La Mer Timeless Review – Is the trial a scam?

La Mer Timeless Review – Is the trial a scam?

If you believe the hype then La Mer Timeless can help you to “achieve visibly younger looking skin”.

The question you need to ask though is whether this product actually does what it claims to do?

Often you will find products available online that make big promises that they are unable to fulfil.

Our review will uncover the truth behind the claims, by looking more closely at the ingredients used. We will also look to see if the overall package is worth the price.

Please continue reading to ensure you are not surprised after signing up to this offer.

Claimed benefits of La Mer Timeless

According to their website, using La Mer Timeless will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check that these benefits are realistic you should look to see what ingredients have been used.

This is a good method to check that the product is safe to use too, and wont cause any side effects or reactions to your skin.

Ingredients found in La Mer Timeless

You can view the ingredients below:

La Mer Timeless ingredients

There is nothing new or exciting about these ingredients, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Many of these ingredients are found in other popular anti-ageing skin creams, so this product will likely offer at least some benefit to you.

Price of the La Mer Timeless trial

La Mer Timeless is available for trial, but it is not a free trial.

The terms and conditions of this offer state that there is a $4.95 AUD charge to pay for shipping when you first sign up.

You will then be allowed 14 days to trial the product before you are charged a second time.

This second charge will be $130.48 AUD. At the conclusion of the trial you will also be automatically added to an auto-ship program, so further monthly deliveries and charges will be sent to you.

To cancel these additional deliveries you will need to contact them to cancel your subscription.

Is the La Mer Timeless trial offer a scam?

Looking at the ingredients has revealed that there is some benefit to be gained from using this product.

Unfortunately there is a major problem that will stop me from recommending it to you.

La Mer Timeless is an expensive product, especially when compared to other leading products.

The auto-shipping is also undesirable, and is likely to lead to complaints from those who were unaware of these additional charges.

Contact details for La Mer Timeless

To cancel your trial you will need the following contact information:

Phone: +61 280 466 480
Email: support@lamertimelessskin.com

If you have signed up to this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment for us below.

Alternative anti-ageing skincare offer

XYZ Smart CollagenXYZ Smart Collagen is our recommended alternative.

Made from proven anti-ageing ingredients it offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Fine lines are less visible
  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • An increase in skin moisture
  • More collagen produced naturally

This product is not available for trial, so you will not encounter any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

80 comments on "La Mer Timeless Review – Is the trial a scam?"
  1. Hi, La Mer Timeles

    I did not received trial sample or what ewer it is. I did order that trial 09/05 /2017 and my order No is 5ECD2EF1FE which is 1xLa Mer Timeless-2 and 1x Embrase -2 . LaMerskin and
    Us I sed I have not received them and I would like to stop this order .I am not going to order
    the any products in future.
    I do not wont automatically added to an auto-ship program, and charged a secon time for
    anything .
    If I will get trial bottles I will send them back to you.
    Thank you

    • Daina, the above is a review. We do not endorse trial offers like this. I would recommend that you use the contact details provided to cancel.

    • I did not receive trial samples however i did receive 30mls of La Mer Timeless and Embrace on the 1/9/17 I was charged $1.95 infodeskdiou on the 30/8/17 and $130.48 on 13th Sept 2017
      I was also charged another 0.99 and $130.73 servicetrysc.com on the 13/9/17
      My order ID :9106C393ED
      I did not receive samples and did not order these products and want my money reimbursed, I WISH TO CANCEL THE ORDER ALTOGETHER I WILL RETURN THE PRODUCT TO YOU PLEASE SEND FORWARDING ADRESS

    • Im writing to u because u took my money out $150 dollers out of my bank to day I would likely back please into my bank account to night

      • Sandra, this website has no link to any trial offers. The above is a review warning of their practices. I would recommend using the contact details provided in the above review to get a solution.

      • I would like to return the items you tookoney out.. there was no return or any other corrospondance with the product. Its taken me ages to find this ste. Please make contact orfer id 624B1239EA

  2. Have not received my order have been waiting over 14 days. you sent a tracking number however Australia post stated the TN was not in their system or false

  3. I received my free trial it took 3 weeks I’ve been using the product for 1 and a half weeks to be completely honest I have noticed a difference in my skin fine line and wrinkles seem to be reduce more on a daily basis the bad news the communication from them was terrible I called the support line as it was taking ages to arrive I thought I had been scammed they assured me the product was on its way it was held up due to customs before I even got off the phone to them they had sent me an email saying my order was cancelled when I got home from work that day it was in my post box???? I love the product so far

  4. I only ordered a sample to try , and you have sent me a product which you have charged me $130 which I want refunded from my MasterCard account please and cancel the order in future.

