Is the Claire Hydrafirm trial a scam? Review Inside

Is the Claire Hydrafirm trial a scam? Review Inside

While browsing Facebook recently I came across and advert for Claire Hydrafirm that led onto an advertorial that claimed that Christie Brinkley had appeared on The Today Show with Dr. Oz talking about her name anti-ageing skin product.

This advertorial had a number of impressive claims, but there were a few tell-tale signs that this offer is not what it appears to be.

Firstly, the website url is unrelated to skincare or celebrity news, and the claims did seem to be a little unrealistic.

Our biggest issue was the fact that Claire Hydrafirm is advertised as a trial, which is often a bad sign.

Trial offers have a bad reputation with many leading onto expensive auto-ship programs.

Claire Hydrafirm Advertorial

If you have come across this advert or a similar one and you are wondering if this offer is legitimate then I would recommend that you continue reading.

Our review will look at this product in more detail before concluding whether we believe it to be a scam or not.

Please read on to uncover the truth behind the hype.

Claims made by Claire Hydrafirm

According to their website, using this anti-ageing face cream offers the following benefits:

  • Achieve visibly younger looking skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Restore your radiant, firmer looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance

To check that these claims are accurate you should look to see what ingredients have been used.

You should never try a product without first checking what it contains, what if the product is ineffective or contains ingredients that are likely to cause side effects?

Ingredients found in Claire Hydrafirm

There is no label present, but they do mention the use of three of its main ingredients.

These include Vitamin E that can help produce additional collagen, Glycerin that helps to maintain skin’s water balance and Sweet Almond Oil that works as a moisturiser.

While these ingredients are not new or exciting, they have been proven to offer some benefit.

Of course without knowing how much is present or if there are any other ingredients used we cannot comment any further on whether its claims are accurate or not.

Price of the Claire Hydrafirm trial

As we have already mentioned, Claire Hydrafirm is available for trial. But if you are expecting this to be a free trial then you are going to be disappointed.

When you first sign up to this offer you have to pay a shipping charge of £4.93.

This initial fee covers a period of 14 days, after which you will be charged again. With this second charge being £49.95.

Failure to cancel the trial will also mean that you are automatically added to an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages at cost.

These monthly shipments will continue until you contact Claire Hydrafirm to cancel the subscription.

Is the Claire Hydrafirm trial offer a scam?

The ingredient information while spare does show that this product may offer some benefit to you.

Its cost is not as high as some trial offers we have seen either, although still higher than we would like.

The main issue we have with this offer is the use of auto-shipping, which in our experience is likely to lead to complaints. In particular from those unaware of its use.

There are certainly better and cheaper options available, so while this offer is not the worst it is not the best either. It maybe better to look for an alternative.

Contact details for Claire Hydrafirm

The contact details needed to cancel this trial offer are as follows:

Phone: 0800 778 9278
Email: info-eng@clairehydrafirmcream.com

Please leave a comment for us below if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Claire Hydrafirm

Bioxin RegenerativeThe Bioxin Regenerative Anti-Ageing Day Cream, which is available to buy from Bauer Nutrition, is our recommended alternative.

It contains proven anti-ageing ingredients such as Syn-ake that will provide the following user benefits:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced
  • Collagen production is increased
  • More skin moisture

This product is not available for trial, so you wont encounter any hidden charges or repeat orders.

Click Here to read our full review of Bioxin Regenerative!

38 comments on "Is the Claire Hydrafirm trial a scam? Review Inside"
  1. do not buy Claire hydraferm cream they charge 4.95 postage package , risk free trial, 10 day free trial , if not happy return , they don’t tell you it can take 10 days to get it , they start day one from day they post it , and it can be in transit , 10 days before get it like it did me , so I tried it for 2 days thinking that was my 2nd day of trial. I was sending it bk, as it not what I thought , it looked like cooking oil on my face very greasy, in mean time they take full 44 pound out your bank, , it false don’t be fooled like I was , i asked for my 44 pound b put back been told no , so i,m 44 pound out of pocket for a product i wont use, i asked numerous times for address to send it back, still waiting for the address , steer well away unles your lucky ones who get it quick, it shipped from America i be going thru ombudsman, consumer rights til i happy this is getting resolved , don’t get fooled by all top stars who advertise this thinking yeah it good ,,

    • I am so furious with myself. This trial is a scam!!! Now £50 plus out of pocket. Contacted via email numerous times before the 14day period lapsed for return addressbut no reply!!! Contacted customee services(nigerian) would bot give me address and kept saying too late to return when it was 10 days later.
      Bank cant help!!!

