Lutragen Anti-Ageing Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Lutragen Anti-Ageing Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Lutragen is an anti-ageing cream that promises to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”.

The following review will look more closely at this skin cream and the offer overall to see firstly if it works as claimed, and secondly if the offer is good value for money.

If you are considering signing up for this offer then I would highly recommend that you read on. It may ensure you do not make a potentially expensive mistake.

Claimed benefits of Lutragen

Using Lutragen is claimed to offer the following user benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

It is important that you do not get too carried away with claims like this. The ingredient information is most important as this shows whether these claims are accurate or not.

Ingredients found in Lutragen

Unfortunately there is no label available to view, nor a list of ingredients used.

What we have instead is a short blurb stating that “whole collagen molecules” are delivered to your skin, and that the serum itself is “peptide-rich”.

While these statements sound impressive they mean very little without any ingredient information to back them up.

Price of the Lutragen trial offer

When you first visit the Lutragen there is no indication that this is a trial offer.

It is only after reading the terms and conditions that are located in the footer section of the website that this fact is revealed.

When you first sign up to this offer you must pay a shipping fee of $6.90. This covers the initial 14 day trial period.

Once this trial has elapsed you will be charged again, this time $131.

You will also discover that Lutragen operates an auto-ship program, meaning that you are going to be sent further monthly packages at full price.

These shipments will continue until you cancel your subscription to this scheme.

Is the Lutragen trial a scam?

The claims made by Lutragen will surely entice many to sign up for the trial, unfortunately looking at the website shows that these people are going to be disappointed when they realise they have not seen any benefit.

These customers will also feel aggrieved when they realise just how expensive this trial offer is. This will likely lead to complaints being made about this offer.

I would suggest that you avoid this offer and to do thorough research when looking at trial offers like this in the future. They are rarely as good an offer as they appear to be.

Contact details for Lutragen

To cancel this trial offer you should use the following contact information:

Phone: +44-3308084582 (UK), +61-863777431 (Australia) or +64-9-80-11-070 (New Zealand)
Email: support@customeremail.net

Please leave your own review for us below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

Alternative to Lutragen

XYZ Smart CollagenThe anti-ageing product we would choose as an alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen.

This cream contains ingredients that have been shown to boost collagen production, while also slowing down the rate that it is broken down.

Benefits you should expect include:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin
  • A more youthful appearance

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial, so hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

102 comments on "Lutragen Anti-Ageing Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. My experience with Lutragen is that it is a huge SCAM please avoid this product and company. The 14 days apparently starts the day you make the order and NOT when it’s received but you have to check the fine print to know this. The product has a high end price but the presentation is cheap and nasty, I received it unsealed and unboxed with no information. Also after what seems they are offering a free trial bottle at the price of postage buyer beware !!! They are not reputable in fact misleading misrepresentation not transparent in the ingredients either.
    KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAM. Also fair trading can not help as they are an overseas company.

    • I agree Scam I ordered samples of both Lutragen and Zelprixen eye serum which is by the same company
      I received samples and was charged for delivery fee and then received another lot not long after so when I rang them they started I had agreed to receive on going products when I tried to cancel they kept saying their computer system was down
      This went on for a few days they Was charged again for both products
      I had to cancel my credit card after ringing bank

      The last charge I received no products and they said because I had not cancelled with in 14 days of receiving samples this bill was for the sample products
      Ripped off and I have made a formal complaint consumer affairs

      • Dear!
        I wish to get out of this Lutragen anti aging Skin Care. How can I get in touch and cancel my order. Have got one cream and one bottle eye care and do not wish more of this!

        Thank you for helping me to cansel more of this!

        • I would recommend that you get in touch with your bank. They are the best for dealing with these types of offer.

        • I found it very easy to stop my supply. It isn’t a scam, though it is very expensive. They would have sent you an email just before you received your first order. It has their contact details. All I did was send an email to support@customeremail.net and they replied promptly and cancelled my order. (I am in New Zealand).

