Nature Skin Labs SCAM Report

Nature Skin Labs SCAM Report

Nature Skin Labs are offering 2 separate products for trial, an anti-ageing moisturiser and anti-ageing eye cream.

Both have been designed to reduce the visible signs of ageing, but how do they work?

Also, as they are available for trial, are there any hidden charges we need to be aware of?

In this review we will look at both offers before we come to any conclusion.

Claimed benefits of Nature Skin Labs

The 2 products offer the following benefits:

Nature Skin Labs Moisturiser

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Restore your radiant, firmer looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance

Nature Skin Labs Ageless

  • Discover the secret to ageless, youthful looking eyes
  • Smooth the appearance of deep set fine lines
  • Reduce the look of dark under-eye circles
  • Brighten the look of the skin around your eyes
  • Hydrate and help diminish puffiness

Claims like this are designed to entice you into making a ‘snap’ decision to sign up for the trial.

I would suggest that you at least look to see what the products contain before making any decision.

Ingredients found in the Nature Skin Labs products

When looking for the ingredients of the Nature Skin Labs products I was disappointed to find that there is very little information available for its ‘moisturiser’ and no information at all available for the ‘ageless’ product.

This is disappointing as without this information there is no way of knowing what benefits they will offer, if any.

Price of Nature Skin Labs

The cost of shipping the moisturiser is £2.95, while the ‘ageless’ product is £3.95.

If this were the only costs associated with the trial then maybe I would recommend giving it a chance, however this is not the case.

Just 14 days after you first sign up you will be charged £89.95 for each product. So if you signed up for both then you can expect quite a hefty bill.

This wont be the end of the charges either as both operate as auto-ship programs so you will be sent further monthly deliveries and charges until your subscription to the program is cancelled.

Is Nature Skin Labs recommended?

If I were you then I would avoid signing up to any trial offer. They are simply not worth your time and could potentially leave you significantly out of pocket.

There are various alternatives available that wont cost as much that come much more highly recommended. I would buy one of those instead.

Contact details for Nature Skin Labs

To contact Nature Skin Labs to cancel your trial then I would suggest one of the following contact methods:

Phone: 44-20-3769-6499 (UK), 1-866-795-7783 (USA & Canada)
Email: support@natureskinlabs.com

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled either of these products.

Alternative to Nature Skin Labs

If you want your skin to look and feel younger then I would suggest that you take a look at the Evolution Slimming Anti-Ageing Skincare Bundle.

This package of products contain an Antioxidant Cleanser, an Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum and an Anti-Wrinkle Creme.

The benefits of using this bundles are as follows:

  • Vibrant looking skin
  • Cleansed skin
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes
  • Firmer and more smooth skin

You can buy this bundle direct from Evolution Slimming for just £49.99, which is considerably more cost effective than Nature Skin Labs. As it is unavailable for trial there are no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

Click here to read the full review!

86 comments on "Nature Skin Labs SCAM Report"
  1. This is exactly correct in regard to Nature Skin Labs – it’s not worth your time to sort out the mess you get into by subscribing. Nowhere on their website does it tell you you will have to pay for the trial whether you cancel it or not – and it also doesn’t tell you that once they have your card details they will take $270 without asking (in addition to the trial charges you agreed to)…

    I suggest you don’t risk it!

    • I also had the same experience,
      ordered free samples provided card details for the payment of P&P but have been charged P&P x 3 times and plus two payments of £90.57 & £92.75

      Why would anyone have to read T&C for a free sample?????
      What exactly shall I cancel in 14 days? I did not subscribe for any trials. I only ordered free sample.

      I thought the payment can only be taken at the point of transaction. It is illegal to keep customers card details.

      Surely you would not subscribe for a product you have not tried yet? This should be reported to trading standards and other authorities.

      • Please please NEVER be tempted to try the “free” trial. It cost me £400 and lots of sleepless nights. Impossible to get hold of anyone on the telephone.
        I feel rather silly giving my bank details to a free trial offer…. Payed for the postage. Just give this a miss.

      • I have had two amounts of money taken from my account, following a free sample of veloskincare, totalling £200. I have not ordered or received any product. This is total theft. Their customer service line is ridiculous as I can not understand who I am talking to. I have told them to cancel their fraudulent system. To ensure my safety, I. Am changing my card and number. Please don’t fall for this scam! I am 69 and this is my first time of being scammed on line. I am So Angry!

