Derma Hydrate Trial SCAM Report

Derma Hydrate Trial SCAM Report

Derma Hydrate has 2 products; an age defying cream and an eye renewal serum.

Both are available for trial, which will no doubt be a tempting proposal for those looking to regain their youthful looks but are not looking to spend much.

In this review we will look at these offers in more detail to discover if there are any hidden costs, and also whether we believe the products to be as effective as claimed to be.

Claimed benefits of Derma Hydrate

The Derma Hydrate products claim to offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Increased firmness of skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Skin appeared brighter

When it comes to claims it is important to remember that they are often there just to get you to make a ‘snap’ decision to sign up to the offer.

Before you do I would recommend you take a moment to see just how Derma Hydrate works.

What makes Derma Hydrate so effective?

In this section we will have to look at both products separately:

Derma Hydrate Age Defying Cream

The key ingredients of the age defying cream are Vitamin C, Glycerin and Cucumber Extract.

Vitamin C helps to produce collagen that helps to repair skin cells, which help give its firmness and strength.

Glycerin can help maintain the skins water balance, so will help keep it hydrated and youthful.

Finally, cucumber contains antioxidants that help your skin to retain moisture.

Derma Hydrate Eye Renewal Serum

The ingredients of the eye renewal serum are different with the following ingredients listed:

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – Argireline, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil,Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E),Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein,Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch.

It is claimed that combined they can help combat the signs of ageing; for instance the removal of wrinkles and those dark circles around your eyes.

Are there any hidden costs?

Both products are offered for trial, which may seem like a good idea initially until you realise just how much they are going to cost you.

For example the age defying cream starts off at £4.97 but after just 14 days you will be charged £86.69.

The eye renewal serum on the other hand will cost $3.95 (in dollars strangely, even though it is being marketed to UK customers) to sign up, but once again you will be charged after just 14 days (this time $86.69).

Both supplements are auto-ship programs too, so signing up will mean that further monthly packages will also be sent out to you until your subscription to them is cancelled.

Would we recommend Derma Hydrate?

In our opinion both products are overpriced, so regardless of whether they work or not we would not recommend them.

The use of auto-shipping is another major issue that is likely to cause concern among those who sign up for the offer. I would suggest looking for an alternative.

How to cancel your trial

When reviewing the products we came across the following numbers to cancel the trials:

+44 8726149314
+44 8726149313

I would suggest if you do not wish to be charged the full price that you contact Derma Hydrate before the end of the 14 day trial period.

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

Alternative to Derma Hydrate

If you do not wish to sign up for a trial that will ultimately end up with you on an auto-ship program then I would suggest that you take a look at the Evolution Slimming website.

There is one product in particular that I believe would interest you. It is called the Evolution Slimming Anti-Ageing Skincare Bundle and it is a package of 3 products that offer various anti-ageing benefits:

  • Brighter and more vibrant looking skin
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles/crows feet
  • Reduce puffiness from around eyes
  • Increased firmness with smoother skin around eyes, forehead, neck and mouth

You can buy this bundle with zero hassle as there is no auto-shipping or hidden charges to contend with.

Click here to read the full review!

120 comments on "Derma Hydrate Trial SCAM Report"
  1. hi I have sighed up but would like to cancel its as been 6 weeks and I have been charged 86 pounds the numbers are not going through so I don’t know how to cancel

    • please can you help me to cancel this cream as I cant afford to get it at that price

      • I would suggest trying to contact them yourself using the contact detail provided in the above review. If you cannot get in contact with them then I would suggest that you speak to your bank. They should be able to advise you of the next course of action.

        • These People Are a bunch of rip off artist.. it may be y my fault for not reading the find print on the web site …But i Thought i was getting a sample for the price of shipping … That was taken out of my bank the same day … it took over 14 days plus to receive the items i live in canada.. Not the end of the world , Today i checked my bank & was Shocked to see a withdrawal of $101.00 canadian I was in shock .. I called them & my Bank They will only refund 50% of what they charged me Yes Its A Scam Ripping of people..
          I will never order anything of the net again .. Lesson Learned I hope this will help more people from getting ripped off By this company .. {{Wakeup}} people !!

          • I am absolutely horrified by the scam artist methods of this company. I didn’t realise I had ‘joined’ anything when I ordered the samples and now am being shipped more for about $170 Cdn. I telephoned, am not able to cancel the shipping and can only cancel my ‘membership’. This is the sleaziest on-line marketing I’ve ever seen. I hope that Dermahydrate goes down in flames. Their products are mediocre at best. They don’t deserve to be in business. Surely there is some body, or mechanism, that can put a stop to them.

          • I received an autoship e-mail and immediately called to cancel after 15 brutal minutes of the person trying o downgrade my packages, change my autoship, my order was cancelled…ONLY to find out that they sent me the other product without any e-mail, so I have been charged over $200 for a product I don’t want…

            I am also in Canada

            I agree HUGE scam!!!

          • Thats exactly what happened to me too!!!

          • I’ve had the unfortunate consequence of dealing with this company – along with everyone else who has posted here. It wasn’t until today that I checked my credit card statement to see that I have been charged for products I never ordered. However – buyer beware: There is fine print that gets you committed to an auto-ship program when all along you just thought you paid for shipping costs for a trial product. What a rip-off. The Derma Creme Company is dishonest and creepy. The creme is heavy and sticky and has mineral oil and some other suspect substances in it. It was FALSE ADVERTISING from the start.

