Natural Ceramides Youth Cream SCAM Report

Natural Ceramides Youth Cream SCAM Report

Natural Ceramides Youth Cream is supposedly able to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, which will help you to look year younger, but how does it work?

Also, as this is available for trial is it good value for money? In the past trial offers have not been a good idea as they more often than not lead onto an auto-ship program. Is this the case with this offer?

In this review we will look at both the cream and the offer in general to see if it is as effective as claimed and whether we would recommend it or not.

Claimed benefits of Natural Ceramides

This cream supposedly offers its users the following benefits:

  • Rapidly reduce wrinkles
  • Remove unwanted age spots
  • Maximise hydration of skin cells
  • Strengthen epidermal protection
  • Smoothen facial skin surfaces
  • Minimise appearance of fine lines
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Stimulate collagen growth
  • Amplify pore cleansing
  • Reverse physical signs of ageing

This all sounds promising, but as with any supplement or cream it is always best to see exactly how it works before you sign up for the offer.

What is the Natural Ceramides Youth Cream made from?

The Natural Ceramides Youth Cream is made from 5 natural ingredients; Argireline®np, Hydresia®SF2, Ceramide Complex CLRTM K, Matrixyl®3000 and DermalRxl®HydroSeal.

Many of these ingredients have been used in other anti-ageing creams, so I can certainly expect some benefits to be experienced by those using this cream.

Before we can recommend the product though we will need to look at what its price is.

How much does the trial really cost?

The price of this trial is unclear as there is neither any information on the sales page, nor in the terms and conditions.

What we do know though is that you have 18 days to trial this product before being charged the full amount. What this is though is anyones guess.

Is the Natural Ceramides trial offer a scam?

While this product does contain ingredients that are likely to offer you some benefit it is impossible to recommend due to a complete lack of pricing information.

Personally I would not be handing over my banking details to a company that cannot disclose the price of its own product.

I would look for an alternative if I were you.

How to contact Natural Ceramides?

The contact information for the Natural Ceramides trial offer are as follows:

Phone: 844-812-0404
Email: support@naturalceramides.com

If you have tried this cream yourself then please leave a comment below with your own findings.

Is there an alternative?

My suggested alternative is not even a cream but using it can improve your skin health from within.

This supplement is a Hydrolysed Collagen supplement, and it is available online for $47 for a months supply from Evolution Slimming.

Using this supplement can help to boost your natural collagen levels so various skin boosting benefits can be experienced.

As it is not available for trial there will be no hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to read the full review!

38 comments on "Natural Ceramides Youth Cream SCAM Report"
  1. when i ordered the natural ceramides and the hydroxacel eye effect treatment, it was supposed to be a free sample ( I had to pay $ 4.95 for each one. Shortly after I received the product, they took out $99.98 out of my checking account. I didn’t even have a chance to see if it really works . so far it hasn’t worked for me. I would like to have my money back, all i got was the “free” samples. I had to change my account number to keep them from taking more out.

    • Hello..I have the same problem like you with the Natural ceramides cream…What do you do?They refund your money???

      • This is bs I’m getting ready reoccurring charges out of my bank account 118.00 I’m a guy 47 years old I don’t need cream someone’s scammed me I’m on disability I can’t afford this

    • Same thing happened here about 3 months ago. So, I called # and it served by voice, mentioning if you want to cancel it “Press 1”. I did it. But, It kept coming, I pushed “0” to talk representative. I could not believe them based on their way of talking and treating to customer. I think you are right. I have to change my bank account before it’s too late.

    • I received the “trial” offer, not realizing that they immediately start taking 99.98 out of your account. Bad on my part, for not checking bank statements as I should. I finally figured out how to contact them (no invoice is enclosed in with packaging). Then they tried to talk me into continuing with them. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

    • it happened to me too! but i called to cancel bc I didn’t see any result at all…:(

  2. I cancelled this product long time ago, returned two jars of cream. I never got any refunds. I was out of the country when l came back they had already charged two more jars to my account. I had changed my card number, so l don’t know how you got my bank card number. How do you steal people’s credit card numbers? This is what l call credit card theft. I would like to have my money back into my account please

  3. Hello..I buy at you a trial Natural ceramides.I dont like it .But know I was charged for 56.26 pound for another product…I want a full refund i dont wanna other product.

