Gleam And Glow Trial Offer Review – Is this skin care offer a scam?

Gleam And Glow Trial Offer Review – Is this skin care offer a scam?

Trial offers such as Gleam And Glow may seem tempting, but if you look closely they may not be as good an offer as they appear to be.

This review will look at this offer to see if there are any hidden charges involved, plus we will look at the product itself overall to see what benefits it actually offers.

Please continue reading to see what benefits you can experience through its use.

Claimed benefits of Gleam And Glow

The biggest claim is that using Gleam And Glow can help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. Other benefits include:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To verify these claims we are going to have to look to see what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Gleam And Glow

The only ingredient information we can see on the website is that “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide rich” formula has been used.

This is not enough information to prove the claims. We would need to see a label, or at the very least a list of ingredients used to verify them.

Price of the Gleam And Glow trial offer

It would be wrong of you to assume that just because a product is available for trial that it is a free trial.

The truth is that most of the time these trials are not free.

To discover the true cost you should read the terms and conditions page, which is usually found in the footer section of the website.

The T&Cs of Gleam And Glow state that there is a CAD $4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up to this offer. This is to cover the cost of shipping.

Once paid you will have 18 days to decide if this product meets your needs. If it doesn’t then you must contact Gleam And Glow to cancel the trial.

Failure to do this will result in you being charged the full purchase price of CAD $109.79.

You will also soon discover that this trial leads onto an auto-ship program. This means that you are going to receive further monthly packages charged at full price.

Would we recommend Gleam And Glow?

We cannot recommend Gleam And Glow. Not only are its claims unproven, but the cost of the product is too high as well.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Gleam And Glow

The following contact details should be used to cancel this trial offer:

Phone: 1-866-218-8576
Email: support@gleamandglowskin.com

I would also recommend speaking to your bank to ensure no further charges are taken out.

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled this offer.

Alternative Anti-Ageing Skin Care Offer

XYZ Smart CollagenXYZ Smart Collagen would be our recommended alternative, as its ingredients have been shown to offer numerous anti-ageing benefits.

These ingredients can help boost collagen production, while also helping to slow down the rate that it is broken down.

This process ensures the following benefits are experienced:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin will be tighter
  • You will appear more youthful

This product is not available for trial, so no need to worry about encountering any hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

60 comments on "Gleam And Glow Trial Offer Review – Is this skin care offer a scam?"
  1. This product is a scam. I signed up for the two samples and paid on my cc. Two weeks later I was charged an additional $209.00! Do not fall for this scam. Beware!

    • These people are total scam artists. Do not get suckered into their scam. I purchased the trial cream and ended up with eye balm and eye lash enhancer too. I paid 40.00 for the items and today was charged two more amounts of money on my cc. One for 109.79 and one for 79.79 a combined total of 189.58. What a scam! I called them and they told me I was subscribed and owe them this money. This is the full price of the products and they only gavd me the trial products to try out. They are arrogant and ignorant and the Customer service guy laughed at me. I am going to try and go public on as many sites as I can to let people know to beware!!!

      • Hi Linda!!
        I have just had the same experience and I instantly tried to cancel the offer as I did not authorize the balm or lash enhancer as you have stated as well and they are NO HELP! did you have any luck writing reviews for them? any suggestions of where I can write reviews?

      • Yes I fell for it too.Not realizing,And you said it very rude on the phone.The price is just way to much.I was shocked when I seen the money taken out of my bank,Also for each transaction the have a different name for their company.The name that shows up on your banking page.Each payment was sent to a different name.At first I didnt even know who charged my Cc .Then looking back at the trail payments on banking statement like I said both payments were paid to other business names.That”s one sure fire way of telling there up to no good.But its to late once this was learned.And I dont understand,if you wanted a refund,you”d have to return unopened bottle .If opened your not getting a refund.This makes no sense as how would you even know if the product was good for you or not unless you opened it and tried it.Nope they just flat out refuse to refund the rreaccurring payment amount that they took from my cc.Yes you”d think there was something that a person could do about this

    • Exact same thing just happened to me. I just called and cancelled, but am going to make my bank aware, just in case…

      • I wish I had seen this before… also got caught and charged 209,79$! How can a skin care company tell you that you need 30 days to see results but then give you only two weeks to decide if you like it or not and that’s if you receive the product relatively fast! I did not see and terms and conditions on the trial page and asked them to send me a link since it is no longer available. I thankfully had taken a printscreen on it before buying it. My bank will look into it.