    • This is exactly the same scam as Rvtl anti ageing cream and probably the same people.. They use celebrities like Helen Mirren to get you to look at their product and entice you to obtain a ‘free’ trial. Then they withdraw money from your account and send more cream until it dawns on you what’s happening. They must make millions of money from thousands of unsuspecting people. They put out questionnaires in the name of other companies then offer you ‘free’ trials as a ‘prize’.
      Nobody seems prepared to stop them. There have been warnings on tv and even the Mail on line was offering 500 readers a trial of this cream. When I questioned them about their endorsement of a scam they refused to reply.

    • I sent the products back unopened and changed my mind regarding the trial.I took advice from them and sent them back to a po box in milton keynes.I Paid to track the post to make sure they got the creams.i INSISTED WITHIN 14 DAYS THAT I DID NOT WANT A TRIAL AND E MAILED THEM

      • The very same thing has happened to me and Nationwide gave the money back to these scammers. I will no longer use my Nationwide account because of this and am appalled too see that I am not the only person to have been scammed in this way!

  2. I have tried the two products together and there was no difference to my lines around the eyes even after the two weeks. i consider the trial to be a waste of time and hopefully i will be in time to cancel, so no charges will be taken from my acct.

    • check your account it is probably already taken. cancel the automatic subscription which is in T&C otherwise they will be taking money every month. Speak to your bank so that they can block the further payments going out.

  3. Never ever ever be tempted to log onto this completely and utterly useless site. The product us useless and it will cost you an unbelievable amount of mobey( a week abroad). It is a complete scam. Beware. It is never going to make you look good.

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I bought into this scam. Horrified is never going to explain my feelings. They prey on the vulnerable and weak. I feel so cheated, I’m struggling to get across at how I feel about these robbers.

  5. After reading this I have tried to ring and cancel but this number “has not been allocated” I’ve e-mailed but I’m concerned this will not work, can’t believe I fell for it.

    • contact your bank and they can stop them from taking anymore money from your account

    • Go to your bank and stop any further payments going out or cancel your card. By ticking T& C box you have agreed to automatic subscription. It is a scam. They will be taking your money every month.

    • i too was gullible enough to try this and at no time was informed that nearly £200 was going to be taken from my account. You can phone 0203 769 1395 and cancel. They have requested that I return the products to get a refund which I am doing and I have spoken to my bank to cancel any further payments. I am disgusted with how these companies can get away with such misleading advertising. Incidentally I did try to read all the information however the terms and conditions would not show fully on my iphone! They’ve obviously set it up this way!!! Good luck!

  6. I have just been a victim of this scam. At no time whatsoever was I advised I was going to be charged over £200 PER MONTH for this product. I was led to believe that it was a free trial, £2.95 postage; I was also prompted to purchase a second product at £9.00. After checking my credit card bill they have taken numerous amounts that do not add up. I have complained to them but am being fobbed off.

    I’ve still got as many wrinkles as I had before and can only warn people not to fall for this scam.

    If I was able to afford £200 a month for a face moisturiser I would save up and get a face lift!! Lol.

    A very dissatisfied customer.

    • Cancel the subscription on their website. Go to your bank and stop any further payments from going out. Change your card.

      • I did go to the bank to stop the payment being taken out but they apply under a different name thus taking out £93 out of my account just before my Christmas shopping trip

    • Ditto ditto ditto!!!! Phone your bank and cancel any future payments and ring 0203 769 1395 and ask for a refund. I am returning my products, if I was paying that much money I too would get a face lift or botox or something!!! I would never had agreed to pay such an amount. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

  7. What dishonest people. I have just made an email enquiry about nature skin labs creams trail. 4 mins after filling in my name, phone number & email address, I received a phone call from Norwork, CT, USA, from Nature Skin Labs. I was so shocked that a company would call me so quickly, I said I wasn’t wanting to speak to them right now & that I would deal with the credit card details on line only. I thankfully thought this was so pushy, I smelled a rat. I decided to google reviews. Thank you so much everyone above for saving me a fortune. Hopefully you will now save many more people being cheated out of precious money and time. These people are greedy and dishonest. Has anyone any suggestions how the best way to report these guys ?

  8. Fell for this today!! Got suspicious when they rang me back asking for my bank security number of course I didn’t give them it, what fool would over the phone. Got straight on to my bank to cancel the transaction and all future transactions to this company. Removes wrinkles this company has just given me more lol PLEASE AVOID.


