Dermavix Anti Ageing Formula Review – Is this trial a scam?

Dermavix Anti Ageing Formula Review – Is this trial a scam?

Dermavix is an anti ageing formula that you can currently get by signing up for a trial.

Trial offers have a bad reputation, but is this offer different from these other offers?

Our review will look to see if its claims are accurate, and will also look to see if there are any hidden charges involved with the offer.

I would recommend that you continue reading to discover the truth behind the hype.

Claimed benefits of Dermavix

Using Dermavix is claimed to provide the following user benefits:

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Eliminates the look of dark circles
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhances skin hydration
  • Counters effects of stress

These claims may sound impressive but are they realistic? I would recommend looking at the ingredients used before you rush into any decision to sign up for this offer.

Ingredients found in Dermavix

Unfortunately there is almost zero ingredient information to back up the claimed benefits.

There is no label available, there isn’t even a list of ingredients used.

What we have instead is a few short paragraphs stating that “whole collagen molecules” have been used, and that the serum is “peptide rich”.

This is certainly not enough information to prove the claims.

Price of the Dermavix trial offer

Trial offers often have hidden charges and Dermavix is no different.

When you first sign up you will have to pay a small shipping charge, you will then be allowed to try this product for 14 days.

Once this trial period has concluded you will be charged the full purchase price, while also being added to an auto-ship program.

Auto-shipping means that monthly packages will be sent to you until you contact Dermavix to cancel your subscription.

Would we recommend Dermavix?

We cannot recommend Dermavix.

Not only are its claims unproven, but it is also expensive too.

I would recommend that you look for an alternative. We have suggested one for you below.

Contact details for Dermavix

To cancel this trial offer you will need the following contact information:

Phone: +44 3308084582
Email: support@dermavix.com

I would also recommend getting in contact with your bank to stop any further charges coming out of your account.

Please leave your own review below using the comment form provided.

Alternative to Dermavix

XYZ Smart CollagenOur chosen alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen, which is an anti-aging cream made from ingredients that can boost collagen production, while also helping to slow down the rate that it is broken down.

Using this anti-ageing cream will provide you with the following user benefits:

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin is tighter
  • A younger looking appearance

This product is not available for trial, so there is no need to worry about hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

81 comments on "Dermavix Anti Ageing Formula Review – Is this trial a scam?"
  1. Hi i havent received my trail pack of this product i have paid for delivery, please sort thanks.

  2. Please cancel my order as credit card not avaible

  3. Please cancel my order number 506840047, thank you –
    Kay Harris.

  4. Good day,
    I am in shock, just clicked on facebook on a trial offer for your product and have the screenshot of payment for delivery R95 an R95 respectively for 2 products and then receive a sms from my bank that is R965.63 and R949.47???? Please how can i get my money back?
    083 426 0926

  5. I dispute the following charges to my Visa account as I have not signed up for monthly product shipments and demand refund of the following charges:
    23/9/2018 #091884.73 $A137.05 & t/f $A4.11 . 24/9/18 #091887.26 $A 141.72 & t/f $A 4.25.
    II am reporting this to my bank with instructions not to pay any further amounts.
    I will also report on facebook as being a SCAM.


  6. Please cancel my I
    I ordered a free trial of DermaVix I was shocked for u to rob me of 99.00
    Please cancel it I haven’t even opened it

    I want my 99 .00 back I will go on the radio to warn other people

  7. they cheated me same way


  9. Dermavix is a total scam!
    I too got a trial and only had to only pay for postage. At no time when I signed up was there any given permission for any other company to debit my bank account. I have had $280 aus taken from my account and now cannot contact these people! My bank account has had to be closed down! How dare these people! I hope these companies get caught.
    Do not purchase dermavix!

    • i too have been scammed like you.i only had to do a survey from big w store and receive a free product and only pay for shipping. only to discover 2 weeks later they charged me $145.00 and 3 weeks later charged me another $140.00au, so i cancelled my credit card right away.
      i did not see any terms and conditions to read after the survey. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY DERMAVIX

  10. I have ordet ind packet from you and i want to stop furher packets. I have tried to callyou since thursday but there is ni snswers.
    My Best regards
    Sonja Vaupel

  11. This dermagraphic of comments suggests that no one reads comments. Thank you for your advice. I suggest everyone follows this explanation. Keep up the good work 😉

  12. Please cancel my order.
    Please confirm.
    Regards Margaret

  13. Please UNSCRIBE me from your trial list & send NO MORE
    I did not authorise continual renewals.
    cancel & confirm please
    Christine Toatoa as above address

  14. Yes, this a scam.
    My bank has agreed to block them, but still the product arrived on my door step. It’s hugely intimidating. Help….