          • Thanks for this info Mary, I am in the same situation in that I could not find where or how to cancel my order. I have just sent an email off to the address provided so hope I can got a good result. Many thanks
            Julie (New Zealand)

      • It happened to me as well Heather. I called today and it kept cutting out, they wouldn’t let me speak either. I realised only then it was a scam and had to cancel my card. I’m hoping my bank will chase the $270.00 they took and I will never be so gullible again 😔

      • I received “trial sample” for supposed postage only received product $130 taken off my credit card. Shortly after received another jar cream $200 taken off my credit card when I received bank statement. I have been trying since June 18 to get my money back through emails same email from company “send me details of product and date I received” hello if you are a decent company they would know by there accounts what I had purchased in good faith. I will never be sucked into a scam like this again. I have advised I would get consumer protection advise but still nothing has happened.

      • Ditto for me. Have cancelled card to avoid further unauthorised billing. Posted a warning in Facebook where the advert first appeared. Product was supposedly endorsed by our very own Rachel Hunter which I now seriously doubt is kosher. So people be savvy and check thoroughly

    • Dear other customers

      Last week I received through the post Lutragen anti-aging cream and Zelprixen eye serum on a so called free trial bases. Today 5/10/2018 the company took €96.00 from my bank account with out my permission. I am sad to say i found both products excellent excellent and I would of definitely of purchasesed these products when the others ran out. I is definitley a scam..

    • Do not even think of ordering this cream or Zelprixen eye serum, l ordered what l thought was free trials for €4.95 P&P each, received them both a few days later but then discovered that they had charged my visa card with €200, evenually l got through to a number in England and managed to get my account de-activated, however a couple of weeks later l received both products again in the post and my Visa account was again debited by €200, had to get them blocked and got my card changed, even if you did want to return them the address is very vague with only a name and PO Box no given, no are or country

    • Thank you so much for your advice on this product. I have emailed and called the contacts provided on the website and I have also cancelled my card.
      I requested confirmation of cancellation of my subscription and any further products and I have received the following confirmation message:

      Thank you for contacting customer care.
      Your account with
      Lutragen Anti Aging and Zelprixen Eye Serum
      has been successfully canceled. There will be no further charges to your account. Since your account was canceled within
      the Introductory Period, you may keep your 30 day supply.
      Thank you for your interest in our product.
      Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the future.
      Kind Regards,
      Lutragen Anti Aging and Zelprixen Eye Serum Support Team
      New Zealand

    • Please cancel my order immediately l did not sign for it l have no money to pay for it please stop taking money from my account thank you
      Rosalind sultan

  2. Seems to be no way to cancel my order so I hope you read these comments and cancel my order !!Please send me an email so I can get in touch Thank you

    • Judi, this page is a review of this product, which we do not endorse. There are contact details provided above that you should use to cancel your order.

      • placed an order for a trial of this cream, now i find that after i cancelled this order, i have been charged $130.48 so please refund me before i take it to the office of fair trading, i am so so annoyed. have not had any further deliveries of this product and they have charged this $130.48 … not very happy lutragen by lisa wilkinson

        • They got your card details when you paid the postage. Cancel your card immediately or they will help themselves to your account!!

          • The ad says one month free trial ??? i received it 2 weeks later got one refund one to go

          • Hi Ladies

            I found Lutragen moisteriser excellent as it was the only cream that I have ever used that did not cause a rash on my face so I was more then happy to order another jar when the first one ran out that was until I was charged €96.00 for my so called free trial. This money was taken out of my account with out my knowledge or consent so on principle I cannot order this product again as this company is run by underhanded means. My bank can do nothing to get my money back this time, have any of ye managed to get your money back for the so called free trial?

      • I placed an order for this free trial only today i received a bottle of Zelprixen which I did not order
        This was sold to me on a fraudulent basis naming my friend Lisa Wilconson as it was her product
        Complete fraud you cancell my order I want NO further communication from your company and certainly no
        Incuring costs you are misleading I will be referring this to the Law
        I have notified my bank you are fraudulent to wipe contact and accept no costs from your company or any one else tied up with you discracfull
        Lyn Broadhurst

      • Hi I have rang the phone number above to no avail, the person I spoke to said the site was down couldn’t help me . I was supposed to just have a trial sample they have been sending me 4 products that I didn’t want plus taking money of my Credit card which I am not impressed. I want this to stop . Also tried sending a email which would not go through

    • Hello

      I received I received the Lutragen also a package containing Zelprixen eye serum which was never ordered. Neither package contained an invoice or billing information. I tried to contact you on the support that e-mail account that I found from the product but the mail was not delivered as it seems that it was just a fake. I enclose picture of the packages that I have received, but not ordered. I have received four invoices on my credit card.