          • Did you speak to the number listed below?? I’m in the same boat and need to cancel account thank you

      • You need to ring the number and speak to them personally which is a bit of a pain. I did this and then also spoke to my bank who advised that I keep an eye on my account but also to lodge a claim with the dispute team if they take any more money. I did get a cancellation number which is supposed to be emailed to me but over an hour after speaking to them, still nothing received. It’s a lot of a palaver but worth it just to hear them say your subscription is now cancelled. Good luck

        • This is a scam, luckily my bank alerted me and the payment was stopped.
          I want no more dealings with these people.

      • This telephone No doesn’t ring anymore!
        Get your bank to put a stop on any future payments!

        • The Canadian Number rings.I spoke to chad an hour ago, for a solid hour, I cancelled the account he is supposedly looking for my shipments. Sample #1 which did not arrive, samples shipment # 2 which did not arrive, and an auto shipment of product for which I was billed $ 235.41 CAD. I am seething!! At the start he was out flat refusing to help me, and saying that I committed to the program. When I explained to him that he wasn’t talking to an idiot, and that he would not get away with this, he changed his attitude a Little. He then offered 35% off the price, then 50% off the price and then 75% off the price of future shipments! When I refused, he then offered a 50% refund on my credit card, and gave me confirmation numbers for the two creams that I was billed for. It remains to be seen whether I WILL RECEIVE THE REFUND. i DON’T HOLD OUT MUCH HOPE. HE INFORMED ME THAT HE WAS RECORDING THE CONVERSATION.I TOLD HIM TO HOLD ON TO HIS RECORDING. HE’S GOING TO NEED IT! ALL THROUGH THE CALL HE INTERRUPTED ME, AND THREATENED TO PUT ME ON HOLD FOR INTERUPTING HIM. HE’S GOING TO NEED IT

        • stupid response

      • I signed up for a trial of this face and eye cream, then after a initial small sum was paid . I received these products which frankly were overrated and not very effective. Since then Dermahydrate have charged me stupid amounts for each product , £86 and £87 at a time for what , I’ve bought better from super drug , it’s a rip off. The fraud squad at my credit card company contacted me and I put a stop ,on these payments , and also I phoned 08726149314 and spoke to Zena and after ranting to her , she offered me a 30 % refund within 5 days and not to send me any more of these products. As my bank cannot reimburse me , I hope that’s true but don’t trust this company at all, I shall wait and see. A lesson learned by me , how can anyone afford this, very worrying.

      • Please cancel this contract it is a scam I am in contact with my bank

      • What a rip off, just got call from my bank to say money taken out of my account, trying to cancel but can’t get through on this numbers. Wouldn’t be so bad if the stuff worked,not for me

    • i havejust signed up for this trial offer pleasetell me what to do how do i cancel offer

      • Yes, I am another victim. I have to be honest and say it is not THAT clear about a huge amount of money coming out of my account on a regular basis. Anyway, I phoned the number, it took two tries to get through and then it was somewhere in the states. Vincent answered, he found my details and to save any kind of arguments I said I just wanted to cancel as I had recently retired and it was too expensive for someone on a small pension. He then offered me a 30% discount if I wanted to continue, I declined, he then went to 50% discount, I declined again and finally he said he could get me a 70% discount. I asked what didn’t he understand about the words “please cancel my subscription” and I was getting very aggravated with him. Thankfully, he finally listened, and said he would cancel everything and I would no longer received anything from them. I am now about to ring my bank and ask them to ensure no more payments go to them. What a palaver!!! And I have to say I don’t particularly rate the cream at this moment in time, perhaps with longer use but nah, not for me.

        Good luck to everyone caught up in this so called “trial offer” – it’s not clear at all, a trial is a trail and this definitely is not.

    • Hi, I’m also a victim – I have just contacted my bank Lloyds and they have put a continuous stop on any payments coming from Clearly Young Serum or Demahydrate however you also have to contact the company too at Support@TryDermahydrate.com and request that they terminate shipments and cancel the continuous payment they’ve set up effective immediately. I’m extremely nervious and will be keeping a watch on my account every day now.

      • I have also been a victim 😔 ..!! Just received statement and payments have been taken of a large amount!
        From clearly young serum and youthful cream .

        Feel so stupid.. But now worried I cannot get it cancelled..!

        Did you ring the numbers given and did you have to wait long ? Worried being charged for hanging on as an American voice on other end ..! Have sent email to the one Victoria has put on did you get a reply back.?

        My next job is to ring credit card company when lines are open.

    • I am also the victim. They started charging me even before the 14 day as they started counting as soon as the products (eye cream and serum) leaves their warehouse, which took more than a week to reach me in Canada. Totally unfair. At my income level, I would never afford a skincare product over C$110+. I tried to cancel the order as soon as I found out from my Visa statement by calling all the above listed phone numbers and email address on their websites (support@…). Both domains were not found. Finally, I was able to get through with only one call to 1-888-531-5337, and was able to cancel both with two cancellation numbers. Also, a promise that there won’t be anymore future shipments. Hope this info helps you to cancel your order.

      • Thanks to you Mrs Chan, with the telephone number you gave, I finally talked to someone and I was able to have a cancellation number. I am so angry with myself for having be that naïve but I have my lesson. No more shopping on internet for me. It’s the same thing for me: at my income level, I would never buy skincare product at that price.
        I hope this number will help someone else 1-888-531-5337.

    • I have received trial products so far no further monies have been taken but I do want to cancel I have tried the numbers mentioned but no one answers.

    • how do I stop this charges every month

  2. I’m not sure this can be listed as a scam, it was made very clear to me on the telephone what was going to happen. I received the trial, didn’t like it and called 08726149313, I was waiting 5 minutes if that which is standard I think. Their alternative telephone number is printed on the bank statement alongside the transaction. I didn’t think the cream was any good as I couldn’t apply make up afterward, it was too thick, but I could have had the same experience walking into any store & trying out a new cream. It will be a scam if they continue taking the money but I’m optimistic…if they do I’ll be back on here!

