Image Revive Anti-ageing Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?

Image Revive Anti-ageing Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?

Image Revive is an anti-ageing serum that makes some big claims that will surely entice people to sign up for the offer.

The following review will look to see if it is worth signing up for this offer, or whether you would be better avoiding it completely.

Please read on to avoid any possible disappointment.

Claims made by Image Revive

Image Revive claims to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”, along with the following benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

In order to check how accurate the claims are we will certainly need to look at the ingredients used by this product before commenting further.

Ingredients found in Image Revive

Unfortunately there is very little information available on the website regarding its ingredients.

It does mention the use of hydrolysed collagen and a “peptide-rich wrinkle serum”, but apart from that there is no other information.

This makes it impossible to say whether the claims are accurate or not. It could be as good as claimed, but on the other hand could be totally ineffective or even dangerous to use.

Before you ever purchase or trial a product you should always do your research to check what it contains. This in my opinion is the most important question you need to be asking.

Price of Image Revive

If you think that you can trial Image Revive for free then you are going to be disappointed. Trial offers like this are rarely free.

To check the price of any trial offer it is always worth reading the terms and conditions page if they are available. They are usually to be found at the very bottom of the website.

The T&Cs available for Image Revive state that there is a $4.95 shipping charge to pay when you first sign up to the offer, which will give you 14 days to decide if you wish to continue using the product.

If they do not hear from you during this trial period you will be automatically charged the full purchase price of $109.79 and placed onto an auto-ship program.

These auto-ship programs work by shipping you monthly packages, while charging you the full purchase price for the privilege.

The monthly shipments will continue until you contact them to cancel your subscription.

Is Image Revive a scam?

There are certainly doubts surrounding the claims, as there is not enough ingredient information available to back them up.

The biggest issue however is that the price of the product is too high. Auto-shipping is also another major issue that should rightly put people off this trial.

I would suggest you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Image Revive

To contact Image Revive you should use the following information:

Phone: 1-888-959-6173
Email: customerservice@image-revive.com

If you have signed up for the above reviewed offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment for us below.

Alternative to Image Revive

XYZ Smart CollagenIf you want to use a product that really works then I would recommend that you use XYZ Smart Collagen.

It comes highly recommended and is made from proven anti-ageing ingredients.

Benefits of this product include:

  • Lines and wrinkle reduction
  • Increase of skin moisture
  • Collagen production increase

You can buy this product outright without any risk of encountering auto-shipping or hidden charges, this is because it is not available for trial.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

26 comments on "Image Revive Anti-ageing Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?"
  1. I would like a full refund on both purchases which I have not received

  2. I started to use your product Image revive and my face brook out in red spots so I stop using it and I m not going to reorder.Thank you very much to have let me to try your product.PLEASE DONT CHARGE ANYTHING TO MY CREDIT CARD ONLY THE SHIPMENT…. Charlotte

    • This website has no link to this offer. Please read the above review and you will find the contact details you need.

    • IMAGE revive 30 day free trial products were returned the next day of delivery.
      Returned all items in original package via Canada Post with tracking number, well before the 30 day free trial period. I also confirmed via customer service e-mail the cancellation including the RMA # . After a written cancellation & RMA # , returned parcel via Canada Post … Recently our credit card was charged from the vendor with 2 separate transactions, combined totaling approx. $300. When I called the customer service the same person answers the call and claims the policy has recently been updated. READ between the lines!!

  3. I do not want anymore of your cream delivered please cancel my order thank you

    • This website has no link to this trial offer. There are contact details given in the above review that you can use to cancel your order.

      • I found out the charge would be $150 so I called, got the return info, mailed it, it was delivered within 10 days even though they said I had 30 days. Today I got charged $160, I called, he put me hold to come back and tell me he could refund 50%. I argued and argued, so he put me on hold again and again same bullshit, 50% and my case would be escalated and looked at my some other department for the other 50%. I am so pissed.

  4. I have tried to get in contact with you, but couldn’t find a phone number. I did not CONSENT to the charge on February 2, 2017!!! From what I have been reading there is a SCAM ALERT out for this company!!! I want to cancel whatever you subscription you think I have with you. I have contacted the RCMP concerning this issue and I don’t want to receive another charge from you on my card!!! And I want a refund of $149.93!!! My e-mail is kayemalone@live.ca and I would like confirmation showing me that you have cancelled everything!!!!!!!

  5. What can I say… the marketing for Image Revive is very deceiving. I found their promo on facebook and ordered the free sample. I have only paid for shipping. During the ordering process I didn’t come across any therms and conditions. Then I looked at my cc statement and I found 3 unoutorized charges on my credit card. My bank told me I was lucky I didn’t get even higher charges as they were familiar with those kind of companies and told me that other people had been charged sometimes $150, $250 or even 600$.
    I had to cancel my credit card as my bank could see that I was going to get charged even higher amounts in the next 30 days.
    I then tried to call the number on the website I found on my card statement (which by the way is not even a real website and was signaled as a scam site) and I managed to talk to someone who said that someone else would have called me back in 24 h but nobody called me in the next 4 days. I then come across the same add on facebook and looked really hard for the fine print. I found a section for terms at the bottom of the page and then I found out that by applying to receiving the free sample I had signed up for a monthly subscription…
    In the meantime I have even received the product(after I dinally managed to cancel the subscription) and it is not miraculous as described in the videos. Plus It has a huge list of ingredients, some of which are really bad…
    If someone is interested I have the list of ingredients and I could forward…
    I still can’t believe that I fell for this. I’m just happy that it’s over now.

