12 Things you do that is Damaging Your Skin

12 Things you do that is Damaging Your Skin

Avoiding skin damage is critical if you want to keep your skin healthy and young. Every day, there are things in the environment that are assaulting skin as you go to work, school and tackle other responsibilities.

The results of this damage may not be apparent for years, so a lot of people do not take the proper steps to prevent the damage.

There are 12 things you may be doing right now that are working toward causing your skin to become lifeless, dull and wrinkled.

1. You are not drinking enough water each day

About 70% of your body is water so it makes sense that you need to get enough water to ensure that you are healthy from your skin to your cells. When you are not drinking enough water, the vital organs take what is there first, and this often leaves your skin without enough water to keep you properly hydrated.

Lack of hydration results in skin dryness and this can increase your risk of wrinkling and fine lines, as well as a dull complexion.

2. You are using hot water to shower and bathe

Hot water dries out your skin and can damage it too. You need proper hygiene for healthy skin, but it is important that you stick with lukewarm water and that you use a soft towel to pat dry after cleansing.

If you frequently shower in hot water, you may experience skin damage that is hard to repair.

3. You frequently expose your skin to the elements without protection

It is important that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis, but this is not the only thing you must do to protect your skin.

You must also think about things like indoor heat, air conditioning, wind and air, as all of these can cause skin dryness. As you go throughout the day, protect your skin by applying a high-quality moisturiser.

4. You are not using the right products for your skin

When you work to stop the elements from damaging your skin, but you are using the wrong products, you could still experience skin damage.

Many skin care products that are on the market contain synthetic and chemical ingredients that can damage and dry out your skin.

Make sure that you fully read the ingredient’s list on all of the products that you use so that you can avoid everything that has potentially harmful ingredients.

5. You are not eating the right foods

You are what you eat, so it is critical that you do everything possible to eat a diet that is healthy and balanced. You need to fight free radicals, so you need foods that provide you with antioxidants. This will help to prevent the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.

You also need to ensure you are getting enough omega-3 fatty acids is necessary to ensure skin hydration, reduce breakouts and make sure that your skin has a radiant glow.

6. You do not get adequate sleep

Your skin needs to recharge like the rest of your body and for this to happen, you need to ensure that you are getting enough sleep.

If you are exhausted, your skin can become dull and you can develop bags and dark circles under your eyes. Aim for eight hours per night for healthy skin.

7. You are lacking adequate exercise

Exercise plays an important role in overall health, including the look and health of your skin. When you exercise, the sweating works to purge your pores and the extra oxygen helps to ensure that your skin has everything that it requires for optimal health.

8. You have too much stress in your life

Stress can have negative effects on your health, including causing damage to affect your skin.

When you are experiencing excessive amounts of stress, you are at risk for problems like cold sores, breakouts and other skin-relates issues. To ensure great skin and better overall health, it is critical that you work to get your stress under control.

9. You are exfoliating too often

Exfoliation is very important for healthy skin, but if you do it too often, you could be doing a lot more harm than good. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliation product once per week to remove excess skin cells and keep your complexion glowing and looking youthful.

10. You constantly rub your eyes

When you are tired, it is a natural habit to rub your eyes. However, this is a habit that you want to stop because it can actually result in the skin around your eyes ageing faster due to damage.

When you constantly rub your eyes, you can irritate this sensitive skin and increase dark circles under your eyes, making you look tired and older. Keep this skin healthy by keeping your hands off of it.

11. You spend time picking at your pimples

If you have pimples, it is very tempting to pop and pick at them, but it is very important that you keep your hands off. If you pick at your blemishes, you are putting yourself at risk for scarring that will last forever.

You can get rid of your pimples faster by using some natural methods so that they will go away on their own.

Take omega-3 fatty acid supplements to help combat blemishes. You can also use a damp and warm wash cloth to bring the blemish to a head and work to alleviate soreness and discomfort.

12. You do not properly remove your makeup

At the end of the day, it is important to properly remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. If you do not do this, you can experience acne due to your pores getting clogged.

Before you go to bed at the end of the day, use a natural makeup remover to remove all makeup and make sure to clean your skin.

If you avoid all of these 12 habits, you will find that your skin feels and looks healthier.

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