    • I agree, I don’t think it’s a scam but online it is not that clear that you will be charged a large amount of money for what is, in effect, a trial offer. I did point that out to the guy I phoned but accepted it and asked to cancel. Couldn’t get over the fact that he offered a 30%, a 50% and finally a 70% discount if I continued. Just goes to show it doesn’t really cost anything like the charges made. I did get a cancellation number from them too.

  3. I ordered trial samples of Derma Hydrate Cream & Serum was suppose to pay JUST £3.95 & £4.97 pp NO WHERE did I agree that they could take out of my account £86.69 & £87.63 with NO contact details to speak to them!

    • Like Marcia, I ordered a trial sample of Derma Hydrate Cream and supposed to pay $3.95 and I DID NOT agree to pay more money. Spoke to a very ignorant female on the phone this evening to find out why my credit card has been billed $117.00 and she tells me that I agreed to to their terms and conditions and I certainly DID NOT!! She then continues to inform me that it’s my responsibility to cancel after the 14 day trial period and I only received the damn product yesterday.
      What trial period? Show me where I agreed to any terms AND/OR conditions??


      • I am also a victim. I agreed to the first offer. I did not even saw the terms of condition. It could be my mistake. A week later I left for a 2 months to spend time with my gradchildre. When I came back boxes were waiting for me. My account is charged from 9June -5th Aug 67.33+87.67+89.98+87.67+89.78+87.67 I used my credit card. The creditcard company is investigating.
        I am very upset angry. I like to make a formal complaint but to whom, where? Anybody can advice me

      • I too spoke to a rude lady kept me on hold she said my account was cancelled so I said why have you repeatedly taken money?she said they hadn’t!I was so upset when I went to cash machine thinking I had £90,but I had £4!I was angry as my bank didn’t want to know!I have to take everything out of my bank as its bound to happen again!I can’t believe I was so gullable but these people might as well be stood on t.he street mugging people! How can they do this?I know its the small print but Get it off face book so others arnt scammed!

  4. like Marcia, I feel absolutely disgusted. Ordered online and would never have done so if it was clear I’d get £160+ taken out of my account. Should have known the offer was too good to be true. Will attempt to cancel any future payments via my bank. Am unwilling to phone the company as undoubtedly the number will be a scam too and will cost the earth. I encourage all to publicise this scam on social media. I shall be and will also be contacting advertising standards.

  5. Hi all I’m so worried I have had 87.63 pounds taken out of my bank I don’t no how to cancel

  6. I have tried ringing this number and its saying its in no use

    • Hi Rachel

      Try emailing them on – support@trydermahydrate.com

      I rang a number that showed up on my bank statement and got through to America, that number is 448726149118. And stick with your guns, do not let them persuade you to stay with them even if they offer 100%!!! Good luck, let us know how it goes.

      • I can’t believe I have played 87.64 for a sample bottle of eye cream which I thought was for nothing I have been stung badly omg

      • I cannot get through with that phone # so I emailed them with the email you gave me , there must be a wrong number with the one you gave me.
        I have ordered the product Dermadryate Age Defying Cream sent them emails and still receiving it.

  7. I too have been taken in by this company. It really was not made clear that the trial was for 14 days and then I would be stung for £86. A ludicrous sum for the pot I received. I had the same problem as Ingrid. An American who could not understand the words “I want to cancel” It was only when I said that I was beginning to get really annoyed that he agreed to cancel the trial.
    Would also urge people to make their bank aware to ensure that this company can no longer access your account

  8. Has anyone else seen this, it is very similar to Dermahydrate+ with a similar offer and using the same model and graphics. Are they related?

    **link removed

  9. Hi I have been another victim of this web site, the only thing that will make sure that they can’t take any cash from you account will be to cancel your payment/bank card with your bank and report it to the fraud department who may be able to help you get your monies back.
    I also emailed there customer support department and kept evidence of this to give to the fraud department support@trydermahydrate.com
    What an expensive lesson to learn

  10. hi wish to cancel the trial as i will not be allowing anymore payments to come out of my account my bank has been informed of this scam and will not allow the payment to come out so cancel my trial immediately

  11. Do not be caught out by the derma hydrate age Defying cream scam they have charged me £86.69 and £87.63 on the 24th of July for these creams that was supposed to be on special offer at £3.95 and £4.97 you cannot get through

    • Make sure you cancel your card as the same happened to me, and they have taken the same amount out of my account again this month

  12. The phone is not valid anymore. I had to cancel my credit card utterly, ordered new card what i will never ever use on internet! Hate them and it is disgusting. It is fraud, no question.

  13. Hi yes I’m another victim of this scam, signed up for a free trial. My bank contacted me to money had been taken out of my bank in the early hours of the morning , and had I authourised it ? Obviously I hadn’t. I’m now trying to cancel and get my money back

  14. What these guys are doing is sneaky. Don’t panic and read on.

    Please follow the followinginstructions to get rid of these people!

    1. Hopefully your bank has notified you through the fraud department that large amounts are trying to be taken from your bank account using the card details you provided to these guys. Mine did. If the bank notifies you or you call the bank, get the bank to stop these withdrawals so they cant go out of your account (which they will suggest anyway), get the bank to block the company (again they will probably suggest this) and get the bank to issue a new card to you (again they might suggest this anyway). This is a bit of an inconvience for around x10 days while you wait for a new card, but it means these guys def wont be able to use the current card details again to try and take payments. These guys may try again repeatedly to take payments and may email you advising this and to call them (DON’T!), so follow up with an email to their support email address as below. Theses guys advise as below …(they can email you but you can’t email them…yeah right!):

    “This message is an auto-responder acknowledging shipment of your order. Please do not reply to this email address. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. If you wish to contact us for any reason, please call one of our friendly customer service representatives at (US/CA) : 800-730-1795 , (UK) : +448726149314.”