  6. This image revive is a Hugh Scam” Has anyone received a refund or successfully canceled any further shipments? DO not sign up or you will be billed $149.00/month or more.
    What a Hugh scam that Arlene Dickerson is fronting. I would never have believed it l hadn’t been caught myself.
    Good luck

  7. Please canceled any further shipments?
    I do not like the products. My face turn red. I will not be using the product
    I kind of thought that is a SCAM!!!!
    That is why I do not do on line shopping to give my credit card numbers.
    Thank You!
    No more shipments
    Gloria Drayson

    • Gloria, the above is a review. This website does not endorse trial offers.

      I would suggest using the contact details provided, or failing that contacting your bank. They should know what to do.

  8. How do I order Image revive?

    • We would not recommend you do this.

    • Ordered trial size but I am not sure that is what I received. I understood shipping charge only! I don’t remember seeing anything about further shipments. I have now been charged a large amount of money. I have at least four(4) different numbers to call and none of them work as I want no further shipments. I have also sent two e-mails and no answer. Is there anything else I can do to ensure that I receive no more?

  9. Big scam they steal money from your account got fraud investigation going on but in meantime DON’T BELIEVE THEM You Will Get RIPPED OFF THEY Have TAKEN A TOTAL OF $350.00 OUT Of MY ACCOUNT

  10. To whom it may concern , I need to reach you.

    I understand that you charged my credit card account for the samples you sent to me I did not approve any fee for any products I did approve 1 shipping for SAMPLES only.

    I saw your link approved by dr oz on Facebook and did not approve anything other than to samples.

    I tried to call the number on the bottles and it does not work also I tried to go through your web site on my credit card and that did not work .

    I found this email address on one of the bottles so I am now trying here.

    Please cancel anything you have for me and my address as it is not approved .

    Please reply letting me know you cancelled this and credited my account .

    And canceled any other offers you have queued now or in the future

  11. I need to make my last comment more clear I only agreed to pay for the shipping of the said samples . 1 dollar and something

    • Cindy, this website has no link to any trial offers, and in fact do not sell any products. I would suggest using the contact details provided in the above review.

  12. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IN ANY WAY. Unless you are diligent on cancelling the subscription within the 14 days, do not buy this trial. It is a rip off. I placed an order through their website got an error telling me that the charge did not go through, tried to place it again only to receive a message saying that I had already ordered. Then when I tried to return it, they refuses to give me my money back. Also, all of their customer support phone numbers were disconnected. I had to threaten then through email in order to get a real phone number. I am trying to get my credit company to reverse the charges because of this mess. This company is ripping people off.

  13. This product is a huge scam. You pay for shipping on the product and THEN you pay $161.35 every 14 days. Gavin says he can’t stop the charges, but I can return them. SCAM ALERT!

  14. I saw the ad on Facebook for what I thought was a free sample but in fact I would later learn that Image Revive has never given free samples – only free trials. After I had entered my credit card information to pay for postage and handling and while the transaction was processing, my phone rang. It was a woman rep from the company asking me to get an addtional cream and I blew a gasket and in no uncertain terms told the woman to get lost and hung up. That call took all of less than 30 seconds and when I returned to my computer, the transaction was still processing. I considered whether I might be charged for that additional cream but after checking my credit card statement, it showed I was only charged a few dollars by a company called Beauty Irresistable for both the sample – excuse me – the trial and postage. Several days later the product arrived and it seemed to work pretty good so I was happy until several days later when I happened to check my credit card statement for another reason and found a charge of $149.93 by the same company. Needless to say, I was floored and proceeded to find out why. I started with a dispute resolution with my credit card company and they advised they wouldn’t start one until I had tried to get a refund. They gave me a number to contact Image Revive and commented that they had received several complaints about the company. I called the number and got a Call Centre who took my number and said someone would call me back as soon as possible. I got a call back a few hours later and learned that I had entered into a subscription by answering their ad and that it was a free trial not a free sample as mentioned previously. The person also informed me they were only authorized to give a 50% refund period and end of story. I told them that wasn’t good enough and they said in a round about way that only someone in a higher position could discuss the matter further with me but they were not available at the moment. I said that first I would be contacting my credit card company to do a dispute resolution and then contacting the Better Business Bureau, MarketPlace and all the disgruntled people on the Image Revive Facebook page to band together with a lawyer and take them down. They had messed with the wrong person! The next day (after I had calmed down) I called back Image Revive to see if I could talk to someone in a higher position to dispute my case but was told again that their policy was a maximum of 50% refund. I reitered my first threat and hung up. I then called my credit card company who told me they were acting within the law and it was my problem that I didn’t check the Terms and Conditions which I don’t even recall seeing anywhere but I guess that was my problem. Anyway, to make a long story longer, within a few days I got the 50% refund and chalked it up to a lesson learned and licked my wounds. To my astonishment, I received another letter of refund via email which I thought was a duplicate error and didn’t think much of it until I checked my credit card and saw an additional refund totalling the full amount of the original charge. So it pays to make a big stink I guess. I will be much more careful in future.

  15. RMA IMAGE REVIVE PRODUCTS… This product did not do what it was advertised to do and after receiving an authorized return number # 68A3206BEE81 back on Nov.24, 2016 to return the unused product and get our full refund of $154.35, they never returned our money. Then they tried to say they would only give back a certain amount of money and not all they took. Now I say “TOOK” because their little scam is not right up front but hidden as they help themselves not to the amount of money they offer the product at around $15.00, but what they actually charged our credit card for several days later, $154.35. We contacted them again on January 17, 2017 on February 16th, 18th, and 20th of 2017. One individual we spoke with said his name was Mr. Kyle Reed a senior manager and a supervisor. These people later used the excuse they did not receive the return within the allowed time so we do not get a refund. But I do not believe that to be true, as the mail does not take that amount of time. These are low-life scammers as far as I am concerned and I intend to publish this exact paragraph everywhere possible to let others become aware of their rip off.

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