  5. I have been charged for an order that I do not want you have accesses my bank account for $3.90 plus $1.98 on the 20th of September then again on the 28th September $260.96 and no products received. I do not want this order if it comes it will be sent back . I have also notified my bank to stop all charges this is fraud no authority was given to you to take money from my bank account I am also going to report it to the police.


  6. I have tried ringing the telephone no and no one answers the phone …

    • Annie, if you have tried the contact details provided then I would suggest speaking to your bank and explaining your situation.

    • Annie, just reply email to the invoice they sent you. I did this tonight and got a very quick response … time will tell as to wether I have been reimbursed. I will still be contacting my bank to block any possible further charges from then.

  7. You mention in this review that the terms and conditions of this product state “allowed 14 days to trial the product before you are charged a second time.” however I looked over the sign up closely and I never saw any mention of this.
    I believe this company is intentionally committing fraud and robbing those who sign up blindly.
    I have emailed them demanding they stop any further charges and take me off their postal list as I am not interested in their product. I have also demanded a refund but I suspect this will not happen. I will contact my bank tomorrow to block any further charges from this company and I suggest others do the same.
    I thought it was also worth noting that there are dozens of fake review pages in the searches all saying the same things … I wish I had found these before I fell victim to this scam … which is all this is … a scam

    • just to add to what I said above, I have just received a number of emails confirming the cancellation of my order and refund of the money they have taken without permission … everyone needs to be aware that they have signed up for 20 units of this stuff!!! you do the sums on that!

      • mmmmmm makes you wonder.
        Ordered the ‘Free Trial Periodic’ goods, early September 2017.
        contacted them via email once, to try and track OR better yet, some type of status update for the shipment. Nothing relevant here at all in their response to me.
        They still haven’t arrived!!!! And yet they managed to deduct over $140.00 NZD from my account.
        I had thought my bank account had been compromised, got declined going to get groceries for my household. WE HAVE NO food!
        Very Poor La Mer Timeless..

    • There is a knack to Cancelling further psyments. They will automatically use your card details you entered

  8. I ordered my free trial package and received it. A few days later I discovered that you had taken $146.44 out of my account. 14 days has not even passed since I received the products. I was not aware that you sent the product first at a minimal trial price, them after 14 days you took the larger amount out of my account. Then I discover yo will continue to send product even though I have not ordered it. I don’t even know if it works for me. I do not want any more of your products and cancel / withdraw all permission for you to take anything out of my account. I have been to my bank and cancelled my credit card so you can’t use it any more. This is a scam. I note that the company taking the money is different to timeless skin and consider this very questionable. It points to fraud and theft.

    • Anne, this is a review. WE have not taken your money. Please use the contact details provided to cancel.

      • @Admin, I love this page, I’ve heard of these online extortion ‘trial’ offers, to be fair many people wouldn’t get roped in to it, but I love that you compose pages like this to assist those who are vulnerable to get pulled in to these legal retail scams.
        It’s so funny how you’ve had so many comments above where people have failed to understand the complete article and assume you represent the company 😂
        But anyway thanks

      • It is a scam. You are continually sending me LaMer Timeless product every 10 days , I send it back to you. You takeout the money from my account without permission Even after I send them back. You are owing me. $800 I have proof of it & have given it to police.

    • Same thing happened to me. I received the trial products 3 1/2 weeks after placing the order and after my credit card was hit for $130.48 for the automatic order which I did not sign up for. Not sure how I missed it because I’m usually really careful! So now I have had to cancel my credit card with much inconvenience! This is a scam and I hope something can be done about the companies taking the funds. I emailed them and of course no response!

  9. I received my free trial offer and paid $4.95 for shipping as agreed, nothing has been mentioned regarding automatic ordering or will be charged for $130.48 for the order which I didn’t signed up for except the free trials. I received the product after more than 3 weeks and before I even received the free trial, I was charge the amount stated above and another one was charged too for the embrase_2 skin care as both product came in the same package, the embrace 2 which I have not ordered for the free trial but got it anyway and charge for and guess what$130.78. Please refund back my money taken from my MasterCard and cancel all products, also would like to return the free trial too. You have not disclosed from the start that you automatically charge after 14 days. I have to Google your website to find out about you and read all these review, if I’ve only read the review first I would not even click to sign for the free trials. I have not even had the chance to trial the product to even make up my mind if I want the product. You charged me even before that happened. It’s so disappointing. You never gave your future customers a chance to trial the product or to like the product. You just gave them a bad taste in their mouth.
    Betty hayton

  10. hi well what on earth is going on a lady called Suda organised a trial for me and said should arrive between 2-4 days it did not it took 18 days and in that time I had $130 removed from my account, this is disgusting I didnt even get the chance to try I do not want to be placed on any ongoing order and the fact that the company has removed money from my bank is disgraceful,
    I have tried to contact to no avail, please help!!!!
    Sue Selman

