Juvarelle Serum – Is this anti-ageing moisturising serum a scam?

Juvarelle Serum – Is this anti-ageing moisturising serum a scam?

If you believe the hype then the Juvarelle Serum is a product that will help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. Whether it can live up to this hype remains to be seen, however.

What we do know is that this product is available for trial. So what have you got to lose?

Well, if you have any experience with trial offers then quite a lot actually. These types of offer often lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

The following review will look to see if this is the case, while also looking to see if the product works as claimed.

Please read on to discover the truth before you sign up.

Claims made by Juvarelle Serum

Juvarelle Serum has made a variety of claims, many of which have been used by other similar trial offers. These include:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check how accurate these claims are we would need to look at what ingredients have been used to create this product.

I would advise that you look for ingredient information before ever using a product. Not only to ensure it is effective, but to ensure it is safe to use and wont cause any reaction to your skin.

Ingredients found in Juvarelle Serum

Unfortunately there is neither a label nor any indication of what ingredients are present in the Juvarelle Serum.

The website states “Juvarelle’s breakthrough formula delivers whole collagen molecules to the skin. The peptide-rich wrinkle serum is applied to the skin, rebuilding and rejuvenating the skin.

While impressive sounding it doesn’t actually say anything of any worth.

This is disappointing and puts serious doubt in my mind regarding its claims. Is the Juvarelle Serum as good as it claims to be? We cannot really comment.

Price of Juvarelle Serum

What we do know after reading the terms and conditions is that the Juvarelle Serum trial will initially cost just $4.95.

However, I wouldn’t start rejoicing just yet as once the 14 day trial has ended you will be charged again, this time $99.74.

As this trial leads onto an auto-ship program this wont be the end of the charges either as every month thereafter you will be sent another package of the serum with a bill for the privilege.

Is the Juvarelle Serum trial offer a scam?

With a lack of ingredient information and its high price there is nothing to recommend about this offer.

My suggestion to you would be to skip this offer entirely and to look for an alternative. There are plenty of options available, we have suggested one for you below.

Contact details for Juvarelle Serum

The contact details for Juvarelle Serum are as follows. I would suggest you use these to cancel your trial:

Phone: 844-834-6239
Email: support@juvarelle.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative to Juvarelle Serum

XYZ Smart CollagenOur suggested alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen and it is made using proven anti-ageing ingredients.

Benefits of using this product include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • An increase in skin moisture
  • Production of collagen increased

As this product is not available for trial no auto-shipping or hidden charges will be encountered.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

68 comments on "Juvarelle Serum – Is this anti-ageing moisturising serum a scam?"
  1. I ordered this product b4 reading reviews!!! Now want to cancel,can’t get them on phone..Don’t know what to do,live on fixed income..

    • I also haven’t been able to reach by phone, and I also want to cancel, as I too am on a fixed income. Any suggestions? Help!

      • Please cancell my product subscription as I have retired from work and can no longer pay for it. Please let me know a cancellation number and that you have received this notification. Thank You. Marsha Shell

    • It is hard as heck. We finally got them on the phone in the afternoon but we also get e-mail responses from their “customer service ( a real misnomer) e-mail. support@juvarelle.com
      Tell them you have a allergic reaction to the product – maybe you’ll sue them!

      1) contact them by either way and be sure to get an RMA number to return the product.
      BE SURE to document everything you do and who you speak to!!!

      2) File a claim with your credit card company – they know of this scam

      3) Return the product with the RMA clearly on the box and TRACK the package because
      they’ll try to tell you they never got it. You can prove they got it by the tracking number.

      4) It took a month but we got the “subscription cancelled” and a full refund!

      Good Luck – You’ll need it 🙂

    • It’s a scam!! You can’t get them on the phone in time to cancel. They don’t include any documentation for you to use to file a dispute with your credit card company. They say they will email you a cancellation confirmation, but they don’t. Your credit card company needs to block any further charges from the company. Ultraderstore or Newerskin are companies that sell this and scam you!

