Glamor Gold Ageless Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Glamor Gold Ageless Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

The Glamor Gold ageless cream offers a range of benefits, but how likely are you to see any of these benefits should you aim to use this product?

Our review will look more closely at this anti-ageing cream to see what actual benefits are on offer.

Please continue reading to uncover the truth behind the hype.

Claimed benefits of Glamor Gold

The biggest claim made by Glamor Gold is that its use will help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. This is not the only claimed benefit, however. The following claims have also been made:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To verify the accuracy of these claims we will need to check what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Glamor Gold

There is very little ingredient information available on their website.

What we can find is that “whole collagen molecules” are delivered to your skin. And that the serum is “peptide-rich”.

This sounds impressive but doesn’t actually prove anything unfortunately.

Price of the Glamor Gold trial offer

Glamor Gold is available for trial, but this is certainly not a free trial.

To discover the true cost you must read the terms and conditions page located at the very bottom of their website.

These T&Cs state that once the 12 day trial has concluded you will be charged the full purchase price of $119.95. You will also be enrolled onto an auto-ship program.

Auto-shipping means that you will be sent further monthly packages at full price.

Is the Glamor Gold trial a scam?

There is very little to recommend about this offer.

Its claims are impressive but due to a lack of ingredient information they are unproven.

Regardless of this fact we cannot recommend this offer due to the price of this offer. There are better and cheaper alternatives available so I would suggest avoiding this offer entirely.

Contact details for Glamor Gold

To cancel your trial you will need the following contact information:

Phone: 844-303-6280
Email: support@glamorskin.com

If you have trialled this product then we would love to hear from you. Please leave your own review for us below.

Alternative to Glamor Gold

XYZ Smart CollagenOur chosen alternative anti-ageing cream is XYZ Smart Collagen. A product shown to boost collagen production while helping to slow down the rate that it is broken down.

The benefits on offer include:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin will be tighter
  • You will appear more youthful

As XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial you wont have to worry about encountering any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

43 comments on "Glamor Gold Ageless Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. Sure is a scam! They got us for $187.00 for a free trial based on shipping only charges.

    • Me too. I cancelled and. They are still me product and taking. Money out of my account.
      And it over double what you can buy it at Amazon.

      • Ordered on the fourth of the month, received it 10 days later. Started using it, had a horrible skin reaction with blisters and swelling on face. Called to cancel a week later but they had already charged me for the full amount. It was not a true free trial. I told them I would have to take them to court. I would have brought doctor’s reports also. Still have skin damage. I had the bank put a hold on my credit card. They finally agreed to cancel. Don’t order any type of creams that are advertised on-line. Most of the ingredients are not disclosed and they automatically make a continuous contract to hook you in.

    • This is a scam. Tried to email and call. No response. I only received my sample 3 days ago. I wAnt to return once I heard it’s a scam.. not able to connect via phone or email. My Visa company has been notified

  2. I need to cancel the future orders of Glamor Skin as per my dermatologist .
    I am having mohs surgery .
    Please cancel and send me an email confirming the cancellation.
    Thank you
    Pat Groarke

    • Pat, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. My suggestion would be to use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel, you should also contact your bank to stop any further payments going out of your account.

    • Wish you better luck then I’ve had. I cancelled 3 months ago and they are still taking money out of my account. They sent me product then in trying to send it back due to me cancelling they refuse to accept it back and refuses to give me All my money back. They. Will only give a percentage .
      So I wish you good luck. I suggest if anyone wants to try it but it from Amazon not this web site with the free trail it’s definitely not free.

      • Kathy on September 11, 2018 11:41 pm
        I’ve been getting ripped off every since I been in contact with these people,
        They have no scruples about taking you’re hard earned money $261.00
        I made my first order then there trying to sell you the eye cream.
        If it dosen’t smell right then it probably Isn’t right.
        The point is we are the consumers we buy the products we like and enjoy
        not to get ripped off by the online jerks. So ladies stick to what you do on a regular basis
        for me I’m going back to Amazon because you would never have this Issue at
        our regular shops

  3. This company uses false advertising of famous entertainers endorsing and joining their company such as Joy B and Barbara Walters from the View. The only reason I signed up June 11 2018 for their trial $4.94 Glamor Gold product was it stated Joy Bahar was leaving the view to start up her cosmetic business. Further reading on their site I got suspious and immediately called my bank to place a block on my card and to send me a new card. The company was also called immediately to stop further payments from my account. June 25, this company took $89.94 from my account. I called my bank who will be doing an internal investigation into the matter, I also called Glamor Gold to ask them why they removed funds from my account since I called them the same evening I placed a block on my card to cancel sending me any more of their products. The lady told me I never called them, which I replied I did, wanted to offer me 75% off of what they took out of my account. I refused, stating I wanted all my money put back since I followed their rules. . . Given they also falsely advertised their product.

