Dermiva Skin: Anti-Ageing Skin Care Review

Dermiva Skin: Anti-Ageing Skin Care Review

Dermiva Skin is an anti-ageing skin care product currently available for trial.

Trial offers like this have a bad reputation, but is this offer any different from the scams we have previously reviewed? I would suggest that you continue reading to find out the truth for yourself.

Claimed benefits of Dermiva Skin

According to their website, using Dermiva Skin will offer the following user benefits:

  • May enhance hydration
  • May improve skin tone
  • May increase elasticity

To check that these claims are accurate you should spend a moment or two looking to see what ingredients have been used, and whether they are likely to offer any benefit.

Ingredients found in Dermiva Skin

Many products we review have no ingredient information available, but this is not the case here as Dermiva Skin has a link to view a list of its ingredients.

While there is nothing new or exciting about any of the ingredients used this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many of them have been shown to offer numerous anti-ageing benefits.

You can view the list of ingredients here:

Dermiva Skin ingredients

Price of the Dermiva Skin trial offer

The terms and conditions of this offer are available to view immediately when you open their website, which is a good thing.

What is less impressive is the actual cost, which is going to shock you.

While the initial cost is low at just $4.95 this soon shoots up to $89.95 once the 16 day trial period has ended.

As Dermiva Skin operates an auto-ship program if you do not cancel the trial within the allotted period you will find that further monthly packages will be sent to you at full price.

Is the Dermiva Skin trial a scam?

There maybe some benefit to using Dermiva Skin, but we cannot recommend it for one reason alone.

That reason is that this product is very expensive, especially when compared to similar offers.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative, we have suggested a more cost effective option below.

Contact details for Dermiva Skin

If you want to cancel this trial offer you will need to use the following contact information:

Phone: 855-403-3205
Email: support@dermivaskin.com

Address for returns (you should contact beforehand):

Dermiva Skin
3201 W Hillsborough Ave Ste #153201,
Tampa, FL 33619, United States

Please leave a comment for us below if you have signed up to this trial.

Alternative anti-ageing skin care offer

XYZ Smart CollagenOur suggested alternative would be an anti-ageing cream called XYZ Smart Collagen.

It is made from proven ingredients that will help boost collagen and slow down the rate it is broken down.

Benefits on offer include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced
  • More collagen is produced naturally
  • Skin moisture will see an increase

You can buy this product without having to sign up for an expensive trial, so you wont have to worry about encountering any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

20 comments on "Dermiva Skin: Anti-Ageing Skin Care Review"
  1. I’m terribly disappointed in your company for doing this , I received my free trial and was surprised by the next time I received another shipment and charged 90.00. I will never use this company ever again and I will make sure people know of this deceptive business practice . And will also be writing into the TV show “ You stoled my money . I work hard for it . This deeply saddened me. It will be known .

    • The above is a review with contact details you can use to contact them. We do not endorse trial offers.

    • I was totally shocked to find out that I was charged almost $90. for this products and was not aware when I ordered the free products that I needed to cancel within a specific number of
      days . I have been charged for the order and have not even received it yet…I am contacting the BBB about this deceptive practice as well as my credit card company.

  2. I am so upset by this company! I too was scammed and feel like an idiot for falling for it. I signed up for the “free trial” and apparently missed the fine print that I was enrolling in a monthly shipment. When I received the second shipment, I was surprised and thought it was a mistake. I checked my credit card statements to ensure I wasn’t charged for it, and since I didn’t see any other charges, I assumed it was a mistake and I forgot about it. Now I just received the third jar in the mail. I called the company and sure enough, I somehow, unknowingly, agreed to this monthly shipment and am being charged $90 a month. And they don’t accept returns, of course! I am extremely angry about this because I obviously have been taken advantage of like so many others. And to make it worse, the product is crap! I used it for a whole month and didn’t notice a single change like they advertised. Scam scam scam :-/

  3. I can only hope you have NOT charged my account for another supply of this horrible product! After I used it the very first time, I had to go straight to the dermatologist with horrible blisters all over my face, neck and eyes! I do NOT want any more of your products, EVER! IM GETTING A LAWYER YO SEE IF I CAN SUE YOU FOR WHAT THIS PRODUCT DID TO MY FACE!!!

  4. Please do not further send any product after free trial period. .

    • Cindy, this page is a review, we do not endorse trial offers like this. To cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review.

  5. I have tried the trial and I do not like it. I wish to cancel any further orders.

    • Lucille, this page is a review of a product we do not endorse. You should use the contact details provided in the review to cancel.

    • I cancelled twice and kept receiving the product with a charge. First cancellation was the day after my first purchase. I called them today and demanded it stop. They won’t accept returns, so they gave 75% discount. You have to call to cancel. 1-855-828-8557

  6. Please read all reviews before ordering any “free trail” product. This product is a scam and there advertising is very miss leading. I too was billed for both products… a total of $186.90 a month. Please save yourself money and a whole lot of grief and do not order this product, you will not see any of your money back. “SCAM”!

  7. Please canx any incoming product to my name. Thanks, Stacey

    • This page is a review of a product we do not endorse.

    • I cancelled twice, no avail. They continued sending and charging me. The first cancellation was the day after I first ordered this crap. You have got to call 1-855-828-8557 AND get a confirmation number for the cancellation.

  8. I cancelled twice, to no avail. They continued sending and charging me. The first cancellation was the day after I first ordered this crap. You have got to call 1-855-828-8557 AND get a confirmation number for the cancellation to prove you cancelled.

  9. I have called at least three times for my refund. Only to be told that my BANK refused the refund. Bank said there was never any communication. Then was told refund of89.95 was in the mail and would take 7-10 days. Twelve days later Jennifer from call center said you were investigating to see if the check has been cashed. I ask for the check number and she didn’t have that information to give to me. I’m hoping to here from you as soon as possible as Monday afternoon my bank will be called to get the refund for me. This has been an a very bad experience for me. I’m 72 years old and need my money back. Very unprofessional for a company repersenting the Gaines family business. Thank you for letting me me know what to do. jacquiewallace6@gmail.com

  10. I do not want your product. I did not open package.THIS IS A SCAM
    DO NOT CHARGE ME 89.00

  11. This is such a scam!!!! Product is awful…..customer service is terrible! I have made 4 calls & they keep telling me they have no record of my order but my credit card has been billed twice!!!! I have notified my bank & will close this credit card because I don’t believe they will cancel & will keep billing my card. This is nothing but a bunch of con artist!!!!!

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