    • Marina, the above is a review. This website has no link to any trial offer.

      • THIS IS A SCAM!!!! I received the trial offer & before I knew It. I was charged $120.00 out of my account. No invoice in packaging to let you know what was going to be charged to you. Credit card theft for sure!!!

  4. I do not want this product! You have taken out 99.72 and 94.72 out of my account and I want my money back! If I do not receive my money back in my account by next week I will turn you in for the scam that this is. I did not order this and the money you took from me was for our meds. We live on a fixed income and that money is sure needed right now.

    • As stated already this website has no association with this or any other trial offer. There are contact details provided in the above review, I suggest you try using one of them.

  5. Same thing — By the time I got the product, I did not have it long enough to know if it did anything, and then suddently $99 out of my account,. Not, I received another jar. No return address or shipping document in the box – so no information regarding where to return or anything. I will be sharing this information everywhere. I am still unsure how to cancel!!! This is a SCAM

  6. Same thing happened to me. I called today to find out why they took 99.75 plus shipping cost out of my account. The guy said the contract said if I didn’t send it back in 2 weeks I would be billed the full cost. I didn’t know that because if I had I wouldn’t have ordered it. I closed out my account and opened a new one so they can’t get any more money from me. I told him I want my money back, he said he won’t refund my money but will send me a ” free 30 day supply”.The number I called is 844-812-0404′

  7. SCAM SCAM SCAM. This is such an underhanded shady scam. Do not order this product. They will get your credit card information and take out what they want to. Do not order this please!

  8. This is a shady scam. Why do they say free trial when I did not even have this product for a week. I used for 2 days and my face started to itch like crazy. I called ceramides and they told me I could not return it but they would send me another order for 39.00. Why would I want another order when I had such a problem with it. They are the first company that would not take their product back. There must be something that can be done about their underhanded practices. DONT BUY FROM CERMIDES THEY ARE REALLY A SHADY BUNCH.

  9. I was offered a product (1oz jar of face cream) with promotion price of $4.95 shipping charges as part of an Choix.com purchase and was charged this amount on my credit card. I also received a charge of $3.95 shipping for another kind of cream that was also promoted as FREE, shipping only but never received. I received the jar of face cream. The next month I was charged $94.74 by the same company.I was also charged on 2/14 from this company under the name FACE $83.74. I did not agree to this, nor did I agree to any other further charges or products. I called the company to complain and ask to reverse the $94.74 charge and the $83.73 charge but company representative refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they hung up on me. I ONLY received the jar of face cream which was advertised as FREE with paid shipping. This is the biggest scam going. They just keep hitting your card under different names but the same contact. I want my money back.

    • Same happened to me exactly $94.74 unauthorized 2 weeks after receiving the “free” sample. My bank sent an alert to me, and I responded that it was not an authorized charge, then got a new card. 3 weeks after investigation the bank notified me that the company provided information verifying it was a legitimate charge. I called the contact number, and was told they could do nothing because I had closed the account. So I went to my bank, the bank officer sat down with me and called them… THEY HUNG UP ON HIM. He then called the banks corporate fraud officer, told the representative about it… so she put us on conference call, and SHE called. After going through the same run around, they HUNG UP ON HER! She agreed then to give me back a credit, and is having the banks fraud unit deal with the company!

  10. I ordered the free sample for $4.95 they sent it to me… in a box that said free sample … no receipt nothing in the box to cancel new shipments – when billed on my credit card I had to fight to get my money back because it took me 32 months to notice they sent me 2 more samples in a box marked FREE SAMPLE with nothing again in the box saying where it was coming from and how much they are charging. The product turns your face white and does not work. and have to fight to get your money back – $almost $300 charged to my card and I still don’t even know who the company really is. I cant believe FACEBOOK lets this practice happen through facebook advertisements. WOW – I will never buy through social media again. they finally said they will refund my money … stay tunes we will see. I had to go through my bank to find out who this company is!!! CRAZY –

    • I do not regularly check my account and I just learned I’ve been charged upwards of $500. Please let me know how you went about getting your charges removed. Thaqnk you!

