Derma Folia Trial Offer Review – Snake Venom Peptide Cream

Derma Folia Trial Offer Review – Snake Venom Peptide Cream

If you have come across the Derma Folia website you will certainly be impressed by the claims that it makes, however can you believe them?

We have seen time and again that trial offers are best ignored. Often they lead onto expensive auto-ship programs that are likely to lead to complaints.

Is Derma Folia any different from these previously reviewed trial offers? Lets find out in the following review.

Claimed benefits of Derma Folia

According to their website, Derma Folia offers the following user benefits:

  • May reduce wrinkles
  • May conceal lines
  • May renew your look
  • May even skin tone

While these sound good, are these claims accurate? The only way to check the effectiveness without trying the product is to look at what ingredients it contains.

Ingredients found in Derma Folia

While there is no label available to view, there are numerous mentions of Snake Venom Peptide being used in this product.

This particular ingredient has been called an alternative to Botox, but without the injections so will likely offer some benefit to you.

Price of Derma Folia

As Derma Folia is available for trial you may believe that you wont have to pay a penny, well you would be incorrect.

When looking at trial offers, before you rush to sign up to the offer take a moment to read all of the information available.

For example, if you read the terms and conditions page you will discover that there is a $4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up to the offer.

You will also discover that you have only 14 days to trial the product before being charged again, this time $94.57.

These T&Cs also reveal that Derma Folia operates an auto-ship program, so until you cancel your subscription you will continue to be sent further monthly packages with a bill for the privilege.

Is the Derma Folia trial offer a scam?

There are certainly some benefits to be had through the use of the product, the main issue with Derma Folia is its cost.

It is simply too expensive, and those who do not read the T&Cs will likely be annoyed when they discover how much they are being charged.

Contact information for Derma Folia

To cancel your trial you will need to contact Derma Folia, you can do this using the following contact information:

Phone: 1 (844) 359-9242
Email: support@dermafoliaskin.com

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled this product. I am sure others would like to hear about your experience.

XYZ Smart CollagenAlternative to Derma Folia

XYZ Smart Collagen is our suggested alternative.

It contains proven anti-ageing ingredients that offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • An increase in skin moisture
  • More collagen produced

As this product is unavailable for trial there is not auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

23 comments on "Derma Folia Trial Offer Review – Snake Venom Peptide Cream"
  1. I tried this on the 10, it shipped on the 12, and got to my house on the 15 th. I cancelled on the 25th. At the time I called to cancel I was told that I would not be charged for either product. I was still charged for one of the products and when I called to check on that they told me that the second cancellation for some reason didn’t go through and that there was nothing they could do at this point. Not worth it, even at the free price.

  2. I ordered this DERMA FOLIA Snake Venom Cream and Advanced Eye Gel last month and it was a free all I had to pay was Shipping ,NOW MY BANK ACCOUNT HAS 200.00 LESS FROM THIS COMP. I was just trying it , not buying It need help hear I don’t have that kind of money to spend on me. HELP, order # 3046100 Ref# 1236373 Must: 20

    • Call 844 359-9242, It is a call center. I called to complain about the site from which I bought the “trial” creme and though I did not want it or check the boxes, it signed me up for eye gel and insurance as well. THERE WAS NOTHING TO READ ABOUT T&C (terms and conditions)! I immediately e-mailed company, called the customer number and told them I hadn’t wanted the eye gel.
      Tonight on the phone with a live person, he had the nerve to offer me 25%off for life after I said I did not want a SUBSCRIPTION, had never signed up for one and I wanted refund for the eye gel. He said he would cancel my subscription (after trying to make several offers) but that he could not refund me. I told him I would report them to the BBB and hung up.
      I got another call back, refunding money for the product I hadn’t tried to buy.

      I suspect fraudulent advertising because DermaFolia was advertised as a Shark Tank product. THey would never be associated with such a shoddy, unprofessional operation. The product comes with NO INSERT and nothing about cost or repurchasing. If you google DermaFolia, you will find that most Claims/advertisements are made by persons who speak english as a second language. And, there is no official company website. BAD NEWS<

    • I dont order any free trials ever…… because they cost you a TON. First cancel the card you used so no further charges appear. Then dispute what they charged with your bank or whoever you had the card with and they will credit you back. These type purchases are very sneaky and in my experience they have always refunded….. tell them did not agree to auto ship.. Don’t do free trials.

  3. Does this company and this product TEST ON ANIMALS? I will not buy (nor will anyone I know) any products where animal testing occurs. MY QUESTION: DO YOU TEST ON ANIMALS?

