Bonte Wrinkle Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Bonte Wrinkle Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Using Bonte Wrinkle Cream is said to help you “achieve visibly younger looking skin”. Can using this product work as claimed or is it another scam?

The problem with trial offers like this is that the claims made are rarely accurate, and the trials often lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail and will conclude whether we believe Bonte Wrinkle Cream is a scam or not.

Please read on to discover the truth before you rush to sign up for this offer.

Claimed benefits of Bonte Wrinkle Cream

Users of Bonte Wrinkle Cream are claimed to experience the following benefits:

  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Restore your radiant, firmer looking skin
  • Brighten skin’s appearance

Of course these claims sound impressive, they have after-all been designed to get you to sign up for the offer in as quick a time as possible.

When looking at products you should always do a little research beforehand. For example, what is it made from and would it be effective or even safe to use?

These are questions that need answering before you sign up for the trial.

Looking at the ingredients would be one of the quickest ways to answer these questions.

Ingredients found in Bonte Wrinkle Cream

Unfortunately there is zero information available on the ingredients. No label or even a list of ingredients used.

This makes it impossible to say how accurate the claims are, and makes me doubt them.

I personally would worry about side effects and potential reactions from using this product.

Cost of Bonte Wrinkle Cream

Bonte Wrinkle Cream is available for trial, but is that a good sign? From past reviews I would say no.

These trial offers are often expensive and lead onto auto-ship program, and having looked at the T&Cs provided for this offer I can say this product works in a similar way.

You have a small postage charge when you first sign up of £2.99 and £4.95, then you get 21 days to trial the product.

After this trial period you will be charged again, this time £119.97, while also being placed onto an auto-ship program.

This means that every month thereafter you will be sent another package, you will also be charged £89.97 + £6.95 shipping for the privilege.

These charges and shipments will continue until your subscription is cancelled.

Is Bonte Wrinkle Cream a scam?

Unfortunately with no ingredient information, the high cost and the auto-shipping there is only one conclusion people are going to come to.

Bonte Wrinkle Cream is a scam and is best avoided. There are better and cheaper options available so I would suggest you look at one of those instead of wasting your time and money on this offer.

Contact details for Bonte Wrinkle Cream

To contact Bonte Wrinkle Cream please use the following information:

Phone: 808-143-3750
Email: support@onlinepromooffer.com

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave a review then please complete the comment form below.

Alternative to Bonte Wrinkle Cream

Bioxin RegenerativeOur suggested alternative would be the Bioxin Regenerative Anti-Ageing Day Cream, which is available to buy online via the Bauer Nutrition website.

It comes highly recommended and is made from ingredients that have been shown to help reduce those visible signs of ageing.

The benefits of using this product include:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Boost in collagen production

This product is not available for trial so no need to worry about auto-shipping or hidden charges, as there are none.

Click Here to read our full review of Bioxin Regenerative!


52 comments on "Bonte Wrinkle Cream Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. Please cancel all future orders of your product and remove all my details,including my debit card,from your records.
    I do no want to make any further payments to your company.
    Thankyou and kind regards.
    Mrs Diane Slater.

    • Diane, this webpage is a review. We do not endorse this offer.

      To cancel I would recommend using the contact details provided in the above review. I would also recommend speaking to your bank.

    • This is a scam cancel order !!! i received trial serum and cream then every month i was charged £141 for WHAT … this is friendly fraud your bonte org email stated customers are signing up to a trial £5 how on earth can u deduct monthly sums without a customer placing a monthly order ?? Beware ladies do not sign up

    • Total Scam, beware! must call them to cancel and be persistent, cancel credit card to ensure no monthly charges. Get cancellation code, Employee name and I.D. Be persistent or it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars.

  2. cancelled my order the same day, am still getting emails and now a letter saying that I am the FRIENDLY FRAUD??? to contact them for instructions,
    their phone no is unavailable.

  3. Could i please cancel my subscription

  4. Could you please let me know if you recieved this e mail


    • Anne, you will need to use the contact details given in the above review to cancel.

      • I have tried to phone you and it keeps coming up number unknown I got in contact with you through e mail and you still are saying it’s friendly fraud. I will be going to a lawyer and getting you done for not heeding my instructions. STOP SENDING ME ANYMORE

        • Anne, you most certainly have not been phoning me. I am not linked to this trial and the above review serves as a warning of the hidden charges.

          If you are unable to contact them then I would suggest that you speak to your bank. They deal with offers like this all the time so should be able to advise the best course of action for you.

