Le Baleux Skin Cream Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

Le Baleux Skin Cream Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

To fight your own signs of ageing you maybe tempted by products such as Le Baleux.

This anti-ageing skin cream makes a number of impressive claims, but you must ask yourself whether this product is as effective as it is claimed to be.

If you want to discover the truth behind the hype then I would suggest that you continue reading. We will soon unveil the truth about this offer.

Claims made by Le Baleux

The Le Baleux website makes the following claims:

  • Reduce the signs of ageing
  • Effectively combat wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness

To check that these claims are accurate you should check to see what ingredients the product contains.

Ingredients found in Le Baleux

Unfortunately, not only is there no label available, but there is also almost no ingredient information available at all.

The only ingredient information that has been stated is that it “contains antioxidants”, which is certainly not enough information to prove the claims.

Price of Le Baleux

Le Baleux is not available for free, even though it is available for trial.

Once the 14 day trial has concluded you will be charged $98.64, you will also be automatically added to an auto-ship program, which will ship you further monthly packages.

These auto-shipments will continue monthly until your subscription is cancelled.

Is the Le Baleux trial offer a scam?

Due to the complete lack of information we cannot recommend this offer.

There are serious doubts surrounding the claimed benefits, while the price is too high.

The final straw is the use of auto-shipping, which in the past has led to complaints from users who have signed up to similar offers.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative. We have suggested one for you below.

Contact information for Le Baleux

To cancel this offer you will need the following contact information:

Phone: 888-509-8221

Please leave a comment for us below if you have signed up to this offer. We would love to hear about your experiences.

Alternative to Le Baleux

Bioxin RegenerativeOur recommended alternative is the Bioxin Regenerative Anti-Ageing Day Cream (available from Bauer Nutrition).

This anti-ageing product contains proven ingredients, such as Syn-ake a natural Botox alternative, that provides the following benefits:

  • Less visible lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • More collagen produced

You can buy this product without having to sign up for a trial, so you wont have to worry about hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Click Here to read our full review of Bioxin Regenerative!



19 comments on "Le Baleux Skin Cream Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?"
  1. 9/19/17 – Purchased intro offer of Le.Baleux on 9/07/17 … should have known SCAM in the making. When I first went through the process to get trial offer, it was supposed to be $1.98. By the time I could get out of the trial product purchase process, I was FORCED to accept an additional $4.99 product. Then, tried to call and close the account (within the 14 day trial period) and Donnie would not let me close account. He just kept going into one scripted spiel after another. Then, he wanted me to return the product. Now, why would I do that? The whole point of a trial product is to use the product to see if you like it. I had full intention of using all the trail product(s) and if I liked the product(s), ordering them “for real”. I asked Donnie to not “hard sale” me or I would not buy the product if he continued to do so. He continued to go into yet another “hard sell” spiel. Finally, I told him, after multiple & more escalating round-abouts, I would sue if I received another charge and hung up on him. A few minutes later, I called back and spoke with Francine. I figured I would just call back and just keep saying “Close the Account” until I got satisfaction. Francine said right away that everything had been cancelled, so I requested the Cancellation Confirmation Numbers. She quickly provided these to me (one for each product). Le Baleux, if you are reading this, you might have had a long term customer if I had not been so poorly treated. I have used Skin Authority products for 20+ years and was looking for something new. You might try being more cooperative with potential customers.

    Read the fine print prior to ordering the free trial of Le Baleux or any free trial going forward. There are many hidden fees. This trial is for 14 days and if you decide to keep the product, you will pay over $98.00 for this little bit of product which I would be surprised if it will even last 14 days. When you cancel, you will be charged $9.95 retention fee. Daniel advised me that I had to pay the retention fee to cancel and that that I was informed of this agreement when I signed up for the free trial. I paid it but I do not recommend this to anyone. The results are not as claimed. I have used it day and night for 8 days and I do not see a difference.

    • What a scam! I had never heard of a retention fee if I cancelled. The cream was about half a teaspoon and did not work. I paid $5.95 for shipping and then $9.95 to cancel or I would have to pay $98.00 for the full price. The man who assisted me when I called to cancel would not tell me what country he was in. I called again awhile ago because they charged the $9.95 twice. Hopefully the woman that I spoke with will credit one of the $9.95 charges. I WILL NEVER FALL FOR ANY OF THESE TRIAL PRODUCTS AGAIN.

  3. Oh my gosh. Im on disability and can not afford Le Baleux. They are scammers and refuse to let you speak to a manager. Or supervisior. I read when I agreed to order samples there was nothing (I believe) anything about a trial and membership. Now im being charged 89.65 and 73.98 for eye cream and facecream. When I just paid for shipping for both. Please help. No one will listen when I call. Keep trying to get me to buy more. Thank you so upsetting. A scam big time. Their ad says ruch me my trial.

  4. They charge me $98.65 after 14 days. I called them and he told me he will return only 35% for the charge amount. I told them not you will return all my money back. After they charge me $98.65 I never received products from them. They are scammers.