        • Same thing happened to me but I was fooled by my Costco master card called them and told them to block them he said for sure and I asked if card should be closed he said no I will help you do I trusted him and more money was taken . $400.00 dollar’s later I was in years with master card and they said can’t help you…
          After I spoke to them they denied I called them…

    • This is bullshit😡 you order this product and it takes how many days to get to you but they say from the day you purchase it? Is when they start counting the days??? Then you don’t even have enough time to try the products and your supposed to have enough time to see if you like it or not? Then they decide to just dig in your credit card and take over 200 god damn dollars. I hope your company fails miserably and you guys must be the devil. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Then they say they won’t refund any money back and offer you another shitty bottle of something to put on your face 🤬 your company sucks ass. So does your products. Assholes. Also I may add that the cream feels like you have a very oily face and the eye cream burns under my eyes. Such a lovely product. NOT. You guys suck.

    • This is SCAM don’t fall for this I am trying so hard to get my money back. They don’t mention how much it costs they don’t tell you shit. I had won this cream on Facebook for 4.95 and what a crock that was

  2. I ordered my “free” samples, tried to click off the website and ended up with 2 more and a charge of $41.84. Two weeks later I was charged $209.58! So much for the ’30 day trial’! BEWARE THE FINE PRINT!!!

    • How do we stop this? Same thing happened to me! I called them months ago I got a cancellation # now I just got an email saying there’s a shipment coming from them 🙁

      • This happened to me also and my cc was charged $209.58. When I called the company I was told my money would not be refunded but I could cancel any further shipments & got a cancellation number. Then I contacted Better Business Bureau and within 5 days my money was refunded

        • Hi Jean, I just called their customer service now (Aug 27) and just the same as all of you here, I was so disappointed with their service and they told me they cannot refund the $209 but they will send me another bottle for free, I told them I don’t need their products, I just need my hard earned money back, but they kept on insisting that they can’t do anything about it. I saw your comment here that you have contacted BBB, I want to do the same, will I just email them? Help please, I am desperate, I have been working so hard to save money and they just deceive us with this SCAM!!! I told them how can you swallow business etiquette like this, that in order for you to gain profit, you are deceiving people who’s working hard to earn a living. Thanks in advance Jean

        • I also didnt see anything about 18 day trial period. I called them and they are only refunding me half the price. I guess I will contact the better business bureau to see if I cant get the rest of it

          • Ok you guys I contacted the BBB yesterday and today I had an email from the company refunding me the rest of my money. I would suggest you do the same.

        • Hi Jean, I have fallen for the same Scam. Can you e-mail me the phone number or e-mail address of the better business bureau ? I am in Ontario. I would also like to get my money back. When I spoke to a rep. at Gleam and Glow some guy named Jax hung up on me! TIA

        • Hi jean, this happens to me too. How can i contact the better business bureau? Thank you..

        • Hi Jean I too got scammed how do you go about going through better business Bureau?

        • hi,Jean
          i got into the same trouble like you, too. can you tell me how to deal with the better business bureau, please?? I am so desperared. thanks.

        • Hi Jean!
          I got scammed too. How did you contact Better Business Bureau? How did you file the complaint? I’m desperate and need the money back.

  3. I got the free trial offer, nowhere in the info did I see that you had 18 days to cancel. Today I got my cc statement and I have been charged $201.58. I will have to flag this co. So no more charges go through. This is a SCAM. I only got it because shark tank backed the product. Very disappointed.