      I have paid for the trial product, but did not want this to continue.

  3. Please cancel my order erroneously placed with you today.

    • Jan, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. You should use the contact details provided in the review to cancel.

    • dont send any more of wrinkels and eye cream please peter

      • Peter, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. My suggestion would be to use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel, you should also contact your bank to stop any further payments going out of your account.

    • I wantede a trial exampel. No your charge m´be for more nye obsjets. Pleas take me off your list. Not interested in this product.

  4. ICancel my order immediately. M. Marciel-Rapolla, 7010 Garden Valley Rd., Roseburg, Or. 97471 –

  5. Can you please let me have contact no from Ireland

  6. I received the Lutragen today and also a package containing Zelprixen eye serum which was never ordered. Neither package contained an invoice or billing information. I rang the Australian customer service number to cancel any subscription. I was offered a reduced price of $10 US per month and when I declined the offer I was made a further offer of $30US every 3 months to continue the subscription. I declined both offers and was told the cancellation would be immediate with no funds taken from my credit card and I would receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

    • Hi Pauline. Did you receive the email confirmation? I have just made the same call and received the same offers. It has been 11 days since I ordered and I still do not even have the parcel, but I didn’t want to pass the 14 days and get charged $131. I was told the same thing, ‘… immediately after this call you will receive an email …”, but I am still waiting for it.

  7. I received a package containing Lutragen Anti Aging Cream 30ml, and a Zelprixen Eye Serum spray, which l didn’t order, neither contained invoice, or billing information. i want to cancel both products, please.
    l rang the customer service line, they offer me, lots of products, at a discounted price, l told them l wasn’t interested, l just wanted to, cancel both products. Lutragen & Zelprixen Eye Serum.
    My skin is very sensitive, l had a reaction to both products, so l stopped using them straight away. l gave the product to a friend,& she loved it.

    As there was, no billing information, l don’t know, if l am on any subscription, or whether the products will arrive, every few months. l want to cancel all orders before, any more arrive, please. Thankyou.

    Hope you can help me. Yours Sincerely, Lesley Savige.

    • Lesley, you need to phone your bank if you are unable to get in contact with Lutragen.

    • Well I scored. Received my sample 2 weeks after I paid for it on the 15th May. It has the list of ingredients on the Jar and instructions on how to use it. I don’t know yet if it will work as it is too soon. I discovered that they would send more and bill me every 30 days so as I had no idea what that would cost I went to the Bank and cancelled my Visa card. Rather inconvenient a wait of 7-10 days for a new one but I just didn’t want to get caught. I paid $4.95 for a 30ml jar but I also got a heap of emails asking me to send a further $1.95. I ignored these and actually was surprised when it did arrive.

    • I’ve just received my Lutragen with no paperwork on use of the prodict, no way of cancelling my subscription. It wasn’t until i found this site that i was able to know who to call. The telemarketer tried to offer me lower prices to keep my custom. I was unable to accept this due to the fact that it took over the 14 days for the product to arrive and so left me no trial period. The telemarketer has told me he will email me with the address to return my trial offer and will then process a refund of the $131!!! We will see if this eventuates. Scam, big time.

  8. THIS IS A SCAM ! Don’t buy it or trial it. As the other reviews have said, the 14 day trial starts from the day you order, so it took about 10 days to arrive , leaving you little time to trial and/ or cancel the auto order.When I contacted the Lutragen international call centre to cancel before the 14 days were due, they made it extremely difficult and one operator told me I couldn’t ever cancel and would just be charged $20.00 a month on an ongoing process and I’m not sure whether I would or would not be supplied with the product. When I said that this was fraudulent the call centre operator “ hung up “. So , I called back again & after another conversation with this call centre operator, finally they said they would cancel my auto order and send me an email stating this , which they did. THIS COMPANY IS VERY SUSPECT !

