Is the Cosmedique Anti-Ageing Treatment a scam? Review Inside

Is the Cosmedique Anti-Ageing Treatment a scam? Review Inside

Are you looking to beat the visible signs of ageing? If so then you maybe tempted by the claimed benefits of the Cosmedique anti-ageing treatment.

This product offers a range of benefits, but does this product truly work as claimed? Our review will look more closely at this offer to see how effective it truly is.

Please continue reading to uncover the truth behind the claims.

Claimed benefits of Cosmedique

According to the Cosmedique website, using this anti-ageing product will help offer the following user benefits:

  • Frown lines are lessened
  • Blemishes and age spots are reduced
  • Crows feet are faded
  • Lighten dark under eye circles
  • Heal broken capillaries
  • Renew and erase fine lines

These claims sound impressive, but are they realistic? To check that this product works as claimed you must look at the ingredients found.

Looking at the ingredients will also ensure the product is safe to use and wont cause any side effects to occur.

Ingredients found in Cosmedique

While there is no label available, the website itself does list the following ingredients:

Caviar Extract, Retinol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae, Tocopherol Acetate, DMAE, Phytosphingosine and The Swiss Apple Extract

It is clear from looking at the ingredients used that Cosmedique is likely to offer numerous anti-ageing benefits.

There is still one more aspect we need to look at before we can recommend this offer. How much does it cost?

Price of the Cosmedique trial offer

When you first sign up to this offer you will have to pay a shipping and handling fee (the website does not mention how much this is).

Once paid you will have 30 days to decide if this product is for you. After which you will be charged the full purchase price of $187.50.

Cosmedique operates an auto-ship program, but instead of shipping every month. New packages will be sent out every 60 days instead.

These additional deliveries will be charged at $147.50.

Is the Cosmedique trial a scam?

Cosmedique is not a scam, and using this anti-ageing treatment is likely to offer various benefits.

Our only concern, which is a big one, is that this product is very expensive.

Most people on a budget would not be able to afford this product, and those who sign up expecting a free trial are going to be disappointed once they realise how much this product actually costs.

Contact details for Cosmedique

To contact Cosmedique you should use the following contact information:

Phone: (855) 315-7475 or +1 (954) 933-4515 (International calls)
Email: support@cosmedique.com

Please leave a comment for us below if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Cosmedique

Bioxin RegenerativeOur recommended alternative would be a product called the Bioxin Regenerative Anti-Ageing Day Cream.

This product is sold online from Bauer Nutrition without needing to sign up for a trial offer.

It is made from proven anti-ageing ingredients that include Syn-ake, a natural Botox alternative.

Benefits you can gain from using this product include:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • An increase in collagen production
  • Increased skin moisture

As it is not available for trial, you wont have to worry about any hidden charges or unwanted repeat orders.

Click Here to read our full review of Bioxin Regenerative!

5 comments on "Is the Cosmedique Anti-Ageing Treatment a scam? Review Inside"
  1. … hi there:) how much is the product?

  2. I did trial your product but however I was not aware of the cost of the actual product plus the additional cost to it and that it would be automatically resent and billed afterwards, Such as the case, I’d like to discontinue with the product and would like to be notified once all the billing account has been finalized.

    I DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE WITH THE PRODUCT. please act upon this asap.

  3. Do not buy from the company Cosmedique my experience with them has been fraudulent. I got the trial package on the 09.01.2018 and then I was told on the 04.02.2018 that I would get charged for something that was advertised as free trial. I paid 30 euros to get the free trial shipped from the US. I shipped it back on the 07.02.2018 and emailed all the information but I still got charged on the 06.02.2018 155 Euros even when I clearly communicated via email that I would send the product back and that they are not to charge me. They took the money out as they had my credit card with no authorisation. I have now reported them at the bank for Fraud. Tammie

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