  11. Thanks for the contact details above.
    I received my trial and have tried it for a month as suggested. If anything my facial lines have increased and I am not happy with this product so I shall discontinue use. I notice that they have charged me $130.48 under a name (INFODESKDIOW.COM) that did not identify the company – which I find distasteful.
    LaMer are a well hidden company, plenty of websites to sell their product but no contact page I could find. I have tried many times to ring and they do not answer the phone. It has taken me an hour so far to find them and send an email. I shall be reporting this company to the ACCC because they did not disclosed they would charge me $130.48 for these products and had I known the price I would not have agreed to their “free” samples.
    I have asked them to please CANCEL ANY FURTHER PRODUCT AND REFUND MY MONEY! I shall be cancelling my mastercard too!
    Susan Luchich

  12. You have charged my account for huge amount of 123USD, I have not ordered these good. Please cancel my name from your lists as I do not want any of the product.

  13. I did not order this product I wish to return it or id 7A48AO1471 JEAN CARPENTER

  14. This is scam , they took from my back for the posting fee plus after 3 weeks the take another $130 and 48c
    I never received any of the products .
    Please don’t get any of the products they are sticking money from people


  16. I ordered, used, then was billed 2 weeks later. I contacted my bank who said to cancel the ‘auto shipping’, I said I did not sign for this and was advised the would not authorise future payments. I than called Trading Standards who said it was probably a ‘legal’ scam as I must have agreed to auto shipping which I was convinced I did not.. Desperate at this stage I emailed customer care and stated that my bank and trading standards wanted PROOF that I had agreed to this. They cancelled my subscription and refunded the money. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY< COMPLAIN AND SAY YOU WANT PROOF YOU AGREED _ THEY CANT PROVE IT!

  17. huge scam..
    as others have said before.
    I was also charged (4) times on my credit card from BIOTIN WEBSHOP.com internet USA and also CSLIHELPLINE.com internet USA. WITHOUT MY AUTHORITY.
    $134.39 and $134.64, plus two additional costs.
    Fraudulent – hiding fine print. What a rip off!
    classic fool! if it sounds too good to be true – it is.
    Hard lesson learnt when I have no money to buy food and waiting for pay day to roll around (this just sounded such an amazing treat – one that I would never usually be able to afford).
    chalk that one down to experience.
    Shame on Le Mer – and all the associated scammers

  18. No more money to be taken out of my card and please pay back Money taken without my consentfor both embrasebeauty andLamertimeless skin thank you Jillian

  19. I do not want to carry on with this product as I did not know about the heavy charges I can not afford to pay Please put money back in card account sincerely jill

  20. Order ID: 1160B2773E La Merskin 1
    Order ID: FE2B88DB7A Embrase Beauty 1

    Judith Simpson
    2/25 King Street
    NSW 2060

    Please STOP sending me these products and charging them against my credit card.

    Thank you.

    Judith Simpson

  21. I received my trial product 8/11/2017 and they charged my credit card full price for both products 10/11/2017 I sent an email to their support website today and it bounced back Is the phone number a overseas number if not what area code

  22. Has anyone managed to get a refund from this company? I say we all go to “A Current Affair” and expose them. They are manipulating consumers through the offer of “free trials”.

    I wish I had read the fine print more closely before falling for this. I have cancelled my card with my bank to stop them taking any more money.

    Fingers crossed I get a refund or charge-back from my bank. It’s left me feeling tricked and I don’t even want to use the products anymore.

  23. I also have been a victim thinking this was a “free” offer as it is made out to be. After seeing this amount of $130.48 on my credit card yesterday the bank cancelled my card and the fraud department advised I first send Timeless an email to request refund before they got involved, I did send email last night, received answer this morning, stating terms&conditions, but cancelling further deliveries plus credit to my card, which I will check in 24hrs to make sure its there. How many people get caught in this trap and don’t complain, makes the Company alot of money….as they say Nothings Free.

  24. I received a credit to my Mastercard from La Mer Timeless. They have cancelled further deliveries, no problem to communicate with them via their email.
    As the saying goes….nothings free, buyer beware.

  25. I got caught too. Thought I was getting a sample of la mer timeless. Suddenly an embrase ad flicked on the screen , tried to get it off and next thing I’d ordered that too! I thought oh well they are only 4.95 each. Next thing 3 weeks later 280 dollars is taken from my credit card. Countless calls to them later and I was able to rid myself of my apparent standing monthly order. They would not refund money because I had used them. I only tied because I saw them on tv on shark tank

    • Yep…they got me too! There was definitely no mention of any ongoing monthly charges in the advertising literature – it is plain and simple THEFT.