    • Call your credit card company. Juvarelle is an internet scam. And it’s a nightmare trying to get them to cancel and refund the whopping recurring charges of $99.74 for the face cream and $94.74 for the eye cream. The product is garbage. Here are the Juvarelle ingredients listed on the box after water, glycerine and witch hazel: C12-15 Alkyl Benxoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, phenoxyethanol, Dimethicone Copolyol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Acrylamide, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Lactate, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, Polysorbate 20, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Pamitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
      Would you put this on your skin????
      After fighting on the phone with supervisors, etc, I gave up trying to get my money back through them. Instead, I contacted my credit card company who is familiar with this scam and they are disputing the charges with Juvarelle’s bank to retrieve my money. They said that they are usually successful in this.

      • Where did you send the serum and cream for refund….I have two addresses one in Scotland and the other which is a fullfillment center in Colorado.

        This is madening…

  2. I ordered trail but as was checking out an eyecream popped up I did NOT order it but it was on my total order! Seems like a sneaky way to add it in .

  3. Sneaky way to add eyecream to order! Not good sales

  4. Tried calling Juvarelle customer support for four days straight could not get through. My package was received open and after reading ingredients,with my chemistry background, I knew nothing present to verify their claims. Need to return product and pay additional shipping in order not to be charged for this expensive product. NO WHERE in free trial offer link does it state the cost of the product and the future monthly shipments you agree to by hitting free trial. So essentially the product is not initially free to try because you are charged after 15 days and by time you receive product after placing order you have approx. 8 days to return within time frame of being charged full price. There would be absolutely not enough time to see if it is making a difference in your skins elasticity or appearance. I am trying to return product without trying it being that I did receive package already open and when agent NIKKI finally answered line there was terrible cracking phone connection and she accused me of hitting buttons

    • Good Morning. I signed up for a FREE trial and was shocked to hear that such huge fees were coming out of my account. I was unaware of the 2 fees that would be charged on my bank account. I am a single mom with 2 jobs and I cannot afford $94.97 and $99.74. Again, that’s why I signed up for a FREE trial. I am no longer interested in receiving this product. I have not even opened my packages to try them yet. I want a full refund for the charges placed on my bank account. Please email me back or call me directly at 904-463-1445. Thank you for your help in this matter. God bless you for your kindness.
      Angela Sharp

      • Angela, this website has no link to this offer. There are contact details provided in the above review, I would suggest you use them to cancel your order.

      • This is a high tech scam!!!!! I am contacting NC Attorney General if I do not get my money back. My package came without any directions and this company knows one needs more than two weeks trial. It is a scam with capital letters SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terrible sales tactics. Nothing is free and credit card gets billed large amounts soon after product arrives. Of course they don’t answer phone when you realize you have to call to cancel. They also require “free” trial to be sent back. Stay away from this company at all costs!

    • I had the same experience and filed a dispute with my credit card company. This company is sneaky. They don’t provide any of the info you mentioned so a dispute is impossible. My credit card company told me they have seen this so many times!! The only thing you can do is have the credit card company put a block on future charges from that company. SCAM!!!

  5. Then I was told I would receive an email with my return numbers that needed to be on outside of package and did not receive the email!!!
    Very frustrating customer service. I guess I will need to cancel my credit card at this point.

  6. This product has so many different names. I received the JUVARELLE SERIUM & EYE CREAM!
    SMELLS AWFUL!!!!! Wish I’d checked this out closer before ordering this stinky product! Should have just stayed with ROBIN MCGRAW facial products. They love to take advantage of low income people. They KNOW they can’t afford $200.00 once much less twice a month. Cancel my credit card and pray they can’t get around it!
    Jedonia McPherson
    Tucson, ARIZONA

  7. Never received product and am now being charged $99 a piece for products I ordered. Can’t get any response from company and phone number does not go through.

  8. I am having a bad allergic reaction to your product, so I am returning both of them. Please return my money. Thank you

  9. I ordered a product for dark circles and was sent Juvarelle eye cream and skin serum. There was no invoice, no literature, and no info as to how to return. I spent hours calling the phone number on the boxes. No answers. A total scam. Please advise me as to how to return. I will not pay for these products.

  10. After two hours of hold time, someone came on the line. I told her I did not order or want the products and wanted instructions on how to return. She argued with me for 20 minutes trying to make me accept a trial. I said no, and she finally said she would send me an email with the information. She sent an email that was blank. You are CROOKS! I want to know how to send the stuff back.