    • I know did same thing to me just got another delivery today and more money out of my account.
      I had cancelled months ago thought everything was fine.
      This web site who offers free trail is the problem.

  4. SCAM. Do NOT participate in this so called “free trial”. My account was charged an unauthorized $94. I had to call the bank directly to stop any future payments to this bogus and fraudulent company.

  5. I too fell for this scam.and have instructed my bank to deny any future payments to this company

  6. Cancel any future orders of Glamor Gold. I got first shipment up payment of shipping charges. Little did I know that there would be more coming. I will return 2 shipment for refund, upon confirmation of the refurnd. Please confirm your receipt of this message.

  7. Yes, this is a scam!
    I was charged $89.00 during my trial period.
    Little information when ordering & not helpful per telephone.

  8. Cancel any further orders, can not afford this product, nor can I use Glamour Gold Products, This is a scam,,,

  9. i ordered this product 7/15/18 was unable to see terms and conditions until i clicked on free trial .Definatly this is not free,
    After seeing they will automatically charge my credit card each month. I thought hell no!!! They were charging $119.00/mthly. I called up to cancel, but being a Sunday only got a recording. I will do this on Monday. For all that need to know #844-303-6280. Mine was free trial #313233 & 313234.
    Also when you click free trial it also includes eye serum even thou you do not want it. AMAZON has this for 24.97 and on “prime” no S&H . AND they won’t scam you for auto order each month

  10. I want my order canceled ASAP. I do not want any re-orders. Please handle.

  11. Personally, I am a rabid devotee of another skincare line created by Dr. Adrienne Denese. But I was shopping on Amazon yesterday and had just clicked on a Dr. D product that I hadn’t tried yet when I was abruptly redirected AWAY from Dr. Denese and Amazon altogether, and over to this bizarre GlamorGold “free” offer.

    I still have no idea how my shopping was literally shanghaied to another product, but I became instantly suspicious about WHY it happened at all. It struck me as “bad sportsmanship,” or something like that.

    Well, I would’ve jumped right back to Dr. Denese because I will never ever leave her product line (or her, personally, if you know her incredible story. Besides, just look at the woman! Why WOULDN’T I purchase every product she ever created?!)

    But my eye was diverted by other information, that the entire Shark Tank crew apparently scrapped with one another to financially back the very sweet-looking sisters who developed this product.

    Knowing how intense and financially conservative the Sharks are, I was struck by the impassioned comments within the frame of the story by which they supposedly backed the sisters’ skin care cream.

    So, I’m thinking, well, it seems extreme and out of character, but if this whole thing is a scam, it would be impossible for them to post fraudulent quotes and claims, right? In no time, both the Sharks and Shark Tank itself via ABC would shut down the website in a court of law. These people are tough as nails and they aren’t stupid, that’s for sure.

    But I still had certain reservations that I couldn’t shake.

    Now, as I said, I use the Dr. Denese product line exclusively but I have very dry skin and augment the moisturizing with organic products like lavender oil and shea butter as the spirit moves me. So I decided to try the sample to gauge its efficacy for myself, as people often ask me what I use to keep my skin healthy. Some people don’t want a whole “program,” just a good moisturizer.

    So, I didn’t run screaming from the website, although “website” is an overstatement as to the page I was on, with virtually no information at all, except being pushed continuously to try the “free sample” for essentially $5 (because who charges for shipping anymore if they want your consumer loyalty?) I am suspicious about that too.

    But there just wasn’t anything there to research! Every 3 inches on the pages, they ask for your five bucks & there is a big “Submit” button. That’s essentially the whole spiel. What kind of “process” is involved for the consumer to decide if it’s the right choice for them? None! There was no “process” or information at all.

    The final straw – before finding up here and hearing about all fo your sad stories about these reprehensible people – was when I looked everywhere to see what the size was of the sample container. Regardless of where I looked on the offer and after I spent 15 minutes googling additional information, in no area peddling the “free sample” did it list the container’s size.

