Femora Anti-Aging Face Cream Review – Is this trial a scam?

Femora Anti-Aging Face Cream Review – Is this trial a scam?

The Femora anti-ageing face cream makes a number of impressive claims. Before you rush to sign up for this offer there are a few questions you should ask.

Is this product as effective as claimed should be the first question, and secondly are there any hidden charges involved with this offer?

We can see that this product is available for trial, which based on past experience could be a bad sign. Often these trial offers lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

To discover the truth about this offer I would suggest you continue reading this review.

Claimed benefits of Femora

According to their website, users of Femora will experience the following benefits:

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

There is little doubt that these claims will entice some people into signing up for this offer without looking for proof.

I certainly would not suggest that you do this.

You should always look for proof, not only to confirm that the product is as effective as claimed, but is also safe to use too.

Ingredients found in the Femora Anti-Aging Face Cream

To confirm the claims made are accurate you should look for a label showing the exact ingredients used.

Unfortunately not only is there no label available but also very little ingredient information at all.

Simply mentioning the use of “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide-rich” formula is not enough information.

This lack of information makes me seriously question whether this product works as claimed.

How much is the Femora trial offer?

As briefly mentioned already, Femora is available for trial.

Now you may think that signing up for an offer like this would pose no risk, but if you read the terms and conditions you will soon discover why you need to be careful with offers like this.

Firstly, the trial is only for a 14 day period that is certainly not long enough to ascertain whether the product actually works, but at the end of this trial period you will be charged $89.71.

These T&Cs also reveal that Femora operates an auto-ship program that will ship you monthly packages at a cost of $94.66.

Is the Femora trial a scam?

Not only is this product overpriced, but there is a lack of proof of its claims.

This makes it impossible to recommend this offer. In fact I would tell you to avoid it, and to opt for a more cost effective alternative, like the one recommended below.

Contact details for Femora

To cancel the trial you should phone Femora using the following number: 888-748-7543

There is also an email address you may want to try: support@femoraskincaresupport.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up to this offer.

Alternative anti-ageing skin care offer

XYZ Smart CollagenTo reduce your own visible signs of ageing there is one product I would recommend above all others.

Its name is XYZ Smart Collagen and it contains proven anti-ageing ingredients that offer numerous benefits.

Using this product can help you to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase skin moisture
  • Boost natural collagen levels

This product is not available for trial, so you will not encounter any hidden charges or auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

24 comments on "Femora Anti-Aging Face Cream Review – Is this trial a scam?"
  1. I placed my order for the “Free” Trial on July 21,2017. The cost was supposed to be $4.95, but when I checked my online statement there was an additional charge of $1.99, & this evening, 8-20-2017 I was reconciling my checking account statement & much to my horror/surprise they had also automatically charged me $89.71 for, I guess, another jar of this CRAP!

    BTW my receipt I printed from their website states it is for a 30 day supply/30 ml.

    I tried it 2 times & all it did was make my facial skin way too oily. After I located a magnifying glass I read the ingredients & didn’t find 1 ingredient that I felt was capable of validating all the claims they make about this cream!! I’ve had extensive experience working in the nutrition & medical industries & as far as I can see Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty line has much more to offer.

    I want to tell you a few years ago I had my 1st experience with another free trial for Humoris face cream. This one works great, but even though I searched fro the fine print, I never found any until I saw their auto debit on my checking account. I called them to cancel this program & my 1st shipment & I was told they couldn’t do this…that I was locked in a contract! I had to put my foot down, demanded to speak to a supervisor & was released from my “obligation” & they gave me a full refund.

    When I saw the ad for the free trail for Femora & saw Ellen DeGeneres’ picture with it I recalled my experience with Humoris so I searched & searched for the “fine” print but couldn’t find any. I assumed since Ellen was behind this product it would be OK, but was I dead wrong!!

    I want to Thank You for having your site here & this info re how to get in touch with them to cancel this Autoship program!!! On my bank statement the phone number is incomplete. All that’s listed is 877 418 4 NJ. It also says “Face Cream Passion Boo”. I Googled this & the result was Boobamboo, but none of their products are over $20.

    I plan to go straight to my bank 1st thing in the morning to dispute this $89.71 charge, & when I get home I’m going to call the number for Femora & give them a piece of my mind!!

    I’m very grateful to people like you who look out for the rest of us. I’ve been totally disabled with a rare spinal cord disease & 9 years ago a genetic defect, also quite rare, became very active. It has completely destroyed all the functioning of my digestive system making it almost impossible to eat anything without having to spend a fortune on “digestive” aids like Hydrochloric Acid/stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes which the pancreas normally produces, & Ox Bile. Our Gallbladders normally secrete ample amounts of Bile which is necessary to break down fats. If I don’t have access to these products when & if I eat I become deathly ill. Anyone would!!

    My income is a mere $1200/month & the one thing I have NO respect for are companies like Femora who hide their fine print & then without a conscience rob me of the funds I must have each & every month so I can eat without being rushed to the ER!!

    Thanks for allowing me to tell you my story. There’s, obviously, so much more to it, but this is enough for now.

