

Nuevoderm Ageless Moisturiser Review – Is it a scam?

Nuevoderm is an ageless moisturiser that promises to help “reduce and eliminate wrinkles” by helping to “rejuvenate your skin without expensive surgery”.

The following review will look at how this product works, whether it does work as claimed and whether there are any hidden charges involved in the trial.

Please read on before you rush to sign up for the offer.

Claimed benefits of Nuevoderm

Using Nuevoderm is said to offer the following benefits:

  • 84% decrease of wrinkles and fine lines
  • 95% increase of collagen production
  • 73% decrease in appearance of dark circles

There is no doubt that these claims sound impressive, however I would be wary of any claims that use percentages when there does not seem to be any proof of the results.

At the very least we should have a link to the results of this so called study.

To check how accurate these claims are I would suggest looking at what ingredients have been used in this facial cream.

Ingredients used by Nuevoderm

Apart from a brief mention of using peptides there is no other ingredient information available on the Nuevoderm website, let alone a product label, which is what we would prefer.

This is incredibly disappointing and makes verifying the claims impossible.

Without the ingredient information we cannot comment on its effectiveness, or whether Nuevoderm is even safe to use.

Price of Nuevoderm

As Nuevoderm is available for trial you may think you have nothing to lose by signing up for the offer.

Unfortunately after reading the T&Cs I can reveal that this is not the case.

Signing up gives you 14 days to trial the product, after which time you will be charged $92.30.

The only way to avoid this charge would be to contact Nuevoderm.

Failure to do so will result in the charge, plus the automatic sign up to an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages at cost.

Is Nuevoderm a scam?

With no ingredient information available there is no way to verify the claims made.

The cost of the cream is also too high, with the auto-shipping the final straw.

There is nothing to recommend about this product so I would suggest you give it a wide berth and look at an alternative instead.

Contact details for Nuevoderm

To cancel the trial you should use the following phone number: 1-800-982-0910

Alternatively you can email: support@nuevoderm.com

If you have signed up for this trial then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message for us below.

Alternative to Nuevoderm

We certainly do not recommend trying Nuevoderm, however there are products that you can use that will work.

XYZ Smart CollagenFor example, take a look at XYZ Smart Collagen, which is a product that will surely help reduce the visible signs of ageing.

It is made using proven ingredients that offer the following benefits:

  • Reduction of visible lines and wrinkles
  • Increase of skin moisture
  • Younger appearance
  • Collagen production increase

As this product is not available for trial you do not have to worry about any unwanted deliveries or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

14 comments on "Nuevoderm Ageless Moisturiser Review – Is it a scam?"
  1. I sure wish I had read this review on your site before falling victim to this scam. I’ve been charged just under 300.00 Canadian for my 4.95 free sample! I’m embarrassed and feel just plain stupid. I’ve now consulted with a lawyer

  2. Stay away from this product. The “trial” size they send you is actually your monthly allotment of product 1 ounce for the month. You will be charged $97.21 The actual website has no number to cancel this trial. My daughter found your article when looking for better business bureau information. I appreciate the number above to cancel. Canceling the product was a chore as this message center is in another country, definitely a language barrier. I’m still waiting for my email confirmation of cancellation.

  3. I got suckered in by this scam site. I could not find any of the details about being charged after 14 days, and that they would automatically start sending me more shipments. When I got a second box of their products, I knew that the $4.95 I’d paid for shipping was just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure they have billed me for nearly $200.00, this is definitely a scam. Thank you so much for providing their phone number and email. I cancelled my order today. Lesson learned. If anything looks to good to be true, you must know it’s going to be trouble.

  4. The number to call to cancel is 1-800-982-0910. Paula, I too got scammed in Canada. What confused me was that on the box and packing slip there was no mention of any charge and on the customs form on the box under valueit said “free sample” with a value of$2.93. However, they charged me anywhere from$126.00 to$148.00 for each product each month for the last 4 months. Because there was no charge on the packing slip and no phone number listed there, I had to do some digging to find out how to contact them. I finally cancelled, but I am still out hundreds of dollars. I am reporting them for fraud.

    • Debbie,
      Where did you get the number to cancel? I ordered it on Facebook and I kept returning the product without opening the package for 4 months without realizing that they were charging me each month because my husband pays the bill and didn’t realize I called them after trying the free sample. They claim I never called them to cancel, but I did in late August and can’t remember where I got the number. The numbers they provide on the credit cards are different from the number given to cancel that you called.

  5. This is a total ripoff product. I have been charged around $195 every month ($92 for Derma Vibrance & $97 for Nuevoderm) for the last 3 months. I have been billed close to $580 for 3 months; this is definitely a scam. I cancelled my order today. I can’t believe I fell prey to this. The worse part is the cream does not do what it is meant to do. Be very careful about using it. It can lead to rashes on your skin. My wife and I used it religiously for couple of weeks. It lead to lot of irritation & redness. The worst part is we used it on face which is the most visible part. I am going to consult a lawyer to sue them not just because I lost money but I want to make sure the company does not do similar thing to other people.

    • How did you cancel? When I go to call, the prompt says press one or 2, and neither are numbers that get you anywhere! So fristrating

  6. Is there any way to order the NON trial size Nuevoderm Cream?


  7. People: Call this number: 1-800-982-0910.- just wait and press 0 then # for an Operator
    I was FURIOUS when I called them and still plan on seeking a lawyer because I am so sick of these disgusting people stealing everyone’s damned money with the Internet scams, and ‘try the product for $1.99’ crap just to find out you’ve enrolled into a program you cannot get out of, you didnt sign up, and sure as HELL didn’t authorize these scumbags to access your credit card for hundreds of dollars per month.The website HAS to, HAS to, provide people with the information, and the OPTION of signing up, despite the charges forth coming. This is theft and fraud of the highest nature. The website does NOT have fine print even to indicate what will happen, the product has ZERO product information and my packaging looked like someone did it in their basement. Call them, demand they remove you and your credit card and demand a full refund!! I did. If they do not comply, get a damn lawyer because this ‘Neuvoderm’ crap, is as crooked as it comes. They will try to explain how it works but remember, it doesn;t matte that they tell you now, that MUST tell us BEFORE!!! Go get your damn money back people!

  8. if you paid with a debit visa you can get a new card and cancel the old one. this may work for other cards i am not sure. they took a payment out of my account after i put a stop payment on it. i thought face book was more careful with scams.

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