    2. Send an email to these guys asap as with the example below entitled:


    (cc to this email to yourself so you have a copy and if you can select delivery notification and read receipt all the better).

    Sir/ Madam


    I demand all subsciptions are cancelled with immediate effect and any subsequent orders
    from your company to this name and address of Dermhydrate age defying cream/s and Dermahydrate eye renewal serum/s.

    Please be advised your action is illegal under the “Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges), Regulation 2013, and as such your terms and conditions are not enforceable.

    Cancel at once all subscriptions and do not try to withdraw any future payments from my bank
    account. Failure to do so will result in strong legal action against your US and UK companies/ branches.

    I demand you provide me with full and correct cancellation numbers with immediate effect.

    Also note your postal tracking number(s) are not recognised and are invalid and this is also highly illegal.

    3. These guys will respond via email as below:

    Thank you for contacting DermaHydrate skin customer support, your email is very important to us!
    We take great pride in our customer service and certainly want to help you.
    Our system indicates that your account has been cancelled. If you need further assistance you may call our customer care team and any representative will be happy to assist you.
    Thank you,

    DermaHydrate Anti Wrinkle Cream and DermaHydrate Anti-Aging Eye Serum customer Care Teamtrydermahydrate.com
    US/Canada: 800-730-1795 – Open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday CST
    UK: +448726149314

    4. Keep a copy of this email for your records. They want you to call their number so their people can try and talk you out of it! DONT CALL THEM!

    5. Don’t fall prey to this underhand kind of thing again. I know I wont! If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. If the alarm bells are ringing in your head, then don’t proceed. If the tracker link fails for their posting the item, or you cant track, then phone your bank straight away. If your email virus software says it might be a SCAM, then it probably is! Mine did and I didnt act on it. READ THE SMALL PRINT (always..if you have the time).

    • Fred – thank you for your advice. I have also been a victim and have already contacted my bank. I’ve sent your suggested email and followed your instructions and hope to hear from ‘said company’ shortly.

      My bank is raising a dispute, which I intend to follow up and my bank assures me they have blocked any future transactions.

  15. Ordered the trial samples two days ago and called today to cancel future products I was told my visa had already been charged full price for the products I was going to receive. I argued with two representatives and they finally agreed to credit my visa if I sent the sample back when I receive it so I will be out of pocket the shipping charge, not perfect but more agreeable.

  16. Lots of people have been misled and cheated by the company in the past 4 years. They are still trading! They use different names for their products. Their sharp trading behaviour should be widely exposed in social media so that people would not be ripped off. Their trick is to offer you a free sample to try for 14 days and then send you a product which they then claim could be used for 30 days. If you have not cancelled within 12 days, you are charged for the complete product at an excessive price.

    Importantly we all unite and tell people as widely as possible in order to get them out of their dirty business.

  17. How much does it cost to call their customer service number on BT?

  18. I also ordered the trial. The cream was no good my face felt as though I had a mask on.
    They have just sent me another cream and serum that I wasn’t expecting. I rang them and they tried all sorts for me to try and keep the cream up to 75% off. How on earth can they reduce it to that amount. I do think it’s a scam. I am also worried about the full amount not being returned because she was talking in dollars and I kept correcting her and saying pounds. I think it’s time trading standards investigated.

    • I called Trading standards and was informed that if they are a USA company, UK regulations will not apply. Also, if they have terms on their website, though with tiny and not clearly shown prints, they can still cover themselves.
      The point I was trying to make is that they are trading on the verge of breaking laws, and we should expose their behaviour widely in social media and let people know their tricks.

      In their terms, it showed US dollars, but then they charged us in sterling pounds! They also give misleading information, such as toll free service numbers, which then cost 20p per minute.

  19. They said their customer service call was free, which was another lie. It costs more than 19pence per minute to call on BT. When we tried to cancel, we spent about £15 to call. They seem to be lying all the time to the customers.

    Please let more customers know Derma Hydrate’s unethical practice!

  20. Nightmare I agree with all the above and got caught in the same way. When you eventually get through they do argue that the terms and conditions are clear but we cant all be stupid can we? I didn’t even like the product its thick and feels dry as you put it on! Haven’t had the phone bill yet that all adds extra cost as they refuse to give you any money back. If you haven’t done it yet DONT.

  21. Has anyone managed to get any money back?? When the money got taken out my account, i was really angry at myself for being taken in, but put it down to experience, and now the following month the same thing has happened! I am now going to bank to cancel my card, but wondered if anyone had any luck getting money back?

  22. I also fell for their scam and when I tried to call got the same American who informed I had signed up for the triaI thought I was signing up for a free trial he said I shpould have rung and cancelled the trial I said I would have done but there was no telephone number on my Invoice he told me took look again as there was i replied I have you first invoice in front of me and there is no addres or telephone number on it. He has agreed to reimburse me 50% of the last amount they took which £174.00

    I thought I might go a bit further and ask Dom on BBC TV in the morning to have a go for me Dont get done get Dom.
    I have asked my Bank to lock them and pay them no more money, As and 81 year old pensioner I cant afford to loose £300..oo which is what they took before I realised.

    • Hi Jean, I also went for this trial. I received my credit card statement this morning showing they had taken£86.69 with the same amount due to come out today. The credit card company have blocked any further payments and will dispute the payments as I have not received anything since the trail sample.

      If you want to contact Don’t Get Done Get Dom, I would be willing to go along with that.

