Is the Derma Rewind trial offer a scam? Review inside

Is the Derma Rewind trial offer a scam? Review inside

Derma Rewind is a product that claims to help repair the damage of the skin under your eyes.

Its website makes some pretty impressive sounding claims, but can we believe the hype? There will certainly be those who have their doubts.

The biggest issue I can see is that this product is available for trial.

In past reviews we have seen that these trial offers are rarely as good as they first appear. Often they lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

This review will look at this offer in more detail and will discover the truth behind the claims. Please read on to discover our findings.

Claims made by Derma Rewind

Looking at the website, Derma Rewind makes the following claims:

  • May increase skin hydration
  • May reduce dark circles
  • May boost dermal nourishment
  • May decrease puffiness

To check the accuracy of these claims we will need to look more closely at the ingredients found within the formula.

Ingredients used by Derma Rewind

The ingredients are available to view on their website, unlike some other products we have previously reviewed.

While there are no dosages present, there are certainly some ingredients that have been used that will provide numerous benefits to you.

Whether we would recommend signing up for this trial remains to be seen however, we will first need to look at the price of Derma Rewind and whether there are any hidden terms we need to be made aware of.

Price of Derma Rewind

There is a $4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up for this offer.

Once signed up you will be give 14 days to decide if you want to keep the product. If you do not contact Derma Rewind you will be charged the full purchase price of $97.41.

Failure to cancel the trial also means that you will be automatically added to an auto-ship program that will ship you another package each month thereafter.

Is Derma Rewind a scam?

There maybe some benefit to using this product, but we can’t recommend it for one simple reason.

Derma Rewind is incredibly expensive, and although the price is available to view upfront there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

Contact details for Derma Rewind

The contact details for Derma Rewind are as follows:

Phone: (844) 409-0821
Email: info@dermarewind.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up for this particular offer.

Alternative to Derma Rewind

XYZ Smart CollagenWe do not recommend the above reviewed product, but there are certainly alternatives we would recommend.

For instance, XYZ Smart Collagen comes highly recommended.

Using this product will help reduce those visible signs of ageing, as it contains ingredients proven to help.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Boost to collagen production

It is not available for trial so no risk of encountering any unwanted charges or auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

34 comments on "Is the Derma Rewind trial offer a scam? Review inside"
  1. I have called the 844-409-0821 number and they can’t find my account but I received products and don’t want to receive any more.

    • I called and canceled all account info because I got same bs canned response. All reps hung op on me when I questioned them about addresses and who they were. BBB and FCC notified as well and there are 1000’s of fraud alerts. Do not purchase these products unless you want your account charged. Luckily I wasn’t thrilled with the product and legit tried to send it back then I encountered all the lies and found out that’s what they tell everyone

    • As of 07/24/18, Derma Rewind’s current telephone number is 1-888-299-8275. It took me sometime to get this number.

  2. Unless you are prepared to spend $92.66 for Derma Rewind and $88.57 for the Radiant Eye Refine each month – I would say by pass these products!! And to be honest I didn’t see any difference —

    • THE PRODUCT IT IS ALL DRY OUT when you get it CAN’T EVEN USE IT. IT DOESN’T WORK. I CALLED THE COMPANY TO CANCEL They were not too happy they want it to give me the next set at half price and told them to keep it and they said it is already gone told them I wasn’t paying for it and he manager said it will go into collection. REALLY?? My Acct was doubled in one month. Don’t buy this PRODUCT.

      • I am experiencing exactly the same problem. They have just taken money from my account. Like you it was reduced by 50%. They will not cancel my bank details!!!!

    • I just got a text message telling me dermarewind tried to charge my credit card $100!! no way!!! I didn’t agree to $92.66 and the $88.57 each month to be charged tomy credit card!!!! thanks for posting with this warning!! never again!!

