Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?

Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?

One of the first claims you will come across with the Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum is the following.

“Discover the secret to ageless, youthful looking eyes”

This is quite a claims, but how accurate is it? Can we really believe that this product is almost a miracle?

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail, to see if it is as effective as claimed and whether there are any of the hidden charges that trial offers like this are well known for.

Claims made by Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum

Using this serum is said to offer the following benefits:

  • Smooth the appearance of deep-set fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the look of dark under-eye circles
  • Brighten the look of the skin around your eyes
  • Hydrate and help diminish puffiness

To check the accuracy of these claims we will certainly need to look at the ingredients used to create this eye serum.

Ingredients found in Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum

There is no label and very little ingredient information available, which makes it impossible to comment on how effective this serum is.

What we can see from the website is that it is made using a proprietary formula with a unique blend of ingredients, but what these ingredients are is anyones guess.

True cost of Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum

This product is available for trial, but does that mean that it is a good offer?

Unfortunately not, as having read the terms and conditions I can reveal that at the conclusion of the 16 day trial you will be charged £64.95 to keep the serum.

If you fail to cancel the trial you will also be automatically signed up to an auto-ship scheme too.

This means that you will be shipped further monthly packages of the serum.

Is the Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum a scam?

With doubts surrounding the claimed benefits, and a high purchase price there is little to recommend about this product.

I would recommend that you look for an alternative. We have one suggested for you below.

How to cancel the trial

To cancel the trial you will need to contact them yourself. The following contact information is the best way:

Phone: 0800 135 7930
Email: support@brillianteyesbeauty.com

Please leave a comment below if you wish to let us know about your own experiences with this trial offer.

Alternative to Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum

XYZ Smart CollagenWhile we do not endorse trial offers like the one reviewed above, there are certainly some products available that can help to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Take XYZ Smart Collagen for example, this product can help as it contains ingredients that provide the following benefits:

  • Fine lines fade
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Younger looking skin
  • Increased collagen production

There is no auto-shipping or hidden charges involved with your order as this product is not available for trial.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

12 comments on "Brilliant Eyes Eye Serum Review – Is this offer a scam?"
  1. brilliant eyes and collagenn restore one is one hell of a hidden scam. i have tried to cancel, no joy……. they keep taking my money £64.95 AND £69.95 every month. I am a pensioner, if they continue I will have to close my bank account completely!!!!!! Web sites are so confusing so this is ScamScamScam
    Rant over
    Andrea Taylor

    • I know exactly how you feel. I cancelled my card details with my bank. Somehow they were still able to take money from my account. There’s no contact details either.!!
      Got in touch with my bank and they couldn’t find details of the company!! They have put a block on this company from taking anymore money from my account. I’m hoping that this will work, only time will tell.
      Also the serum is Vaseline!!!

  2. Has anyone got a contact email fit them the email above doesn’t work it bounces back

  3. I have had to cancel my bank card to prevent my account being emptied

  4. Had to cancel bank card to stop future payments being taken BEWARE !!!!!!

  5. Do not sign up to this! It’s a scam!

  6. I have just been charged 64.95 with this scam and an eye serum sent also been charged for prettylilyb whatever that is

  7. I have just called the 0800 number and spoke to customer support. They confirmed that my ‘subscription’ will be cancelled immediately. I have also called my bank and they have blocked Brilliant eyes from taking anymore money from my account. Thank you for giving the 0800 telephone number.

  8. In Feb 2017 I order a trial offer which I sent off £5.00 or £6.00 which I got off my FB page. Today I received another bottle which I did not order nor cannot recall having seen that I would be getting other bottles without ordering. This has cost me £64.95. When I called I was told that it was stated on the original but I swear it was not clear. I am a 79year on a small pension and I can ill afford that loss. The most annoying is that the person I spoke to was very unhepful and very unkind. Regret I did not see all these comments before. I confirm that there was no obvious mention that the serum would be sent and money would be deducted without your permission.

  9. I have just phoned the above number and was able to speak to their customer support and have been able to cancel both the cream and the eye stuff which they were charging me £135.00 per month and this is the first time I have been able to find a contact for them ,,I have been told both have been canceled and will receive comformation by email , no more of these trial offers for me ,,,

  10. I ordered this from an AD on instagram. They took out £64 from my account without my knowledge. And said “out of courtesy we will return half a refund”. There was no mention of “give feedback within 14 days”. They are complete liars. They said it was written in the T&C’s – written so small that you need a magnify glass to read it.

    The product is terrible- it does not work. The biggest scam! Companies like them should be punished and charged for lying to the customers.

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