    • I was scammed as well, they had Tracy Moore from city line on the offer this made me trust it and the shopping cart would not allow you to remove the products they were jamming in order to get the sample, and the disclosure of any trial offer was not there or impossible to read, I also
      was charged the above and the credit card company’s are aware of the story, they knew it
      very well, they even provided the numbers to cancel it so no more charges go thru. I think
      market place CBC should be on this.

  4. I got scammed as well! The offer clearly states that you only have to pay $4.95 for shipping. The terms must be close to invisible, because I too had no idea I only had 18 days to cancel, otherwise, a recurring charge would happen. I got my Visa statement and had a bill of over $200! I had to contact Visa to alert them of this company. They said to contact Gleam and Glow and if they were not cooperative, they would correct the situation. So, I contacted customer service at Gleam and Glow. I certainly was not happy with the service. I had to threaten legal action before they agreed to reverse charges and cancel a subscription I didn’t even know/realize I had signed up for. I certainly hope this is the end of this. At this point, even if this product was AMAZING, I would not buy it based on the run around I received in just wanting to try it out. Very upset customer!

  5. Nothing is for free. I thought I was getting a free sample and only had to pay for shipping charges. 18 days later they charged my CC the full amount of the products and enrolled me into an autoship. I called the number of their customer service (1-866-218-8576) and had my account cancelled. Lesson learned.

  6. Same here. No where was it written that I had 18 days to cancel. Now all of a sudden there is a charge for the full price on my cc. TOTAL CRAP !!!! BEWARE !!!!!

  7. I scammed the Sammers lol!!
    On August 8th, I placed an order for the Advanced Eye Cream product only to be billed shipping charges for 2 products, the other being the face cream. Immediately I slapped myself knowing I should have known better. I then called the Customer Care number and spoke to a Rep. I told her I no longer wanted any of these products if this is how they conducted business. She then said it was already placed and too late (yeah right). She said to cancel before the 25th of August, which I did. I did one better and cancelled my CC in case. My “in case” was right. They tried to send and bill me for an auto ship which they could not. Cherry on top was the fact that they refunded both shipping charges from first order, so I got both products to keep for free. I had the last laugh! I will never do this again and besides that, these products are crap!

    • I read the reviews about the free trial 10 minutes too late. I emailed them twice immediately to cancel/stop the free trial however they still sent the free trial to me today. I called up their customer service right away and requested to have my account cancelled. According to them there will be no more further charges and I don’t need to return their trial product. I contacted my CC however I can’t block them for future charges. If I don’t get charged in a month I may be free from their scam. Time can tell. But I will keep that in mind if the charges come again I will cancel my CC.

  8. SCAM ALERT!!!!!!

  9. You guys just need to contact the better business bureau about it. I did and the next day I had an email saying they were refunding all my money back.

    • hi Kristin.
      i need your help. in order to get your money back, what did you say to the better business bureau??? please help. Thanks.

  10. I fell for this scam… “just pay shipping” yeah right – when my cc bill came I was charged $109.70 for the cream…

  11. Well, my sample just arrived and I’m well within this news-to-me 18 day grace period. Called them. 10 minute wait. Spoke with Liz who gently tried to talk me into buying the product for $30 (I declined) and asked why I wished to cancel the trial. Told her I’d been reading that they weren’t above board and I didn’t wish to find a $200 charge on my bill. In the end she said I would get “no more charges from us for product, shipping or handling” and that she’d send an email confirming this. Email received already. Now to wait a month or two and make sure they mean it.

  12. Hi, same here , at first they refused to make a refund when infact it is in the T&Cs to give refunds.I called them 3 times . On the 3rd time I asked for a Supervisor and told them to raise this as a legal complaint, and so they then sent me a refund in my cc and told me to wait 15 days for the transaction but it just took a few minutes when I checked my account.

