Is Lavino Skin Science a scam? – Should you sign up for the trial?

Is Lavino Skin Science a scam? – Should you sign up for the trial?

Lavino Skin Science is an “ageless eye care cream” that is claimed to help give you “clear, beautiful and younger skin”.

In the following review we will look to see firstly how it works and whether it can live up to its own hype.

Finally we will look at the true cost of this trial offer to see whether we would recommend that you sign up for the offer or not.

Claimed benefits of Lavino

Lavino is claimed to offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Reverse the signs of ageing
  • Achieve younger looking skin
  • Lighten dark circles
  • Reduce under eye wrinkles
  • Eliminate puffiness
  • Visibly firmer and brighter skin

When looking at claims it is easy to get carried away by them and to sign up for the offer based on a few words.

I would suggest that you do not rush into any decision but to look for some proof that these claims are accurate. For example what ingredients have been used to create Lavino?

Ingredients found in Lavino

While there is no label present there is mention of the following ingredients being used:

Trometamine, Potassium Sorbate, Grape Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Vitamin K, Aloe Vera, Pineapple Extract and Glycine Soja

Many of these ingredients have been used before in other skin care creams, so while there is nothing ground breaking about this formula, there is certainly some benefit to be had.

Whether we would recommend this cream remains to be seen however, as we have yet to look into its cost.

True cost of Lavino

The cost of Lavino is likely to shock you, as at the end of the 14 day trial period you will be charged $99.95.

This is also an auto-ship program (as stated in the terms and conditions) so you will be sent further monthly packages should you fail to cancel your subscription.

Is Lavino Skin Science a scam?

Whatever benefit you can experience through the use of the skin care cream does not warrant its high cost.

Over hundreds dollars (with p&p) is simply too much, which is why it is important that before you sign up for any trial offer that you know in full what you are signing up for.

There are various skin care creams available that are just as beneficial, or even more so that you should try instead of signing up for this offer.

Contact details for Lavino

To contact Lavino you should use the following information:

Phone: (866) 425-6096
Email: info@lavinoskinscience.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative skin care cream

If you are put off by the high price and auto-shipping offered by the above trial then I suggest you take a look at EvoCreme instead.

This skin care cream is available from Evolution Slimming for $45, and while being significantly cheaper has been shown to be effective at promoting younger looking skin.

As EvoCreme is not available for trial there are no hidden charges and certainly no auto-shipping.

Click here to buy EvoCreme from Evolution Slimming!

21 comments on "Is Lavino Skin Science a scam? – Should you sign up for the trial?"
  1. I was suckered in to try this so called “free samples” well they did not work for me, so I called to cancel only to find out they had already taken money out of my account the first time was $117.87 then today (4/15) I checked my account they had taken $39.92 !!!! In which it made my account o/d!!!! I called them and they will return my money as soon as they get their 1 small jar and 1 small pump container!!!?????? are they that hard up for containers ???? I’m being held for ransom just for trying “free samples”!!! Mike c/s #107 was rude as hell towards me. Don’t worry your jars are on their way…..I surely don’t need them I’m better off with Beverly Hills MD!!!!

    • The same exact thing happened to me!!! The trial said it was absolutely free, I just had to pay for shipping for both products which would amount to about $9.00 & change. Next thing I knew, my statement showed I was charged 2 separate charges of $117.87 for the Lavino Ageless Moisturizer trial size (charged under different name- Oxiwrinkle,) & $39.92 for the Lavino Ageless Eye Cream trial size (charged under different name Dash Cream.) I am in the process of disputing the charges through my bank as I DID NOT agree to have these amounts charged on my card, & returning their unused products to them. This company is a total scam!!! Rip-off Artists!!! Do yourself a favor & do not order from them!!! Free trial my a$$!

  2. Please cancel my free trial of Lavino skin science. Do not charge me $99 or any money. I do not want any shipments of Lavino. No shipments of product and no charges of money. Accept this as my cancellation do not send or charge

  3. I too received the trial size which I had opened. Then I was charged $117.87 & $39.92 4/16/16 taken out of my account. Speaking with Peter, representative; he informed me that I would get 50% of my money back wishing 2 to 4 business days. This was yesterday 4/18/16. I was told I didn’t cancel, I do not remember clicking on any agreement for this product to continue or instructions to cancel after trial. Total rip off.