    • I also purchased the ‘free’ sample as I thought for £2.95. The receipt showed a total of £11.15.
      At the bottom of the receipt it stated that I had signed up for membership and would receive the products on a monthy basis. There was no indication that this was the case until payment went through. All I wanted was the sample as described . I called them straight away, but they refused to cancel the order. I phonesd my bank who agreed to stop the charge to my account and block any further payments being taken. This is a total scam. The funny thing is this offer came up on the Daily Mail rewards website.

    • Phone your bank and report it as a scam. They may be able to get your money back and stop any further debits on your account

  10. Thank you all for your honest reviews. Fortunately I always search for reviews before I buy anything these days!
    I just watched a video for the anti aging cream and thought it was to good to be true! I’ll stick to my aldi creams they’re serving me well and they’re all under a fiver! Sorry to all of you who have been scammed.

  11. I too fell for it, I cancelled on day 14 and money had already come out of my account. It’s a huge rip off. I contacted them and they asked how I found the product. The nerve after they had taken my money. I read terms and you have 14 day cancellation period so no money should have been taken now£ 94 lighter and still no refund. My advice don’t bother with them

  12. I had not entered my card details on line and a phone call from Connecticut. I asked about the future charges I had read about in the T&C and was assured I can cancel within 14 days if I am not happy with the product results. I was given the website natureskinlabs.com and ID reference numbers for moisturiser and eye serum. I felt excited the products would arrive in 3 working days. Now after finding this review I have reported the scam to my bank. I was advised to send the products back by recorded delivery. The bank advised they can get your new card details but under visa protection the charges will be reimbursed. Thank you to everyone who posted. Do not use the cream send it back, inform the bank ASAP !

  13. I ordered the 2 products on 31 October and sent an e-mail today 12 November to cancel their products – I call them to make sure I had the right e-mail address, no reply – I then read all your comments and I called my bank to stop them taking money out of my account- My bank told me it was going to take a full working day to stop it i.e. tomorrow evening – by that time it is going to be 13 days after my order- I had paid with my credit card and hopefully even if they take the money tomorrow 13 my credit card will re-imburse mefor the transaction WLS-WHOLENUTRASHOP 800-8141587. They did call me straight away after my order saying that for the 2 products to arrive together I need to give them again my credit card details as one of the transaction was stopped by my bank – which I know now it was not true – So that is probably when they enrolled you as a membership subscription – my advice as soon as you have the product – contact your bank to stop their transaction

  14. Wish I read this before I to was fooled, thought I had ordered a free sample plus the £10 offer next thing I’ve had payments of £92 taken out my bank account, I did email them and have received an email back to say they have now cancelled my membership!!!!!! I wasn’t aware I he’d even signed up for one, very harsh lesson to have learnt

    • Hi I’m so pissed to think I feel for this product it was only today when I got a email saying that they were sending me more creams that I checked my card statement to see they took £187. I’m so angry i would rather have given my money to some one that needed it.

  15. I requested samples from this group. I received them. I used them over a 10-day period. I saw no advantage to my skin. I called to stop anything else from them. They were not available at the time I called. I emailed them. Then I called my bank to stop any further charges from them. My bank stopped anything else, and then told me that this group was on their scam-watch list, and that this group was trying as of that moment to charge me about $250.00, and this was before the 14-day trial period was up. Luckily, I have a great bank, watchful and smart. So I have not lost anything from these snake oil salesmen/saleswomen. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY WILL GET IN ANY WAY THEY CAN. THIS GROUP WAS ADVERTISED BY DR OZ, AND I AM SURPRISED AT THAT. THERE ARE SO MANY SCAMS OUT THERE LIKE THIS. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT MESS YOU ARE PUTTING ON YOUR FACE. THERE IS NO WAY TO CHECK IT OUT.

  16. Am disgusted with myself for falling for this. Should have been suspicious when samples offered were nothing like the advert (clinique).
    However did not realise I had signed up for a subscription!
    Have email address – have tried to phone but customer services seem to have limited working time!
    Where do I return their goods to? Does anyone have an address?

    • Please please NEVER be tempted to try the “free” trial. It cost me £400 and lots of sleepless nights. Impossible to get hold of anyone on the telephone.
      I feel rather silly giving my bank details to a free trial offer…. Payed for the postage. Just give this a miss. I also still have the goods waiting to be sent back. Although email after email no one will even attempt to give an address to return goods. That says plenty….they dont even want it back! I’m furious with myself. No fool like….. Blah blah.

