Essence Of Argan Review

Essence Of Argan Review

Essence Of Argan is a product that offers “scientifically advanced wrinkle reduction and prevention”.

How does this product work though? Its claims seem a little too good to be true.

What about its cost too, it is offered as a “risk-free trial”, but we have found that these types of offer are rarely as good as you would think.

In this review we will look more closely at this product before we come to any conclusion.

Claimed benefits of Essence Of Argan

Essence Of Argan claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Moisturisation increase over 1000% after the first month
  • Moisturisation increase of greater than 500% after one week
  • Decreases the visual appearance of fine lines up to 60% after 4 weeks

Like stated above these claims seem too good to be true, especially with the percentages.

I could not see any proof of where they got these numbers from, maybe they are true, but perhaps they have simply been made up to sound impressive.

My suggestion would be to look to find the ingredients used in Essence Of Argan to see what actual benefits are on offer.

Ingredients found in Essence Of Argan

The benefits of Argan oil has been shown numerous times, and it has been shown to be beneficial to the skin.

This is because it contains essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols, polyphenols, as well as remarkably high levels of vitamin E and squalene.

I have no doubt that you will experience some benefit from the use of Essence Of Argan.

Whether we would recommend it or not will depend purely on its cost.

Price of Essence Of Argan

When you see words like “risk-free” you will likely be tempted to give a trial like Essence Of Argan a try, after all it wont cost you much, will it?

Well, no this is not the case.

When you first sign up there is a £6.49 shipping charge, followed by another £83.80 charge just 14 days later.

This is not only too expensive but you will also be signed up for an auto-ship program too, so further monthly charges will be made to your account.

Is Essence Of Argan a scam?

Essence Of Argan is likely to benefit your skin, but is it worth the price? Probably not.

There are other products available that are more cost effective that offer just as much benefit, perhaps even more. I would suggest you look to try one of those instead of wasting your time and money on a trial.

How to cancel the trial?

To cancel your Essence Of Argan trial offer you should contact them using the following contact information:

Phone: +44 (0) 800 014 8143
Email: customerservice@getessenceofargan.com

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Essence Of Argan

If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve your skin health then our suggested alternative to Essence Of Argan would be the Evolution Slimming Anti-Ageing Skincare Bundle.

This package contains an Antioxidant Cleanser, an Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum and an Anti-Wrinkle Creme that will help:

  • Improve the vibrancy of your skin
  • Cleanse your skin gently
  • Reduce the appearance of fine line and the puffiness around your eyes
  • Give you smoother and firmer skin

The price for this package is £49.99, but as it is unavailable for trial there are no hidden or repeat charges.

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9 comments on "Essence Of Argan Review"
  1. Hi!
    I have been calling your number +44(0)8000148143 but nobody seems to answer. I just want to verify my trial order for essence of Argan Anti Aging Cream order # 12389546 and until now the product have not arrive. I have emailed two weeks ago about my right address because when I you confirmed my order you printed the wrong address. So please let me know if you have sent me the product. My right address is: Jean McSkimming, 104 Chester Rd. Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand, 5028. Thank you very much. I have noticed that you have deducted already in my bank account $7.22UD to LSA Health & Beauty St Michael BRB. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

    Jean McSkimming
    Cell# 0210732237

  2. I sent am email and tried ringing to stop any orders of this product. However you still tool money out of my card. I need this reimbursed as soon as possible and hope that you can contact me in regards to this asap. My name is raima turner-Abrahams NZ 24 East STreet Claudlands Hamilton I niow reside at 14 Stadium Lande HAmilton. Please make contac via email as tio how my money can be reimbursed urgently thank you Raima

  3. I do like that it easily absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave oily residues. a few drops of argan oil on my fingertips is enough for my whole face and I massage it until it is absorbed. It only takes a minute before it is absorbed, which I find is really great when I’m in a hurry. I will repurchase this in a bigger bottle.

  4. My husband bought Argan Oil and Idrotherapy wrinkle cream as a present for my Birthday.I tried It and noticed the difference. It brightens my face and lightens fine lines. I am happy using the product.

  5. This is a scam. Cant believe Ive been so stupid.

  6. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Not impressed at all that I fell for it. Just before xmas too.

  7. Been ripped off. Not impressed at all. 🙁

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