  11. THIS IS A FRAUD! SCAM! call your credit card company and CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW ASAP!
    I placed the order and within 2 seconds had 4 charges of 2.95 each and the 4.95. Credit card company have been notified of this fraud and are processing the information to close them down. BUT cancel your credit card NOW!!! The phone number on email in not correct!

  12. I considered ordering this for my wife, when I got to the second page of the free offer, they wanted to bill shipping cost, I backed out and decided to look online ( Amazon) for similar products and reviews.
    Literally within 30 seconds I got a phone call from a foreign sounding woman wanting to verify my address and help my complete the order. Very fishy. The caller id was from a local number, a spoofed number of sorts. I called it back and it was ” the Sales Dept.” and not available to take calls, please refer to you order confirmation to contact a service agent.

    Shady all the way around.
    I think I’ll pass on this company.

  13. Beware– this “free trial offer” is a scam. Do not order or give your credit card number.

  14. I ordered this product for the free trial plus shipping. It has “free gift enclosed” on outside of box, but only a P.O.Box No. The pamphlet inside has so many errors, i’m scared of what”s inside the jar. I”m going to cancel. I dont use a credit card online anymore – I bought some reloadable debit cards. Based on what I’ve read in the reviews, I won’t load more funds on this one, so balance will only be $10.00 which is required to keep open. I was not told to return the free trial product, it’s opened, but not used.
    Hope everyone is successful getting their refunds

  15. I ordered a free sample of the ceramide cream and all I had to pay was shipping $4.95.
    I wasn’t supposed to be charged anything else. when I looked at my account I was charged on different dates a total of $283.86. when I called the company to complain about the charges I was told that I knew the policy and the customer services lady slammed the phone and hung up on me leaving me with words in my mouth and un answered questions.
    I quickly got online and send a email to my bank customer service to dispute the money that this company stole from my acct.
    so I hope you don’t make the same MISTAKE I made by ordering with this company they just want you money

  16. When I buy anything online I never use my debit card. After being charged $200 for a $9.99 risk free trial of fat burning pills years ago. After that little lesson I began using a Wal-Mart prepaid credit/debit card. When I want to purchase something online I go to Wal-Mart and load enough money to cover the purchase onto the card. You never have to worry about losing money do to hidden charges. The last time I used a Wal-Mart prepaid card I paid $4.95 for the card and added the amount needed for my online purchase. The card is no way connected to my bank account. The card is usable right after you activate it. You will receive another card through the mail with your name embossed on it, you will have to activate it as well. I hope everyone finds this info helpful. The dishonestly of these free trial offers are so unfair and down right mean. Good day to everyone and remember to “LIVE and LET LIVE”

    they send you product and you pay only shipping and handling. they will send you an email and you have the option to decline further product being sent to you. the ONLY thing they don’t tell you is that you must also CALL to further cancel your option to buy more product.
    then after trial period is over you will have $89.74 charged to your account and it will be too late to cancel. I called customer service 3 times and was HUNG UP ON THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. (awesome customer service).
    MAJOR SCAM—BEWARE unless you have $89.74 to throw away.

  18. here’s how this SCAM works. you order the eye cream (free) you pay only shipping and handling ($4.95). they send you two different products with NO INVOICE-no paper work what so ever. they send you an email that you can cancel any future shiipments (if you do not want the eye cream). what you don’t realize is that you have to CALL and CANCEL the second product that they sent you unknowingly. there IS NO PAPERWORK included in the free shipment that you are going to be charged $89.00. when you call to complain they will tell you that it is pass the trail time to cancel the second product (that you did not know they were sending). and they will hang up on you (it happened three different times to me).
    NOW—I went to my bank to complain about them running their SCAM and taking the money from my debit card. they could not get my money back, but the bank did was to call customer service for me. ONCE THEY REALIZED IT WAS THE BANK CALLING-THEY WERE AS NICE AS COULD BE. they said I could send the product back for a full refund or I could keep the product and pay half the price ($40) . I told them I was afraid if I sent it back that their SCAM WOULD NOT RETURN my money, so I chose to keep the product and they did credit me back half of $89 IF-IF-IF I WOULD” NOT DISPUTE THE SITUATION ANY FURTHER.” go to your bank and have them call the company to get your money returned from the SCAM THEY ARE RUNNING. I ALSO HAD TO CANCEL MY DEBIT CARD SO THEY COULD NOT SCAM ME ANY FURTHER. the reason I tried this product was because DR. OZ had indorsed it. wonder if he is aware of the SCAM. good luck to all you people out there that are being SCAMMED.

