Juvenique Serum – Is this trial offer a scam?

Juvenique Serum – Is this trial offer a scam?

Juvenique is an ageless facial serum that claims to offer a range of benefits. The following review will look to see if these claims are accurate or whether you would be better off looking for an alternative.

If you are contemplating signing up to this offer then I would suggest that you continue reading. We will soon reveal the truth behind the hype.

Claims made by Juvenique

The claimed benefits of Juvenique are similar to those we have seen before promoting other trial offers:

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Eliminate the look of dark circles
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhance skin hydration
  • Counter effects of stress

While these sound impressive, is there any proof that these claims are accurate? I would suggest that you look at what ingredients have been used to verify that this product works as claimed.

You most certainly do not want to waste your time with a product that doesn’t work, or could potentially be dangerous.

Ingredients found in Juvenique

Unfortunately despite the impressive claims there is very little information on the website to back them up.

There is no label, nor a list of ingredients.

What we have got instead is a couple of sentences that basically states that whole collagen molecules are used, as well as peptides.

Price of the Juvenique trial offer

When looking at trial offers like this you should always make sure to read through any terms and conditions if they are available.

These T&Cs state that there is a $4.94 delivery charge to pay when you first sign up, then a second charge of $89.97 to pay just 14 days later.

You will also discover having read the T&Cs that at the conclusion of the trial you will be automatically added to an auto-ship program, that will ship you further monthly packages at full price.

These additional deliveries will continue until you contact Juvenique to cancel the subscription to this scheme.

Is the Juvenique trial a scam?

With dubious claims and a high price there is no way that we could recommend this offer.

Chances are those that sign up to this offer without first reading the terms and conditions are going to be annoyed once the true price is revealed. You should always be vigilant when looking at trial offers.

Contact information for Juvenique

If you wish to cancel the trial before you are charged then you will need the following contact information:

Phone: (888) 898-4647
Email: care@revitayouthserum.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up to this offer.

Alternative to Juvenique

XYZ Smart CollagenOur suggested alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen, which you can buy online.

This product contains anti-ageing ingredients that can help fight against the visible signs of ageing.

Benefits on offer include:

  • Fine lines are less visible
  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Collagen production is boosted

You can buy this product without having to sign up for a trial, this means that you wont have to worry about hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

30 comments on "Juvenique Serum – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. SCAM! This is such a shady business model where you think you are trying the product and then they hide a subscription model in the fine print. Shows their product isn’t good enough to speak for itself on re-orders. BUYER BEWARE! It’s not a great product – no real results from my “NOT FREE free” trial and their business model is downright dishonest and disgusting!

  2. I hate this type on enticement! Praying I can cancel and return product. Thanks for information and warning.

  3. I was out of town and saw my bank was charged 97.00 by JUVENIQUE. I did not order it!
    I want scammed!
    what can I do to get my money back?

  4. This is a divisive diabolical scam!
    The company cannot be contacted! by e:mail / telephone etc.
    The 14 days is a deviously contrived scam: ie: Order date –
    delivery date – time attempting to get a RMA number
    (unachievable) – return time date? = 14 days +. Phone no’s
    are not recognised and TLIFEHELskincarehelp.co.uk cannot
    be found by Yahoo Web Search!
    It is False advertising. Misrepresentation. Misinterpretation
    especially of the word ‘FREE’. Customer care is non-existent!
    and unachievable ie: Compliance with their published paperwork
    sent with ‘FREE’ cream and un- requested Serum! Because they
    cannot be contacted! to return the not so FREE offer, or to get a
    RMA number needed to return the good’s ie: 1) the one supposedly
    ‘FREE’ and 2) the unsolicited Serum!
    Just stop your method of payment! and force them to contact you!
    maybe this will work? Good Luck!

    • Just received my “free” offer that I ordered last week. As soon as I placed the order, I immediately called my credit card company because I had a second item that magically was added to my order that I couldn’t back out. A rep told me to beware: in 14 days I’d be charged $90 for every month’s shipment till I cancelled. WHAT???? How did I miss that info when I ordered my “free” trial? I found a # to call the company- was ANOTHER company! Credit card co gave me a # on my statement- DISCONNECTED! ONLY solution to stop future shipments; canceled my credit card. All this for a FREE TRIAL! I’ve learned my lesson.

  5. It’s scam not free at all. Cost 200.00 would not let me send product back for refund. So disappointed

  6. I was charged over $180 for 2 products after my so-called free trial, where I paid for shipping only. I did not authorize these additional charges. How do I get my credit card refunded?

    • Mary, have you tried using the contact details provided in the above review?

    • I had two charges appear from this company and I NEVER ordered this! My bank was able to give me a phone # that I called. Their “customer service” was HORRIBLE! I argued with this women for 15 minutes telling her I was disputing the charge with my bank. She told me she couldn’t do anything! Well, after arguing with her and demanding a credit (and after she got extremely ride with me) I did get a FULL CREDIT from this company. I ALSO closed my bank account in case they try to charge me again. Seems like a HUGE SCAM!

  7. This company is a liar. They take ur money without asking you. They charged me about 200 usd. Big liars. Pls don’t fall in their trap. The product is not even good and Roth the money.

  8. So disappointed that the “Sharks” have associated themselves with misleading product sales practices. The “sample” implies a sample (not a full purchase of 92.94 + 4.95 + 2.97) that is just delayed for 14 days to bill full price unless cancelled. I’m sure attorneys have reviewed the terms of this agreement, otherwise a class action suit would be likely, so buyer beware.

  9. This is a scam and you will be billed twice for amounts over $90 just for requesting the trial sample. Fortunately several cyber security students at our local university were able to locate the IP address the the web host for this company. Our bank is following up on it. Will post results.