  5. “Free trial” hahahaha. Don’t fall for this. No where did the ad tell you what they were going to charge you after the so called”free trial.” I have called 2 times to cancel and get the same answer, pay 9.95 per cream and we will provide you with a cancellation number. That is another 20.00 on top of the 4.99 + 1.98+ 3.99. all I was wanting was the 4.99 cream. What a major scam

  6. I am as upset as can be….ordered your cream…received bottle of eye cream which I DID NOT ORDER…..with my package…..please remove me from your list and cancel the $100.00 charge to my account…..you are out to make money which you do not deserve….the Better Business Bureau and others will soon receive my complaine to fraud the public….send me an email and how I can get the $100 back…..What a scam….

  7. THIS SCAM IS GOING TO MAKE EVERY CUSTOMER UPSET AND ANGRY…..if I do not receive my $100 back I will talk with my attorney…Just keep Jean Williams at the top of you list to make the necessary adjustment.

  8. I ordered this “free sample” of face cream after seeing an unbelievable video. All I had to pay was the shipping and that was all . After receiving and trying Le Baleux face cream and lumere eye sirum I was not impressed with at all. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks that this is a scam and I bet they are going to keep sending and billing me for these products. So immediately I called the customers service number from the pamphlets that came in the box. It was a call center with lots of people in the background with accents from another country. I asked the customer service agent if they were going to keep sending and billing me. He said, how do you like the products” and I said, “ I don’t like them at all and I don’t want you to keep sending them to me if that’s what you are about to do, I want to cancel any further shipments and Billings .” He told me that I couldn’t cancel until after trying them for thirty days. I told him I wanted it cancelled today then he blew a whistle in the phone and hung up. I called back and when the new guy answered I told him not to hang up on me because the last guy did. I told him I wanted to cancel all future shipments today. I also asked how much do they charge for these products anyway? Then he acted like he couldn’t hear me. He said, hello, hello, hello, I can not hear you therefore I am hanging up the phone since you are not saying anything. By this time I am so livid I can’t see straight. I then realized that they have my Visa card number. I called the bank and they told me the only thin I can do I cancel my Visa card and get a new one. Then I found out people are getting billed $98 for each of the cream and$98 for the sirum every month. I should consider myself lucky! THIIS IS A SCAM!!!!

  9. I am speaking my mind and im wondering why people in their comments don,t say anything about how the cream works! In the end this is the most important because if it does, any woman who wants to look younger would spend the $98 a month. And if you do not want to be charged after the 14 days trial just call and cancel your subscription for God’s sake! And yes, in the ads is saying very clear that this is a trial and a membership follows but nobody pays attention in their rush to get stuff for free. I am not working for the company, i did not use the cream and i have no intention to buy it. I was just curious to read some real reviews about it but they are very difficult to find. I think this is the only website with a real review (for which i thank you), unfortunately the comments are not helpful at all

    • I TRIED to cancel – they wouldnt listen to me! Just to get rid of the customer service person, I foolishly agreed to extend my “trial period”.

    • The cream sucks . Is that clear smartness! It’s a scam! Yes people were mislead!

  10. I ordered the trial and said I wouldn’t be charged for 14 days. I looked at my bank statement and they already tried to charge me the $98.65! I had the cream for 2 days and don’t even like it. Feels horrible on my skin………

    Amazing how they get away with this shit….

  11. I ordered the trial and tried to cancel. The customer service person wouldn’t even LISTEN to me, kept talking over me, and just to get rid of him, I agreed to extending my “trial period”. They are a HORRIBLE company to deal with! I am actually dreading calling them again to cancel, but you better believe I will be doing that today!!!

  12. Wow and to think that Jennifer Anniston is backing them up. It makes me think so different of her. I use to think she was down to earth. But I GUESS NOT. Thanks for all of your comments. I did not fall for the free trial. I did my research first. I tried to buy the cream itself without the trial. It’s impossible.

    Thanks to all of you for the advise.



  13. After reviewing my bank statement I realized what they had charged me for practically no product that I don’t like and can’t use…..I called and spoke with a rep and after repeatedly stating that I don’t want it and will send it back the rep said I will get a full refund, which is almost $200 in 3 to 5 business days…..we will see 😤

  14. Yes. All of the above is true. This is a dishonest misleading scam. Cream is OK. BUT They tell you you’re ordering one thing you’re forced to get two. The “trial” turns out to be a charge of $98.!! Do not get sucked in by this like I did. Call right away to cancel but be prepared to get a run around with an off-shore idiot Indian accent scammer. GOOD LUCK. Live and learn.

  15. They are a scam I just ordered the trail size & yesterday I got a bill from my credit card it is a lot of money I called my credit card & he helped me with the despute the skin care guy wanted to give me 50% off I said no I want 100% I havent even got any more I only have the trail size & I did not agree to order more I will never order any thing again it’s a shame every you look it’s a scam

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