Bellavel Skin: Is this trial offer a scam? – Review Inside

Bellavel Skin: Is this trial offer a scam? – Review Inside

If you are trying to fight your own visible signs of ageing then you maybe tempted by the Bellavel Skin trial offer.

This product makes a number of impressive claims, but there are a few questions you should ask before you sign up.

First does this product work as claimed? And secondly are there any hidden charges associated with this offer?

Please read on to discover the truth.

Claimed benefits of Bellavel Skin

According to this website, using this product will ensure you experience the following benefits:

  • Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin
  • May decrease wrinkles
  • May conceal lines
  • May even skin tone

To check that these claims are accurate we will need to look more closely at the product and the ingredients that it contains.

This is the best way of checking the effectiveness and to ensure using this product wont lead to any reactions or side effects.

Ingredients found in Bellavel Skin

While there is no label present, the website does mention a few of its ingredients. These include:

Malus Domestica, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Grape Stem Cell Extract, Gingko Glycosides, AHA’s and other peptides

Many of these ingredients have been used in leading skincare products, so I can certainly see at least some benefit to using this product.

Price of the Bellavel Skin trial offer

The terms and conditions page reveals that this offer is much more expensive than you may imagine.

When you first sign up there is a $4.95 shipping charge, which gives you 14 days to trial the product.

Once this initial trial period has ended you will automatically be added to an auto-ship program, while also being charged $89.31.

Auto-shipping means that you will be sent further monthly packages, that of course will need to be paid for.

These additional deliveries and charges will continue until you contact Bellavel Skin to cancel the subscription.

Is the Bellavel Skin trial offer a scam?

There is one major issue with this offer that stops me from recommending it to you.

The truth is that while there maybe some benefit to this product, the cost of the product is too high.

Auto-shipping is also a problem, that is likely to lead to customer complaints. Similar offers that use auto-shipping have received hundreds of complaints.

I would recommend looking for an alternative.

Contact details for Bellavel Skin

The following details should be used to cancel this trial offer:

Phone: 844-606-8974
Email: cs@bellavelskin.com

If you have signed up to this offer and would like to leave your own review of your experiences you can do so by completing the comment form found below.

Alternative anti-ageing skincare offer

XYZ Smart CollagenOur recommended alternative is XYZ Smart Collagen and it available to buy online. It contains proven anti-ageing ingredients shown to promote collagen production.

Combined with its other powerful ingredients the following benefits can be experienced:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • More skin moisture
  • Increased collagen production

This product is not available for trial, so no risk of encountering any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

29 comments on "Bellavel Skin: Is this trial offer a scam? – Review Inside"
  1. After calling to cancel my subscription I was told that all sales were final and I could not be reimbursed. That was not what the advertisement claims !!! Very unsatisfied with your company ! People need to be aware that “if your not satisfied, money back guarantee ” is not a true statement with your company !

  2. I ordered this off of a site for a coupon for a beauty store, I then receive a bottle and a charge of $89 and change, there is no packing slip with a phone number or website or anything. However I did send an email and then wasn’t able to follow up and really look into it, had a major family emergency that sent me out of town. I was charged $89.31 on September 11 and then $94.26 approx. 1 month later. I did just speak with two different people at your company and the first call I was disconnected and the second call the rep. made me feel like I should have taken care of this first and then my family emergency, then did was saying something and then hung up on me. I am very unhappy with the customer service of this company.

  3. I ordered the $4.95 sample which arri ed without a receipt or instructions. The jar does not list ingredients. My credit card was billed $97.92! .The following month it was billed $102.00 and when I called for a refund I was told about the automatic enrollment that I didn’t decline. 30 min. Later I am supposedly out of the deal with full refund for December and 70% refund for Nov. That still means they kept $27 for my “free” sample and I Hope I am out of their scam.Does the cream work? Don’t know…it was a gift and I never heard back. Beware the automatic enrollment. Do not give them your credit card number.

  4. Thank you so much for the phone #. I am cancelling the free trial product now. You can also call your bank and ask them to block the merchant.

    • What a joke this auto enrollment is and I feel like they are preying on innocent people. I myself was scammed out of $89 and $87 for the free sample. This company is being reported to the BBB today. A refund of the funds should be provided!

