Elemor Advanced Wrinkle Cream Review – Is it a scam?

Elemor Advanced Wrinkle Cream Review – Is it a scam?

Using Elemor Advanced is claimed to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”, but this is not the only claim made on its website.

If you are looking to visibly reduce those signs of ageing then you will likely be tempted by the impressive claims made, however you need to ask yourself whether these claims are accurate or not.

I would suggest that before you go rushing to sign up for this trial offer that you first read our review. We will hopefully answer some of your questions before you make a decision.

Claimed benefits of Elemor Advanced

Elemor Advanced is claimed to offer the following user benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

These claims are impressive, but you must look for proof that they are accurate. The best thing to do is to look at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Elemor Advanced

There is very little information available on their website, certainly no label.

What we can see is that “whole collagen molecules” and a “peptide rich” formula has been used.

These two snippets of information sound impressive, but do not go far enough to prove the claimed benefits.

Price of the Elemor Advanced trial offer?

Even though Elemor Advanced is available for trial you still need to be aware that this is not a free trial, most of the time trial offers have hidden charges.

Once you have paid a shipping fee, you will be given around 14-18 days to try the product.

After this trial period has concluded you will be charged again, with this second fee being close to $100.

You will also discover that you have been automatically added to an auto-ship program. This means that you will be sent further monthly packages at full price.

These auto-shipments will continue until you contact Elemor Advanced to cancel the subscription, a task that is easier said than done.

Is Elemor Advanced recommended?

We do not recommend trial offers, and for good reason.

Trial offers are overpriced, with very little proof to back up their claims. No wonder there are so many complaints about them online.

I would recommend avoiding not only this trial, but trial offers in general.

Contact details for Elemor Advanced

There are numerous reports on this website where customers who have signed up to similar offers have struggled to cancel their trials and subsequent subscriptions.

It is therefore recommended that you contact your bank to stop any further payments, they may even be able to help with any potential refunds.

They deal with these types of offer on a daily bases you are worth contacting to see what help they can offer.

Alternative to Elemor Advanced

XYZ Smart CollagenThe anti-ageing product we would recommend as an alternative would be XYZ Smart Collagen.

Collagen offers numerous anti-ageing benefits, so the ability to boost its production while simultaneously slowing down the rate that it is broken down will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter and smoother skin
  • Younger appearance

This product is not available for trial, so no hidden charges or auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

50 comments on "Elemor Advanced Wrinkle Cream Review – Is it a scam?"
  1. pls. cancel succeedng purchases of elemor wrinkle cream. thank you,

  2. Please cancel subscription. Asap

  3. Please don’t ever sign to there free samples im one of their victims they said its free trials but they charge me for 162 cad plus i pay for the shipping the price is too much high for just a small cream .good thing i check my online banking and found out they charge me 2 times meaning they charge me for 324 cad so i called them and asked for my refund but they just gave me a 100 dollars refund im so disappointed i want my money back please don’t try their free trials because you have to pay for it

    • I agree. This is a scam! The free trials come with monthly follow up arrivals of their cream and eye serum and a hefty bill on your credit card after two deliveries, so you are unable to stop after the first. If my payments are not replaced on my credit card in 3-5 business days, I have told them I intend taking it farther.

    I noticed after ordering this product that they make the same claims for another product – the cream is making plastic surgeons mad because they do the same job without going through a face lift. I didn’t read the fine print. They give you a 14 day trial period after which you evaluate the product and then they automatically within 14 days of PURCHASE they ship the product. If you choose to cancel they still charge $26.92 even though they claim you only pay mailing fees.

  5. Hello,
    I was just talking to the Elemor serum and cream companies to request refunds for the 4 charges (2 for serum and 2 for cream) I had on my visa. Visa gave me the serum number which is 1.800.261.6802 and for the cream (the serum company gave it to me) 1.888.280.3267.