    That was Strike Three for me. Because, no matter whether they sent me an ounce – which is what I would expect for a sample size to try a moisturizer – or a 6-oz tub, they are clearly providing as little information as possible to the consumer. They are making this whole experience a giant red flag for those of us who have squawked for 40 years for transparency in advertising and ballsy consumer protection laws.

    Therefore – from my vantage point – I would have to be irresponsible, if not downright stupid, to continue ahead. I live within a highly restrictive budget, so I would be visibly irked if I gave these people my $4.95 & all I got by return mail (probably 10 weeks later) was one of those cologne sampler-size dab of face cream stapled to a postcard.

    And I would be positively postal if I later found I had been inadvertently signed up for ongoing automatic shipments to the tune of $119 or whatever you guys said. OMG, I would be so irate! Because I looked under every rock and in every nook, crack, & corner and there was no disclaimer or mention of future shipments.

    My resources are so carefully monitored that a charge like that could be fatal for me. I haven’t used a credit card in decades so there would be so soft place to land for me. I would become overdrawn immediately and have no idea that it happened until it was much too late.

    Lastly, the fact that these people include no ingredient list to speak of or really anything else about this cream seals the deal for those of us who carefully study every product or food that goes in or on our physical selves. We have laws in this country that demand that manufacturers provide that information on the packaging, people, inside & out

    So, the one thing I would suggest to everyone who has had an issue with the way this company operates is to contact Shark Tank via ABC. If you google, “Contact Shark Tank,” you can connect with any one of the investors personally or the show’s producers. But I guarantee that any one of those Sharks would want to know if their protege is not behaving in an ethical way.

    I think that this is a big deal. If GlamorGold isn’t a “scam,” per se, it is operating in an un-business-like manner. It’s more like a carney side-show than a legitimate consumer product.

  12. I also sent for trial cream and serum and didn’t see terms about cancelling in 14 days and I was out of town. I got charged 89 dollars too and when I called to cancel and get a refund, they said I couldn’t because of not cancelling in 14 days. What a rip off. Very bad business tactics.

  13. Please stop sending this product to me.

    • Gretchen, this page is a review of a product we do not recommend. I would suggest that if you have any issues that you contact them using the details provided in the above review. 🙂

  14. Why are you sending more lotions which I did not order please advise if you hit my cc again I will cancel payment

  15. Glamor Gold is not honest. They offer free samples which are not free. According to them, the customer has 14 days to cancel the free trial from the day the customer has agreed the trail online. It took more than 14 days for the customer to receive the product. At this time, the customer has been charged a recurring fee for the free sample at a price 3-5 times that are charged by online site such as Amazon.
    I am a victim of their dishonest scheme. I did not see the so called small print on the website about 14 days policy. Now I cannot find that site.
    My credit card was charged for $4.94 and $4.97 for shipping cost for two free samples on July 14. I received these “free sample” in one package on July 31. I tried and developed serious allergy. It took me about 10 days to realize that it is possible from new facial cream and eye serum.
    On August 26, I received the statement of my credit card. There were two reoccurring charges at $89.94 and $84.97. I called Glamor Gold and asked them to drop the charge. I was told that I have passed 14 days period.
    So you can see their dishonest scheme.
    1. Label their product as “free sample”
    2. Hide a 14-days period somewhere.
    3. Ship the “free sample” to you in a way that you will receive it after 14 days.
    4. Charge you a reoccurring fee for “free sample” that is 3-5 time of the price for the same thing on sale on any website.
    If you have a good product, it will sell itself. You do not have to use such ugly practice. If you use dishonest practice, it is questionable what ingredients go into the products.

  16. Glamor Gold cream free sample is a scam. The free sample I received actually was not Ageless but Retinol. It caused serious allergy.