  4. Beware.Within 2 days of receipt I called to cancel further orders. I was told that if I cancel now I would be charged an additional $9.95 for early cancellation.Dont remember that in the find print.However,if I called at a date approximately 3 weeks later and cancelled I would not be charged the $9.95 .Inquiring further,I was told that I should give it more time.If my wife is
    leary of the product ingredients and will not use the product why will change in 3 weeks? I would monitor my credit card statement for the next month to dertermine my next move.

  5. Total scam. Cancelled order after reading reviews and they still mailed the trial products two days later. They were both in one envelope even though I was charged shipping $4.95 for one, $5.95 for the other, and additional $1.99 charge. I was told that my account was cancelled, but no refund of shipping charges and I should have been charged $36.38 to cancel and if I returned the products, they would charge $9 each for returning. Filed for fraud charges with my bank to refute the charges and cancelled my credit card. What a scam company.

  6. I ordered a trial of Derma Folia through a trial website not Derma Folia and when I saw a charge on my account the day I was supposed to call and cancel, I called them and explained the terms and conditions I agreed to were that I had 14 days to try to product, but that the 14 day trial started 2 days after the order was placed. I was simply told that any future shipments would be cancelled, but that they have a no refund policy! I was on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get them to refund my money that they wrongfully charged to my account, but was unsuccessful. This is a scam and they will refuse to refund your money even if you follow the terms and conditions you agreed to when you ordered the product!

    • It is a total SCAM, I absolutely agree with all reviews. The same thing happened to me they are refusing to refund my money and now I’m out $95. I realize I paid highly for my mistake and should of looked more into this product and it’s reviews before purchasing. Definitely will report to BBB.

  7. just talk to the derma folia support group who told me it would cost me money to cancell , its true they are not on the up and up a girl name jordan answered the phone i said that its not gonna work for me she said i had to wait to cancell before may 14 . so i said this is before and i want to cancell she said it was to early to cancell . i put you in for 30 i told her no i dont want it and she did it knowing thats not what i want i warned her if there was any money taken out of my acct ,i will be very unhappy.people who have companies and scam people need to be turned in and that is what we all need to do BBB.who ever has anything out there file at the bank the more the better to stop people from screwing hard working people over

  8. I have complete contempt for companies that have to lie to and steal from their customers to make a profit. This Derma Folia outfit is such an organization.

    Yes, I was sent eye cream I did not order, and billed $89.47 for my $4.95 “trial” order. I was then sent yet more of the snake venom peptide cream that I did not order.

    Just for the record, I think the product stinks. It made my skin red and irritated, and I do not have sensitive skin.

    Soooooo…. Derma Folia has quite a resume, in my experience: junk product, unscrupulous and deceptive business practice, and unwillingness to refund the monies that they steal without treating their customers to a fight. Pox on their house.

  9. I ordered the trial cream, and they shipped not only the cream but an eye serum, I had not ordered. Within the 15 days period, I cancelled and told the lady operator, I did not want the product when I discovered my account had been charged, not only the initial fees of $12.89 for shipping and handling, but $184.04. I called 800-574-0903, the number listed on my bank statement, only to find out it was a call center. The operator, very conveniently, was unable to locate my prior cancellation. I demanded a supervisor, however he responded by offering me a 25% lifetime discount, I declined and continued to demand a supervisor. The operator attempted to explain that I had signed an agreement and that the Terms & Conditions were clearly disclosed. There was “NO” “T & C”, automatic shipment agreement of price disclosure. I requested a copy of what I had “SIGNED” or “AGREED TO”, but again he re-iterated that I had contacted a “Call Center” and they did not make the rules, nor had copies of the agreements. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK!! AND THE TRIAL OFFER DEAL, IT’S A SCAM!! They send products you didn’t order and charge you for some bogus insurance.

    I will follow Patricia’s advise and call the BBB. We all need to do that!!

    • The same thing happened to me. I agree there was no T&C on the site I ordered my trial products from. Finally got 75 per cent credit after I threaten to protest through legal channels. Probably should have stayed with my first request of a full refund. 😡

  10. “risk free trial” – How is it risk free if you are charged on 15th day following order (not arrival of product). I ordered on April 22, arrived April 25. I was charged today, May 7th.

    Not a 14 day trial – I was only able to use 12 days before charged.

    I called customer service and was on hold for 15 minutes. I left my phone number to receive call back. Company did call back but would not refund money. My bank would not authorize second charge of $85 and flagged as fraudulent. The company was “willing” to cancel this part of order but only offered a 30% refund on the eye serum. I am glad my bank caught this or I would have been out more money.

    SCAM!! don’t use. Terms of service are not available until you are finishing “free trial.” Price never mentioned. Don’t use!!