      • These people are scammers, had I known they would be charging me for a sample. I would have never looked at their website. They act as if they can’t help you when you call them. I disputed their charges and now they are re-disputing, stating that I received more product. WHICH is a lie. $88.57 not once but twice. Bull and I’m sharing this with everyone I know. Too bad Dr. Oz doesn’t know their scam. Also, reported them to the BBB

  3. Total scam!!!!!!! Don’t do it

  4. TOTAL SCAM don’t give them any of your personal information when you want to do their free trial. I have had five phone calls in the last 10 minutes from call centers that want me to finalize my order. None of the people that called would take me off their calling list and hung up on me. DERMA REWIND needs to have better security on their website. As far as I’m concerned this is a bad, bad business if they share information to SCAMMERS!!!!!

  5. Very rude customer service I told them to cancel any future installments the gentleman was unbelievably rude and I’m not even sure he cancelled order looks like I’m going to have to cancel my card not to mention I never completed the original order because I wanted to use paypal so I never put a payment on order form they called me on Friday said I had to pay because they had already shipped product and it would be delivered next day needless to say it did not arrive until a week later stupid me for buying from this company never again!!!

  6. I got sucked in and just received the product. How do I get out of this? I have opened the product but don’t want to be billed for any others! Help! I was taken hook, sink, and line!

  7. Scam ! I sent into the website and ordered the free sample being charged for the shipping and handling of the derma rewind, and ended up with that and the Radiant Eye refine….I did not complete the order as I did not ok to process the order, as I was unable to edit it and change it. Today on my credit card see they had charged me $92.96 for the cream . called 877-230-8973 and was told they could not find my acct using my name, phone number or zip code…told me to call number on the bottom of the bottle. ( 888-299-8275.).Customer service was very rude, and said on the web site it had explained all of this and all it entailed. Said on the web
    site I had agreed to subscribe to the product, since I did not notify them in 14 days. Told her I did not get any paperwork with the product or a bill regarding this “agreement”…Only got the
    correct phone number after I was told the number to call was on the bottom of the product..I
    found it using a magnifying glass to read it. Louise in customer service was so rude and mean….and she agreed to discount my charges $35%…I am going to contact the Atty General’s office, the BBB, and/or the local TV’s Consumer Investigator’s/complaints dept. division.at

    • Melissa, we have shared the same experience – almost completely! This was the worst product I have ever tried. Shipment arrived with absolutely no paperwork whatsoever. Efforts to get a refund were delayed due to incorrect phone #, long phone hold, and rude Customer Service rep. who kept telling me our call was being “monitored and recorded.” Before she would issue any refund, she forced me to agree not to pursue any further appeals. I told her I wasn’t scared, but that they should be. My (second and unwanted) shipment appeared on my bank transaction as “HMSkincream.” Rep could not explain relationship between the two products and said it was my bank’s error. I had called 1-800 # for HMSkincream and the call was answered by an American female at a private residence who had no relationship with any such product. This co. has so much legal language (not readily accessible on mobile site when I ordered trial) that consumer rights are effectively voided. THIS COMPANY AND PRODUCT IS THE WORST SKIN CARE SCAM EVER!!! DON’T TOUCH THE SITE!! I’M NOW STUCK WITH TWO EXPENSIVE, HORRIBLE PRODUCTS. POORER BUT WISER. I’ll never order health and beauty product trial online again.

    • thanks you!!! cant trust any website anymore!! too many scammers on the web and they share your personal into!!!!!


  9. I was scammed into the trial after completing a fake Amazon survey. $1 was added to the special offer of $4.95 plus another bottle of eye cream was automatically tagged on making the total $11.90. Two weeks later my credit card account was charged $92.67 and $94.67 by two merchants. I made 3 calls to two numbers. One of the two gentlemen with heavy Indian accent said that I would have to return the “trial” products unopened. He also announced that he would not issue a refund. The 3rd lady said there is a restocking fee of $10, reducing the refund to $84.67 and $82.67. She said that the entire $11.90 I paid was for shipping and I would now have to pay the full market price for the products. Her supervisor agreed to waive the $10 after they have received the returns. I filed a dispute and my credit card company will decline the claims and stop future charges. According to them some folks have been paying recurring charges for 5 or 6 months before realizing it. Now I have doubts about what a dishonest company puts into their skin care products.