    If you would like for me to make any further comments for you at anytime in the future, please feel free to contact me! I am happy to help!!!

    Thanks again!


  2. I too ordered a free trial but was charged $38 S&H!!! No paper/ info etc in package. Product did not work!!! Now I have received a second package at $94.66 and $93.72. Just got a 3rd package yesterday!! I did not authorize this. I cannot find a phone number or address to get this matter resolved. What an expensive lesson! Anyone know how to contact this company? I’m really upset as this has put my bank balance in the negative with the outrageous fee for being overdrawn!!!

    • I have also gone through this. The number I called and got an actual supervisor to resolve this issue is 1-877-779-5105. I am disappointed in this product and their customer service skills. I hope that helps.

  3. I am very upset….I too had ordered the FREE TRIAL SAMPLE for a few dollars……
    Only to open my bank statement today to find out I was charged 89.71 for more of this crap.
    I say crap because I used it once and my face broke out with a red rash similar to a bad sunburn.
    Besides — I never saw these terms and conditions about the trial being limited to 14 days and after that they’d start charging me this outrageous amount of money.
    I called for a refund and to cancel but the best they were able to do is to refund 20.00 of my 89.00 – this was a 60.00 lesson learned to never again order any FREE TRIAL,,,,,
    Of course I tried to find out the mailing or contact information for Femora but the agent on the phone told me they couldn’t disclose this. Which only infuriated me more — this is some scam and I’m just sorry I wasn’t paying close enough attention to it from the beginning.

    • This company is Fraudulent. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. They will charge you $4.95 for a subscription you never ordered. Then charge you $89.77 for face cream and $89.71 for eye serum. Another $3.95 for Direct Marketing Subscription on your credit card so you get charged $179.48 each month. If you call them at 877-779-5105 they will tell you they can only refund you 50% of your total order because it is after your 14-day trial, even if you never even opened the product. Contact your Credit Card company and CLOSE out your card and have them stop the charges immediately. Call the Better Business Bureau.

  4. The same thing happened to me…And I went back to the website I ordered from (Without actually ordering again) and there are NO TERMS and agreements, no where does it say that I would be charged almost $200, it DOES say $4.95 for shipping and handling. The operators were so extremely RUDE and ARROGANT. One told me that I couldn’t talk to a supervisor because he was the only person there, there weren’t ANY OTHER people there and I could only speak to him, and all he could do was to cancel my subscription ( I freaked, WHAT SUBSCRIPTION?!?!!!), and the other (I called a different # my bank gave me) told me after I asked to speak to her boss, that “Oh, (she) was a supervisor and her boss doesn’t take phone calls” but after about an hour on the phone with her and refusing the 35% refund she offered, she finally offered a 50% refund and told me not to contact my bank because they couldn’t do anything for me anyway. I contacted my bank…will go and sign the papers to refute the charges.

  5. Every time I think that I can try a product for 30 days it turns out that the fine print, which I never saw, is actually a scam. Apparently Femora once ordered, allows 4 days for shipping and 10 days for trial before charging close to $90 for a 30 day supply.
    I checked my credit card on day 15 and they had already charged me for another 30 day supply. When questioned about the less than 30 days I was informed that there is some confusion about the terms and the above was the policy. They could not do any thing for me but offer 2 months supply for the charges. I informed the person at the other end of how I felt and was informed that was the only thing he could do. I have to admit I got off the phone asap as I was afraid that I would say something that I should not and the steam coming out of my ears made it hard to hear any more. I have no idea if the product works as I have not had enough time to evaluate, but at this point it really does not matter as I am so disgusted with such practices.

  6. I cannot believe that Joanna Gaines is associated with this product!!! I tried to call for a trial of the product line and all of the sudden, when I clearly signed for only one product and there were three charges on my debit card. I clearly opted out of all other products!!! I am mortified!

  7. What a SCAM!!!!
    Buyer beware! do not fall prey to this money scam.

    Read the fine print.

    If you are not satisfied with your trial for any reason, simply contact us within 15 days of placing your order. You will be required to ship the remainder of the product back to us postmarked no later than the 15th day of your trial period to ensure you are not billed any further charges. If you are charged the $94.66 and we receive the remainder of the product with the postmark dated no later than the 15th day of your trial, then you will receive a full refund for the $94.66. Please allow 3-4 business days for refunds to process. NOTE: When returning your product for a full refund there must be substantial product left in the bottle in order to process a refund. WE WILL NOT HONOR EMPTY BOTTLE RETURNS!

    They send you product charge ! $1.95 each then put you on a permanrnt billing cycle of almost $100.

    Beware its a scam.


  9. i also got ripped off my femora cream their so called 30day free trial with 4.95 shiipping cost me 89.95 after fourteen days, their is a website called Ripoff Reports by consumer group go to their website and register and file a complaint you need to also call femora and strongly tell them to discontinue your subscription alto i know you didn’t subscribe but they are clever and smart and have made millions misleading people. It is consumer fraud at it’s worst!!!!