  13. I looked carefully at the wording on this before ordering, as I had been taken in by a “trial” thing once before. This did not say trial, it said sample, so I thought I was okay. But after reading these comments, I went to my CC account online and sure enough, there are two charges there from them, totalling almost 200.00 dollars. I haven’t even got my paper statement in the mail yet.
    I tried calling the number provided here, but there was not a connection or even a ring.

  14. I have a pending charge on my credit card for 2 skin products one for 99 dollars and change and one for 109 dollars and change I did not ask for these products so please do not try and collect that price from my credit card. Thank You

  15. This company is a scam, avoid at all costs. I was charged over $200 for the trial size, not able to return the unopened trails and have received horrible costumer service. Avoid at all costs.

  16. I ordered and paid for the free trial of cream (that you promoted) to see if I liked this product and unbeknownst to me….was charged for a FULL payment of this product. I did not authorize this transaction.
    The authorization I approved and the confirmation of payment I received from your company was 2 emails for the total of $5.94 & $4.95.
    I have been charged for $109.79 and in addition $99.79 on Sept 12th for the Skin Remedy AND Skin Creme. I have lodged a disputed claim and will continue to report your company should I not hear from one of your representatives within a 48hr period.


    • We do not promote this product, the opposite in fact. We do not endorse trial offers.

      • Follow up to the above review: If you are not the company that’s too bad bc the service and follow up to my complaint was handled professionally and timely. If you aren’t this company that’s too bad (based on the reviews above) maybe you should take a page from their book.

        I had left a review yesterday about the frustration I encountered with this company about being charged an amount for a tester product that I had not authorized. In less than 24hrs I not only received an email confirm this was reversed and that it had been cancelled but also got a phone call from a rep personally AND lastly a follow up email once again confirming that they had taken care of the complaint and to make sure everything was to my satisfaction.
        THANK YOU for taking action immediately and owning the error. Satisfied resolution.

  17. I experienced the same thing as all of you – free bottle offer, etc… I also filed a complaint report with the BBB, and within 24 hours, have been advised that my money will be refunded. W5 needs to do a segment on this scam business!! I’ll stay with my Oil of Olay from now on!

  18. Gleam & Glow is a complete scam!! I had an allergic reaction and called to cancel my order. They sent an email confirmation with the cancellation but i was still charged to my visa $209.58. Initially the offered a 50% reimbursement which would not even cover the medical costs associated with my allergic outbreak. I had to threaten with legal action before they agreed to reimburse the entire amounts. Buyer beware!!!

  19. Honestly, if we could all just consider the class action lawsuit. Jeez. The fine print was deceitful and obscure to find. I just canceled my cc.

  20. All women out there please do not fall for this SCAM. We all work and safe our money and it is unjust that these unethical scams go on and we fall into their trap.As for myself I was impressed that Marilyn Dennis a tv personality endorsed this product as well as the Shark Tank tv program. I wanted just to try the free examples and WOW did I get fooled. I am calling the Better Business Bureau first thing in the morning and hopefully something can be done. The people behind this scam should be stopped and stopped NOW.

  21. I also did the free trial. The funny thing is, when I received my next shipment, I had the over $200 charged to my VIsa, then looked on the website and the same products were less than half the price!

    This is such a scam, as I saw NOWHERE to read the fine print. I never order these things, EVER, and now I know why. I can’t believe someone like Heather Hiscox would have her name on this brand she claims to have started and take people;s money like this. If the product was any good, it would sell itself, wouldn’t it?

  22. I too fell for this scam. I am pleased that others have taken action with the BBB. I will do that tomorrow and if I get no action, I’ll cancel my CC.
    I called tonight to inquire about the charge on my CC and they said I had signed a contract. BS. It really is a scam.
    Also a big ripoff as the cream come in an 1oz size. Imagine, 109.79 and ounce. Boy o Boy. I’m feeling like a real sucker.
    I did get a cancellation number from the customer service company and offered a free bottle because my charge was reversible. Grrrrr.