  17. I nearly fell for this today!

    The small paragraph at the very end of the process raised alarms. Where by you would automatically have additional payments taken if membership not cancled within a given time frame.
    The reason I post .. Is the endorsements on social media and online by parties up until today I have trusted. There outlets and marketing are also 2nd to none.
    With believable testimonials. This is what I find most worring and the people they are targeting really can not afford these scams.

    So thank you very much, this page has stopped two of my friends and myself from becoming victims.

  18. I was distraught to find Nature Skin Labs had taken a number of unauthorised payments each over £90 from my bank account after I had taken up their offer on ageless serum and moisurizer products.. I pride myself of being very aware of being conned by anyone and am shocked and ashamed to have to admit that I have fallen for this Nature Skin Labs scam. Shaking and in tears I have sought the help of my bank in sorting this embarressing mess out.. totally agree that
    neither of the products that I bought from Nature Skin
    Labs have changed the appearance of my facial
    lines…There should be some sort of online legal
    register available to the public that names these
    scamming companies/individuals.

  19. I was not away that I had agreed to a trial In fact I am pretty sure I DID NOT. Is there ANY ACTION I can take? They said products would be at a LOW Price £90 is hardly a low price. I am throwing all my products, as they do not help my face at all. It Is SCANDOLOUS that people can make a living by CHEATING people out of their money. How can they sleep at night.

    Does Juliet Stephenson know her face is being used to sell their products?

    I have lost £400, which is very upsetting.

  20. I got caught the same way when I sent for free trial with slimming pills only to find the we’re charging me every month 96 pound on direct debit.it took me forever to get this stopped the Bank Manager. Managed in the end but it took a couple of months. Just remember nothing is free in the business world.What I now do ,is like this cream they are. Advertising I go onto Google put the name of the product in and u p it comeswith the price this cream is abou t 45.00 and the other stuff about thirty,not cheap but it’s yours and they can’t come after you through your bank balance!!! Not Free I know but better to pay a little up front than be scammed for large amounts. Hope this will be usefull to you.

    • Did anyone get my last message? It disappeared. After placing an order, within 15 minutes I sent a message to cancel it. I received the product this morning and £2.95 has already been taken from my account. I have spoken to the company tonight and they want me to return the jar of cream and ring them back with a tracking number. After reading all the comments, do you think I will get my postage back or do I just keep the jar of cream. I have spoken to my bank and instructed them that no further payments are to be made to this company. I am a pensioner and I told them I couldn’t afford the high monthly payments.

  21. the same thing happened to me I just thought I was getting a cheap product couple of weeks later 2 payments one 98 and another for 90 were taken out of my account I have three kids xmas is coming I am on my own I hope the people who do this get what their deserve they are disgusting and banks are no better for letting the payments go throw

    • I am also a victim. I bought the trial few days ago. Next day of my order I had a call. The operator was asking me to confirm my card my card detail, which I refused. He insists so much that I Saadi to him to not send the product to me. He told me he will not send it. 2 days latter the product arrived. No bill? Just a dispatch note with the customer service which I checked it wasn’t them but FedEx who delivered the product. Today I decided to google the product again, thanks to you guy for leaving the customer service number, I called them to cancel the operator insisted that I have still few more days to test the product and she also said that she will give me 25% discount which I refused. She still kept saying that the same storie, I then asked her to speak to her manager she then gave me a reference number and the address where I should send the product ” POBox 7574 Milpon Kewnis MK119Q. I also went to my bank and inform them what is happened to me, The Bank agent tried to find the company T&C but I can’t believe that he find it to another name A&T as they are countunualy taken small amount of money in My account like £4, £3 etc… He adviced me to cancel my card what I did. Thanks to my bank!

  22. Hi I have also been scammed by this company. I paid postage for the 2 items then read this website so canx my credit card with the bank so they couldn’t charge me any further as it dows state on the T&C they will charge you £100 per month. I emailed them and received a RMA number, they have stated I need to return the 2 items and pay for the postage. If I don’t return them they said they will charge me full price. What a con!!!

  23. A few days ago they took £98 and £84 from my credit card. i phoned my credit card company up and they said it was taken but not gone into ther bank as it takes up to 7 days to clear in to there acount. So I was so happy that my credit card could stop the payment. So if you have paid on your credit card in the last few days it’s worth telling them what has happened so they can stop payment going ahead.