  6. I signed up for free sample of bonte cream it then wouldn’t let me click next until I accepted the eye cream as well I received both creams and they do not work. Nothing like the videos don’t get rid of lines straight away. Has done nothing. I’ve been trying to cancel but getting no where I’m scared in case they take over £200 from me and send more cream. They won’t replied to my emails and the phone number is invalid. Help please kayley

  7. I am so disgusted in the way that you have abused my card details !!!!! this is a scam beyond belief, there was no mention of a returns policy so consequently as Ihad paid £25 I thought that was it only to be charged £99 plus &£97plus, I do intend to go on Facebook and name and shame you so that a lot more people don,t fall for this and I will be going into my bank to block any further transactions. Believe me I do mean business. You have totally peeeeed me off with this, so GOD HELP YOU !!!!!!!

  8. It really is a scam. I signed up for the free trial which took about 2 weeks to arrive. So could not give enough time to see how it worked. I e-mailed them on numberous occasions to say that I did not want any more cream or eye cream and requested no money should be taken from my account. Then they tried to offer me £50 off my next delivery. I eventually got them on the phone and they then informed me that the wrinkle cream and eye cream were different companies. I checked my Statement to find that they had taken £119.97 for the cream and £115.92 for the eye cream even though I had e-mailed them to say that I did not want any more creams. they e-mailed me back to say that they do not take any money unless it is authorised which I did not authorise. (also them is only 1oz of cream of £119.97 which is way over the top. I almost was in tears trying to insist that I did not want any more creams or any money taken from my account. DO NOT GET PULLED INTO THIS SCAM.

  9. I so too got money taken out of my bank at different times. Lucky my bank called me and stopped all the payments. So be careful 😊

  10. 29/12/2016

    Please cancel immediately any future subscriptions and contract as of today’s date. I have contacted my bank to block any payments. I would appreciate an acknowledgement of this E-mail.

  11. I trialed this product …. I received the product and within 2weeks had a text from my banks security and fraud dept as there had been unusual transaction attempts on my account, the company had attempted to make withdrawals of 89.95. Five times in one 24 hour period.
    The bank explained it to me as a ‘legal scam’, the bank rejected the attempts and blocked any future transactions so my advice to you all is Beware and be aware…
    When I initially ordered the trial product there was no mention of any future costs , or that the company would be debiting more monies from my account
    My advice to anyone who has done any trial in past few weeks is, contact your bank, explain the situation and block or cancel any further transactions
    Happy new year

  12. I got tangled up in this scam too. Should have researched before hand. Will I never learn. If you pay by card, contact your bank to cancel that card and get a new one! That way they cannot take anymore money out. They hit me for double products and when I telephoned they continually kept trying to offer me discounts until I said are you not listening to me at all. I do not want the cream, I do not want anymore offers and do not want anything to do with this company any more. If you contact me after this phone call I will have to ensue harassment charges against you.
    Sounds harsh but they have a back bone made of steel!!!!

    • I was told changing my card would stop any further payments, however, a subsequent call to Natwest told me that this would NOT stop the payments! I was advised to check my account daily and that if they managed to take a payment again it would be instantly refunded. Be vigilant Joanne.

  13. I was 1 of the people who saw the advert for the Bonte eye cream as an offer of £19.99 but did read that I could cancel this within so many days if I didn’t want to take any more than the 1,
    which I did.

    But alongside this was the offer for the Advance Wrinkle cream, there was NO PRICE with this offer so I presumed WRONGLY that it was the same deal. When I checked my bank I had been charged £139, I called the company and had to really push and push to get them to stop sending and charging me for anymore of this cream. To ensure that they do not take anymore money I made a visit to my bank to inform them of this.


  14. I looked into this offer myself but luckily with any unknown thing i do my research very well before ordering on line. Seeing people asking on this review to stop payments etc and have a go at the wrong person has made me realise how people get caught in scams. They don’t read things correctly or research. This person is trying to help you and has done the research for you!
    The morel of this story. Read everything and do research before getting dragged into miracle cures!

  15. This trial is NOT a free trial. Please be aware that it is impossible to cancel within the 21 day period, so therefore you automatically are billed for £80.00 and then put on an auto enrollment for continued shipping at a cost of £120 plus per month!!
    CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY ! They will stop all payments for you. You will not be able to contact this company, the telephone number does not work and they do not reply to emails, although they say you can contact them 24/7 to cancel. This is a SCAM.