    • Yep same here. It’s a scam! I called the BBB and this morning got an email saying they refunded the money. I checked my card and so far one amount of 109. has been refunded. Although the company emailed separately (2 separate emails) saying they refunded each payment amount as they charged me twice (for Aug and Sept), so far I only have one amount of 109. refunded to my card. I will call back to confirm if they did in fact refund the other amount. Sometimes it takes a few days for it to show up but the first showed up right away. Hopefully I will have the other amount refunded shortly and this will be settled. Lesson learned.

  23. This is a continuation of my above comments.
    I called the Better Business Bureau and documented my complaints under the false advertising section. These people are fabulous.
    Within a day I received notice from the Gleam and Glow folks that I was going to receive a full refund of all monies paid to them. I have received the credits on my cc. One for 54,00, one for 53.17, and one for 109.79.
    I also called G&G back and confirmed that I was cancelled with them. Now all I have to do is hold my breath until the 3rd next month and make sure a charge doesn’t come through again on my card.

  24. Oh my! Ordering this trial was the biggest mistake I ever made….and a very costly one too. I should have read the offer a little closer. Because I overlooked the fact that I had to contact them to cancel any further shipments, I was charged the full price (over $200) for the free trial I had thought I was getting. When I saw the charges on my credit card statement, I called them right away to cancel .Unfortunately, they had already shipped the second shipment the day before I called. Sooo…..I paid the full price the first time and was given a 50% discount on the second shipment. They have assured me that no more shipments will come. Also, I don’t find that the product works as well as they say…certainly not worth the price they charge. I, highly, recommend that you stay away from this company.

  25. I ordered one set which I received. They have since sent three extra sets and charged me. I will be visiting my back to stop further payment.

  26. Its not a trial!!!Beware!!!
    Gleam and Glow Skin
    Scam Scam Scam
    They will charge your credit card without permission!!!
    Trial huh
    They expect you to try the trial & return it within days or they charge your credit card hundreds!!!!

  27. I to fell for this reading that it was a free trial. Just received another in the mail to find that my credit card was charged the 109… found their number and called.. I told them I did not ask for this and to remove me immediately and I wanted to be refunded. . they told me they could not refund me as it was already shipped . I guess so.. I got it today not reading anywhere that i had to cancel… do not fall for this… what a lie… so I guess I have to accept the 109 I was charged and hope that is the end. They offered free sample and I said never again… Ryan is suppose to be sending me a confirmation email that I have canceled everything.. will see. Still dont have it so far

  28. How do i get rid of these cheaters.I have reported them to anyone i can think of and they are still stealing money from my bank acount. they are scammers and i do not know why facebook lets them advertise.

  29. We all have the same issue here, after talking to the rude customer service, i phoned my bank and report what happened, they will send me a new cc so they wont charged me with any amount! Bank said dont take any online survey with free gift because it’s all fraud!

  30. I am in so much shock. This is a SCAM SCAM SCAM.
    I was persuaded for the trial. I was not informed that I would be charged full price (how much) or when for these items.
    I was intentionally misled.
    I emailed Gleam and Glow to ask for a refund because my credit card company cannot do anything about these unauthorized transactions.
    Gleam and Glow refused to give me a refund stating that the company “cannot process a refund”.
    So I have now contacted the Better Business Bureau, I want my refunds for these unauthorized transactions.
    I did not receive an email stating that my credit card was charged or even a confirmation email.
    As a result of horrible customer service, I will not be purchasing Gleam and Glow products, even if the items were really high quality.

  31. Very Disappointed with this website. Consumers need to be made aware. Thought cool — 5 bucks to try out some new cream and boom, All the checkmarks were filled in and credit card charged for four deliveries before it was finally stopped. AMAZING…I’m sure that consumers are not going to allow for this to continue.

    They will not issue the RMA number for you to return the items. I have all four boxes still waiting to receive my RMA number for them to take them back… Here’s to continuing to make our point.

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