Livali Skincare Review – Is this trial offer recommended?

Livali Skincare Review – Is this trial offer recommended?

If you are worrying about your own visible signs of ageing then you maybe tempted by the claimed benefits of Livali.

This product makes a number of impressive claims, but are they realistic? The following review will look at the claims to see if they are accurate or whether they are all lies.

I would highly recommend that you continue reading before you sign up for this trial offer.

Claimed benefits of Livali

Using Livali is claimed to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. This is not the only claimed benefit as the following claims have also been made on their website:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

While these claims sound impressive you should never sign up for a trial without first checking that these claims are accurate. You can do this by looking more closely at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Livali

Unfortunately there is almost zero ingredient information available for us to view onsite.

We would hope to see a label but this is not available.

Instead we have a short blurb stating that “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide rich” formula has been used.

This may sound impressive but means very little and does not prove the claims made.

Price of the Livali trial offer

You may expect a trial offer like this to be free, but it isn’t. In fact you will find that most trial offers will have hidden charges associated with them.

What you will find is that you will have to pay a small “shipping” fee when you first sign up for a trial offer.

You will then be given a short trial period of between 12-18 days to decide if the product is suitable for you.

Once this trial period has elapsed you will be charged again, this time almost $100.

You will also find that most trial offers will lead onto an auto-ship program, meaning that further monthly packages will be sent to you. Of course these additional packages will need to be paid for.

Before you sign up for the Livali trial offer I would suggest that you read its terms and conditions, located in the footer section of the website to discover how much the trial will cost you.

Would we recommend Livali?

We cannot recommend Livali for a couple of reasons.

For one its claims are unproven, due to a lack of ingredient information. And two, this trial is too expensive.

There are better and cheaper options available so I would suggest that you look at a different product if you want to fight your own visible signs of ageing.

Contact details for Livali

We have numerous comments on other reviews saying how difficult it is to cancel these trial offers.

I would suggest speaking to your bank if you are struggling to cancel a trial offer. They should be able to help by putting a block on the outgoing charges and possibly may be able to help get a refund of any charges already paid.

If you have signed up for this offer and would like to leave your own review then you can do so by completing the comment form found below.

Alternative to Livali

XYZ Smart CollagenOur chosen alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen that comes highly recommended by those who have used it.

Its ingredients can help boost the production of collagen, while also helping to slow down the rate collagen is broken down.

Benefits on offer include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible
  • Tighter skin
  • A more youthful appearance

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial, so you wont encounter any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

8 comments on "Livali Skincare Review – Is this trial offer recommended?"
  1. I saw this Livali products ( eye serum and moisturizing cream). On an advertisement saying that it was something that Kathie Lee Gifford had developed with someone I am not sure about. They said that plastic surgeon’s were upset with her because of these products women were canceling plastic surgery appointments. I did not believe that part of the advertising. I though thought I would try it, one was offered at around $6.00 and the other around $5.00. I had not had the products for very long and I was sent a box from a company called ageless. I opened the box and saw two products, on the small ones I did order having a totally different name from the name I had ordered Livali. Also I was charged around $80.00 for the new products from a company called Ageless skin care. I called the number and the person I talked to about this was extremely rude. I had explained I had ordered trial skin care products with a totally different name from what I was sent to me a short time later. I had never heard of Ageless products before. I explained that I had not even come close to finishing the trial products and they had sent me new products from a company I never heard of before and charged my debit card around $80.00. I told the person I had sent the package back and wanted them to refund the money taken out of my checking account. I was told they could not refund my money until they received the products back. While waiting for them to refund my money i was told that another box had already been shipped out to me again!!! So I was charged about $60 for the second box. I took a lot longer than it should but finally after having to report a fraud report to my credit union I had to have a new debit card issued to me and the old one destroyed. I was on vacation by myself and when they got rid of my old debit card they also got rid of my husband’s. So it was a shock to him to find out his card was of no use to him. Now it was my credit union’s fault in canceling his card when they were only suppose to cancel mine. So my husband was very upset and very inconvenient. I was also at the time. My credit union main branch was able to issue me a new debit card but the smaller branch I had gone to did not inform me that they cancelled my husband’s and did not inform me that the main branch could issue me a new debit card without waiting. So on that point my credit union was responsible for some of the problem. The problem though was that I was charged for a product I did not order and I think it was very stupid to say it mildly how boldly your product was in sending me two boxes of your product before I had even finished using the small ones I ordered and also having a totally different name on the new products. I do not know if Kathie Lee Gifford knows her name is associated with a product in two different names and how customers like myself try to try a certain product advertised and then before having a chance to finish the product ordered the company sends out two more boxes in a totally different name and charge a large amount to the customer without their knowledge or consent. Luckily after some phone calls and in talking to very rude people I was finally reimbursed what your company charged me. I am still planning on contacting the better business bureau and report your company and the very sneaky way your products were advertised under two totally different names. I hope to tell all my friends to be aware of your company in both names and to make sure they do not order anything in either name of the products your company calls them. Also I have been using the product and have seen no change whatsoever. I think your company is very dishonest and for sure not trust worthy. Sharon Jordan

    • Thank you for your long review. This page is a review too, we do not endorse this trial offer.

      • WOW!!! What a loooong rant and then to accuse skin care help of dishonesty when IF she had read your review of the product would’ve know you guys don’t endorse the product.
        I’m so glad I checked your site out first because Amazon was offering this for free just charged shipping and handling and the product gave rave reviews but I’ve learned that if something sounds to good to be true then it usually is.
        Thanks for the heads up on this bogus product.

  2. I am not pleased finding out the many concerns I should have about this trial package I purchased. I have no intentions on paying more than what was shown n visible to me. I paid the shipping price. Which is all I intended to pay. I have not used this product but once. This product is Not worth $100. If I wamted to spend that kind of money on facial product I would have bought Estee Lauder. A cream I believe n trust n know fully about.

  3. This is the biggest scam. Please do not send any credit information. The product is a poor base moisturizer
    The scammer will put you thru hell on a refund
    Do not order please


  5. I received this product in the mail, even though I had not ordered it and do not want it.
    I intend to return it “Refused” and notify the Wis. Attorney General, requesting an investigation into the company’s business practices.

    I had just been entrapped in a scam for another beauty product, Naomi skin care. I had requested a “free sample”, (billed $10 for S&H) which I used 3 or 4 times, until my face broke out in a rash. I immediately discarded the product.
    Then my VISA charge statement arrived, showing billings for two more jars of face cream. ($85.95 for each). I had not ordered those products and had not even received them! I called their customer service line and was told that by accepting the “free sample,” I was automatically enrolled in a “subscription” to receive regular shipments of the product!

    The “free sample” was offered through Amazon.

  6. I got thrown into this scam as well. Got the trial and before I knew it my account was being charged $90 a month. They only include a customer service number with the sample all of the other packages came with just the product in it and nothing else. Not an invoice, not customer service information just the product in a bag. I had to dispute it through my bank. Total scam and the product made me break out in hives my face my neck my chest. It also made me feel like a snake. Took a month for my skin to heal from this crap. I have no idea what’s in it but whatever it is is dangerous. The hides I got were so bad I had to go to the ER because I couldn’t stop scratching them.

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