  16. Please cancel all free trial of your product and remove all my details,including my debit card,from your records.
    I do no want to make any further payments to your company.
    Thank you and kind regards.

    ms jenny

  17. I fell for this which is very unlike me. It s advertised as a free trial, you only paying £4.95 for postage (they actually took £6.95!?). It clearly says on the advert that the price is ‘0.0’. When I looked at my bank acount They had taken a subsequent amount of £139.97 and this was WITHIN the trial period!! Phoned Natwest who gave me conflicting information over several calls. Eventually I wrote to Natwest who agreed the advert was designed to mislead and forced a pay-back from AWRWEB. The amount they had taken bore no relation to any figures hidden in the small print anyway. At the bottom of the advert there was a barely visible smudge of grey. If you click on this it becomes legible, and the real intention is hidden there.

    The first time I called the bank fraud dept they said they had a phone number and actually put me through to this ‘firm’, some foreign-sounding man living in the USA, who, after a long and heated conversation refunded £30!?! But he was obviously still quids in and just trying to appear kosher. I was livid especially as he kept asking how the cream was working!! It looked like cheap cream bought from any chemist and decanted into their jars which come unsealed which is a dead giveaway.

    i would also like to make the point that there is clearly something wrong with a banking system whereby these crooks can keep taking money out of you account without a Direct Debit or Standing Order being set up. Which I can then control as I can clearly see a record of such an agreement. The bank willingly gave this money without referring to me although they had no authorisation to do so from me. Can that be right?

  18. It is a scam ! I ordered it and lost about £100 last year ! Canceled my subscription but never got a penny back !

  19. Please don’t fall for this scam like I did they tried to take 200pounds out of my account luckily for me I rang my bank but now I have to wait 5days for a new card and the cream is crap

  20. Do not fall for this its a scam to get your details. Phone numbers don’t work. I’ve reported this to the police and trading standards and I’m so cross I fully intend to find the appropriate people in the US

  21. I fell scam to this and have actually cancelled my order previously, then they started it up again sending me more cream, I now can’t get through on their phone to cancel, I will now need to contact my bank to stop them taking payments from my account, this is an absolute disgrace, I am soo angry

  22. Join the stupidity club. I did this “free trial”. I cancelled within 2 minutes. Not. They have your card details. The telephone numbers do not work, it’s only now I have involved my husband after unsolicited products keep arriving and huge charges to my credit card, it’s only when I asked for a telephone number and they refused I learnt a lesson. Credit card details show it is a China based scam. I’m mortified, totally mortified


  24. This organization has hooked into Canadian bank websites. Not too long ago my wife was on her bank account web site. She was invited to do a customer satisfaction survey and during the survey a page popped up thanking her for doing the survey and telling her she would receive a sample of wrinkle cream and would have to pay US$2.99 for shipping.
    Yesterday she received her credit card bill and found a charge for US$119.00 for the product. She does not recall having given out any credit card information. How did Bonte get it?
    Also yesterday she went on-line to do some on-line banking with another Canadian bank when she was invited to do another customer survey and the same pop-up appeared as had appeared the first time she did the survey.
    She spoke with both banks this morning and was told that they were not aware of the customer surveys nor of the offer of cosmetics.
    This afternoon she spent 2 hours on the phone with the credit card company. The representative was most helpful, contacted Bonte for her, and stayed on the line through the whole painful exercise. The Bonte rep was not helpful. By her accent, she was from SE Asia, didn’t want to hear what my wife was saying and continually pressed her to take more product. In the end the rep. agreed to refund a portion of the charge.
    As inconvenient as it may be we are cancelling our credit cards so that Bonte cannot continue to charge our account. The credit card company was most helpful and the rep said that a considerable amount of his time is taken up each day with complaints about Bonte.

  25. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I recently completed a survey which came up as an by-product of an Amazon.com enquiry and ordered the above two products as a free gift!! I have now been charged $149.75 for the serum and $155.06 for the advanced anti-aging wrinkle cream. I would ask that you CANCEL any automatic shipping arrangement and refund the money since this was not what I agreed to. A free gift is not a trial period with charges if I do not cancel. It is a free gift!! Please cancel. I am a 75-year old pensioner and simply cannot afford this product. I would ask that you confirm the cancellation and refund so I can plan accordingly and remove my credit card from your records.. Thank you for your cooperation..

    Bruce Richardson

    • Bruce, the above is a review. We are not associated nor endorse this offer. I would suggest using the contact information provided to cancel.