  24. As everyone has said – THIS IS A CON!
    I got caught too and have alerted my bank to stop all payments. The first thing that told me it was a con was that within minutes of signing up for the free trial I got a phone call. I immediately said that I didn’t want the product and that if they took any money then I would report them to the police. They called back ten minutes later and I again told them that I would report them and to cancel the sample. The next day I got another call at which time I told them in words of one syllable to keep their samples! !!! The next day my bank informed me that they had tried to take £94.46 out of my account. Thank God for my bank. I wish I could send them something that ticks.

  25. if they tray to get any money fron my bank then a son then not right to do this a want to cancel my order know thanks

  26. I found this on the Daily Mail mymail website and was led to believe it was a Daily Mail offer. They have denied this and said nothing to do with them.
    I have been told that if I return the ‘sample’ they will refund the money taken from my credit card. However, the address does not exist.
    Can anyone help with a bone fide address for this company.
    I think it is in Milton Keynes.
    I am furious with myself for falling for this scam.

  27. This experience happened to my little sister ..she gave her card details and paid for the postage as it says that you only need to pay it. She asked for one but they sented her 2 which means they toke her money from the bank for both and on the same day there was lots of money been taking out ..without her knowing about it until is to late… not sure how they calling it if it fee of something or what. she called them and said that she want to cancel it..they asked to return it and gived her the address which means that she also have to pay for the postage. (Po 74/7 melton keynes
    Mk 11 9GQ not sure the address given) ₩she was so angry about it and sad too as she just started college and her money been wasted for nothing. I told her to take all the money of her bank for now so nothing happen at the time…or until she speak to the bank or some else. For me this is so bad but good experience for her to learn from and to learn to not give her card details or even hers .

  28. I have fallen for this scam and just had two payments deducted from account £94.05 + £91.93
    have instructed bank to cancel any further payments I thought it would be safe as the Daily Mail is a trusted site how wrong can you be all phone numbers on paperwork are not real.

  29. I was very annoyed to get scammed with these products – after complaining numerous times I have now had half the cost knocked off – which I suppose is better than nothing. I am deeply fuming with myself for getting conned by this company – plus the stuff is useless!

  30. Yes they scammed me through the Daily Mail Rewards website – the paper should know better

  31. I too have been conned I am ashamed to say I just sent for the free trial did not know it was 14 days they have taken two payments of £92 out of my account I paid by debit card which I have now changed is there anyway they get the new card details I am a pensioner I cannot afford this money

  32. With regards to my order 3314671 and 3314672 which was received and paid for. But to my horror I have rec’d more e-mails regarding order that I have not place which come to £183.86. I do not want these items and would like the funds returned to my account.

    • The above is a review warning others about this product. If you want a refund I suggest you try contacting them. Failing that I would suggest that you speak to your bank.

    • email the company immediately and also inform your bank or credit card company – hopefully you may get 50% knocked off the total bill. Keep sending them emails also if you got the original deal through Daily Mail Rewards also contact them

  33. I have been phoned three times today from this company calling for a Margaret Jones. There is no one by that name at my phone number. The last call was at 1130pm. I asked them if it was their policy to phone people so late in the night time. They have the wrong number.

  34. Please please please have nothing to do with this company total con have had to today cancel my debit card after they nicked nearly6£ 200 please get straight onto your bank if you have made a purchase and please report them

  35. I agree with all of you it is a total scam and they totally rip you off
    Happened with me . Same story like other .
    Can believe that why trading so city haven’t banned them.
    At no point on order they mention term and conditions in detail plus they confuse you agreeing term for paying postage money not that you will be subcribing l it and it is auto ship
    Total mess and rubbish company
    No results total lie

  36. nearly fell for it but had a gut feeling all was not quite right try to cancel but was told not possible so got onto my bank and put it into their hands they will not pay out any monies and have cancelled my old card and issued me with a new one they will also monitor any payment requests thank god for a decent bank and my gut feelings

  37. today received 2 packages from them even after repeated emails cancelling free trial have again e mailed them saying that if I did not want their products ,I had cancelled their products and they would not get paid for the goods as I had put them on stop at the bank ,I have also told them that I would not sending the goods back and that the onus is on them to collect them if not collected I would charge the company storage if not picked up within 6mths I would have them destroyed and again charge them ,if not paid I would pursue them through the small claims court

  38. I ordered this product as a free trial and all I was asked to pay was postage but to date you have taken
    17th Nov Nba Healthplus £89.35
    17th Nov Transaction Fee 2.65
    17th Nov Psm Puresourcemail 91.40
    17th Nov Transaction Fee 2.73
    30thNov Nba Healthplus 89.97
    30th Nov Transaction Fee 2.69
    30th Nov Psm Puresourcemail 92.03
    30th Nov Transaction Fee 2.75
    Total £372.57
    please refund to me all money and stop sending the products I am telling my credit card to stop all payments and request monies back

    • Debbie, you will need to contact Nature Skin Labs yourself. This website has no link to this or any other trial offer.