  11. I, too fell prey to their ad for smoother skin. I signed up for their ‘so-called FREE’ trial on 2/18. I did not sign up for the eye cream but it was only another 5.00, so OK.
    I was horrified to see two charges on my credit card on 3/5. One for 99.74 and another for 94.97! Both said ‘continuity subscription’. Nowhere in the initial offer did it say that it was an ongoing thing else I would have never tried it. I tried calling but was on hold for a long time so I sent an email to support@juvarelle.com. They offered to cancel my subscription but will charge me a 15% restocking fee when I return the products which I just did this morning. They apologized for the ‘misunderstanding’. It was no misunderstanding, it was a total misrepresentation of a trial offer. Who can afford almost 200.00 a month for skin cream that may or may not work? 15 days is not long enough to know.
    Now, I am out 5.00 to return the items and another 30.00 for the restocking fee for using the cream 5 days. The two charges have gone from pending to actual transactions and today I see yet ANOTHER pending charge for 99.74!!! How are these unscrupulous people still in business?
    I only hope someone reads this and learns from my valuable lesson. There is no such thing as a free trial.

    • I just experienced this!! Only thing my credit card company can do now after filing a dispute, is block all future charges from this company. Credit card company says they see too many of these scams, but they win very few disputes because these scam companies are smart enough to know not to provide any documentaiton such as invoices, emails, etc. so you can’t contact them. They don’t answer the phone until it’s after the deadline for returning product!!

  12. Please cancel all of the information that I sent regarding the trial for $4.95. I am not interested in persuing this product any further.Please remove me from any futher contacts and we are disputing any and all charges other than the $4.95 shipping and handling fees for the trial of Juvarelle serum

  13. I recommend not ordering this product (Juvarelle Ati-Aging Serum Trial offer for $4.95). This company is misleading in regard to their future charges and after 15 days you will be charged $99.74 for the trial offer. Also, you will be on a automated order system and the company will continue to bill you for their products. If you decided to return their product and cancel your order the company will charge you additional shipping and restocking fees. So the final outcome is, you will be charged fees either way and the company will make money. This company is very unprofessional with how they inform the customers about their products.

  14. As I am reading other comments, I can see that the same has happened to me. I paid for shipping at $10.90 for both Juravelle Anti-Aging Serum and Juravelle Eye Lift Trial….both trials and must use for 30 days. I have only had the products for 12 days and already being charged for both products, full price! I do NOT want this product! I cannot afford this every month. I am trying to find a phone number to call and cancel. I found a site relating to this all being a scam and there are 2 types of info….844-834-6239 and support@juvarelle.com
    I am not sure if I will get anywhere and will comment if I do. Otherwise, I will dispute this with my bank! Will do that anyway!

  15. Just received my trial offers a few days ago and can’t be sure of the effects in that amount of time although I am detecting some irritation. I have canceled further shipments but nowhere did I see if the unused portion needed to be returned. Could you please advise me of that? Thank you Susan m

  16. Have has my shipment for a week now and have noticed some irrigation. I thought I had read the fine print by no realize it is a scam. Have called but was put on hold for a long time and have left my # to call back. Not sure they will. Would like to rerun product. Contacting my charge card carrier. Martha W.

  17. Totally BOGUS! I was on FreeFlys sample website and came across this trial offer. I fell for it and was scammed! I called to cancel. You can forget that! there is no such place. Today I received two items with a sticker saying Juvarelle slapped on a bottle (crooked) and there are ingredients. Water, glycerin. etc……CRAP. They got my money for the sample but I had to close out my credit card I used because I could not contact via email to cancel (supposed in DENMARK!). By phone a got some rude person that said he had no idea what I was talking about even with the order#s!!!. TOTALLY FALSE!

  18. After using this product, I do not like this product and have been trying to call the company but no luck.
    It rings, a message says they are experiencing large call volume and to leave a
    message & someone will get back to me.
    Well, this is apparently not true!!
    They charged my account $99.74 and the next day $94.97 one for the eye cream and the other for the serum!!!
    I want a refund immediately! I will be reporting this to my bank so this unprofessional company stops charging my bank account!!!!!!
    I hope to get through to a company rep or I will contact my attorney as well as Consumer Affairs!
    I would not recommend the company nor their product!!!!!!!

