Is Nouvebelle a scam? – Trial Offer Review

Is Nouvebelle a scam? – Trial Offer Review

Nouvebelle is an anti-ageing skin care product that claims to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”.

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail, to see first whether it works as claimed, and also whether there are any of those hidden charges that trial offers like this are well known for.

I would suggest that you read on before you rush to sign up for this offer. You most certainly do not want to be caught signing up for a trial that doesn’t work and will leave you significantly out of pocket, do you?

Claimed benefits of Nouvebelle

Benefits claimed by Nouvebelle include:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

While these claims sound impressive it is worth noting that they have been written to entice you to sign up for the offer as quickly as possible.

I would suggest that you avoid doing this, but to look for actual proof of the claims.

The easiest way to check their accuracy would be to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients used by Nouvebelle

Unfortunately there is very little information available regarding the ingredients found in Nouvebelle.

There is a brief mention of hydrolysed collagen, but the website itself instead relies on claimed benefits rather than facts.

This is disappointing and will certainly lead to doubts arising regarding its claims.

When looking at products it is always best to know what you are using before you receive it, in this case it is impossible.

Price of Nouvebelle

As mentioned previously Nouvebelle is available for trial, so if you are still tempted I would suggest you take a moment or two to read the terms and conditions located at the very bottom of the website.

These T&Cs will reveal the payment terms of the trial.

When you first sign up there is a £4.94 charge to pay. This allows you 14 days to trial the product.

At the end of the trial period you will then be charged again, this time £92.87.

You will also find that if you do not cancel the trial within the allotted space of time you will be automatically signed onto an auto-ship scheme that will ship you monthly packages.

These packages will continue for a 12 month period, or until you cancel the subscription.

Is Nouvebelle a scam?

With very little ingredient information there are certainly doubts that Nouvebelle works as claimed.

The major issue however is the price, which is too high. With the auto-shipping the final straw.

I would suggest that you give this offer a wide berth, there are plenty of alternatives available that are not only cheaper but more effective too.

Contact details for Nouvebelle

To contact Nouvebelle to cancel the trial you should use the following information:

Phone: +44 800 090 3383
Email: customerservice@buynovebelle.com

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review then you can do so by completing the comment form below.

Alternative to Nouvebelle

XYZ Smart CollagenIf you want a little help reducing your own visible signs of ageing and do not wish to risk signing up for a trial offer like Nouvebelle then I would suggest you take a look at XYZ Smart Collagen.

This anti-ageing cream is available to buy online without having to sign up for a trial.

It contains proven ingredients that will offer the following benefits to you:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Skin moisture increase
  • Increase in collagen production

As it is not available for trial there will be no auto-shipping or hidden charges to contend with.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

18 comments on "Is Nouvebelle a scam? – Trial Offer Review"
  1. I odered 1 of each of the following but have been charged twice!
    Why is this?This is not acceptable,and would warn anyone out there to be very wary of this.
    I there request a refund for the goods not ordered and certainly not received.

    • I odered 1 of each of the following but have been charged twice!
      Why is this?This is not acceptable,and would warn anyone out there to be very wary of this.
      I there request a refund for the goods not ordered and certainly not received thanks

    • This product was purchased at the trial price, I Did Not have an account and never intended to open one, merely try one pot.
      Not only did it make my skin sore, producing a rash which has taken weeks to reduce, this horrible Scam company have continued to steal money unbeknown to me, from my credit card.. I received a second pot of this rubbish yesterday and rang to 0800 number, they said they would refund half of the pot price.. I did not know they had stolen 2 amounts!
      I demanded my money back, I will be back on the phone in a moment to demand the second amount back.
      My bank have confirmed this is a Scam company.. keep safe from these scummy people, they are part of a group so beware!
      And the same applies to the slimming tablets you see, a friend of mine had £345 stolen from her credit card the same way.. they pray on people

  2. I ordered the Novavelle face cream and the Belles eye cream after just coming out of hospital
    I was shocked when it arrived to find out i had joined a subscription I thought it was a free trial there was no mention of payment when I signed up I am trying to cancel as I can’t afford £196.96 a month it’s disgusting !

  3. I have also been totally taken in by this Nouvebelle scam offer for a free trial pot of just the fac e cream. I used the cream for about 12 days and found that I’d developed a slight rash which to my horror then irritated a very sensitive scar on my cheek. Saw my GP who insisted that I should immediately discontinue using the cream. I then filled in the Nouvebelle form to cancel before I’d had the cream 14 days, to explain I could not use it any more and that I would not be reordering. I certainly didn’t want to risk being charged any more. I feel sure I had definitely never agreed to purchase on an auto repeat ordering system anyway, most certainly not at £92.87 a pot!! No one got back to me and so I phoned them with my order account details… to be told, yes, my order has now been cancelled.
    However, I now find my credit card has been charged £92.87 for the cream that I am unable to use. I am 77 and cannot afford to keep paying for a cream that will not anyway be any good to me. How can I get this charge refunded? It’s a very underhand scheme, by conning people into a trial offer and then disregarding any effort to contact them to cancel any possibility of an automatic reorder of the cream. I’m disgusted with them.This sort of scam should be stopped.