  9. +443308084582 call this number and you will be able to cancel your account…Yes, I also paid shipping of $6.95 for my FREE sample. that was on the 06/05/2018. I received it today 28/05/2018. It arrived in a plain bag with absolutely nothing else and the info on the jar, well you need a magnifying glass to read any of it. I went online, in hindsight I should have done that first, to check the validity and also to find a contact to cancel.
    I tried the Aus# but got no answer so I called the international #.
    I was shocked to be told yes that my account can be canceled now and that the full price of the product had been charged to my account on the 19/05/2018…14 days after my order. OMG..I said, it was in transit, just arrived today, and how can they do that if I still had not received it. Yes, it was the 14 days. So with alot of giving them a piece of my mind, sending it back for a refund etc I got it down to they are refunding half of my money back to my account and lucky me, i get to keep the jar..what a rip off. I will never do anything like that again. I hope the phone # helps you out…and yes, in reply to Lesley Savige they have a automated system to send product monthly and charge accordingly until you cancel your account.

    Hope this helpful

    Regards Richelle

  10. After reading the reviews I immediately rang the contact number in Australia and spoke to a consultant. I told her that I didn’t want to receive this product and have money deducted from my credit card monthly. She offered me a reduced price which I declined. She cancelled my account and within 5 minutes after hanging up I checked my emails and the cancellation was through.

  11. Please could you refund my Mastercard for two of your products that i thought i was purchasing as a trail for 6-95 only to find out i was billed 130.81 –134.93—3.93.
    I have reported this to my bank and canclled my card.
    I will never be caught again and wonder how many others you have done this to.
    I do hpoe you will do the honourable and refund my money .Thank you .Jen Ashby

  12. This product was supposedly endorsed by Jessica Rowe in the advertisement, which I signed for.
    I am sick and tired of being scammed with ridiculous advertisements.
    Is Jessica aware that her name is also being used illegally?
    I certainly ill be contacting the Australian contact immediately.
    These offers need to be scrutinised so that we the consumer are not taken advantage of!!!!!

  13. So angry with myself for falling for this. Australian number is disconnected of course

  14. Yes, I got caught also. I applied for a sample because Jessica Rowe was supposed to ok it.

  15. Jackie, I saw an add with Lisa Wilkinson (formally the Today show) which is why I decided to give it a try! I received my order 17 days after ordering. After reading the above reviews, the first thing I did was contact my bank and cancelled my credit card so no more payments can be deducted. A HUGE inconvenience but luckily I have a husband and can use his card if I need to. I was only debited around $7 which included international Visa fee. My new credit card will take about 10 to 14 days to arrive, but worth it. I then contacted the Aus number for this company and told them I wanted to cancel my account. As many of you have mentioned, they offered me many cheaper alternatives to make me stay. I then told the operator they could send me as much as they wanted…………then told him my card is now cancelled and they cant get payment from me! With that he told me my account was now closed, of which I demanded an email confirming this within the hour, which I received. I learnt a huge lesson here; once you give someone the CCV number on the back of your card your stuffed! Only way out is to get your bank to cancel that card. Hope this helps someone.

    • Its all these emails from you lovely ladies that alerted me to the scam that this product is. I too have rung and cancelled any further orders. I also have arranged to return the product and receive a refund of $131. Can’t believe they think it is worth that!!!

    • I only ordered this on endorsement from Lisa Wilkinson too. Still $130 out of pocket unfortunately

  16. One of my kids signed up in my name to buy a bottle of Lutragen anti ageing cream because she feels sorry for me and how I look. She even gave my MasterCard details. Can you please cancel the order – I don’t want it.
    Thank you.

    • Maria, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. To cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review.

  17. I received a sample package containing Lutragen Anti Aging Cream 30ml, and a Zelprixen Eye Serum spray. The sample pack of Zelprixen l did not order, neither contained invoice, or billing information.

    Please cancel both of these products and my subscription. I notice my bank account has two amounts taken out one for $131.00 and one $127.00 for products that I have not received nor do I want.

    Please refund these amounts to my bank account immediately.

    Kind regards
    Roslyn James

  18. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do not read fine print with regards to delivery time notification…………….if you don’t request extra delivery time outside 14days you WILL receive 2 products that you did not order instead of the sample only originally ordered and be billed at full price!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Phoned a “Brisbane” telephone number listed on the support website and was told the above information unless cancelled you have a current account and product will be sent on a regular basis and so it goes on and on…………………….

  19. Please stop taking money out of my account immediately. I rung Wednesday spoke to a person & have just received refund on two items I have not received nor do I want. Now you have taken another $140.36 from my visa today. Visa ends in 3294 please stop taking my money. I hope this time you will refund me & not take any more money. I have tried the phone numbers I have on bottom on cancellation & refund confirmation I received after speaking to someone now I am not able to get through to either number again.