  2. This is a BIG SCAM BEWARE I have reported it to my bank and will be seeing a solicitor

  3. I too was fooled into taking this trial. Claire Hydrafirm ordered on Monday received on following Saturday . That’s the first week more or less over and still haven’t trialled the product. So I read the info enclosed in the envelop and blow me the stuff has to be returned within 14 days of order which means I should really have handed it back to the postman as soon as he handed it to me to allow Royal Mail to work their magic and get it back to its manufacturers in time! If I don’t then I’ll be £49.95 pence out of pocket. I try ringing the 0800 number supplied only to find it is out of order. Yes you can see where this is going. I’m going to run out of time and they are going to click my hard earned pension.
    Absolutely raging and no idea how to proceed further

    • This happened to me with a different product last year…Mine would have been £89 every month. Contact your bank, give them whatever company or names appear on the packaging sent to you and tell them not to pay anything or anyone by that name or any company requesting £44…..It worked for me and I never heard from them again…Good luck and I hope this helps

    • Me too, I’ve been on the phone for 15mins & they’re not answering the phone, there’s no return address either. What did you do? Perhaps cancel your card?

      • I am disgusted that this Company have stolen from my pension, and I can ill afford to lose £93 I did not sign up for anything other than the free trial, which by the way was advertised on FB. When I realised that money had been taken from my account I immediately contacted my Bank who refunded my money on the same day, My Debit Card was cancelled and they put a block on this Company taking any more money from me. The fraud department of the Bank are looking into this Company and have said they’ll get back to me.. Maybe the answer is to let whoever manages FB know this Company are running a scam on their Website. I hope Trading Standards get involved in this and closes them down.

      • Tried that, cancelled, card still took money. Fuming!!! Bank cant help

    • Block them taking payment at your bank I too was caught out by this I blocked the payment and am now going to trading standards to others LOOK ON GOOGLE THIS IS A SCAM THE CREAM AND SERUM THEY TRICK YOU INTO BUYING CAUSED SEVERE DERMATITIS FOR ME AND THEY DONT CARE. THR STARS THEY CLAIM TO ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT DONT BEWARE!!!!

  4. Yep you are quite right in saying “trial offer” leads to an auto ship on your account. Companies like this should be closed down. I received the product yesterday with a letter and on the reverse side of the letter, came their terms and conditions. What gives them the right to steal my hard earned money – I never signed anything! Let alone the inconvenience of having to get to a post office to send the product back!!! I will not even try the product in light of this, as I am absolutely disgusted that companies must stoop to this level of marketing to try and sell their produce!

    • Please could someone send me the address to return my products.

      • Customer returns, PO Box 455, Ruislip HA4 6HH

        You need to put your RMA number on return package which is the first 8 numbers of your order number

      • Cant get address off them. Have tried via email and phone, they will NOT give me return address. I have been in touch with bank they cant help as received product. Dont know what to do, requested address 2 days after trial but they kept telling me out of time. Si mad that i have been scammed!!!

  5. This happened to me also but for the cream AND serum, causing two payments to be ‘stolen’ from my bank account. £49 and £44.80.I’ve emailed them repeatedly to state that I hadn,t ordered anything apart from the ‘free trial’. I’ve asked for a refund. I’ve had a reply saying this is stated in their T&C’s but no mention of a refund. I wouldn’t dream of spending this amount on face cream. I’m out of pocket to the tune of £93.80. (which I can ill afford just before Christmas) I’ve reported this to my bank but not much hope of getting it back.

  6. Im furious!! Just pay shipping they said! No mention of taking exta money from my payment method at a later date! In the hap dash paper work that arrives with this ridicoulsly over priced product it states NOT TO CONTACT YOUR BANK!! What?? My bank was my first port of call and my bank also told me that they have dealt with lots of fraudulent transactions from this company!!!

  7. Michelle,
    You need to contact this bunch of rip off merchants and obtain an RMA number from them – then send your item back tracked to the address they will give you.

    First port of call though, your bank and have any future transactions stopped. My bank told me that that the way they are set up is typical of people who carry out this type of “rip off” transaction!! i.e. debit to your bank account was probably CGCUSTOMER.COM – Nowhere do you actually see a company name just Claire Hydrafirm cream!!! My bank advised they have put a stop on any such transaction being passed!!!! They are absolute crooks. Makes my blood boil!!!!