  4. I too was suckered into this “trial offer” Charged $3.95 and $4.50 for two very small vials-this morning $117.95 and$39.95 taken out of my account This is nothing but a major scam-I also saw nothing regarding need to cancel order. Spoke to a rep who did nothing but argue with me-would not listen to me at all. Also the cream sucks-tried some on my face and it burned-turned my skin bright red and has not gone away. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! I cancelled my card and have to wait for a new on

  5. My trial offer came up as amazon benefit/reward(?). I ended up ordering both of moisturizer and eye cream because I could not find the way to order moisturizer only. It was strange and it did not seem legitimate process to place a order anywhere altogether but I went ahead anyway. Back then, I did not notice any info. abut continuous shipment and the price of it. When the products arrived, I did not find a company name or their contact or return policy. This is very very bad sign! I immediately found out “the real deal” and their cancellation number. One guy answered the phone and he told me he canceled my account. He was not happy and pretty rude. If they charge my credit card later, I let the credit card company deal with it as an unauthorized charge. By the way, their deal is that in order to avoid auto shipment and the charge, you have to cancel your account within 14 days from the day your trial order is placed.

  6. i need a phone number to cancel subscription. Even the website where I can cancel

  7. I was suckered into this cream because I failed to read the small print about cancelling within 14 days. My understanding was that they were sending out small samples for S&H costs only; a common enough scenario on the web. Instead they charged me $200 for useless, drugstore variety creams that I absolutely do not want. I never even removed the wrappers on these items. Still the company would not refund my money. This is pure 100%, once we’ve got your money….that is it. This isn’t about launching a good product. This is about doing a quick in & out of the market to catch as many unwary as possible for a quick payday.

    You can match or exceed these products with almost anything readily available at your local drug store. There is as much science in this as there is in the most inexpensive brands. Do NOT be fooled & scammed like I was. Stay Clear of this company.

  8. Never purchased this product no recieved any product and my account was hacked !!! $117.87 tried calling the company phone number that my bank provided for me and they refused to give me back my money. Kept calling in hopes to get another representative to settle this issue and they eventually blocked my number. I had to close out my bank account. This company is going under different names with the word ” Bella ” in it. Beware !!!

  9. This is the biggest scam I have ever encountered in my life! It’s a total piece of crap. You can buy better cream over the counter at K-mart than this crap! Also, the eyecream pump was totally broken and I couldn’t even get any of the cream out unless I used a Q-tip. How in the world can people live with themselves scamming the hell out of people and their money. They are a bunch of worthless scumbags working for this company. My husband is calling the dispute dept. at our bank and having the charges dropped, as I don’t want any part of the skin line or this company.

  10. I, too, was duped. They were ride when I called and I gave back the rudeness. This is a scam. Please, I hope no one else grts sucked into it. Free sample for s&h charge turns into $200 monthly fee. Better Business Bureau will hear about this from me.

  11. I just discovered I’ve been scammed. Really irritated a feeling helpless. The only info on product the shipping company, although they sounded guilty when they told me they knew nothing about the company. I guess I will email with the address I just got and call the phone number I just got…both on this site. Thanks. And everyone is right, the product is not any good.

  12. Help-
    I am hoping you can help me, I’ve been charged $400 for the lavino eye & moisturizer cream. I did the trial but requested it stop because I am unemployed and can not afford this expensive product, I need to feed my family. I am not sure who to contact there is no number or email, has anyone found it? I am hoping to get reimbursed because my family is really suffering and I can not have this taken out of my bank account. Please let me know how to make this stop and get reimbursed, please.
    Thank you,

  13. I also fell for this scam. I ordered eye and moisturizer TRIAL ‘S. I barely had time to try it when my statement came in the mail. The charges were $3.95, 4.95, 117.95, & 39.95 to total almost $ 170.00!!! I’m on disability and cannot afford this! I’m working on this. There is nothing free in life!

  14. I also fell for this but I will be calling my MasterCard tomorrow to inform them to accept no more charges. These people should be turned in. If this doesn’t work I will talk to an attorney. A good lesson learned.

  15. Cancel the order do not send anymore. It does not do what it says. JUST STOP SENDING THIS PRODUCT

  16. How do you stop this

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