  11. I will tell everyone not to buy this first of all there rude in customer service there saying I agreed to trial did not yell everyone not to buy I am

  12. I ordered this product for my wife via the “free” trial, as well as the Dermafolia eye gel. I got dinged for the shipping for both products that were shipped in the same box and I got charged three separate charges. My wife didn’t like either product so I wouldn’t have reordered. And of course I didn’t read the fine print and got dinged for a total of $185 in subscription charges. Two lengthy phone calls asking for a refund did no good. First was a very rude young man named Kirk. Second was with a supervisor named Miguel. Miguel offered me 4 free bottles of the product but no refund. This company also fraudulently advertised that Joanna Gaines was endorsing the product. This is a scam, they don’t back up their product and are just out to scam customers. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  13. Already scammed by this company. Looked up website for a phone number. 844 359-9242 is not a good number. Male voice answers and says ” no routes found “, and call hangs up. Hesitate to call the ” call cntr” because I will just get mad. Guess, I will notify my credit card people, my local news channel & the BBB. The thing about the BBB is that they only lodge complaints for about 30 days unless you refile.

  14. This is a complete scam. This company misrepresented the fact that this was Joanna Gaines’ company and that she was getting out of the “fixer upper” business and starting this skin care business. It is a complete lie and deception. This company lies, steals and they are cowards when you call in and confront them. Every time I asked why they misrepresented the fact that this was Joanna Gaines company they would say they couldn’t hear me and we were cutting out. They refuse to stop sending the products or give a refund unless you get upset and threaten them with reporting them. They have one thing to say and that is they are following their terms and conditions that I had agreed to but I never did because I never saw them at all. So cowardly they will say then go to our website and they are there. I never ordered from the website. I never even saw their website. I asked her to send me a copy by email, of the terms and conditions that I had agreed to but they would not. I have reported them to my credit card company and will contact the BBB and my county attorney. They need to be stopped from lying and stealing from people.

  15. I am about 70 years old and I thought I read everything very careful. I never saw anything that stated that they will start auto mailing me these products and how expensive it would be. If I had I would not had order it because I live on only social security and have house payments, electric, water, phone, insurance (house and car) and doctor bills. Now they gave taken money out of my account that means my electric will be shut off or my house payment will not be pay. After talking to them they only refund 70% and would not let me return the unopened bottle. It took a long time before this was done for they try to tell me that there was nothing they could do for me. I only wished I saw all of these complaintso before I order the 4.95 trial order. How can these people sleep at night and know how they are hurting get people. I was raised better than that. It is the biggest scam I have seen. I am still very upset and sick to my stomach over this. In fact, the lady told me that she could loose her job for giving me this 70% refund yet I see others got a refund also. Lies just lies! Shame on them!

  16. I just got off the phone with the company. I called a bit ago and canceled and learned I couldn’t return the product that I HADN’T ordered in the first place. Then, I did some research. I know, stupid of me to do it now rather than before. In my first call I was adamantly told that I could not get a refund. I just called back, and after some threats of reporting them and contacting my credit union to identify them as a fraudulent company, I was told they’d give me 35% of my money back. Thank you to the woman who wrote that she received a 70% refund! Because of her, I didn’t stop pushing. I didn’t do that good, but I am receiving 50% credit, which will be almost $200. Since my initial phone call left me angry with ZERO money refunded, I feel somewhat better. The moral of the story is to read all fine print carefully, or, perhaps more importantly, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. They will lie to you and tell you they can’t give you a refund, but it’s not true. Maybe I should have fought for more, but I’m just relieved that I’m getting half of my money back. Buyer beware!

  17. I ordered mine of a TV ad. Vanity got the best of me. I don’t mind getting older but didn’t want to look it. Like so many others I didn’t want to get any more and was surprised to see $95.00 taken out of my account. I called my bank and they told me to first call the company to tell them not to send any further orders. I called the company and told them that I didn’t order any more but still got some. I let them know that I was going to send it back but they told me to keep it and try it some more or give it to a friend. But they did tell me that they would take my name off and that they would give a refund but only half the amount. Let me tell you, a day or two after I used it I developed the worst itch I’ve ever had. It took forever to get it out of my system. I only itched in the area that I used it. To make sure that it was the product that caused the itch I was dumb enough to try it out again. And sure enough…the itch came back. I’m on anti itch medication now. I’m not one that puts something down if I don’t like it because someone else might love it but this…I’m telling everyone NOT to use it.

  18. Tried to cancel on more than one occasion. Rude representative Tiana. “Put me on hold so I could calm down” Cery poor customer service and product does not work.

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