    • I tried going through the website but it transfers me to a totally different kind of face cream. However, my experience is quite similar, the difference being, instead of using my bank for help I told them I would report this scam to my states Attorney General office and the better business bureau. First they offered me a 30% refund I stood firm and said I would still report them and then they offered me a 50% refund. I called the company on the 14th the day after receiving the product but they had already charged my account $129.74. He told me it was a 30 day trial but they charge your account after 14 days from the date of purchase not the date you receive the product. The best advice I can offer is that should you decide to purchase any trial offer from an unfamiliar company as soon as the product arrives contact them and cancel your account and ask them for a confirmation number.

  19. Wow, I am speechless, I experienced all of the above, no paperwork in box, overcharged, rude service rep when I called to complain also hung up on twice. They said they would cancel future shipments, but called my credit card company to make sure they did not process future charges, Horrified when I found out that ‘today’ they charged another $54.69 to my card. This company needs to be shut down. BEWARE!!!!!!!

  20. Hey, does anyone have there phone number to cancel. They say they ship my order but never came. I was in contact with the Thur email. But stupid phone or something happen and all info on them lost.

  21. This is a total scam. Every time you call they will act like there are system problems where they cannot access your account any longer when they find out you want to cancel. They continue to take our money from your account. This is illegal and they should be sued in a class action law suit!!!

  22. I ordered the free trial, paying $8.99 for shipping. They send the product without any document of shipping or anything. Next month they charged my credit card with $94.70. I called them and ask them to return the money they have taken without asking me if I wanted the products the told me will be arriving the next days. If I wanted my money back I have to return the”free trial. I couldn’t return the products and they didn’t send the supposed order that was suppose to arrive and they didn’t make any refund to my credit card. I will appreciate if someone can help all the people who feel deceived by this company.

  23. I ordered a free trial also. I ended up paying 4.95 for one “free” sample and 3.95 for another “free” sample. These charges were for supposedly for shipping and handling. Then they charged my account 99.74 and 89.74 for a total of 189.48.
    When I called them and asked for a refund they told me no refund would be offered because I called after the end of the trial period.
    I called them several times after that trying to get my refund. One person told me my account was cancelled, I thought this meant I would be getting my refund. I was wrong. I called again and the customer service rep HUNG UP ON ME after supposedly speaking to a customer service supervisor (I had asked to speak to a customer service supervisor). I called back a few minutes later and that customer service rep could not locate my account. What did they do?? Delete my account in the few minutes it took me to call back.
    This place is out to get as much money as possible while being rude to the people who decide cancel their accounts! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  24. Biggest scam around,cancel your card and report to better business bureau these people are ignorant thieves who should be arrested

  25. This happened to me as well and I am desputing this charge with my credit card company. I am glad I didnt use my debit card, because I would probably have to cancel it due to predatory nature of this scam. After reading some of these comments I am not sure I even want to call these jokers to try to get my money back. My credit card company customer rep told me to be nice and ask for 50% refund. I told her that there is no way I would be able to keep my cool on the phone. In my case, they associated themselves with a popular ABC show Shark tank. That is what made me(the skeptic) give them $3.99 for S&H in return for free sample of crap. I am so angry….please advise on what to do next.

  26. I need to know when I will be reimbursed for my money of $69 that was taken from my account , i have cancel my order on 1/12 and still do not see my funds return please contact me via email or by phone 682-812-1658 when i can expect my payment returned
    thank you

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