Chantel St Claire Review – Is this anti-ageing offer a scam?

Chantel St Claire Review – Is this anti-ageing offer a scam?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your own visible signs of ageing? If you are then you may have come across the Chantel St Claire Advanced Wrinkle Control offer.

This product makes a number of impressive claims, but are they accurate?

We can see from our first glance of the website that this product is available for trial, but is that a good sign? Speaking from experience I know that trial offers are rarely as good as they appear to be.

Please read the following review to discover the truth about this offer. You most certainly do not want to sign up for an offer that doesn’t work, or could work out to be an expensive mistake.

Claimed benefits of Chantel St Claire

The main claim made by Chantel St Claire is that using this product can help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. This is not the only claim that has been though.

Using this product according to its website will also help you to experience the following claims too:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check the accuracy of these claims we will need to look more closely at this product. In particular at the ingredients that have been used.

Ingredients used by Chantel St Claire

When checking the accuracy of the claims you should really look for a label, as this will show you exactly what the product contains.

Unfortunately not only is there no label available, but there is very little ingredient information available in general either.

Simply mentioning peptides and whole collagen molecules is simply not enough to prove the claims.

With very little ingredient information there are serious doubts surrounding both the effectiveness and safety aspects of this product.

Price of the Chantel St Claire trial

You may struggle to find the true cost of the Chantel St Claire offer, but this is not a surprise as this information is often hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Having read the T&Cs I can reveal that there is a $3.95 shipping charge to pay when you first sign up to this offer.

This initial payment allows you 14 days to trial the product, after which time you will be charged the full purchase price of $99.95.

As Chantel St Claire operates an auto-ship program, this wont be the end of the charges. Each month thereafter you will be sent another package, along with a bill for the privilege.

Is this anti-ageing trial recommended?

With almost zero ingredient information available there are serious doubts surrounding the claims made.

Is Chantel St Claire as effective as claimed, or even safe to use? We simply do not know.

The main issue with this trial and the various others we have reviewed is that they are too expensive, with the auto-shipping a serious turn-off.

All in all I would recommend avoiding this offer and looking for an alternative.

Contact information for Chantel St Claire

The contact information for Chantel St Claire are as follows:

Phone: (437) 800-1075
Email: support@chantelstclaire.com

If you have signed up to this offer then please use the comment form below to leave your own review.

Alternative to Chantel St Claire

XYZ Smart CollagenOur suggested alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen.

This product comes highly recommended and contains proven anti-ageing ingredients shown to boost collagen production.

Using this product will provide the following benefits:

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • An increase in natural collagen

There is no trial option available for this product, so no auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

34 comments on "Chantel St Claire Review – Is this anti-ageing offer a scam?"
  1. I ordered the free trial bottle of advance wrinkle control. I payed there shipping. With that they send me extreme hydration formula and charge me shipping for that as well. I payed almost 14$ for shipping for these two bottles. Now like after 10-15 days I am checking my credit card and I am surprised to see they charged me 140$ for some cream which I never ordered. This is scam. Never give your credit card information to them. I am going to sue them for deducting money from my account without my permission.

    • I too fell for this scam. They attached to a Costco survey as a free reward.
      Charged shipping fees and later I found two charges on my credit card, one for $140 and one for $125.
      I phoned the company and asked for a refund but was turned down. I asked for a receipt to prove the request to purchase and was turned down.
      I called my credit card company and they handled this right away and I got my money back.
      NOTHING IS FREE!! That’s my lesson!

      • they’re doing the exact same thing to me. and today is the 14th day. it was attached to a Walmart survey as a free award. They have already charged me for one bottle. And now they said that it was my fault for creating the account and that I have to pay the full amount for the 2 bottle which would cost more than 300$. Plz reply to what I should do.

      • How did your credit card rectify the situation?
        I called mine and they said because I signed up for the free trail I’m on the hook for it

        • Same here, i’m at $1028,00 i was getting cream & serum deliveries from two different companies which i thought. I called one number and talked to this Jake guy asked to speak with the manager and he would not let me i canceled then called the other number to cancel that one as well but surprise surprise Jake was now named Keith…i’ts the same guy!!!!! This is so totally a scam. I called my VISA and they basically apologized and said there was nothing i can do and they couldn’t reimburse me because i did not have proof that i called and canceled. I really don’t know how people like that can sleep at night, these are people without morals.

    • Same thing happened to me.

