Jullen Skin Care Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

Jullen Skin Care Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

Jullen is a skin care product that claims to provide numerous anti-ageing benefits.

Our review will look more closely at this offer to see whether its claims are realistic and also whether there are any hidden charges associated with the trial.

Please continue reading to discover the truth behind the hype.

Claimed benefits of Jullen

Using Jullen is claimed to provide you with the following user benefits:

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check how accurate these claims I would recommend looking more closely at the ingredients used. Are they quality ingredients that are likely to offer any real benefit?

Ingredients found in Jullen

Jullen is claimed to be made from “premium quality ingredients”, unfortunately there is no indication of what these ingredients are.

We would hope to see a label, but even a list of ingredients would have been better than what is currently available.

The information we can glean from the website is that “whole collagen molecules” have been used and that the formula is “peptide rich”.

Unfortunately while both statements sound impressive they are not enough to prove any of the claims.

Price of the Jullen trial offer

I would recommend that before you sign up for any trial offer that you first read all of the information available to you. This includes the terms and conditions.

These T&Cs will reveal the true cost of any trial offer.

Usually you will have 14 days to decide if the trial is suitable for you. At the conclusion of this trial period you will be charged the full purchase price, which is almost always close to $100.

You will find that most trial offers operate an auto-ship program. This means that failure to cancel the trial will mean that further monthly packages are sent to you at full price.

Is Jullen a scam?

There are serious doubts that Jullen offers and real benefit.

Its ingredient information is almost zero, while the cost of trial offers is often high.

I would recommend looking for an alternative, we have suggested one for you below.

Contact details for Jullen

Rather than attempting to contact Jullen yourself I would recommend speaking to your bank. They deal with offers like this everyday so should be able to help.

At the very least they should be able to stop any further payments coming from your account.

Alternative to Jullen Skin Care

XYZ Smart CollagenXYZ Smart Collagen would be the product we would recommend as an alternative.

Made from ingredients that can boost collagen while simultaneously slowing down the rate that it is broken down.

XYZ Smart Collagen offers the following user benefits:

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin is tighter
  • A younger appearance

As it is not available for trial you wont have to worry about any hidden charges or auto-shipping. Everything is upfront so you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

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