  26. Order ID: 89397E97FE

    Katalina Taefotu
    15 Lister Ave
    Seaforth NSW 2092

    I would like you to stop sending me any more of this product and I would like to be reimbursed as I have never agreed for you to charge me nor did I order any of your product other then the free trial which I paid for the postage as stated. It’s disgusting that I was suddenly charged for something I did not agreed upon nor sign for. Please see to it that you return my money back into my account asap.

  27. The same scam is happening to me. I asked for a ‘free’ sample too.

    Please stop my order immediately and reimburse me the money you have taken from my account. I agree Nicky this is THEFT.

    I could not even find a number or email address to contact the company! I found this site – thank goodeness.

    Cease my order immediately and reimburse me. let me know ho i can send the past two order back to you.

    Order ID: 0D3134E0C2

  28. Thank you for your review and the contact details. Although I am in Australia, I will try canceling my order via the email address you supplied. You are very patient dealing with all the people who have not understand you have written a review of the product,not an advertisement or endorsement for the company.

  29. The same scam is happening to me. I asked for a ‘free’ sample too.

    Please stop my order immediately and reimburse me the money you have taken from my account. this is THEFT.

    I could not even find a number or email address to contact the company! I found this site –
    Cease my order immediately and reimburse me. let me know how i can send the past two order back to you.
    also I have stopped my card access to you so you cannot continue with this fraud at my expence

    • I have been also scammed and I want to be reinstated with my money. I paid for sample and that was it, I never gave permission to take out my money. I have only received samples yet it’s cost me over £90. I do not want you to send me anything to me and I want a refund.
      Is this clear I want to cancel what ever your company has got me involved with.

  30. Lamertimeless is a scam. They shoved me their products without my authorisation and deducted money from my account.There is no information sheet or contact details enclosed either for contact details or whatsoever. If the product is so good why hide?? I did not feel any improvement in my complexion at all. I am yet to locate the contact so that I can ask to be reimbursed. Please pass my feedback to concerning company for my refund.

  31. Had same problem as everyone else. Kept getting further supplies. Sent email to Asendia.com and filled in form cancelling further supplies.

  32. none of the details on the parcel can be accessed .there is no way the suppliers can be contacted. i have tried asendia.com.theyn deny all knowledge same with fulfillment houise.
    all seem to be running for cover.your product is very poor as the sample i recieived 30 mils.
    the other ones that i got were the same size.obviously a scam of the highest order.cancell my reciept of any more products i have instructed my bank to stop any further payments

  33. Same scam has happened to me. Have sent e mail asking for removal from auto ship programme that didn’t know was on.

  34. I stopped my free sample before I got it.I saw on TV news that 2 of the stars that was on there video were interviewed and said they didn’t do that video I thought right then SCAM and sent an email to stop and I got the sample3 days later I just opened my credit card statement and they changed 177.00 to my card December 9th this started October 28.I will stop the this and then get a new card

  35. your a disgrace DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE they are an evil scamming company that will take money from you without your authorisation you took my food money for the week and i am absolutely disgusted in this company. SHAME ON YOU ALL

  36. I got caught with this too. Got the trial of timeless and ended up with the embosse too then it just kept coming. Very underhanded tactics of getting you to buy thier product. No information on the product either. 6 months in and I’ve managed to cancel. I could have spent that money on decent products. Looks like you are getting a free trial but you have to click the terms and conditions they told me when I rang. They really shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Steer clear of this company

  37. Hi, Could you please STOP sending me this Product and charging me for this as I do not want any more from you from todays Date 29th January 2018, So if you do not stop sending this and taking money from my account then I will take this to the Police to deal with. I would like to receive a reply from you regarding stoping this being sent to me.

    Mrs Phyllis Miller

  38. Scam. Very sad.

  39. Filthy stealing lying cheats….that’s all I can say.

  40. I am sick of trying get to get some where with this scam com. Have sent all back to postal sender. I want my money back. There is 6 of them. This is my last try. Going to bankeep to get a new card and police if I have to. I have ever had enough.

  41. Hello,
    I would like to cancel my orders of
    1. Le mers Timeless Anti-Aging Regeneration
    2. Embrace Ageless Moisturizing Cream.

    The products are fine but currently, I am experiencing some financial problems and I am unable to continue payment on these products. My details are as follows
    Ms Kerry A Brice
    77 Tanglewood Street
    Middle Park
    Brisbane QLD 4074

    I repeat I do not wish to receive any more of the above products.

    Your assistance with this matter would be appreciated. Please contact me when the products have been cancelled.

    Yours faithfully,

    Kerry A Brice

    • Kerry, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. My suggestion would be to use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel, you should also contact your bank to stop any further payments going out of your account.

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