      My e-mail is Jennifer.jt554@gmail.com

    • Thank you for this information. If you do contact Dom, I will also back you up. Marie.whiteley60@gmail.com. I had money taken out of my account and did not receive any further product after the trial. I will be contacting my credit card company tomorrow

  23. This is a total rip off. just been phone to the bank , just so everyone knows. if the product you received is not exactly as it looks on the so called web page, you have the right too open a fraudulent claim against them, as an item not as described. take photos and all together we can nail them to the ground. girl power. contact citizen advice. etc. do it now. be empowered…

  24. I stumbled across this website as i saw the offer and wanted to order, but i wanted some information about the product first. After reading everyones complaints i decided to have a closer look and read their terms and conditions. I will copy and paste what they say:

    A. Trial Policy: Our Trial policy requires You to understand certain important dates. The policy, and the important dates for You to know, are as follows: B. Beginning on the day that You place an order for a product (“Product”) from the Website, Your fourteen (14) day Trial period begins (“Trial Period”). The Trial Period is calculated in calendar days, not business days and your fourteen (14) day Trial ends on day fourteen (14).

    C. You will be given thirty (30) days supply (or subscription access) of the Product You ordered. Generally, Your Product is delivered within 2 to 5 days after placing Your order. Delivery time is subtracted from Your Trial Period, and will reduce the number of days allocated to Your Trial Period. If You want to extend Your Trial Period due to slow or delayed delivery, You must call Our Customer Service Department toll-free at 08726149314. Reasonable requests (as determined by Dermahydrate) to extend Your Trial Period generally will be granted.

    D. If You are satisfied with the Product and wish to continue to receive the Product on a monthly basis, You need do nothing else. Upon the expiration of the Trial Period, on Day 14, Your credit card will be billed for the full cost of the Product that You ordered (i.e., a thirty day supply) at the rate of £86.69.

    E. On the 45th day following the date You first ordered Your Product, Dermahydrate will renew your monthly subscription for another forty-five (45) days supply of the Product, and the credit card You provided to us will be automatically billed for the Product £86.69.

    F. Unless You cancel this service, every thirty (30) days thereafter Dermahydrate will renew your subscription for an additional thirty (30) days supply of the Product You ordered, and the credit card You provided to us will be automatically billed for the Product £86.69.

    G. If You are not satisfied with the Product and wish to cancel future deliveries of the Product, You must call Our Customer Service Department toll-free at 08726149314 prior to the expiration of the Trial Period (before day fourteen) and cancel Your order.

    Hope this helps x

  25. Worst part is I hadn’t even got my free trial when they charged me over $200. And it’s been a month and have received NOTHING since! scam scam scam

  26. yes I have just been scammed as well and realised over 170.00 has been taken from my accoubnt for what i thought was a free trial. And from reading other comments they had every intention of continuing to take money every moth. My bank has been very helpful and hopefully blocked them now but a very expensive lesson!

  27. I also am a victim. Never received the trials. They charged my card for $117.00.
    They decided to take of 75% and send the cream. I immediately called my mastercard bank and blocked my card which they did and now I have a new card. Will never never get myself into this type of scam ever ever again!

  28. I have also had a large amount of money taken from my account 🙁 not happy !!! But unlike other customer I was happy with age defying cream felt it was working 🙂 and would of been happy to see how much another jar of cream would cost!! The eye renewal serum irritated my eyes so that was a no. Thinking to myself they did not send any paper work with free trial? How can I order some more? Then today checking my bank account only to realise the large amount had been taken out!! Gutted!! I did call the UK number 08726149314 and put a stop to any other payments going out, I have also called my bank. It’s a shame as I would of liked to become a customer for the lower price of £21.00 for the age defying cream and ordered myself when needed, just feel cheated!! Who knows they might read this and send me some age defying cream for free 🙂

  29. After reading this website, I was horrified. I had no idea that this was a scam (how naïve am I). I rang the UK number (which I suspect is in the USA) and after speaking with Victor, who tried to offer, first a 25% discount, then a 50% discount, then a 75% discount, finally cancelled the subscription telling me that I would not be charged for the samples. I have just logged into my bank account and see that I was charged one amount in the sum of £3.97, another amount for £2.95 and another amount for £19.51 after I cancelled the subscription; not to mention the bank charging £1.58 for some unknown reason???? I shall continue to keep a close eye on my bank account. Stay well away from this unscrupulous company!

  30. These products are not working iwhat a rotten scam they conned me out of a lot of money

  31. I ordered these two serums thinking they were legit because of that bloke connected to oprah winfrey? i thought for 4quid they were worth a try. I couldn,t understand why two more arrived a couple of weeks ago as i did not sign up for anything, as far as i knew? i,d hardly used the bargain samples as i thought it was crap! I,m seething this morning as i,ve just noticed those extortionate payments have gone out of my account!!!!!
    What can we all do about this? We have to stop them. Are any of you girls married to a copper?

  32. I ordered the free trial and paid for the p&p the cream didn’t work it’s a scam, they then took £170.00 out of my account, I rang the company and spoke to some American man who told me I should have canceled within 14 days I had only received the product that week and was told the 14 days starts from when they receive my order, nowhere did it say i would be charged for it, they refused to take the product back and refund me ,when I tried to cancel he told me it can take up to 90 days to work and offered me 50% discount on my next item, I told him to cancel it its a big con, I’ve cancelled any further payments with my bank but their is nothing else they can do, so be warned this is not a genuine offer, it’s disgusting how they keep getting away with it

  33. Damn, in my case, the sample has yet to arrive, seems the delivery co doesn’t exist. I cancelled in time, but am still told by a snotty recording that only $ 37. Something , would be taken from my account…lesson learned.