  15. I signed up for a free trial only pay for postage and handling. You have now charged me over $130 plus four times over the past six weeks. This is a SCAM!!! As I did NOT order anything and it was a FREE trial stop charging me! If you have put me in for any orders cancel them. I have exact dollar amounts and dates and would like to be refunded the full amount. I would like someone to contact me asap please.

  16. I would like to know who is in charge and could you contact me asap. I REQUEST THAT YOU RETURN $556.91 THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. I took your offer for a free sample of skin cream only pay for shipping and handling as I mentioned in my previous email. I hope you will resolve this matter very quickly as I will be seeking advice from consumer affairs and getting them involved. You have my email address so I am sure you can contact me. regards cassandra

  17. SCAM ALERT!!
    As has been stated, a complete scam. Very small notification requirements, NOT A FREE TRIAL despite what the advert says. Charged full amount and tried to put on recurring. Had to call, and after a runaround, finally got cancellation numbers but no refund on a product that is at a minimum, marginal. SCAM

  18. Do not order this product because they do not give you enough time to send it back.. By the time you send it back it is to late. By the time you send it back they have billed you a full price for another order you have not received. It caused me to have little pimple on my forhead and nose.

  19. Don’t think any of the people orders their trial bottle ever read the terms abs conditions states clearly you will be billed a full price and send a new bottle and billed each and every month

    • If you look at how many people have angerly demanded their money back in the comments section of this thread. How many times the poor author has had to reiterate they aren’t the creator of DermaVix and just how people obviously STILL don’t know they need to cancel it, lest another month of pain. I’m pretty sure the T’s & C’s are beyond them Lol 😉

  20. This is a scam, I was also charged over $500 for products that were supposed to be on a “free trial” unaware that I would be charged more and more unless I cancelled or sent the “free trial” products back. I am disgusted with these thieves and their ways of getting money without actually working for it like I had to.

  21. Please stop sending me this product. I am cancelling my order. the cost of this is €103.95. Total ripoff. SCAM

  22. Not to happy i entered a Qantas promotion saying it was a free gift now i am paying i want this stopped immediately what a joke ripping off people i cannot believe Qantas has indosed this

  23. Thank you for your trial jar of DermaVix. I have now received another jar, at a cost, that I do not remember ordering.

    I do not/not want to receive any more orders please. If there is a continuing order on this product, please cancel further orders.

    Grateful your assurance that any further orders have been cancelled. Please email me with a verification that this has been done.

    Thank you!

  24. I too got notification from Quantas saying I had won a free gift. What a disgrace ! Total rip off ! They are uncontactable to emails or phone calls to cancel orders

  25. I do not wish to receive any more orders for Dermavix face cream. I have been charged for the ones being sent and have disputed it with the bank. I just wanted to try before u buy . First free trial. We hope to sort this issue out and get a full refund. Jodie darling

  26. STOP…. Please do not send me any more of DermaVix.. Please.. Also I don’t want any more of my money being deducted from my account…

  27. I have been scammed to the tune of €151 how do I go about getting my money back, there is surely so way of “getting these gangsters”

  28. I responded to an add for a free Sample, nota trial. I did not tick any box about terms and conditions. I have just had two withdrawals of 100euro I each. Aib bank were very unhelpful, saying I “signed” up for trial. I will pursue with bad nk and company. I demand my money back. As for creM it is nothing. I normally use aqueous cream which costs 3 euro a tub!

  29. Terrible scam

  30. i am not very happy about ur company if there is such a thing. our account has been closed and serious action is being taken.Hope you get what is coming to you what goes around comes around and you are certainly going to get yours.

    • This dude is reviewing the trail and saying it’s dodgy. He’s not the one taking your $$. How could you not have figured that out by what’s written on this page or seen the 30odd times he’s told commenters he has nothing to do with the product??

  31. Please stop my products Kerrilyne Ryman

  32. I have been scamed. I had an alert on my phone that i had won a price which i have been avoiding til 2 wks ago i decided to pay the shipping of the choice of product i won which arrived yesterday with another product i never ordered today my bank balance is telling me i have $137.86 pending to this company. What a fraud cheat and a lieing company.

  33. I requested a free sample, of DermaVix, paid the shipping cost but did not received the product. On 2018/12/11 I was informed that I am charged for additional goods which I did not order. I want my money back. I am laying fraud charges.