    • HI Maria,

      I’m having the same issue! I was unaware of the payments until my card was charged. Then they told me it was too late to get a refund!
      Any luck getting your $$ back? I’m looking into it as well.

      Never again.

    • I too went on and got the samples they also sent me the serum I paid the 14in shipping a month or so later I noticed my bill was charged almost $200 claiming they sent another cream and another serum which I never received I went online and I cancelled any further orders I think they automatically sign me up for an auto ship. I think we need to legally go after them.

  2. Yes the very same thing happened to me I am a senior 82 years old and I live on my pension ONLY I live on less than a 1000 $ a month and i cannot afford skin care to buy in the stores so i thought i would try this for only $9.95 . i recieved it and next thing i know my bank account was debited with $140 as well as another cream which was added to my account altogether $166.68 so i dont know how i will make it this month . You people are indeed scammers , being that i have an eye disease i just never read the fine print, I hope you people make lots of money off people like myself, and after that i hope you can live with a clear conscience. You should be ashamed of yourselves ! Taking money from people is just a way to live without any conscience whatsoever. Have a great day and may God for give you shame shame shame!

  3. chances are you will not print my letter above anyway another scam you are good at!

    • Glenda, this webpage has no link to this offer. We do not endorse trial offers.

      The above is a review warning about this offer.

  4. I also purchased this “free trial” that was suppose to only be 4.95 for shipping and handling today I go to check my bank account and notice almost 15$ gone for this product then go look online to see if this is a scam and sure enough it is and if I don’t cancel and return the bottles(at my own expense) which I thought was only one bottle turns out its TWO bottles, I will be charged 100$ For EACH bottle!!!!! Do not sign up for this “free trial” it’s a money scam!!!!!

  5. This is a nasty scam ! I am 80 years old living on a pension, and thought I would try the trial offers. Today I noticed that my credit card has been charged $137. I called Chantel and was told that as I had not returned the trial bottles within 14 days, I have to pay the full amount of their products. Nowhere did I read that. Their customer service removed my account , so there is no record of my purchase they said. I am so angry, how can people do this to others?

  6. I also paid the shipping fees , which came up to $15 together for what came as 2 bottles, one cream, and one serum. In the ad , it said just pay the shipping, and you get the bottle for free. I read nothing that said that they would take $140 from my card a couple weeks later! I never asked to have anything else from them, they just help themselves! I had to cancel my card. Stay away from this company!

  7. I wish I had read here 1st. It is a scam!!! Had to go to bank and cancel my card….

  8. What a scam!! I ordered the free trial bottle of advance wrinkle control and paid the $3.95 shipping. No literature was included with the order to advise me I will be charged $99.95 USD if I did not cancel within 14 days. Now 15 days later I am checking my credit card and I am appalled to see they charged me $99.95! I went back into the offer and read the fine print and take responsibility for not doing this at the time I ordered. However this is truly a scam and representatives could have been more forthcoming in warning clients about the 14 day trial period. My advice is do not sign up for this “free trial” it’s a money scam!!!!! Buyer beware!!!

  9. I heard about this product online. I started to order it but stopped just shy of the order button and canceled. A couple days later I get a call and it is a rep. from the company and he makes everything sound so good so I go ahead and order the wrinkle control and extreme hydration on the trial bases. I started using the products after receiving them and a few days later or so it started burning my face. I believe it was the combination of the two but I stopped using and called the contact number. The rep. seemed sincere said sorry and proceeded to give me this long RMA number so I could return the product at my expense. The product will need to be mailed to Ontario Canada like What!!!) I think sense the product caused me harm they should cover the expense!!! I blocked all further activity and purchases on the card I used…

    • What # do you have to talk to a rep? When I called 1-437-800-1075 it was just machines to cancel the product. I did but I’m worried to get more. I don’t trust this company. I want to talk to an actual person. If you know the # or how please let me know. I’ve been ripped off almost 400$ and I don’t even like the product! Please help me.

  10. Same story! Too good to be true ! Stay away!

    • The same thing just happened to me. Expensive lesson to learn but consumers need to know that they completely lack transparency and don’t care about keeping their customers. For such an expensive product it’s not even worth the money. unfortunately is When I apply the serum I get a gritty afterfinish and there are no ingredients listed. On top of that I contacted their customer service saying that there was no receipt in the box and no disclaimer or terms of agreement included in the package nor during the check out process and they did not care to handle the situation.