  34. This is just another typical US marketing scam, based upon the fact that people will sign up to what appears to be a remarkable “MUST HAVE” offer, but banking on the fact that the subscriber will “FORGET” about the 14 day FREE TRIAL period and then fall into the auto billing programme. I used my card on behalf of my lady, and completely forgot about it. What annoys me is the interpretation opf the word “FREE”. The woman on the phone named “Sadria” stated that nothing is ever “FREE” but the trial is “FREE”, so if you dont cancel then you shall be billed. In my case 69.35 / 61.34 for the initial products. On or about the 26th August another shipment arrived, and having just checked my bank, it appears that another 86.69 / 87.63 has been “spirited away”. The terms and conditions on their website cannot be found easily, and this is what they rely upon. The woman on the phone categorically stated to me that “nobody reads the T&C’s and that is why we get so many telephone complaints !! She was honest there ! The telephone number they use for contacxt is a UK 0872 number which is billed at 10p per minute from a UK landline, or up to 40p pm from a mobile depending upon the tariff. I was on the phone for 40 minutres in total (30 mins of that listening to depressing classical piano music !), so thats 4.00 in phone call charges.

    After giving her plenty of GBH of the ears, I finally got off the phone with a 50% refund off of the last shipment.

    In total they have taken :


    I shall receive approx 87.00 credited to my card.

    I dont intend leaving it there. this is a scam, the product is overpriced, and I intend taking it up with trading standards as to the legality of this and the cost of product to produce. I may even get the products scientifically analysed as to the various chemical constituents.

    I cant stand being “mugged off” by the likes of these people, and I intend investigating the despatch facility in Milton Keynes MK11. the details are on the boxes of the products.

    I am basically f****** angry as F*** with these people and dont intend letting it go.

    My advise to anyone contemplating ANY TYPE OF OFFER SUCH AS THIS – WHATEVER IT MAY BE – WALK AWAY AND DONT BE TEMPTED ! If something looks too good to be true then it probably is. No such thing as a free lunch so its said.

    Anyway ladies,

    rant over………….

    DONT DO IT !

  35. Hello, I purchased a trial and it arrived weeks afterwards.. I tried the product and I am not satisfied with it and would like to cancel my account so no further items are mailed to me.

    Irene Booth
    5373 Georgiaview Crescent
    Nanaimo BC

  36. I have learned before ordering anything from anywhere, I google on the Internet and read all the reviews I can find! That way you find out what/who you are dealing with

  37. I received my trial jar but nothing else, yet they took the money from my credit card. I have today contacted my credit card company who are disputing the transactions on my behalf. They have also blocked any further payment requests from this company. Guess will just have to wait and see.

  38. Oh ya I ordered the trial and took forever to receive then before even receiving it I was charged $117 Canadian. how do I get ahold of them. that money being takin out really screwed me over

  39. You can add me the the list of individuals scammed by Derma Hydrate.
    Can’t believe I just got had…I’m usually ultra careful with what I buy online…I guess I wasn’t careful enough this time around.
    My cc company said they can’t dispute the charge because we checked off that we agreed with the terms and conditions.
    They cancelled my cc as a precaution not to have further charges from this company come through.
    I feel so stupid.
    But there should be something else we can all do!

  40. I still haven’t received my product it has been also 3 weeks now called them and they said they would send out a new order never received a email from them yet. I can cancelling the order tomorrow morning and phoning my bank to stop payment.

  41. I started to order yesterday then changed my mind. I immediately got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Derma Hydrate, saying he was ringing to give me information I needed. He then asked for my credit card details. I was very uneasy – the call seemed as if it was coming from India – and I hung up. This morning there was a credit of around £6 from Derma Hydrate saying it had to be used by the end of the month. I have deleted the email.

  42. One born every minute! That’s how I feel having fallen for this scam. You know what made me the angriest? Having to phone a US number from the UK when you just know it’s going to be at premium rate and they get you to stay on the line as long as possible. The woman I spoke to tried to get me to continue and wanted to talk about the benefits etc. Every time I interrupted and said I simply wanted to cancel she would go silent, making me think I had lost connection. When I asked if anyone was there she replied saying that she would not talk over me!! Basically she would stop talking to me if I interrupted her sales pitch in order to keep me on the line as long as she could. Wish I’d read this website before I fell!!!!

  43. Yes, another victim here. I too ordered online (saw the demonstration clip on facebook). I thought I was getting “free” samples and paying only for shipping of under $5 CDN each. Well just like all of you, free samples received, I ended up being charged full price after 14 days. The charges came through as Pounds Sterling, so after the conversion to Canadian dollars, I ended up paying $117.88 and $116.20. The charges are billed by two different names:

    I was shocked and so disgusted with myself as I am a rare internet shopper and usually very wary and careful. On checking my credit card, I find I am now charged again for product I have not received and definitely don’t want to the tune of $118.26 and $119.55.

    What an EPIC SCAM. Somewhere they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

  44. This company is a SCAM, DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!
    The product claims it is a “Trial” bottle however what this ‘offer’ actually means is the trial is a “trial period” and after 14 days you will be charged around £86 per month until you cancel your account.
    I strongly advise you not to touch this product.

  45. I usually read reviews before buying anything online but unfortunately I didn’t with this offer. I received my trial size yesterday and after reading about your terrible experiences, I’ve instructed my bank and emailed the address listed above to cancel my “subscription”.

  46. Just called and cancelled. Auto ship should not be auto without permission!
    Hope the cancellation worked

  47. Yes, got burnt by this so called trial offer – did not look at the small print about cancelling, and yes auto ship is certainly not permitted.

  48. Unfortunately like many others I fell foul to this convincing scam, I have this evening spoken to Derma-Hydrate who have informed me that my order has been cancelled and that I will be refunded 50% of the amount taken from my account, obviously I will be keeping a close eye on the account to ensure this happens and that no further payments are taken. Hopefully I won’t be fooled again! Good luck to everyone whose trying to get their money back!

