Achieve Healthy Skin without Acne

Achieve Healthy Skin without Acne

Acne is a skin condition that millions of people deal with, but there are a number of ways to clear your skin and improve overall skin health.

It is important that you pay special attention to cleanliness to prevent the buildup of the bacteria responsible for acne. Your habits and skincare routine have a major impact on whether or not you have acne.

You can also clear current acne outbreaks by using the right methods, here are some of the best methods:

Clean Your Makeup Tools

It is estimated that about 72 percent of women do not clean their makeup tools. This makes them harbors for germs and bacteria that can accumulate and then transfer to your skin when you use them.

About once a week, clean all of the tools that you use for liquid and semi-liquid makeup products, such as foundation and gel eyeliner.

About every two weeks, clean all of the tools that you use to apply powder makeup products, such as eyeshadows and blushes.

Use a Serum for Better Skin

Lotions and creams work well, but serums are better because they are more concentrated. You will get faster results and you can use less product.

Since you are trying to combat acne, look for serums that can kill bacteria and balance the pH of the skin.

You also want products that contain antioxidants so that can prevent free radical damage from causing inflammation and other issues that can lead to breakouts. You should apply your serum right after cleansing your face so that it has the best chance to absorb fully.

Use Your Skincare in the Right Sequence

When you do your skincare routine, you want to ensure that you get it done in the right order to reap the most benefits.

You want to start by completely cleansing your skin with a skin-matching cleanser and then pat your skin dry. Immediately after cleansing, use a moisturiser that contains salicylic acid to moisturise and control acne at the same time.

Applying this immediately after cleansing, apply this moisturiser so that it can completely soak into your skin. After this dries, you can apply your other products like your sunscreen and makeup.

Clean Your Phone

You hold your phone up to your face after putting it on dirty surfaces or using dirty hands to handle it. The dirt and germs on your cellphone transfer to your skin and can cause issues like clogged pores and acne.

Use a disinfecting wipe or super diluted bleach to wipe down your cellphone each day. Just make sure that the cloth that you use is just slightly damp and it will take away all of the impurities that can get on your skin and cause irritation and breakouts. You should also be mindful of where you set your cellphone to keep it clean.

Use a Retinol Product

A good retinol product helps to keep your skin young and healthy by boosting collagen production and improving cell turnover.

It also helps to treat acne because it has potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Retinol can be drying, so you want to slowly start using it and increase use over time. Start by using it just at night and then increase usage, if necessary, per the instructions that come with the product that you are using.

You should also not combine retinol with another topical product unless your dermatologist instructs otherwise.

If the above methods fail to produce results, make an appointment with your dermatologist to secure clear skin. However, the above methods are typically effective for helping you to eliminate breakouts and achieve healthy skin without acne.

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