  11. I too fell for this scam, the same as everyone else here. 2 bottles arrived instead of one. I did get a feeling something was amiss; and looked up this scam. I immediately wrote their customer department cancelling everything they were intending on sending me, even tho I did not order any further products. I re-wrapped the parcel, took it to the post office (within the 14 days). The postal man told me that many people were being scammed and he recommended that I send the parcel making them sign for it so I had proof, and he also recommended that I cancel the credit card which I used, and apply for another; which I also did. I only got scammed for the initial postage and the return postage; but I have sure learned a good lesson. I am sorry for those of you who had the extra charges. how can these people live with themselves.

  12. Scam of course..it basically freezes your face.I too had them charge me 300.00 without me knowing on my charge card

  13. I should have known better. If this was not a scam then why would answers be so difficult. Good products sell themselves,
    You get a sample then with in 14 days if you dont say you don’t want it they charge you almost $400.00 for this so called sample and call it the full size deal. That said I love the moisture cream but didn’t expect to pay $400.00 for it. but it came off my credit card and only way to stop it is to cancel my card. So bye bye $400.00 that I cant afford.

  14. Complete and absolute scam! Best part of the chat with the Customer Service representative, after she couldn’t find my order to cancel my ‘subscription’, was her attempt to sell me the stuff for the discounted price of $19.99 a bottle as a way to ” spare me the inconvenience of returning the product”. The second best part of my experience was that one of the boxes was clearly used/shredded when I opened the package. The bottle tops were cheaply shrink wrapped and only makes me wonder who had a ‘test’ of the product before I received it. Shame, shame, shame, and Karma’s gonna get ya bunch of crooks. Package goes out tomorrow morning.

  15. After seeing the product advertised, I called to place an order for a “free sample” and was told that there would only be a small shipping charge. To cut to the chase, my credit card was charged twice, $99.95 and $89.95. The 800 number took me to an agent in India that barely spoke English but told me that I did not read the fine print. There was no fine print. I ordered it over the phone. Finally had to get my credit card company involved. Took over two hours. What a waste of time…zero stars

  16. This is a devious free ‘trial’/sample selling technique. When you order your free ‘trial’ you are not getting a free sample, you are signing up for a monthly subscription amounting to $99.95 US. Nowhere in the ‘Rush my free trial’ does it say this is a monthly subscription and that you have 14 days to cancel without being charged.
    After reviewing google search for this product, it appears as if the company has loaded several pages with their own advertisements under various web names and different web addresses. I would even suggest that their appearance on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank was a deliberate way to get exposure and then use those appearances as an advertisement gimmick. I thought I was doing my due diligence before ordering. I guess I was cleverly outsmarted.

  17. It’s a totally a great scam, government should look into this as they ripping people in broad day light, I accept free trial offer for 3.95 but charged US $ 99.95 immediately on 14th day, of initial charge as product was not with me for the 14 days, plus never paid attention to “fine print of terms and condition” I will do my best to inform other people to be aware of these kind of scammers.

  18. Don’t try anything, even free samples from this company. It’s SCAM!

  19. I’m going through the same scam and trying to get my money back.
    When I called my credit card company they told me because I signed up for a free trial that’s usually how they work so it’s my fault.

  20. Iam also a victim like u guys and Iam way upset coz I got charge after the free trial what should I do so I could get back my money and also the product they’re charging is not even in my hand is it true that it’s not refundable

  21. Me, too! I am writing to “Mr. Acosta” the manager of customer service to ask for a FULL refund. They offered me $50US over the phone, but I’ve already been charged for 2 bottles. We’ll see. Let’s ALL keep the pressure on them. support@chantel-st-claire.com

  22. sorry, wrong email: support@chantelstclaire.com

  23. Because we all failed to read the “Terms an conditions” and clicked I agree, They were legally allowed to charge our cards…

    Porn sites have more ethics than this company…

  24. Does anyone have the legal address for this company I was a victim as well and I think we should look into maybe small claims court suit the more the better, I got caught up in this by doing a survey from Shaw communications thought it was legit because I just changed my Shaw internet didn’t even know the name of the company until I got the first bottle and saw a delivery notice in my email come to find out it was another bottle called the company to ask why are they sending me another bottle when I already received my free gift value of 120.00 for 3.95 shipping cost was offered refund of 50.00 as well I too emailed support as I was still upset after several emails they then took back the refund said it was my fault I didn’t read terms and conditions when I asked for to email manager or legal department got nothing any information anyone has please email me at freedom99rc@yahoo.com thanks Carol

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