  49. I didn’t order this, and was just checking out the reviews because I suspected it might be an auto send that is hard to cancel. That happened to me on another product through Groupon. With that, I was able to talk to the seller, but despite several conversations in which I cancelled the auto ship, they still kept sending it (and billing me!) The only thing that worked was calling my credit card company and explaining the situation. Not only did the credit card company make sure there were no further charges, they even took the current charges off my bill.

  50. VICTIME NUMBER 1,007.437 I feel so stupied ordering this product that was charge without me knowing, good thing I check my Credit car right away, I call the bank and cancel my Credit car so I would have no future building, as for a refusé, I still working on it with the bank, wish we could do something to get these scam artist from riping us off

  51. I went to my bank. Cancelled my visa card, ordered a new one. The bank stopped these people taking any more payments from my account. I am still trying to get the one off payment of £86:69 back. They can keep the original payment of £4:97 for shipping costs.

  52. I am also from Canada and just got their suppose trial shipment only to find I have been charged $118.98 for dermahydrate Cream. I understand I was only getting free trial. My fault didn’t read the fine print, now I can’t seem to reach them by telephone to cancel my order, it keeps hanging up on me. This was suppose to be just shipping and handling charge to my Visa credit, but now I believe I will be billed the Canadian bill of $118.97 each month. Does anyone know a good phone number to call, please help. Elaine. Jazzy1120@shaw.ca. Thankyou

    • The same thing has happened to me I’ve tried to phone the telephone numbers to no avail so after reading all of the comments about this scam I did exactly what Fred owns suggested ..so thanks Fred I’ve received an email from them as you said they would .I’m now waiting to see if they have actually cancelled the SUBCRIPTIONS !! I have also informed the bank to stop any monies from being taken out.

      I will never buy or ” trial” anything again I’ve learnt my lesson

    • HI there. I can not believe that I fell for this as well. I called the number that I got from my Visa bill 800-374-1828 and had them cancel my “membership”. I did get an email saying my subscription has been cancelled, And then I also called my bank and cancelled my credit card. I am so shocked that they can market it as pay only for the shipping… and then start billing you hundreds of dollars. Good Luck ladies.

  53. I stupidly applied for a free trial on face book for both the eye syrup and face cream , I have also called the number +448726149314 ( the number is invalid .) as I have had £167 taken from my credit card, I am now going to get in touch with my bank and explain my situation , hopefully they can stop future payments being taken.

  54. I just bought these 2 items 2 hr ago, then my husband was looking through scams & he found this one to be a scam. This is the very first time I’ve been scamed and at my age and experience with life, I should have known better. I think I’m getting old and senile since I never believed in these so-called age-defying creams. Geesh, I’m sooooo mad at myself. I’m 67 yrs old and lost a lot of weight last Sept 2014 from a surgery. Now I have gained it back plus more. I still need another surgery and wanted to lose the weight and find that I lose it in the face first, then the wrinkles are coming out like crazy… so.. stupid me, stupid, stupid me, I fell for this fraud. I also believe I am also getting a little senile for me to have bought this crap. I called that number & they say to call during normal business hours, but they don’t say what time they are available…figures. I will never buy anything on the Internet again.

  55. I am also a victim of their scam. I have reported this to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. We need legislation to punish such companies and scams.

  56. I’ve also been taken in, does anyone have the address of the company as you need to send back your trials and get a rma # from the post office then contact your credit card and they will help you. anyone having their address I’d appreciate it as the company won’t answer my calls thank you Esther

  57. I too am a victim. I cannot get through to cancel. How can I cancel this product before they take money out of my account I do not have.

    Thank you

  58. Yep I am a loser too. The trial package did not show up for 14 days. Unbeknownst to me, they had already charged my credit card with the full retail price of almost $90.00 per item-face cream and eye serum (before I had rec’d the trial package). YOU HAVE TO READ the fine print. This morning I spoke with a representative to cancel my account(which would be charged to my account every 30 days). She accommodated me and offered me first a 35% discount, then a 50% discount and after more ranting and raving she offered a 75% discount-on all future orders. This website is somehow affiliated with “REVIVAL Beauty Cream and REVIVAL Beauty Serum” as I also ended up being charged for more items through this firm. This all took place on Oct 5 and I still don’t have the REVIVAL trial shipment, and today is October 31. What A SPOOKTACULAR event!! I just spent $514.20 on 4 trial samples of beauty product. Should have stuck with the cheaper AVON product.

  59. Me too. I am a single mother and I thought the eye serum is for free sample and it all ended up paying $ 125 Canadian dollars. Only able to cancel for membership. Its my mistake for not reading terms and conditions. Customer service was terrible.

  60. Again another victim of this scam. As a pensioner there is no way I would have paid such ridiculous amounts of money for age defying products. No paperwork was accompanied with the products so no contact or receipt for the products. I have contacted them and they say that via e-mail they will provide me with the documents relating to the trial. I have contacted my bank and they are investigating it but the company state that everything is legal and have offered me a very small sum of money as obviously I am extremely dissatisfied with their handling of the “trial”. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN UP FOR A TRIAL OF ANY KIND WITH THIS COMPANY. THERE IS AS YOU CAN SEE A SCAM REPORT PLEASE READ IT IN FULL & NEVER GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS COMPANY AGAIN

  61. I am 1 of those stupid people who has been scammed by this company.
    I have even sent back the products
    MK11 9HJ. UK

    And they are still taking money from my bank account.

    But I have just been on to my bank and they have been very helpful,
    My bank is classing this scam as fraud. and they are investigating this company.