  34. Wow,I can’t believe I did this,first time ever & I get ripped off as well..Waiting for delivery,so can’t try first & then they take $138..Have it sorted with my bank very lucky,but it’s been an ongoing process..Will never do anything like this again!!!

  35. I did not sign up for this product please cancel
    Credit card has been canceled

  36. Hi, I want to cancel my subscription immediately to dermavix i did not authorize this subscription and have cancelled my bank card so no further charges can come out. I am seeking the reimbursement of the $138.86 and will be posting this fraudulent product on all social media so others are aware not to use it.

  37. Please Cancel my order. thank you..

  38. I can’t believe how many people are complaining and asking YOU for their $$ back! It’s bleedingly obvious that you are NOT the company making this product, have NOTHING to do with their trail or the payments coming out of their accounts and you don’t even think it’s a good product!!
    What on earth are you all thinking?? It’s unfortunate that companies create semi-scams like this because they know they’ll capture all the above people that don’t really know or understand how to use the internet and what to look out for!

    On a side note: thank you for your review, I was linked to the ‘free product’ from a short survey from (local supermarket) that put you in the draw to win a $20 gift card (scam in and of itself, but It’s local and I’m broke so I figured I’d try it). I didn’t win the gift card, but got a selection of 5 creams/pills I could choose from for free (less shipping). I chose this as it was $1.95 shipping an the rest were $6.95.
    Soon shipping was pumped up to the full shipping price & I noticed it was $136 (from memory) for the next month and you only had 14 days from point of purchase to cancel (given most of these places take 15 days to get to you and say you can’t cancel before you try and and without receiving it, you can’t try it. I knew it was dodgy and even as broke as I am, with Christmas coming up as, i figured it was a pointless fancy looking Christmas gift!
    I google shopped the name to see what the normal price was and nothing came up at all (though I did see a ‘scam warning’ on dermaFIX’s website warnings against a knock off called DermaVIX. Though I didn’t read it.

    Anyway. Long story short. I google reviewed it to see what people had to say before randomly handling my $$ over and thank you for the work you do.

    To all the other customers. Please close your ba k accounts and turn off your computers – you clearly don’t know how to use either 😂❤️

  39. I have had a large amount of money taken out of my a/c so was not happy at all & wish to cancel all further supplies of Dermavix please.thank you,Maree Dakin.

  40. I sign up today,,i thought its free when i answer the question and i won the prize which is dermavix cream,but when i sign up it have the price..so i send to the support email dermavix to cancel it but no reply..and i contact the number that has given but not accessible.,pls cancel this order, i dont have money to buy this products,,im poor.,so cancel it right now dont deliver pls..

  41. Cancel my order immediately I am requesting a refund of $134.05 Australian for the unauthorised withdrawal made by your company from my account also. Jade Flowerdew 7 Acorn rd Hemel Hampstead.HP38DP.

  42. This company is a SCAM. They steal money from customers through dubious subscription system without your consent. They ask your credit card number to send you a sample and ask for $5 shipping fee. They then put you into an automatic subscription of $285 per month without your consent and they won’t pay the money back. Luckily I have found out a way you can get it back. Please check out facebook group Dermavix ScamAlert to find out more on how to get your money back and take action against them. You can get all your money back. Please help other consumers by raising awareness against them.

  43. Please cancel any further shipments as I do not want this product!! DOROTHY

  44. This is a big scam I paid for shipping and since then have had R1835.07 taken from my account. You should be ashamed of yourselves. this is false advertising.

  45. This is my second email asking whoever is incharge to stop sending me the DermaVix
    Anti aging cream formula and Luminagen. I want to return the products that you have sent
    me. I have four jars of the DermaVix and four of the Luminagen. Can you please tell me why nobody has answered my first email. Please stop sending me as I am paying you every time you send me these products. I want to return them as I haven’t use them.
    Please somebody answer me.

  46. Please stop sending me your product I have other bills to pay am myself a pensioner and I never give you permission to send me DermaVix and Luminagen I have to pay every time
    You send me your products.
    Is this a scam for pensioners ???

  47. anyone here know how to get back your money please..

  48. Do Not go there!!! it is scam.. I have not received any product let alone ordered it…..yet my bank account has been charged a large amount over 3 months.. complained to distributors and no go didnt want to discuss at all .. just that I had ordered it and had to pay for it..
    Matter before bank authorities.

  49. This is a scam!! please do not fall into their dubious scheme.

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