    • I also was duped with this scam looked on my credit card and 97 pounds was pending I called the company which told me it had been cancelled I tol them I was recording the conversation t and told them I was going to the police within one minute I got a email to say that this payment had been cancelled I also called my credit card compant not to pay any money out to these lo live thieves

  4. I can’t believe I was taking in by this company I thought like so many others it was a sample I’ve been on to my credit card to cancell payment and they are going to fight the company for me hopefully I’ll get my money back

  5. I too feel I have been taken in by the nouvebelle promotion offer in mid-November linked to victoria beckham. After the initial small fee I was further debited £92.87 without me being aware of the ongoing cost and potential monthly programme. I have been in touch with them to cancel and am awaiting their confirmation of my request. In the meantime I am placing a stop on my c/c account. I strongly feel they should make the t&cs and costs involved absolutely clear from the outset. The cream is no better than any other cheaper alternative.

  6. What a scam, they have taken £116.63 out of my account. I rang the customer services who advised that I only placed the order two days ago…. I notice the company has not replied to any of the complaints. They are a complete disgrace. I believe both the credit card company should be able to take this up on our behalf??? Surely they should not be allowed on the interent? I only trusted it because they linked to John Lewis at the time

    • I very much doubt they are even aware of these complaints. This webpage has nothing to do with them.

    • This is such a scam which I like so many others have been pulled into and was appalled two days after receiving the cream they took 92.87out of my account then three days later they took 88.42, now I have no money for Christmas.
      I really do think these people should NOT be able to submit lies like this on the internet and get away with our money. I hope there is someone out there who can suggest a way of getting our money back.

  7. Definitely agree with all the above re Nouvebelle . Fantastic website which offers great results takes us all in so we don’t read the small print. Threw the product away as it didn’t make any difference, yet photos saying these women’s faces improved within 5 days. Load of bull.
    Thankfully just spoke to customer service representative who was very helpful and has cancelled my subscription ( the one i didn’t know I’d set up. The number i rang was 08000903379.

    • I too have been a victim of this scam and doubt very much whether VB is aware of the angst this product is invoking. Thanks to the very helpful post from Jennifer I at least had a number to call. The money is taken out of the account by Amazingeyesemporium.com and this confused me no end. Fortunately the customer service lady I just spoke to has given me instructions how to return the products, but I will still be £20 out of picket plus the postage. Caveat emptor but I will not be getting any more “free” trials of anything off the internet. Good life lesson.

  8. Yes, today called customer services and I did not realise in November that I was charged £92.82, and got another product on 19th December after giving feedback that I was not satisfied with the product. Now a battle to get refund as money taken in November was without my knowledge and everything being online, little checking done. Not happy!! so mezmerised by the magical claims, did not think they could scam in such a way. Will take it to trading standards if I don’t get all my money back.

  9. Trading standards are useless, they are an organisation with unqualified people who have no teeth.. I have a feeling that the Milton Keynes office address is just a front to dupe innocent people into believing that it is a uk company.. most of these are American therefore, we have no power against them.
    I got my money returned by threatening to plaster it all over Facebook and the internet , the operator put me on hold to speak to his boss then told me they would refund in full without me sending the crap which damaged my skin , back.. I like you all, have realised that they have stolen a further £92.87 from my card.. just about to ring them again.. they are worried about Facebook so I suggest you use it against them to get your money back

  10. Completely agree with all the above – information that this is a subscription service is NOT clear and like others I only discovered this when receiving a second unwanted tub of cream. I phoned and got 70% of the refund – but will try for the full amount. It is a scam like so many others

  11. It definitely is a scam, when I tried to call to ask for a refund as I was unaware it was a subscription and to cancel, they tried to get me to keep it by saying we will give it to you for 50% off the original price. I was determined it didn’t want it they gave me a refund for part of my payment but then said keep the cream don’t bother sending back. When I rang a second time to ask for my full refund as I did send cream back the person on the phone started talking to me then said I’m sorry I can’t hear you can you call back, I Called back only to find the number was not recognised and wouldn’t allow me to connect. They had blocked my number. It is now with my bank who are disputing this for me. Absolutely disgusting how they can get away with this.

  12. I cant believe these scammers have been busy since 2016 doing their little fraudulent sceam all this time and openly getting away with it!!! I suppose the heat got too much for them and voila! they just changed their name to “tryjouvence” . They are not from the USA but from SA operating out of Cape Town. the US email address is to cover their tracks very cleverly so making sure they cannot be traced. I am convinced the two sisters do not even exist and they were never on “Shark Tank” They are definitely using photos of celebraties illegally without their permission….as if though a powerhouse like Ophra will link her name to such a scam!!!
    The whole scam looks like a narcissistic thief having a field day with us, duping us into believing their fairy tails and stealing our money openly without any recourse. This person or people need to be reported and drastic action taken…I have a feeling they are professional con artists, not doing this for the first time or the last… unless they are stopped…if they have been operating since 2016 they must have stolen millions by now.
    I am going to request my bank to report this scam to the correct police department and so should every single person who were done in by this con artists. they should also be reported to the legal teams of the celebrities who’s pics and names they have tied to this scam.

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