  19. I also ordered this free trial offer. When I opened the bag both serum and eye cream were in, I immediatley noticed that there was no literature whatsoever about either product. that was my first red flag! Then I saw there was no return address or return labels. I then read the ingredients and decided, no way was I going to put this crap on my face! I just called the above number and after 10 min. a recording asked for my name , email, and phone number. After having read all of the reviews on here, I have decided to cancel my credit card immediatley! I suggest this strongly to all who have been mislead by this bogus company to do the same! They need to be shut down!

  20. I have been trying for 4 days to cancel these samples, but can’t get anyone, but a recording. I am going to report them to the Better business Bureau, but they probably won’t be able to find anyone either. I am greatly disappointed in this deal, and I am calling my credit card co. to stop pament to them. I agree they should be shut down.

  21. The way I got trapped into this scam was, I did a survey for a company and my thank you gift for taking their survey was to pick one of the items they offered. I happen to pick the Juvarelle serum and only had to pay the postage. Sounded like a good deal and I fell for it, alter all it was a gift for doing the survey. After filling everything out and confirming it, I was below the rest of the story. I have tried several; times to stop any further billing.to my account as I don’t have that kind of money. I sent a request to the email address but no response from it either. So I guess my next resort is to close the account

  22. I am going to stop further payments to my bank! I was scammed big time;

  23. I wish I had taken the time to research this company and their business tactics.No literature came with the product advising of automatic charges and shipments. I called and received no answer due to extremely high call volume. I left a message and emailed to advise them of my dissatisfaction. My credit card company has issued a credit for the charge and will refuse all further charges by the company. If their product is so wonderful they need to follow ethical business practices.

    Do not order this product.

    • SCAM!!!!! FRAUD!!!!! Like others, I ordered the free trial. I initially tried to research where I might order the product for a friend. I found no information and determined this might not be up and up. No contact information available until I found this site. I was told to return the product to the UK. Also, Amy (person on the phone) asked if I read the conditions prior to ordering. She said it was not a free trial. l am not sure where the conditions are/were. I found nothing.

  24. I ordered the “free sample” of their skin care product and wanted to try it before committing to it. I was surprised to see an eye cream thrown in for an additional $5. I was shocked to find my credit card was charged almost $200 for both products! I don’t want these things and can’t get through to the company to cancel. I’ll probably have to close my credit card as most of the other people are doing. I’ll NEVER order a free sample again.

  25. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I have three phone numbers to contact for customer service, and none of them work! The phone will ring one time and there is silence, even though the phone is still connected. The numbers are:

    Good luck to anyone trying to contact these crooks. I just don’t know how these people can sleep at night.

  26. I have been taken in by this scam as well. I will be filing with the Better Business about them. I suggest all that have been tricked as I have, to do the same.

  27. I am embarrassed to say that I too was tricked by this scam. I have canceled my credit card, only after I found that they charged with-out my consent $99.74. I will be filing with the Better Business. I suggest you do the same.

  28. Contact the Better Business Bureau so they can add these complaints to their file! It would be the BBB of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley


  29. I am so disappointed and hurt that I allowe3d myself to be scammed like this!! This stuff does not work! No directions in the bag nor how to return it..I am reporting this matter to the NC Attorney General immediately and to BBB!!!

  30. SAME HERE! Ordered the “free” trial – about $5 each for the 2 products. Within about 2 weeks I had 2 more charges (just under $100 each).


    FIRST – call your credit card company and ask them to please refuse to pay and/or dispute these charges. (If your cc company can’t do this you might want to look into a different card.)

    SECOND – Call Juvarelle at 844-834-6221. I had to hold on a bit but someone did eventually answer. I had Juvarelle on speaker on one line and my credit card guy on speaker on another line (so the credit card co. could hear the conversation). I told Juvarelle that I had blocked them from my credit card and they were not getting another dime! They offered a credit on the 2 BIG charges and instructed me how to send back the “free” sample (at my expense of course) and I shut my credit card down (they’re sending me a new one) so I won’t get dinged for the bogus 15% restocking charge.