  10. The same thing happened to me and my daughter. I sent for 2 products from the free trial, supposedly paying for only shipping – total of $9.90. I just saw yesterday on my account, I was charged $97.92 and then again $92.94 – I was shocked. There is also no way to contact these people. A total scam; now it is off to the bank to see what they can do to help me? I can’t wait to see if any others using this posting get any positive results.

  11. I just had the same problem others did.
    Did not order product.
    I am glad they listed a number on website here.
    Had to cancel my credit card.
    When I called, they did not have me listed, which is not true, because how did they Mail the product to me.
    Hope we can solve and stop this.

  12. I just had 2 charges appear on my account from this company and I NEVER ordered this product! My bank was able to give me their phone number, so I called them. Their “customer service” argued with me and then tried to wheel and deal with me, offering me a percentage off the product. I DEMANDED A FULL REFUND! The woman was EXTREMELY RUDE to me…extremely!!! Finally, after telling her I was disputing the charges with my bank, she told me they would offer a FULL REFUND. Go to your bank…..DISPUTE THE CHARGES and then call them directly. They are ride and will try to bully you, but be persistent and demand a refund!!!

  13. RIPOFF!!!! DO NOT DO THIS!!! SCAM!!!!! STOP!

  14. Can someone give me the number for Juvenique to call there customer service.

  15. Can someone give me the number for Juvenique to call there customer service, bc all numbers I’ve called are wrong.

  16. I’m pretty sure this is a scam. I read the advertisment just the same as everyone else. “free trial, just pay $4.95 shipping” I did this. Like most websites now a days before confirming my purchase it offered me at least 3 additional products. I was given the choice to “add to my order” or “complete order” – I chose complete order for all as I did NOT want to add the other products. Of course, they were both “bait links” and all three were charged to my card. I have a total of 4 charges for shipping for each product. Because the advertisement I saw linked this product to ‘Shark Tank’ i went to youtube to watch the video of it and see what I just ordered. Of course, there is no proof it was ever on ‘Shark Tank’ and I can’t find anything other than the original advertisement. I did, however, find several youtube videos referencing this being a scam. Most complaints were this company has charged them multiple charges of $97.95, $103.97, and $107.98 – all unauthorized. They also claim they were verbally told of a secret commitment of a monthly charge when ordering and that it was “in the small print.” I have re-traced the ordering steps and I cannot find such clause or small print. It’s been over an hour now, I have no confirmation email, 4 charges to my bank card, and a LOT of doubts. I have canceled my bank card to prevent any further charges that were clearly NOT authorized. I, thanks to this website, called the 1-800# above and spoke to “Rita506” on the phone who claims they cannot locate my order or an account in my name. (Even though they already took 4 charges from my account) I told her I do not want to be a “member” or have a “membership” and I want to cancel any further purchases through them. “Rita506” claims she sent an email to her management and stated they will “call me back” with further assistance. She was extremely polite, and never rude. BUT I still do not trust this company. I would not recommend this product/company.

  17. I do/did not buy into this, nor did I ever hear of this product or company before today, Dec 21, 2017. I received two email messages yesterday from them stating 1) my order from September was cancelled and that 2) my credit card was credited $102.86. They added the last 4 digits of the card which did not match mine. I searched my email for anything in Sept and there was nothing. I searched them out online and found this article and thread. Weird. Just weird that I got erroneous emails from them (support@tryjuvenique.com).

  18. The packaging is exactly the same as the product called Nuevaderm..only difference is the name.

  19. Scam

  20. I got a call this morning from my bank about this company charging me $92.94 and I told them to block it and then called the phone number 844-776-1862 and after a 12 minute wait finally spoke to a woman with accent and tried to explain I had not signed up for this, just accepted trial for $5 so she started to give me 25% off, then 50 then 75% and I told her I had not been given any instructions or any terms on this trial, also told her the Crimes against Seniors in Citrus County would be happy to have me give them this information since I am a Senior and never authorized this kind of payment, after some arguing she finally sent me email that the order had been cancelled and a refund sent to my credit card even though I continually told her my bank had blocked their autopayment that I had never agreed too. Also offered to return what I thought was a trial size of two containers and she said no, I cannot find where the trial is now and after reading above it is a scam so don’t be fooled.

  21. I also was scammed by this “free trial” of Juvenique–Joy Behar and those who have advertised this product (Barbara Walters!!) should be ashamed. I am making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. How I wish I had researched this product before signing up for this “free trial”. My story is similar as those posted, where two charges showed up on my credit card this morning without my knowingly authorized, reportedly after 14 days of use to pay for the products sent to me as a “free trial”. Thank goodness I have my credit card alert system in place. I too just received a full refund after talking to two people, complaining about these unauthorized charges, and deceptive advertising–this is NOT a free trial. The first number I called was from my credit card: 1-844-776-1862. The agent was rude, and refused to give me a 100% refund, stating she was only authorized to give me up to 50% off the price. I told her I did not want the product any more, and was willing to send it back. The second call was to the number on the bottle of one of the products: 1-844-245-7751. The agent I spoke with the 2nd time was very understanding; unbeknownst to me a full refund had been applied by agent #1, which I have not seen yet–but am hopeful this is now resolved. Do not buy this product! Devious business practices.

  22. Don’t be fooled by Juvenique, totally a scam. They used the name of famous actresses that swears that it helped them. I started having acne after I used it for 1 week. I called them to tell them this but they refused for me to return it back and for them to refund me. Also I did not get the product until 12 days after I ordered it and they charged my card within 14 days after they charged me for shipping and handling. You don’t get to try it for 14 days. Obviously they just want your money. My face had gotten worse. Don’t. be fooled by this people. Also the product was sent without any information so that we cannot call for them to cancel it. It was done purposely.


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