Our Review of the Biofusion Stem Cell trial offer

Our Review of the Biofusion Stem Cell trial offer

The Biofusion Anti Ageing Stem Cell Formula claims to help you “look 10 years younger”, but how does it work?

In this review we will look at this trial offer in more detail to see if its claims are accurate and whether there are any hidden charges that trial offers are known to contain.

Claimed benefits of Biofusion

Apart from being “voted #1 anti-ageing serum in the United Kingdom”, the following claims have also been made on the Biofusion website:

  • 90% decrease in wrinkles and fine lines
  • 80% increase in moisture
  • 65% reduction of dark circles

This all sounds very promising, but to check how accurate these claims are we would need to look at what ingredients have gone into making the formula.

Ingredients used by Biofusion

The ingredients used in Biofusion are as follows:

  • Edelweiss Stem Cell
  • Gardenia Stem Cell
  • Apple Stem Cell

Looking at research online it certainly seems as though these ingredients will help provide numerous anti-ageing benefits.

Whether we would recommend the Biofusion Anti Ageing Stem Cell Formula remains to be seen however, as we would first need to look to see how much it costs.

Price of Biofusion

As with most trial offers you will find the prices hidden away in the terms and conditions.

After reading these T&Cs I discovered that the full retail price of Biofusion is £143.99, which will need to be paid just 20 days after you first sign up for the offer.

Should you fail to cancel your subscription to the auto-ship program that you have also signed up to you will continue to be sent further packages, again at cost. Although it should be stated that these subsequent packages have a 33% discount on them.

Is Biofusion a scam?

Despite using good ingredients the cost of Biofusion is simply too high. Even with the 33% discount you will still be paying over the odds for a cream that it unlikely to give miraculous results.

My suggestion to you would be to look for a more cost effective alternative.

Contact details for Biofusion Anti Ageing Stem Cell Formula

To contact Biofusion you should use the following information:

Phone: +44 203 129 3643
Email: support@biofusion-stemcell.com or cancellations@biofusion-stemcell.com


If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave a message below.

Alternative anti-ageing cream

While we cannot recommend Biofusion due to its price, we can recommend EvoCreme as a more cost effective alternative.

This cream is available for £29.99 from Evolution Slimming with no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

EvoCreme is made using proven ingredients so you will see an improvement in the firmness and smoothness of your skin.

Click here to buy EvoCreme from Evolution Slimming!

22 comments on "Our Review of the Biofusion Stem Cell trial offer"
  1. I tried to get the trial which was supposed to be free yet they took £99.09 out of my account on the 8th of February the product was delivered on the 9th I sent it back the same day and still have not been refunded. I’ve tried ringing numbers and all I’ve gotten is we’ll get back to you. This was an unauthorized transaction I am looking into taking this further.

    • I had exactly the same thing happen to me, the ad said it would only cost £4 then I pressed to continue, then found out it was really £99. I rang my bank immediately changed my card no. my bank said that the £99 would still go out, but, to let them know when the money went out then they would contact them with the complaint. This they did and I had the money back in my bank within the week, i also received the products which I haven’ t sent back, I haven’ t heard from them since, I look on the products as recompense for the stress their scam caused me, my advice to anyone is get in touch with you bank and change your card as it has been compromised, I didn’t get in touch with them at all the bank has sorted them out it what banks do, I don’t think its too late Theresa try your bank regards kathy

    • I wish I had red your message before I placed my order. I was under the impression that I only had £4 to pay for the trial package. When I discovered they had taken £99.99 from my credit card I automatically thought that I would receive further supplies I rang them and got the same message as you. I then e-mailed them and they told me no further supplies would be sent. I am going to get back onto to them as I only received 2 containers for £99.99, sso that is almost £50 per container.

  2. Cancell any further supples . It is a useless product and I will not pay any more for it . Remainder will be returned to you asap

  3. Credit card cancelled no further supplies wii be accepted

  4. Cancellations @ biofusion-ctemcell .com.
    Cancell any further supplies
    What is left will be returned to you

  5. I too, have been fooled by the ‘free days trial’. What is the address to send the product back to?

    • just get in touch with your bank its a scam once they have taken money from your account the bank will contact them with the complaint of misrepresentation I received my money back try your bank and wait for them to contact you once you money has come back its worth a try. kathy

  6. Cancellations@biofusion-stemcell.com
    cancel any further supplies
    do not under any circumstances deliver them any more as I too was under the influence as
    I was only paying for the postage on the trial period

  7. Where do I contact them by telephone I have no address I have telephoned the phone number but without a reply

  8. I have already sent you a message about my trial offer .it has done anything for ld like promised ?you have taken money out of my account 3 times for things l haven’t ordered .l would like all my money please in my bank as soon as possible m . Proctor

    • This website only reviews products and does not endorse trial offers. If you are unable to contact them I suggest that you speak to your bank.

  9. Also l can’t find Address or phone number

  10. I do not want to receive any more of your products! On visiting your website I was led to believe that I was only paying for a £4 trial, but £95-99 was taken from my card! Now a further £95-99 has been taken from my card! I have cancelled my card and informed the providers of your scam, unless my monies are refunded, I will be informing the police also!!!!!!!

  11. I completely agree with Sheila. The suggestion on the Biofusion website was that I would only pay the postage for the trial, but £99 was charged! I have been using the product for over a month – fortunately I did cancel any further deliveries – I really cannot see the promised miraculous results. It really is a major scam but I have had no response from the company when I complained. Their website has “reviews” but I can’t put a negative one on there apparently. They must be laughing all the way to their bank and I only wish I could get more publicity out to stop anyone else being taken advantage of in this cynical way. One extremely dissatisfied customer!

    • I also was scammed in this way ..99.00 , so I emailed them back to cancel and ask for my money back ..too late they said it has already been shipped ! All in the space of ten mins !
      So I contacted my back for help , they said wait until they take it out your account then get back to us which I did . They then refunded my money as it was a misrepresentation .
      I had already sent it back recorded delivery which was sent back to me today ! Beggars believe!

  12. I was also mislead by Bio Fusion .I thought that I was getting a free trial for €4 . There was not a clear box with terms or conditions or price of this product. €124.66 was taken from my bank account and I received two bottles of Bio Fusion, but the same amount was taken again in March and April. I emailed the support and was informed that €124.66 was the price of one bottle so now I have paid for three bottles and received two. There is supposed to be one more bottle shipped but I did not receive it yet. This is a scam and the product is not any good .

  13. I also had the misfortune with Biofusion, I thought as it said the the trial jar was £3.49 packaging/posting, I did receive two small jars and thought this was not for me and phoned and cancelled my account within days also with
    an email as a backup. They ignore my request and when I checked my bank statements they have taken £198.00 out of my account but the haven’t sent me any product, I’ve spent endless time on the phone to them trying to sort the matter out abs still no positive results, the email messages from them is they have refunded my money but it’s no where to be seen on my statement. These people are scammers and the product is a load of rubish

  14. As I Write the message I feel so distress to know that a company like Biofusion stem cell could literally trade under false pretences, taking money from my account and pretends they goods were delivered it came to the point they couldn’t even give me the tracking code because there was any goods posted. They the had the audacity to ask me to go the the Royal Mail sorting off to enquirer, how stupid if you haven’t got a tracking number how could the post office track it, that’s what they are saying to me every time I contact them when the goods are returned I will have my refund. That’s a tolall scam I’m so disappointed it’s sickening but they make millions off people like us. I know theses messages don’t mean anything because I don’t think they’re been read.

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