Fight Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Fight Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Acne affects approximately 80% of all people at least once in life. Those who suffer from acne breakouts usually feel desperate to find something that calms their skin and eliminates the ugly breakouts. Some people go as far as to take antibiotics to get rid of acne.

There are effective prescription medications, but these have the risk of issues like antibiotic resistance and side effects. Because of this, many people are looking to alternative solutions for their acne.

Looking at Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has proven antiseptic properties and it comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. This remedy is used for dozens of health issues, including being used to combat the bacteria that causes acne, known as Propionibacteria.

The significant restorative properties of this oil improve skin’s overall condition and helps to reduce acne’s appearance. This oil can be applied to the skin sparingly so that you are able to specifically target the blemishes on your skin.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe?

Compared to salicylic acid and popular chemical treatments for acne, tea tree oil is far gentler on the skin. This reduces the risk for issues like drying out the skin and skin irritation.

This oil is also relatively inexpensive and it is easy to find at most drugstores throughout the country. Just make sure to apply it exactly as directed on the instructions that are included on the packaging.

Scientific Evidence Surrounding Tea Tree Oil

There is very little evidence that shows that tea tree oil is an effective alternative treatment for acne.

Research has been conducted, but the conclusions are not exact and they do not provide direct evidence starting that this remedy is effective.

When isolating this remedy to treat acne, scientists are not able to definitively say that it is effective, despite its known antiseptic properties.

There is very little research into the potential side effects of tea tree oil. It appears to be relatively safe, but there is a risk for experiencing contact dermatitis. Compared to prescription treatments, it may not work as quickly.

Due to the limited research, it is nearly impossible to conclude at this time whether or not this oil is a good treatment for acne. More research is necessary before this will be touted as an acne remedy.

Those wanting to try this oil have little to lose, however, speaking to a dermatologist first is important.

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