    • Almost a repeat of my case but fortunately my bank picked up the scam and we were able to
      stop the transaction mid way,we are not yet sure that all the monies will be recovered.Firms with other names have also been involved with this obvious scam. Where are Trading Standars when this obvious fraud is taking place

  39. the B——-s have taken £400 from me…i have only recieved i shity bottle,,,they need sorting and quickly,,,

  40. Does anyone know where their depot is,,if so please post on here,,i have something i need to give them

  41. a bunch of robbing cunts I hope your business accidently gets set on fire

  42. Having been through the same experience as all of you,am considering getting trading standards involved,or watch dog,hope all of you will do the same,do you all agree with this decision,as it is all rubbish

  43. Having almost been caught by rvtl and Equinox free trial (luckily I googled it and saw the scam warnings) I have since discovered that these scams are rife on the Internet. I have seen trials for numerous face creams, diet pills, teeth whiteness etc. all offer Free trial for p&p. Most of them have medical or celebrity endorsements designed to make you trust them. In my case it was Ellen degeneres. It appears that they operate just within the law by burying the repeat shipping orders in their hard to find terms and conditions. I suspect many of them merely switch to a new company once the negative publicity comes out and orders slow down. Also by claiming you have to use 2 products to get the best results they cleverly get you to commit to 2 contracts (usually under separate direct debit names so is you stop one contract they will continue to debit the other until you catch on). They are deceptive, underhand and obviously have no conscience. They cause untold stress and financial hardship to thousands who get sucked in. There must be a change in the trading laws to stop this terrible practice and full accountability for the companies involved. Meanwhile be cautious. Beware any free offers, Google before you buy. It will save you a lot of money.

  44. Just been completely ripped off. Taken £184 out of my account. Can anyone give me any help on getting my money back ???

  45. They stolen from my count too!!! Almost £200 !!!
    I went to Rayanair to buy some tiquets to fly then appeared a questionary about Rayanair service….and as a gift they offer me a cream,silly my I bought the offer for £5 ….as a result they stolen me almost £200!!! Never again. Don’t buy anything from this company

  46. I have also fallen victim to this scam. I found the offer through InboxPounds.com where they paid me if I signed up to it. When I signed up I thought I would only had to pay the shipping cost and receive the product for free. Last week I found I was overdrawn without knowing why. A few days later I saw that Nature Skin Labs had taken £93.60 from my account plus several smaller non-Sterling charges. I contacted the company asking why I was charged the larger amount and they quickly got back to me saying I misunderstood the terms and conditions that described the amount I was charged as a “low price.” There’s nothing low about that price! Also the terms and conditions I found on the website were more specific than those I was sent by e-mail saying I would be charged at least $110, which is probably the equivalent to the £93.60 I was charged. To make matters worse I haven’t received the product yet but when I do I will return it to see if I can get a full refund.

  47. i too have been conned by these unscrupulous people . i have reported them to trading standards and my bank is working with visa reclaim to get back my money. The sooner they are out of business the better for all .
    I have been charged 661 dollars and all i got as 2 bottles of product !!!!!!

  48. I suspect I have been scammed from this company a second time despite my membership being cancelled. I have contacted them again saying I have possibly been charged again and have explained that as a university student I am on a tight budget now hardy have any money used to purchase more essential things. I have even shared this link with them and told them I would report them to Trading Standards if they didn’t reimburse me. Worst of all they have taken most of my Christmas gift money that I only got today.

  49. The people at the company have not yet responded to the latest message I sent them so I reported them to my bank as well as Action Fraud.