  26. re: Bonte. Feel like an idiot. Survey popped up on my telecom website and I filled it out. This outfit is nothing but a vicious scam and I tell everyone. I have received assurances that my account with them has been terminated but have cancelled my card anyway as I do not trust these crooks. Joe Smith

  27. This product is a scam, they advertised the product as a free sample with no discussion on prescription described or cost of prescription. Then they sent the product late so u receive it after the supposed trial of 21 days stating its to late to give u a refund. Do not take up this offer. cancel your credit card its the only way to be sure

  28. Total Scam, stay away. Cancel credit card. Must phone to cancel. Be persistent, get a cancellation number, name and I.D. They will be persistent and say that you can’t cancel but as long as you do within the time period cancel order immediately. if not within the time period you will pay for it but be aware that it is a monthly charge so cancel, cancel. cancel. Cancel your Credit Card now!!

  29. I was caught in this scam as well. Was offered a free trial (which was sent 2 weeks later) for CAN 5, then my credit card was charged 154.00 the next month and 128.00 the following month, without receiving anything. I called them to say I had never placed any further orders and was told there was something in the term and conditions that after 21 day trial I accept to receive more creams. When I saw the offer for free trial there was nothing saying that. I called Bonte to complain, but the lady kept offering discounts and I kept repeating I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE ANY MORE CREAMS FROM YOU. YOU ARE CRIMINALS AND STOP CHARGING MY CREDIT CARD! It got to the point she said she was going to refund all the money but the shipping charges. I told her I do not want to pay even the shipping charges because I never order anything else.
    After a long conversation and expressing my anger she finally said I would be refunded for all the charges and would see the refund in my statement within 5 to 7 business days. Was given a reference number. Now I am waiting to see the refund, or will have to cancel my card. What a pain. BIG LESSON LEARNED. BEWARE, THE WEB IS FULL OF SCAM AND THIEVES.

    • Any free trials are a scam. Read the fine print and terms and conditions. I was caught in one of these once and it cost me about $800. Needless to say, I had to cancel my cards and start again. Thank you for reviews like this one that try to warn people of the scams out there! Don’t buy anything that says it’s a reduced price (shipping only). I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing how many people they take advantage of! It’s disgusting. Don’t get mad at this review site. She has tried to warn you. Go back to the source and if that doesn’t work, cancel your credit card to stop the payments!! There is no other option. They won’t give you your money back as there is a clause that you agreed to by agreeing to their terms and conditions. Buyer beware always!!


  31. I do not advise anyone to buy this product. It states that u can get a FREE TRAIL if u pay a $3.99 cost for shipping. I signed up for the FREE TRIAL and 1 month later I noticed an unautorized payment of $132.12-CAN (99.97US) removed from my account, without an email/letter verification. Luckily I had gone through my monthly transactions and seen this charge, when I called the company they told me the trial was Free BUT THE CREAM WAS NOT, which is false advertisement because I was under the impression that the tiny bottle of cream shipped to me was a FREE TRIAL. she then stated that their product was a “high end product” and that costumers should be able to afford it. Being able to afford it was not the issue, my issue was that they never notified me of the extra charges they toke off my credit card. After 45 mins of being on the phone, going back and forth with the customer service representative I’ve managed to get my full refund which they did not want to give me, instead they keep offering me discounts and $40-50 refund. I’ve also done my research on Google and found out that I’m not the only person with this problem however I was lucky to get a full refund which I’m happy about. PLEASE BEWARE WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL AS IT IS NOT ACTUALLY FREE OF COST, READ THE FINE PRINTS.

  32. Ladies the only way you can stop the surcharge is to have the bank change your visa or MasterCard!!! You won’t get your money back but at least they can’t charge you anymore! I went through this a couple of years ago…syill paying it off😣

  33. This company is a scam and a web of lies. I was tricked into accepting your offer of a free product and had over $307.57 removed from my account. I called to cancel on November 12, 2017, and nearly two months after, you made another charge of $45.78 to my account. Your company is a scam and I am writing to ask that you stop stealing from my credit card.

  34. Just have to add my two cents and say that it is a total scam. The trial is NOT free and you’ll be lucky if it arrives before your 21 day period. After that you’ll see the charges roll in to your credit card. Buyer beware!! Don’t order this product!!

  35. Major scam they tell you to send it back or you will be charged. And it has to reach them in 20 days and it took longer to get to me. I ordered a trial on one cream and one that’s getting too so I called them directly the day I got it to cancel any other orders coming both places told me they’re not affiliated with each other even though they both come under the name Bonte both people sounded exactly the same that I spoke to both well. Saying they couldn’t cancel it but we’re able to cancel it when they spoke to their manager Apparently after I got angry and threatened to speak to a lawyer. Big scam still call your credit card company just in case it’s a lie

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