  5. Yes, this Bellavel is a scam. I did get my bottles thinking this was a trial but somehow missed the “fine print” that I will be charged the full amounts if I didn’t call to stop the order. I did call the numbers on the product but they were just the call center. I want to talk to the company but have not had success with finding a number. Very disappointed with Bellavel unless I can speak with someone from the company soon.

  6. Scammmmmm.. free trial $4.00 shipping… first thing before know is I’m being charged 89.00 on my account…said I ordered two products… did not order eye cream… said no returns… no refunds… 14 day trial… what a joke!!!’

  7. I too placed the order.. 2 days ago.. Then stumbled upon this site with a little more time to read.. I called the customer service number and my order was confirmed as having been shipped yesterday.. I asked if I could right now decline as I was unaware of the actual cost and was told that “it does not work that way.. We require customer feedback”. My plan is to cancel the account that I ordered from..not open the product and call the number again to see where to return and respectfully decline. I will post as to what happens after that.. I was so excited to now be so disappointed.

    • Julie, good luck. Do not cancel the account before you try to send it back. You might want to close the card account before they charge it on the 14th day. They would not let me return even though I had not opened the product.

    • Update as promised.. I am a real person from Mississippi.. I did make the call as soon as the product arrived and asked how to return it.. The lady said to return would be double the price paid to receive and that if I was willing to keep it and use it that they would take my review of the products trial in lieu of the payment.. I reluctantly and skeptically agreed.. She then gave me the full 30 days in which to call. I am 53 in June.. Was a smoker.. My 6 yr old granddaughter is staying with me right now and informed me prior of some deep wrinkles I had on my cheek and my neck.. After using..very sparingly for 2 1/2 weeks that same 6 yr old child said “Mamaw! Your wrinkles are going away!”. This is the truth. I called back and explained that I was grateful and the product did work but I could just not afford it.. The lady then took the eye cream off.. Gave me a gracious discount on the wonderful face cream that I thought would be my last bottle to have ever..and now I will get this amazing cream every 2 months as that with the sparing use will be perfect for me and now at a price that I can afford! I LOVE this product! Thank you for this review board..it was still very helpful.. Goid luck on your journey ladies.. Mine has found me a magical cream and I now will not be spending so much on other creams that just did not work for me. Best of wishes to all!

  8. This is a HUGE SCAM!! I also was a victim of this. PLEASE do not give them any of your information. I was charge $87 and the $89 from the “free trial” and the product does not work in my personal opinion. I called the 1888 number and the promised there will be NO more charges, time will tell. Also blocking them from my card company!

  9. Horrible Scam!!! Ordered on January 10, 2018 and my credit card company contacted me, with the phone # on January 25, 2018, called to cancel, Oh too late its been 14 days! Blocked them from my card! Terrible Scam!!!

  10. Same thing happens to me. I had to close out debit card and order new one. Don’t order from this company. Scam!!!!!

  11. I ordered a trial offer and 3 weeks later they charged my account 90.00.
    I called them and they said read the fine print …your stuck paying this .
    I called 3 different people and the attitude was terrible. this must happen a lot
    what a SCAM. dishonest company . supported by shark tank too .

  12. Everything these people experienced is the same as mine. It is a COMPLETE SCAM!! If I wanted to spend $95.00 for a serum, I would take my money to a product that is PROVEN. Who knows if this works at all. This company is set up to suck us in with an ad, then rip you off a few times until you cancel your credit card, like I did, My credit card company did not consider this as a hacked card situation, so I am just out $200.00, for 2 “serums”. I am furious.

    • I was scammed also. I’m still trying to find out what I got for free. The article said free eye cream if you pay for shipping. I gave them my debit card number to pay for the shipping. They sent one package with 1 trial sized rejuvenating cream and 1 trial sized revitalizer in the same small pkg. No return address or no information how to cancel anything. I stuck them in a drawer and forgot about it until my bank sent me an overdraft notice. They charged me $87.00 and $89.00 exactly 14 days after I ordered the eye cream. They also charged me twice for one pkg. I still don’t understand what this money is for. When I call them, all they say is that I didn’t cancel within 14 days. Cancel what? If I was suppose to cancel something before 14 days they should of had a notice in the pkg. I have notified the BBB and encourage others to do the same. I am a widow on a fixed income and can’t afford this. I had to get another debit card to keep them from taking more money, and I am afraid to order anything else on line because of this scam!!!😡

  13. do not order from this company. if you are 1 minute past that 14 days you will be charged the $89 i tried to get them to refund my money but to no avail. i cannot say enough bad things about this whole situation. stay away!!!!