    They have also refunded 2 lots of transactions taken from my bank account.



  62. Here is the fine print that I never even saw, or missed when I ordered. What a scam…. just outrageous. I believe I cancelled within the 14 day window, but just in case I have cancelled my credit card and will be getting it renewed. I will not make this same mistake twice…
    Here is what the fine print actually says;

    By placing an order, you will pay S & H to receive a 30 day supply. You will also be automatically enrolled in our membership program. The program will charge you CAD $144.85 on the 14th day of your order date for a monthly supply and every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by calling 1-855-483-7859. If you cancel before the 14th day of your order date, you pay the S&H of your 30 day supply. If you cancel after the 14th day of your order date, you shall pay for the 30 day supply plus any future supplies without refund.

  63. So I ordered this stuff too, and while I was 100% aware of the auto shipment and the 14days cancellation period, listed in the extremely small print. That said I never received the shipment so on the 12th day I cancelled. Then I received an e-mail stating I had cancelled and that they would charge my credit card for the total of the package…So this is not a trial, it doesn’t matter when you cancel you still get charged….NO WHERE DID IT SAY THAT- SO I looked at my credit card statement and yup they charged it!!! So i called my bank and had my card cancelled. Today THIS COMPANY just sent me an e-mail saying ” we have tried several times to debit the amount off your card with no success( after i cancelled and they charged my anyway) could you please contact us at (number provided) to update your credit card info!!! Bhahaha really even after I cancelled they still want to charge me for auto enrollment. So even if there is fine print, they do not abide by it. 30 DAYS IN I JUST RECEIVED SOMETHING FROM MY POST OFFICE TO PICK UP A PACKAGE. I AM NOT GOING TO CLAIM IT…GFY

  64. I got caught out once before with a slimming offer so went right to the end of this advert to find the price after the free offer. The text got tinier and almost illegible and when
    I tried to click on the headings about the details of the offer not one of the three options opened, even the Contact Us one. I searched on Google and found this article. Surely it is illegal not to have access to terms and conditions? Wonder if it does work? These stars have the money and are probably PAID to use it and then advertise about it.
    So there is NOTHING in the small print warning of the money you will have taken from you and, more importantly, the amounts. TERRIBLE!

  65. I ordered the trial and it arrive 16 days later. I tried the creams and am not satisfied. I noticed 14 days after I ordered the trials that my credit card was charged $87.63 and $86.69. Of course my credit card statement came in some time after that so I didn’t notice the charges right away. When I phoned the company they said I had also been charged an additional $87.63 and $86.69 for the next 30 days. After much discussion they gave me an RMA (return number) for the second order only. They will not refund the first order, which by the way, is the actual trial and the only thing I’ve received. I live in Canada so I also paid $40 customs fees and exchange on the money. $276 so far and I still have to pay to return the products that have not come in yet, so probably another $40 on top. This company is horrible and this is the only way they can make money.

    I was rooked in too by Oprah and Dr. Oz. I’m not sure how Oprah and Dr. Oz can affiliate their names with this company. I wonder if they are even aware. The company service reps need training in how to deal with customers who are upset rather than repeating their policies.

    The website says “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and I’m not satisfied at all. The cream makes my face red and itchy.

    Every time I ask to speak with a manager they do not put me through to one and tell me they are capable of handling my call. The last girl said, “Have a nice day and feel free to call back Monday to Friday, 9-5 p.m.” That was her response when I asked for a manager a third time, before that she said “What do you want to speak with a manger about?” I said, “The qualify of customer service” and she said, “Why? What’s so bad about what I’m doing?” Unbelievable!

  66. Hi my name’s Linda I’m from Scotland, it sounds like i got lucky, i also ordered this
    “free offer” but unlike so many of you, i didn’t have money in that account so when
    I found an email telling me that they were trying to take money from my account i
    was able to cancel that card.

  67. wished i would have seen this page sooner, wouldnt have been scammed. i managed to call them at 1-800-730-1795. It at least let me cancel future shipments, even though i havnt received the first ones. whatever. i havnt been able to talk to anyone tho. i have received a conf # for cancelling. I do not trust them, so i contacted VISA and had them change my card number. a bit of a pain in the butt, but they cant charge me anymore. Something like this will never happen again. Assholes

  68. they are scammers just trying to make money i never got the product and they said they sent out 3 shipments. taking out money from my credit card never sent me a email and because of them i cant pay my bills to my house. the banks will catch them.

  69. I was pulled in by opera an the doc I to wander does opera know her name is affiliated with y his company I was caught for 3 payments rang credit card company they will block an for the payments leaving your account can’t believe I didn’t see this page as I only placed my Trial order in November a dear lesson

  70. Hello,
    When i received my samples i didn’t realise i had signed up to keep getting the cream. Can you stop the service immediately. I no longer want to receive this derma cream.
    Riverside Hotel
    Bridge Lane
    W Yorkshire

  71. I cancelled this product and now I have received a sample for which I have been charged 127.00 .

  72. I signed up for the trial of the Derma C face serum and the eye serum at the end of May (without reading the small print under their terms and conditions) and called up their helpline (within 7 days of receiving the products) to cancel my order on 4 June after reading all the comments online regarding this scam. I spoke to their helpline operator, who was rather surprised that I wanted to cancel my order and return the products without much of an explanation. I was informed on the phone that I had 30 days (starting from the day of the telephone call) to return these products via recorded delivery to their dedicated returns address in Milton Keynes. I followed their instruction and sent everything back on 23 June via recorded delivery, and to my surprise they still charged me for a month’s supply worth £129.54 on 6 July!

  73. Just called again this morning and they have confirmed I should receive my refund within 7-10 working days.

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