  8. I have just received the trial samples and am horrified that I might be caught up in an auto selling scheme. I will be contacting them tomorrow and cancelling this immediately.
    What is also disgraceful, they ask for the trial containers to be returned before they will cancel your card details even though you have paid over the odds for postage. I am going to the post office tomorrow to see what the postage actually was.

    • interested to know what postage was! Especially the fact they both came in same package but got charged seperate posatge on both!! “Laughable”

      • Me too, they charged me twice the first time and put the products in the same package, they have just charged me again and said that it is for the ones that I already have but charged me another 2 times for p&p yet they said I won’t receive any more products! Big scam

    • They will either not answer or will say computers are down

  9. I have looked on the outer packaging and the address given is as follows.
    PO Box455
    HA4 4HH
    Hope this helps.

  10. i received mne too and im not opening the package and will inform my bank to cancet further transaction.

  11. I have got this stopped by my bank, as when I tried to cancel was told they were updating the computers on one telephone number and told that computers were down
    on other. Funny that the 0800 number seemed to be manned in India not UK. Obviously a scam beware.

  12. This is a scam. My lady got a ‘free trial’. They sent the stuff out late, took the money early, and our bank warned us. I doubt we’ll get the cash back (about 50 quid) but I’m harassing their agents. I want 50 quid’s worth of fun.
    I just called for the return number – the RMA – and got told their computer systems were down. Yeah, right.
    The company is probably based in Ohio. Return address is a PO box in Ruislip.
    I’m recording the contact details, using the character Mrs Herbet Gusset (RN) (retired) and will post any good stuff on youtube.

    • Good for you! I too shall harrass them! They should refund every penny and shuv the cream where the sun dont shine! good luck

      • I’m also harassing them .i have one daughter who is a journalist and another who works for a solicitor they are just ignoring me now ha ha

  13. Just cancelled my mums card and blocked this company with barclays from takin any transactions out! If u DONT cancel item with them can they still post more products out without takin money?? Id say just keep the product and not send it back but not sure how this works! They extended her trial period for another 2weeks! Makes me laugh how u pay post and package…then again to send back an item u barely get time to try!!!

    • I got caught too. Trials just arrived. I have contacted credit card company and had card blocked. Like Terri, I am wondering whether to bother to return the packaging. I have emailed to say I don’t want to continue and to warn them not to attempt taking any payment. The packaging price is fair enough.

    • OK, I’ve been having a go at them.
      A 3-day excuse was the failure of their computer system so I couldn’t get a refund number. Yeah right.
      I’ve been harrasing them for a bit. Pissed around two hours of their time up the wall (they will read this and ignore me, but I have been using different phones, some caller blocked, and different personae. Herbert Gusset is gone. Last one was Father Percival Scratchpole, St Milligans Church.
      So, we’ll not get that money back, but we can cost them a bit. And I’m going to scan for these lowlifes, because they will shut down and start again.

    • Terri : cancelling card is smack on. Report the problem payment to your bank.
      Our bank 1. warned us and 2. guaranteed no more cash out.
      Don’t send the product back, you’ll just pay some postage to a PO box in Ruislip. Someone will chuck the lot in the bin once a week, you will not see anything back.

      They will be back soon, under another name. I’ve reported this to Google and to Amazon.

      I’m going after them.

      Strangely enough, my name is not Herbert Gusset.
      However, if you – anyone – would like to know the battle, ping that email
      I will never put any links to your email (get yourself a new one) and you might have a laugh.

      Got 5 minutes into Father Scratchpole before my partner lost it and started swearing.

  14. I got the free trial for £4.95 and they have taken £104.56 with 2 more delivery charges out of my bank without my permission. I tried emailing the email given on the letter in the package and I got an email from Microsoft that this email does not exist. So I called the number to which they hung up on me 4 times then when someone finally spoke to me they said it was my own fault and they will not be refunding me. I have contacted my bank, trading standards and will be informing the police as this is theft! Advise as many people as you can to stay away from Claire hydrofirm.

  15. Just been stitched up by this scam and I thought I was too wise to be caught. I ordered the free trial for my wife and it took 16 days to get here so I was out of pocket to start with. Only ordered the cream but got the serum as well, more expense. Managed to contact them on 0800 778 9278 but got nowhere just some young yankee reading from a card over and over no matter what I said to him. After screaming at him for nearly an hour I told them to cancel all future business with them. Have informed my bank not to pay any more out to these companies. Waiting to see what happens next.

  16. I was charged by your company for items that I did not order. Please return my money. This is a scam. Thank you

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