  50. I have been charged a further £91.88 plus a transaction fee of £1.84. Might as well contact the company further.

  51. Been f#+*led over can’t beleive how low someone would go!!! Took my kids Christmas money from bank£195!!! Any help on getting t it back, my bank is on the case but need as much information as possible
    T Appleton

  52. Oct.2015-I requested a trial offer from nature skin labs.
    Approx 10 days later I was notified by my banks fraud dept.that they had taken money our of my acct. First .o4,.05.09 cents the 109.00 and 104.00 and p o s fees totaling 426.00 for a 1 oz jar of creme. Really,I called the company. …ahmall…vita pure life?????who are they?
    The rep.told me that I didn’t cancel my subscription in time so they assume you want to continue. I requested a trial offer and had received no paperwork to state this info.just an envelop and creme with address in St petersbur,FL. Filed dispute with Bank and B b b complaint and still not been reimbursed yet. I was robbed and they have got away with it.That money was for Christmas for my grandkids.

  53. I too ordered a free sample after filling out a survey online.

    They charged my credit card with no notice after 14 days. I called them and received a credit for two exorbitant charges, even though I only received one product. They extended my ‘trial’ period and told me to call by a certain date to cancel. I called on that date and was told I would have to either return what was left of the ‘free sample’ or be charged 50% for what was left of the product.

    I agreed to return the product just to get them out of my life. I received two RMA numbers by e-mail and called my bank again to tell them not to accept any more charges from these scammers. Caveat Emptor! Caveat Emptor!

  54. Jan. 25 … entered free draw supposedly provided by my internet provider in western Canada ( Shaw ) and got re-routed into this scam … once they sent me the outline of terms of conditions that I read immediately for receiving the ‘ free sample ‘ of their skin cream … I phoned their customer service # immediately and demanded to cancel the transaction and the ‘ free trial order ‘ and that told them firmly I was not agreeing to additional monthly billing for future products … April in customer service has sent an email verifying cancellation of the order that had only been initiated within the past half hour … I am not one who falls for scams but it seems they are moving around the world targeting potential victims … I warned them if there were any future charges to my account I would have no hesitation going to the authorities/ bank / charge card company etc…. grrrrrr

  55. This is a complete rip off. Don’t even go there! I’m out $200 with no Products.

  56. My mum bought this product in November last year, £20 originally for a moisturiser. Fair enough.
    In the following months she kept receiving this moisturiser and a anti ageing serum thought nothing else of it, being £20 per month she thought she would give it a try.
    Recently (August) she began to wonder why her bank balance was short, she’s near 60 and not clued up on Internet or online banking.

    Turns out this company, selling products labelled Natures Skin Labs, has withdrawn a whopping £1993.35 from her bank. To say she is upset I’d an understatement.
    Having found this out I began searching for the seller and got in contact with them and the bank. After length discussions my bank advised to take up the company’s offer to cancel the latest months order and a refund of £96 and £93. She feels humiliated by what has happened to her and embarrassed that she hadn’t checked her outgoings sooner.

    For 10 months this disgusting organisation has managed to swindle almost 2 thousand pounds from my family, and Al because of some poxy fake moisturiser that comes in a pathetic jiffy bag, sealed in a cheap container.

    If anyone has had a return from their bank regarding this issue please advise me how/when it happened, my mum banks with a small local savings bank.

    Thank you, joe

  57. I bought this free trial for £2.95 but when I came to search for it to see what I had bought I came across this website. I am very grateful because I managed to contact the fraud department at my bank and cancel my card before any other money was taken from my account. The fraud department have put an alert on veloskincare.com who sent me the anti aging serum.

    When I tried to contact them by email it was returned to me as undelivered. When I rang the
    Tel: UK 0800 046 7440 it sounded like a call center in Asia. I was given a very strange PO box address to send the product back to instead of the Milton Keynes address on the package or the website.

    Astral Health Ltd
    UK address:
    Astral Health Ltd, reg.num.9663558, 71-75 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, United Kingdom – WC2H 9JQ

    PO Box 7580
    MK11 9GX
    United Kingdom.

    Tel: UK 0800 046 7440

    You can cancel the recurring billing and trial
    any time by calling our Customer Service:
    Tel: UK 0800 046 7440
    Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm
    Saturday 9am to 3pm

    I hope this helps someone else who gets conned by this company. It seems to go around and around in circles with many different companies and call centres involved. I am hoping that only the initial payment will come out. The bank seemed confident they could stop any payments leaving my account. I am reporting them to the Trading Standards too.

    • Also the pump type bottle that I received had no tube inside it to pump the cream up. And I highly doubt that the cream in the bottle would do anything for my skin.

  58. This company will rip you off stay away

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