  14. GOOD LUCK getting your money back!! Horrible product!! Terrible service!! Not worth the $89. I can not say enough about this company and what I feel is a total scam!!

  15. the worst customer service ever! refused to refund – did not send an invoice of the cost before sending and charging me $89. Ridiculous. this is the biggest scam – packing slip no number to call and no email and nothin on the the trial invoice either. the stupid CS person said stop interrupting me and I told her right out that your Attitude and CS is shitty just like your product.

  16. NO ONE SHOULD ORDER THIS PRODUCT. It is definitely a SCAM. They will not refund or
    allow product to be sent back. They got me for $394.54 for a product that is worth probably
    fifty dollars. Can’t say anything positive about Bellavel Skin. DO NOT BUY !!!!!!!!!

    • Me too. I spoke to the bank and have put in a claim as their practises are very dodgy.

      Be aware their company name on transactions are different from the eye cream to the moisturiser. They use “Image Fitness Health” & “Avail Skin”. There must be consumer rights for this sort of practise.

  17. I ordered this product thinking it was 4.95 for shipping not knowing the charge you $89.00 and change on your credit card for each product. The web site is very misleading and does not clearly reveal that they charge you after a trial period of 13 days?. ( must have been in the small print. Plus looking at the packing slip, there is no address to contact to return. Nowhere on the packing slip does it state it must be returned within a period of time or you will be charged a huge amount of money and put on an auto reorder.
    I found out all this when I found 2 charges on my credit card for over $89 each.
    The third party company they have handling this fraud are rude and difficult to deal with.
    I finally did get my auto reorder cancelled so I wont be charged any more or receive any future products. I cannot get a refund for the 2 charges of over $89.00 however.
    This a fraud scheme, very misleading and over priced. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!

  18. Do not send me any more samples of Bel Skin SKU# Bellavel 844-606-8974. The advertisement promoting this product is misleading and does not give a free sample for the cost of postage only. I will be notifying my credit card company and the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office that the charges are fraudulent and are not authorized by me.

    On 2/26/2028,m according to conversation with Louis #149, 844-606-8974 the so called subscription is cancelled, confirmation number 0E0E2B8C81. Additionally, according to Mr. Louis, my credit card will be refunded $89.91 for the second unauthorized bottle 0f Bellavel Skin mailed to me 2/17/2018. There was no notification that this second sample of Bellavel was being sent to me at the charge of $89.91 544 S. Lakeview Dr. Baton Rouge LA 70810

  19. They cleverly mislead innocent consumers via a Free Trial offer for Bellavel

    I clicked on a link from Facebook which had and endorsement from Joanna Gaines. She has nothing to do with this product so the marketing was a scam.

    I too had no idea I was going to be charged $87 And then $89 for the “free trial products” after 14 days.

    I had no information in my free trial package about the subscription nor any information about the product. I had no email or printed material confirming my subscription even though they captured my email address at point of trial.

    They then go on to charge you for an ongoing order.

    AVOID THIS CO. And this product and Free Trials.

    This is a terrible terrible way to do business. So many dodgy tactics being used:

    1- Misleading advertising and endorsement
    2 – No information in the package you receive in your tial product delivery
    3 – No confirmation email or letter you have signed up to a subscription
    4- Two ifferent billing names used for products. Cleverly processed a day a part. Avail Skin and Image Fitness Health.

    I can’t believe they are still in business.

    • After I was scammed by this company, I had my bank file a letter disputing the fact that Bellavel withdrew almost $200.00 from my checking account for free eye cream. Evidently it is legal for people to be scammed out of their hard earned money!😡 I think that they should be made to give us our money back!!!!!!

  20. Very bad experience as the others. I have been charged almost $90 for almost 4 months without even noticing. I canceled the future mailings in Jan 2018, but this resulted in an issue with my credit card bank. Not worth the serum nor the eye creme. Do not order nothing is free and CS was not helpful nor supportive. Does not allow returns nor refunds. Does not recommend. Big scam!

  21. I have sent several emails requesting cancellation of this product.
    They are answered with “we cannot find your account”, yet they continue to send the product and continue to Bill me this is a total scam!
    I contest the charges on my credit card thus my bank is not paying these charges, yet the product continues to flow into my home.
    Any advice?
    I plan to alert my bank to block charges.

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