    I found that if I continued to say I was dissatisfied the serum company eventually refunded me in full (after two phone calls, as I they were not transparent that I had two charges on my account) whereas I think I was $40 short from getting a full refund on the cream. It’s all a blur because you have to get raging angry for them to even budge $10 on their refund. They start with $50 and easily go to $70, $80 etc. Stay strong and don’t accept their options. They seemed to have an obsessive way of requiring me to be verbal my satisfaction, which I didn’t.

    I hope this helps.

  6. YES this is another scam . They billed me 155.51 cad one day after the free trial .
    I just checked today online re other info and found out I was scammed again .
    The bills are coming from different locations and crazy excuses

  7. Please cancel subscription

  8. I agreed for the free trial of Elemor cream ONLY but they charged my credit card the next month without my consentment….

  9. After reading all the posts, I’m not surprised.
    They have done exactly the same to me. I noticed that $136.00 was taken out of my account. I rang the bank to try and stop the payment without success (Not happy) !!
    This is another company getting rich from a product to claim positive results.
    I do not recommend anyone else buying this product.
    For the rest of us, is there any way we can cancel further payments from being debited from our accounts?

  10. can someone please tell me how to get in contact with Elemor. I have rang 18882803267 which is disconnected. rang 8882803267 line busy each time. I have rang on numerous times still busy
    yes done the dirty on me, I order the trial received it and now they have taken $171.70 out of my account without my permission. can someone please advise what to do and oh I did get in contact with my bank

  11. This is a company of thieves, they had stolen $ 240, luckily I got reimbursed $ 200 and cancel my card right away.
    Do not buy anything from them, they have some Asian people who answer the phone experts in dissuading,
    Please do not buy anything from these thieves!

  12. Yip I’ve been scammed, it leaves you feeling so stupid. and this close to xmas too means the $180.00 I had for the kids xmas presents is gone to these scamming thieves!
    Can anyone tell me, is this a toll call? As I live in NZ and this company seems to be based in Arizona? Is there an email for them, Ive tried support@elemorskin.com and support@webacream.com. I just want to cancel this subscription I never knew I had
    I rung the bank, they are disputing, but they wont block the merchant, so Ive had to cancel my card, its going to cost $10 to get a new card and I cant even afford that!
    Its simply appalling that this can happen! I really hope people stop getting sucked in.
    Wish everyone well on this journey (nightmare)

  13. SCAM!!! Over $500 was charged to my credit card over a two month period. What kind of company takes advantage the working poor… Don’t sign up for the free sample.

  14. SCAM. Do not deal with them. When tried to cancel my account I was asked to send the free trial back or I would be charged for the product.

  15. My God I’ve been scammed too twice of 183.00 consecutively.. Was meant to be a free trial but bloody scammers I didn’t know what I was getting into some shit here… some Asians on the phone … I’d say very cunning and smart how to handle their customers … won’t refund they said .. instead telling me that i should have read their terms and conditions… please any one can tell me how I can get my money back please.. any help will be appreciated thanks… I’m a New Zealander and such low life scamming doesn’t happen here and from now ON NO MORE ONLINE SHOPPING 😡😡😡😡😡

    • Hello New Zealander,
      I’m Australian, you right it is scam, call your bank to inform them about unauthorised transactions. In Australia trial was advertised by Lisa Wilkinson, TV personality, but she has nothing to do with it.
      All the best


  16. Definitely a scam! Having accepted the “free trial offer” I was charges $141.34 and sent another jar of the cream which has had no visible results. Cancelled by calling the company direct on
    1 888 280 3267. Tried to get more money out of me during that phone call. Be very careful!!!

  17. I did not order this product was sent product I returned product unopened

  18. Be very aware, I ended up with Elemor cream after signing up for a trial of an entirely different product. Not only did that company scam me for two charges but Elemor did as well. Have been fighting with both companies for da6s now and they must be getting tougher policies because the most I have received back is $50 cad. They only give 18 days from date of shipment to cancel and it took 10 days to get the sample and by then they had already charged my credit card for the first shipment and a second one that was already on its way. No where on any of the website did they have the terms of cancellation on free trial in big cap letters. This whole experience has burned me for any future online purchases.