    After reading many positive reviews, I ordered the free sample and provided credit card info to pay ~$4.99 for shipping cost. When I was about to finish, the free sample for eye serum also appeared. So I added that.
    My credit card was charged for $4.94 and $4.97 for shipping cost two free samples on July 14, 2018. I received these “free sample” in one package on July 31. I started to try these products during a period of about 10 days. As I often forget to use it, I may only use the Glamor Gold 3-4 times. During this period, I experienced serious allergy. My face was swollen. I cannot open my eye as usual. I took allergy medicine. Sometimes I got better some other days not. After about 10 days, I realized that the facial discomfort, itching and swollen of my face could be due to these new produces. After swimming, my face would feel better. I stopped using these two Glamor Gold products and my allergy symptoms were gone completely within two days. Since these were free samples, I did not realize that I have to do something besides not using them.
    On evening of August 26, 2018, I received the statement of my credit card. There were two reoccurring charges,
    $89.94 charged on July 28
    $84.97 charged on Aug 2
    I called Glamor Gold. I was told that I need to cancel it before 14 days. The problem is that (1) I did not know this. (2) When the product arrived, it past 14 days already. After I told the rep that I am working with my credit card company to get money back, the rep offered me 75% off. During these last days, I made complain to BBB and Federal Trade Commission.

    Today (9/2), I saw -$63, -$67 back to my credit card. This is the 1st step, I am still working on this to get the rest back.

    The problem is not only scam for money but the product itself. After all these troubles, I took a closer look at the bottles. I found that the product I received was not the Ageless but Retinol. (Glamor Gold Retinol Face Cream and Eye Serum). All online reviews were about Ageless. There is no review about Retinol. If I did not see positive review, I would not order the product. Substituting one product with another is another scam. There is a possibility that Retinol has not been tested properly. I am not the only one developed allergy. On Pissed Customer website, another consumer also reported that using the product has caused her face swollen.

  17. I see all these messages but no answers. How do we get this company with no morals to stop sending product (we) don’t want?

  18. I am totally infuriated and will let people know this is a scam. I ordered the trial. No where does it state that you must notify company within 14 days if you dont want as they charged me for both products, and as a result my checking account was overdrawn and i had to pay 35 two times for being overdrawn for a total of $70 in fees. Om the email you sent to receive not only do you not have a phone number, when you click “contact us” that too does not work.. It is a disgrace to treat good people this way. After much aggravating conversation i was able to get a 75% refund, but still am stuck with the two 35 dollar charges. I will make sure i let as many people as i know on FB not to purchase this.

    • Hello everyone,
      I am also a victim of these scammer people. I ordered hoping that only trial without commitment to get charged after 14 days. Yes, all so right, nowhere stated that you will get charged but they hide it at the very bottom of the trial it says term and condition. You have to look for it. They are very devious in their dealing with their business. I will put this on the internet as well. I will put this on facebook, google review and instagram so people know that they can buy this product directly to amazon and its only $23. Don’t buy from offer trial called Glamour Gold.

  19. SWEETDERMA8449372737 I want to cancel this free trial and the charge put back on the card used.Order No: #398757

  20. Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews before ordering the trial offer. It is a scam, don’t do it! I didn’t read the part that said you will be charged the full amount if you don’t cancel in 14 days. In exactly 14 days they charged me $89.94 for the one ounce trial! I complained and they gave me back $26.98 which made my total cost $62.96. You can buy this on Amazon for $23.87! I don’t know why this company is still in business with all of the complaints.

  21. Need phone number to make sure l don’t charged any more money.



  23. The Glamor Gold was shipped out on 10/15 a trial offer rec’d on 10/20/18. I was charged $89.54 for the the trial offer on 11/1/18 eleven days after the offer was rec’d. I called and asked why I was charged the operator advised that I had a 14 day trial offer. Scam . They will charge you after 11 days . The trial size is not a trial size.I cancelled, advised nothing else will be shipped.
    Dissatisfied !!

  24. I agree with all the complaints here. These people are dishonest. If they believed in their product, they would not need to sell in this manipulative method. I feel scammed out of $364. I asked to the return unopened product and was told no. No consideration is given so I will continue to post my compliant anywhere I can find.

    To cancel to must call this number 844-790-3069. Make a note of the agent # and the cancellation number as you may need it!

  25. The only thing I will say to anybody any thing at all from these companies who have not proven themselves in the market place, BE CAREFUL !!!!!!! Always buy from reputable established companies. Before you give your credit information to any Fly by night vendor think about it seriously, whether is one dollar or couple of hundreds.Products are bogus and inferior and thats the reason why they would not take them back. I live in New York City and I could have gone to Century 21 in the Wall Street area and bought me a fifty dollar watch for Christmas gift but I allowed this FUCKEDUP Mother F Company to hide behind COSCO to sell me their junk. When you catch up with the SAM and called them they HAGGLE with you. Its a shame and this is why the so so and so want to kill all of us in America, because we lack TRANSPARENCY.

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