  10. This is my first try at getting anything thru the internet BIG SCAM !!!!!!!!!!! Cant get thru to anyone But they are not getting anything from me. I had my credit card company issue a new credit card to me . Since I approved the initial fee I might not be able to get that back but it is a lesson well learned

  11. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! The product is okay but certainly not worth $92.96 now was their eye cream worth $88.57. The way this company went about doing business is seedy and deceitful; and needs to be shut down. Buyer beware as they have terms and conditions that is listed really really small; and there is nothing that forces you to open them and read them so if you are on a mobile device, it is easy to miss these terms and conditions. The other thing is they want to bargain with you and offer discounts to keep you on board with using their product. When I demanded my money back, they became hateful and rude stating I was still responsible for the purchase.

  12. I received the trial offer, while I was on vacation, 15 days after I ordered it they charged my debit card 92.96. I called to request my money back, trying to explain and cancel my subscription they said I was one day too late. They cancelled my subscription but won’t give my money back or send the product I was charged for. Shady company. Product does not stand up to claims. I get better results with Avon. Awful product and seedy company.

  13. All of these scam reports are completely accurate. DO NOT INITIATE FREE TRIAL. Without cancelling you will be charged almost $100 for the “free” sample and the same going forward each time you receive a shipment. They make it almost impossible to cancel because the number listed on their website is not even affiliated with their company!!! I had to call my bank and get the phone number affiliated with the transaction to cancel. Hope this helps. What a scam – do not buy!!!

  14. So glad I read these reviews cuz I was having the same problem calling the so-called customer service number.. he couldn’t find my account and tried using every thing. Name, phone number, zip code, shipment number. So after reading this I saw the other number someone posted and called it. She found my account no problem and cancelled it for me so call (888)299-8275

  15. Only moments after I ordered the $4.95 trial I thought something just isn’t right especially since I didn’t receive any kind of order confirmation. I immediately started searching for their contact info. I called 888-299-8275 the sales rep found my account with no problems and told me that the order was canceled and gave me a cancellation reference number. I’m so relieved I caught on quickly and contacted them before the product was shipped. Now I’m just hoping I don’t have any more issues and it was all truly canceled.

  16. This is a complete scam. There was no number or order confirmation to contact them when I immediately knew something was not right after ordering. The product arrived with not even a slip of paper in the box and no contact phone number. I called the number on the cached order confirmation screen on my web browser (fortunately). First rep told me I had the wrong number and they didn’t serve that product. Tried looking for other numbers and then called back and the second rep did find the account. Charged me another 9.95 to cancel and I have to send the product back (I know it has to arrive within another 7 days though she didn’t tell me that). She was not going to provide the return authorization number until I told her I wanted it — that would have made them reject my return and change me another $100. Overall this is a complete scam and it should not even be legal to conduct business this way.

  17. After calling a bunch of phone number that had nothing to do with this company I called my credit card co, they said I had to cancel with them first and had to wait five business days before they could send me a new credit card.I placed the order on sept 4 which was a monday and I was to receive the products on sat sept 9.To my disbelief I was able to reach the company and told the agent that I wanted to cancel, three times he tried to give me discounts so I told him What part of I want to cancel dont you understand? So I was one of the affortunate ones, they sent me a cancellation notice, I called the credit card co and they were able to get my money back and issued me a new card and because when I canceled the products had already been sent I received them, but it has been a learned learned learned lesson. No more buying anything ever thru the interet. By the way the FDA does not control cosmetics so anyone can make creams etc and these can harm you. The eyes are very sensitive so I threw away the eye serum specially because SCAMERS dont care about their clients health just about the mighty dollar

  18. Derma rewind is far from a free trial! Its a rip off and should be illegal to take money from accounts w/o permission. Wouldn’t it be nice to just grab money when you need it from anywhere?

  19. This product is a scam and every complaint that was posted is true..rude people, extra charges, inferior product an threats from phone personnel in trying to cancel order.

  20. This product is a scam. Do not believe what you read and do not order. The company will scam you for more money and charges will be added to your credit card month after month, even after you cancel. I did the free trial of cream for my wife and the free trial of eye cream for myself. DID NOT WORK and have been charged almost $400 for trying to cancel after the trial offer.

  21. I tried all numbers I was given none of which worked I’ve sent email so my next step is to try the bank explain situation and hope they can stop the payment coming out


  23. i want my money back today that you stole from my account 69.87

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