  19. Hello,

    I don’t you send me anything else,,,,Is that clear…

    Thank you for doing ma request…

    I dont want nothing else…

    Thank you..

    Nicole Desbiens.,…

  20. Hello

    I am escalating the following consumer rights violation case, based on the Elenor Wrinkle Promotion.

    On 11 January 2019 I applied for a trial base Elenor Advanced Wrinkle Cream promotion and provided my personal details including my credit card. Since than I have yet to received the products. However, a foreign amount of USD$119.97 (AUS$170.83) that has been deducted from my account without my authorization on 1 February 2019. It is in my belief this products is only a trial and I only pay for the shipping not the full cost of the products.

    I note, I have retained a screen shot of the promotion evidence for the Elenor Advanced Wrinkle Cream. I am seeking the immediate correction and seeking a refund the amount of USD$119.97 be refunded back to me. I kindly request an urgent investigation in this matter as to whom/how my personal details have falsely miss used without my consent. I also like to unsubscribe this products ASAP.

    I expect prompt resolution of this matter. My consumer rights have been violated in this matter and so I am expecting to see an outcome.

  21. DEFINITE SCAM. I got caught too. Wish I’d read this review before touching ‘buy’. I hope others might learn from all the messages on here.
    Apparently there was something about 21 day trail. Must have been in minute print. I phoned 22 days after purchasing as I’d only received it 7 days before and hadn’t started trying it. Too bad for me, I was a day late.
    In the case of the eye serum i was within the 21 day trial but if I wanted to cancel I could but I had to pay $22.92 US (32 AUSD). The alternative was to return the product at a cost of their quote of $25US) but the product had to be received by them within a certain time frame. I was not given the option to check at my post office to get an accurate postage cost because this was a ‘once of’ offer to make a choice of keeping and paying or returning it. I didn’t trust them and chose to pay and put it behind me and see it as a lesson learnt.
    The product appeared to be endorsed by well known Australian TV personalities and movie stars. Silly me, I believed it. WHAT A SCAM.
    Thank you to the owners of this review website. A place to vent even if you can’t get our money back.

  22. I want to cancel my order . Could someone please contact me

  23. Please do not send me any more of yr products
    Do you have a return address as I wd like to send back

  24. Total scam! Since when does a “free trial” turn into ongoing monthly automatic payment; $168 AUD this month, $173 AUD last month before I even noticed?

    If this is the way Elemor markets and sells God knows what is in the wrinkle cream! Do not fall for the clever testimonials and claims.

    The Australian celebrities on their advertising need to distance themselves from this company as it is a disservice to them, as well as to the general public.

    Don’t be tempted, this product will give you wrinkles!!!!

    Elemor Advanced Wrinkle Cream is a total scam!

  25. The is a reply I received upon inquiring why I was being charged $162.50 CAD.
    I’ve sent another email in reply telling them that I didn’t receive the product until 20 days after I ordered it. They billed me 21 days after my first order, not 30 days. Realistically, my 18 day cancellation period isn’t until March17th,2019. We’ll see what happens! Charges on credit card are from China, but shipment comes from the U.S. I regret throwing out the bubble wrapped envelope that it came in as there was a return address on it. A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS WORKING TOGETHER.

    Our terms of offer stated: “By placing your order today you’ll be shipped via USPS a 30 day supply of Elemor Wrinkle Cream. Initially just paying a shipping and handling charge of $3.95 when the product ships. If you feel Elemor Wrinkle Cream is not for you cancellation must take place within 18 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to 119.97 including enrollment in our auto-shipment program. Then on day 30 and every 30 days after we will send you a fresh supply of Advanced Wrinkle Cream and charge you $89.97 plus shipping.”

    The best that I can do is process a refund of US$40 which will post in 7 business days.

    Your account has been cancelled. You may refer to cancellation code: 4554379497 as reference. You will no longer be billed or receive shipments from us.
    Michael T.
    Email Support
    Elemor Wrinkle Cream

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