    LAST – Anything that sounds too good to be true is!

  31. I only wanted to try and am very dissatisfied and very unhappy that my account is being charged I do not want this product any longer and was very unaware that my account was being charged, I am on a very fixed income and barely have enough money to pay my bills.If the money is not returned to my account I will contact the better business bureau and the district attorneys office. I want to hear from you in the next five days or I will take further action.If you want the product back I will return it immediately.

  32. I ordered this product using a pre-paid MasterCard. They have been calling my phone sometimes 5 times a day saying there was a problem with my order, everyday they call. I have been scammed before and will never pay “Shipping” unless it’s on a prepaid card.

  33. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, CA. This company refunded the $94.97 and $99.74 after I filed my complaint. I had to return the free samples, but I am so happy that this nightmare is over.

    • How Much Did It Cost To Send Back The Product?

      • It cost about $7.00 to mail it back. Be sure to write the return numbers for each of the items on the outside of the box. Also, get a tracking number from the post office.
        Good luck!

  34. I ordered a free gift from a page on FB saying Macy’s was closing and they were offering a free gift to people as they needed to reduce inventory. I called the number on this site got in right away. I told them this was a scam! I told them I was recording call, and that I kept the copy of the Facebook page stating it was Free Gift. The guy I spoke to was very stubborn saying I had to try the product or pay $39 and some change for it. I demanded that he cancel my order or I was taking everything I had and report them to the Fraud department at my bank. I said I want to see the my cancellation email before I hang up. He was very stubborn but I finally got him to send my cancellation email. Sometimes you have to be as stubborn as they are. I’ll return the FREE GIFT and good riddance.

  35. I just called my bank and they gave me the number to contact them. I called and immediately got someone on the phone for the Juvarelle products. Their number is 1844 800 6685. I received immediate refund and cancellation emails for products. Hope this helps!!!

  36. This is a SCAM. Spoke with Gina in customer service who said I could ship back to UK at my cost plus a 15% restocking fee or she can give me 60% of my money back today. I have also disputed via my bank.

  37. WOW! Thank you for this information! I just googled to see if anyone else experienced breakouts while using Juvarelle and found all of THIS! I pulled my credit card statements – I did see the charges for $4.95 and $5.95 on 3/06 for the “samples.” And THEN more charges on 3/21 and 3/22 … I’ve never received any other products, though. I called my credit card company (after sending an email to Juvarelle to cancel – btw, I did not know I was signed up to receive products each month) to dispute the charges. They were so helpful and saw that I was also charged again on 4/20 and 4/21 — these four charges came to $389.42!!! Again, all I have are the samples … so sad … I ordered because I saw that Christie Brinkley uses this product. Does she really? Did anyone else see this too? I got a new credit card, thanks to my helpful customer service at my company. DEFINITE SCAM!!!!

  38. My trial products arrived a few days ago. There is enough eye and face serums to last much longer than 14 days. I called the number listed on the shipping receipt to ensure there won’t be any further charges. A customer service rep answered within ten minutes. She said there will be no further charges because I did not subscribe for it. The number I called is 1-844-834-6240.

    • I too called today to cancel and got a person on the phone within 10 minutes, said they would cancel and no further charges would be made. I am waiting for my cancellation email now, and hopefully no further charges will be on my account or I will call the bank and dispute.

      Just received the cancellation email!!
      844-834-6239 is the number I was able to get a live person on.

      • Go to the bank now. I too took their word. The bank even called me to verify if I accept the charges. I said no and it still went through. Now I have $400.00.

  39. I too ordered the product. I did not see the $99.00 at the bottom. I quickly cancelled. They told me I had to contact them by phone, which I have on several instances.I had e-mailed them as well. Broken promises. They did not cancel. Now I’m stuck with $400.00 I can’t afford. I never opened the pkgs. I wrote on them return to sender. I contacted the BBB in N.Y. But I need to provide them with an address. The only address I have is New York Mills, N.Y. Cannot locate them. I have only a day or two to give them an address or they will close my case.

    What I don’t understand with all the complaints how do they allow them to stay in business.

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