Next Skin Serum Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Next Skin Serum Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Is Next Skin Serum “the secret to ageless skin”, as that is what it claims to be.

Our review will look at the ingredients used, we will also look to see whether there are any hidden charges involved with this offer. If you are considering using this product then I would highly recommend you continue reading our review.

Claimed benefits of Next Skin Serum

Using Next Skin Serum is claimed to offer the following user benefits:

  • Eliminate wrinkles, fines lines and dilated pores
  • Restore your natural radiance for a glowing complexion
  • Rebuild and replenish skin’s natural collagen barrier

To verify the accuracy of these claims we will need to look more closely at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Next Skin Serum

Unfortunately there is very little ingredient information available, this makes it difficult to verify the claims.

The website mentions the use of “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide rich” formula, but while this may sound impressive it means very little.

We would hope to see a label or at least a list of ingredients, so that we can see what benefits are on offer beforehand. And also to ensure that using this product wont cause any side effects to occur.

Price of the Next Skin Serum trial offer

Trial offers like this cost much more than you may expect. They are certainly not free.

Once you pay a small shipping fee you will be allowed to try the product for around 14-18 days. After this time has elapsed you will be charged the full purchase price, this is usually a figure around $100.

You will also soon realise that trial offers like this lead on to auto-ship programs, which mean that you will be sent further monthly packages at full price.

Is the Next Skin Serum recommended?

We do not recommend trial offers and for good reason.

They are not only unproven, but also expensive too. There are better and more affordable options available if you want to fight your own visible signs of ageing.

Contact details for Next Skin Serum

Contacting the people behind these offers is a difficult task, and one that rarely results in a full refund.

We have thousands of customer complaints listed on this website for various similar offers. Many stating how difficult it is to even contact the manufacturers.

It is for this reason that instead of giving you the contact details I would instead recommend that you contact your bank. They deal with offers like this on a daily basis so should be able to help.

Alternative to Next Skin Serum

XYZ Smart CollagenThe anti-ageing product we would choose as an alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen.

Made from ingredients that can boost collagen production, while simultaneously slowing down the rate that collagen is broken down.

That means that the following benefits will be experienced:

  • Less visible lines and wrinkles
  • Skin will be tighter
  • A more youthful appearance

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial. So no auto-shipments or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

21 comments on "Next Skin Serum Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. I dont see any contact info…

    Please send me a telephone #

    • I, also, was scammed into ordering this product for ‘the small shipping fee of $4.90’. I have not found any way to cancel any future orders. I’ll suck it for what I have received. But I have been sucked in before and would dearly like to cancel any account they think I hold with them. Is there a telephone number I can reach them at?

  2. I ordered the sample size and nowhere in the order did it say I would be charged the full amount later. Now I am stuck with two products I don’t want at that price.
    I need to get a full refund for this order.

    • Sandra, this page is a review. We do not endorse trial offers.

    • I told agree with Sandra Roche! I was scammed! I have always been reluctant ordering on line…but when I saw Marilyn Denis s name supporting this product, I felt confident buying from a legit company.
      Boy was I wrong! There is no where on the agreement that states you have 14 days to cancel, a pre authorized agreement for monthly shipments.
      Soon as I received the product, my instincts kicked in…there was no statement, no information about the product in the shipping package, nothing. And then bang, I look at my Visa statement and there are four charges! FOUR CHARGES of $200 each in US funds…
      Which on the website clearly shows CANADIAN FUNDS.
      I want a refund! I haven t even opened the product yet! The right thing to do to keep your reputation is customer satisfaction! I deserve a full refund!

  3. I heard this next skin serum is a scam . Marilyn Dennis clearly stated , she didnot endorse this

  4. I received a sample of the serum and moisturizer, put paid shipping charges.
    Now on my credit card, I have charges of just undet $400.00 from the call center that carries them. I know nothing of a charge forthcoming on my credit card. Trying to reach them to have this cancelled for what?

  5. I been trying to cancel my order, can’t seem to get through,left them a massage for a confirmation number No Luck!

  6. I recommend you loose my contact information. If l get charged any more money you will be responsable for what happens

  7. This is a total scam. There is no free trial. By the time you receive it you will already be billed and if you call for a refund they will tell you you didn’t return it in time. TOTAL SCAM!!

  8. I total agree with all these women! I have been scammed!
    I have always been reluctant ordering online, but when I saw Marilyn Denis supporting this product, I thought this would be a legit company to buy from.
    Boy I was wrong! I should have known when I received the product, and there was no packing slip, no statement, nothing in the shipping package except the product…
    But then bang! My credit card was charged $200 FOUR TIMES IN TWO DAYS…in USA funds.
    So I went back on the site to go through the ordering process again, AND THERE IS NO WHERE IT STATES, this is a 14 day trail and you must cancel the pre authorization monthly shipping with in the 14 days.
    Thankfully I found the number to call and cancelled the pre authorized agreement.

    • Alexandra or anyone else – please send me the phone number to cancel. I am a senior and cannot handle this. I only ordered the trial product. I can’t figure out how to cancel and keep getting the product.

      HELP Please.

  9. Ordered trial of next skin and It automatically made me get the serum. I thought i was only paying shipping and handling for trial. I got billed shipping for the other product that i didnt want plus it autimatically enrolled me into monthly payments that i didnt agree to. This was not a free trial i got billed over 400. Had called about charges and found out they enrolled me in monthly subscription for each product. I wanted refund and was told No refund

  10. Again…another scam…Like the others, I understood correctly that I was paying for shipping to try the product. i was charged 200$ and clearly didn’t sign up for a program of any kind. When talking to the supervisor, she simply hung up on me refuse to repeat the same policy terms they have and the small prints that I supposetly missed.

  11. I ordered one product, and it claimed all we had to pay was S&H and I even checked to see if I wasn’t missing any fine print for extra costs, didn’t find anything. I received the product, Next Skin Serum , which I ordered and another product, no packing slip, no invoice, and went on with my life until I went to got the surprise yesterday that I had been charged for these 2 products and already a monthly standing order charge, altogether, $400. I had a hard time finding their phone number and when I called it took quite a while to get through and when I did, the assistant kept saying she was having a hard time with her computer, I said I’ll wait, I explained to her what happened and she said I am fully responsible as when it was time to complete the transaction, there was a small box on the right where it told you how much and all, I didn’t see that box, and she said it was a 2 week trial and I should have returned the product within the 2 weeks, I replied I didn’t even have it for 2 weeks, she said, the 2 weeks starts the time I order online. What kind of bs is this?

  12. Where is the address and homepage of this company?

  13. I click on the trial offer for the small 1oz bottle for $4.38. Then realizing I was being lead on to other offers so I cancel the order . Next thing I was charged not only $4.38 but in addition to $199.48 US dollars . I was shocked and angry . I called twice and the woman told me the sample size is the supply and hang up . I canceled my credit card and still pissed and angry at these scammers . No way I would pay $203..86 for one 1 oz bottle of anything. I was scammed , even now when I speak of it I cried .

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