  10. femora free trial is a a scam and rip off they will debit your account for 89.95 after 14 days and they will not refund all your money. the free trial is not free be careful and read their agreement which is misleading and ambigous and there are others doing the same, everyone should go to consumer reports before they order any free trial and find out about their practices, especially this california companies.

  11. the number for femora product is 1 888 748 7543.

  12. I signed up for it today and intend on cancelling my order. When I checked my order summary they threw in a $35 jar of face cream I did not even order! Now to hear they charge $89 a month I am thru with it!

  13. I also didnt finish my order and had them calling me, gave them my credit card number and now my bank account is all messed up! They are rip offs I have 2 children to care for and they took all my money I had to feed them. I was told just pay a small shipping fee what the heck!!!!!!

    • This company is a MAJOR SCAMMER….the free trial is not free! They charge 89.71 + 4.95 shipping. Then they send you a jar of cream automatically each month for $94.66. Trying to cancel and get your money back is a nightmare. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau today. I am so mad but will fight this to the end!

  14. SCAM! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! LIARS! This company is totally bogus and I can’t believe I forgot to put it on my calendar to cancel the day I ordered. I should have written all of the contact information down and made sure to cancel on day #13 after ordered. Maybe we should get all our friends to sign up for it (as long as they write down all the cancellation information and DON’T FORGET to cancel before the period is up) so we can make them give it to everyone we know for free. But, I wouldn’t do that to my friends. It’s crappy face cream and the generic Oil of Olay from Wal-Mart is better than this stuff. I do not believe that these stars they claim use it and are promoting it are true either. Expensive lesson learned for me! UGH!

  15. I too fell for this. I tried to call and cancel the auto shipping today and was told I hadn’t reached the end of my 30 day free trial and if I cancelled to it would cost me $20. I was told I have to call back on November 27 and cancel that day. I don’t believe this and have contacted my credit card company to reject any charges from them. Scam, Scam, Scam

  16. My story is pretty much identical to the ones above. I’m so angry right now I’m still shaking! I did not know there was a 14 day trial, my days were up on Saturday, since I wasn’t aware of the 14 days I didn’t become aware until my husband checked our bank on Sunday and I had two charges, $89.71 for the face cream and $89.71 for the eye serum!! We could not believe it! I called right away, a mere 10 hours after my “trial ” was up. I have been out of work for 5 years waiting for SSD, I finally was approved but haven’t received any payments. The customer service people were very short with me on the phone, they first offered me 2 shipments for free, over a $200 value! ! No, I NEED MY MONEY BACK! Finally he offered me 50% back, I figured I’d better take that then call back on Monday! Emily, a supposed supervisor told me since I agreed to the 50% that she couldn’t do anything else! Then my call dropped, she actually called me back, I again asked for the other 50% back, she said I just called you back to let you know your account is canceled, I said I know I canceled it yesterday, she said well since you hung up on me I wanted to call you and let you know that, I started talking she said have a nice day, click! !! How can I get the rest of my money back! !!??? SCAM!!!

  17. Yup, me too! I ordered the “free” trial of Femora antiaging face cream for $4.95 S&H. They also charged $1.99 and I still don’t know what that was for. Then, sure enough $89.71 appeared on my charge card 14 days later. I don’t remember any fine print when ordering. I called customer service at 800-706-4397 and the best they would do, after speaking with a supervisor, is a 35% refund of $31.39. RIPOFF!!

  18. Yup! I got ripped off also. I just called and they stated they don’t do refunds. Companies like this is a joke. They charged me $89 twice last month and another $95 this month. I haven’t even received the 2nd package but I’m out 273$ for this junk. Doesn’t work nothing but a waste of money. DON’T BUY THIS!!!


    I received my Femora “FREE” Trial in November. I called 7 days later after getting the
    product to cancel my order – unlike the ads – I DIDN’T notice ANY difference after a week. I spoke with Erica. She told me I needed to keep trying it for the full 30 days and refused to let me cancel. I wrote down to call her back the 22nd of December as she instructed me. I called at 6:39pm on Friday Dec 22 and spoke with a “Andrea”. I was told the systems were down and to call back at 8am EASTERN time. I told her I needed to cancel on the 22nd as instructed by Erica. She said it would not be a problem to call back on the 23rd. I called back on the 23rd and was told it was too late. The rep called me a liar and said that I did NOT call on the 22nd – I had the exact time, number and who I spoke with. She put me on hold and came back and said “There is no record you called yesterday” She REFUSED to let me speak with a supervisor, and told me it was a “chargeback” and there was NOTHING I could do. I told her I was calling my bank, and the BBB. She told me the BBB would do NOTHING and I would be wasting my time. I told her we would see and told her to have a nice day. I go to get online to file a complaint and my cell rings….She called me BACK, told me the call was being recorded and told me she had called back to say she had NOT threatened me and had NOT called me a liar – and wanted to offer me 35% off the order. I told her that she was now HARRASSING me and that the company, the cream and staff is a scam!!! I told her not to EVER call me back. I’m now calling my bank and posting on EVERY ad they have what a SCAM it is!!!!!!! DON’T BUY THIS!!!

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