Is the Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser a scam? Review inside

Is the Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser a scam? Review inside

Bella Vous is a revitalising moisturiser that is currently available for trial.

If you believe their website then you may believe this product to be almost miraculous in its benefits.

The following review will look at the claims that have been made, as well as the price of this product. As it is available for trial you need to keep an eye out for auto-shipping and hidden charges.

These issues often blight trial offers like this so please read on before rushing to sign up for this offer.

Claimed benefits of Bella Vous

The main benefit that has been claimed by Bella Vous is that it can help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”.

This benefit has been claimed by other trial offers in the past, with the other claimed benefits also looking quite familiar:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

It can be easy to simply believe or dismiss these claims, but it is best that you do not rush to any conclusions.

At the very least you should check what ingredients are present in the product. That way you can see if it is truly as effective as claimed.

Ingredients found in Bella Vous

The first issue you will find with Bella Vous is that there is very little ingredient information available.

There is certainly no label available to view, which would have been our preference.

What we have instead is a short blurb that mentions the use of “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide-rich wrinkle serum”.

While these sound impressive they do not actually tell us a lot.

Certainly not enough to back up the claims made. For all we know this product maybe completely ineffective, or potentially harmful to your skin.

Price of Bella Vous

You may think that this is a free trial, but you will be mistaken.

The terms and conditions reveal that while there is a 18 day period to trial the product, once this period has ended you will be charged $98.79.

These T&Cs also reveal another fact that we were afraid of, Bella Vous operates an auto-ship program, which means that unless you cancel the trial you will be sent further monthly packages at full price.

Is the Bella Vous trial offer a scam?

There is very little to recommend about this offer.

A lack of ingredient information makes proving the claimed benefits impossible. While the price is too expensive.

The final straw is the auto-shipping, which based on past experience will likely lead to complaints from those unaware of them.

Contact information for Bella Vous

To cancel the trial you will need to contact Bella Vous using the following phone number: (888) 388-4903

Alternatively you could try their email address: support@secureskincareshopping.com

If you have signed up to this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment for us below.

Alternative to Bella Vous

XYZ Smart CollagenIf you want to reduce your own visible signs of ageing and do not want to waste your time with trial offers then I would suggest giving XYZ Smart Collagen a try.

This product is available online and comes highly recommended.

The reason why it is so effective is its combination of proven ingredients that work together to offer the following benefits:

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • An increase in skin moisture
  • Production of collagen increase

You can buy this product without having to sign up for a trial. This means that there is no auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

9 comments on "Is the Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser a scam? Review inside"
  1. Bella Vous is a total scam. Their phone number has been disconnected & their email address doesn’t work either.

    • I found this out too….scam. Charged for auto ship, which I did not sign up for, and cannot contact them by phone (2 numbers they supposedly have) nor email.

  2. I want to cancel my account. They are charging me double one day apart. What can I Do?

  3. I cannot get the credit for my cancelled orders. What a scam. They keep saying 5-7 business days, but it has been 15 working days. BE CAREFUL. They also charged me for an order I never placed.

  4. Scam !Never heard of a 30 day free trial that only lasts 14 days and then you get charged the full price and are put on automatic billing. Beware it is in terms and conditions which you automatically agree to when you get free trial. It’s in small print on bottom of page and you don’t have to check it. Terrible way to run a business. Celebrities and TV shows that support this should be ashamed of themselves. Product doesn’t even seem to be any good.


  6. I agree ” BIG TIME SCAM”!!! Don’t get fought up in it!!! They will not refund your money. I cancelled on the 28th of the month and I was billed for the $98… and was billed the 31st of the month. Hope this keeps other from getting fought up in the scam.

  7. I received the trial offer by mail. By paying $4.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling my trial would arrive in 2 weeks. I completed the order form and my debit card number. I did receive what I considered a sample 1 oz size of moisturizer in an inexpensive plastic jar. Before I had a chance to try the product I was billed the $4.95 and an additional $97.00 (appox) . I called the company immediately to request an explanation on the $97 charge. The customer service representative explained that if I didn’t cancel the order within a certain amount of days it meant I was committed to receiving this product monthly. I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I was told they do not give refunds. I than contacted my bank to report a scam by this company. The bank held the charge and started a investigation. I changed my debit card number but even before that was in effect, Bella Vous tried to put the $97 charge through 3 times over a two week period. As of today, the bank investigation is still ongoing. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to resolve. Sorry this story is so long but everyone needs to know the facts about this company!

  8. Was stupid to order the trial to begin with – my bad. Called them in November to cancel and after hanging on the line forever I was told it was cancelled and got a confirmation number on the cancellation. Just received another order today and am furious! They never include any paperwork with an order on it or anything. Can’t get them on the line. Will talk to my bank tomorrow and the Better Business Bureau.

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