  20. I fell for this scam to .After nearly one month still waiting for so called sample but $131 was taken out of my account .As soon as i saw that i cancelled my card .I emailed them several times and got polite replies .Now they say they will phone about a refund as it cant be done on line .
    I feel so disguseted with myself for falling for this scam but after reading so many other complaints dont feel so bad .i am lucky to have realised and only had one lot of money taken plus the first for the sample.Seems there is no come back as they write coditions in very small print way down past where you sign up .Cancel card asap and write on FB for others noto sign up

  21. Use trial then can not purchase product

  22. Well its great to know I am not the only one who has been ripped off. Like everyone else I did not read anywhere on the ad tha this would be a trial offer. To add to this I have been very unwell for the past few weeks and only today noticed the following deductions from my account in the name of three seperate companies :
    14 May CSPERMATONESKIN,COM.INTERNET.CY $5.09 (postage for Lutragen “free sample ” )
    14 May INFODESKDTSLMC.COM.GB $5.01 (prob postage for second sampleZelprixen Eye lotion )
    Each of these transactions included an extra charge of 14 cents Foreign Fee
    The two samples arrived in early June unknown to me after the trial period
    29 May INFODESKDTSLMC.COM.GB $130.81
    11 June INFODESKDTSLMC.COM.GB 135.82
    So a total in less than one month of $541.58 plus Foreign Fees of $11.81.

    Naturally As I have not received anything except the two “Free Samples ” I immediately went to the bank to report these seemingly fraudulent transactions. While the bank said they would investigate , the fact that I gave them my credit card details means I will not be getting a refund from them .. I did of course cancel my credit card today. Thanks to this page I can now at least try to contact the company to try and stop future withdrawals from my account and will of course send back anything that arrives and will fight for refunds.

  23. After applying for the free sample which arrived in early June I have had nearly $600 taken out of my account. Not fraud says the bank but my own fault for giving my credit card details. Never again but at least I a not alone! Will be tackling this scam full on and seeking refunds. Incidentally only the free sample arrive none of the products three seperate companies have deducted money

  24. This site is a full on scam. You give your details when you pay postage, and they are then able to help themselves to your account. Check your statements immediately!!

    • I’m going to make a report to a nearest police station. Its outrageous how you fraud me. Yes, I was stupid to pay 6.90 for a post. But stupidity is not a crime. Crime is fraud and your company continue to do it.

      • Anna, this page is a review. We do not endorse trial offers like this. I would recommend using the contact details provided, or contact your bank. 🙂

  25. So annoyed with ’tis company I cancelled my order within the 16 days but they omitted to tell me that I needed to cancel the zelprixon eye serum as well so what did they do used this as a get out and took the $130.00 for this product and then sent me another bottle of it and took another$130.00 I have sent several emails but all I get told is that I should have cancelled I keep saying that I did but feel that they are just don’t want to know have now cancelled my account with Lutrgen for the zelprixon eye serum hoping this is the end of it unbelievable this company will use any excuse to rob people.The only concelation with this is that I am not alone and many others have been deceived by Lutragen as well.

  26. This is a SCAM. Gave my details on a free trial offer but as soon as I gave details to pay postage of $13.00 nearly $650 was taken out of my account . I immediately rang them to cancel any account with them. The staff was rude and and unhelpful! When I asked to speak to a supervisor they hung up on me. Rang them again and they hung up again. Rang the third time and asked for a mailing address to put in a formal complaint with consumer affairs and all I was told was they are in Salt Lake City. They would not give me any further information and yep you guessed it they hung up on me again. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

  27. I am disgusted at this SCAM, Lutragen must think we are idiots to fall for this, the product is going back in the mail and I am going straight to the Bank and have them blocked and any monies returned

  28. I have been scammed by this as well. Signed up for the $6.90 trial offer. Had only just received it and hadn’t even tried it when I noticed $130 taken from my credit card. I immediately rang them to find out what was going on to be told I had to cancel within the 14 day period even though it was almost 14 days before I received the product. They said my account had been cancelled and I wouldn’t be charged anything else. When I requested my $130 back they told me I should have read the fine print. Beware!!

  29. Worst thing I ever done . It has been nearly 4 weeks still haven’t received my product . They have charged me for a months supply as well …. I HAVEN’T RECIEVED ANYTHING. Give me my money back

  30. WHAT A SCAM !!!!! It has taken a month for the product to even show up….. but had to cancel within 14days if I didn’t like it ….. they have sent me the trial. Which is about $14 with p&h ….. BUT they have already taken $131 out of my account…… NEVER , EVER get anything from them They will rape your account & leave you feeling used

  31. Total scam!! Cancel your credit card immediately. It’s the only way they can stop ripping money out of your account

  32. Please STOP all makeup now or I get the Police involed

  33. I did not order these products. You stole my money from my account which i placed for hair products. I tried phoning,but no response. I want my money back

  34. I have one question here the people that did contact the bank with these fraudulent transactions. Were you successful in recouping your funds

    • Hi Maree

      The Bank had no way of recouping the €96.00 that was taken from my account the first time but they were able to block the company from taking out any more money from my account in the future.

  35. I requested a sample put in my details then noticed it was an ongoing commitment,I thought I had cancelled the “sample” but $4.95 was taken from my account the sample arrived but in the following month $131 and $135.95 was taken from my account however no product has arrived. I want my money refunded.
    How can you do this to a person?

  36. I also think the trial offer is a SCAM!

  37. Do not send me anymore product please i do not want it i do not like it so please do not send me anymore.

  38. I have just checked my account and horrified to find payments every two weeks have come out $131.00 and $145.00 plus the trial offer of $4.95. No where to cancel… how does this company still exist.. how has it not been shut down. I will take up with my bank and try to call them… SCAM SCAM SCAM

  39. I ordered the free trial early sept. nothing arrived. Now they have taken over $300.00 from my visa account. I have my bank looking into this scam. The 800 number they gave does not work from New Zealand. This is the last time I ever give card details to anyone online scam ever.They have taken out of my visa $`149.00 and yesterday $160 and have nothing to show for it. I hope many of you read this and have nothing to do with it. AT least some of you have received something. I am planning to go to Consumer watch police and anything else I can find to get my money back. They are impossible to contact. does anyone have an address so I can contact them. thank you

  40. thank you ladies for the warning on lutragen I hope all of you get your money back. Internet buying is very dangerous, I always review everything and believe me I have learned a lot. Thanks Reni

  41. I have asked that no more of these products be sent to me. If any more money has been taken from my account l will be going to the Consumer Watchdog. I will be returning these last
    2 products l received yesterday to you. Zelprixen eye serum order ID: 507241477 and Lutragen anti-aging order ID: 507241475. You say this is not a scam but there are no invoices in the packages and no contact details.

  42. This product and company is the biggest rip off i have ever delt with, dont waste your money as there are many better product out there on the market. totally disappointed with everything about the product and compant behind it.Dee

  43. Hi all those who got caught as I did – many thanks for taking the time to let others know.
    I have cancelled our account now – but not before they took $556.

  44. THIS IS A SCAM. I have not received the initial sample for this product and placed over 14 days ago and I have now had $139.86 taken from my account for nothing. IT IS AN ENORMOUS SCAM. PLEASE REVERSE THE $139.86 taken from my Bank Account immediately. No matter how great this product is I will not deal with dishonest companies.

  45. i rang the english number to complain about scam the man who answered said that company does sell these products

  46. Please respond. what this business is doing is dishonest and corrupt. You cause people financial hardship. Your business is based on fraud. You use unlawfully use star profiles to deceive people of their hard earn money. I have forwarded all information onto the Police Fraud Department.
    Regard Louise

  47. This is a total scam. The supposedly free sample arrived in a plain box and I was away at the time. I had no idea that this was going to cost me $300 14 days later. No where did it say that i had 14 days to cancel and return it . I am so gutted . I am totally sick. The product didnt even work. How can Rachel hunter endorse such a scheme. I am not sure how I can even pay for our groceries.

  48. I took Mary’s advice and emailed support@customeremail.net and received a very nice email back advising that the orders had been cancelled. No problem dealing with them once you find out how to contact them.

    Maybe this is a scam and maybe not, but there is nowhere in the wording that says the orders will continue and they will continue debiting your account. Just be very careful what you read.

    As I said, no problem cancelling the orders.

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